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Thailog watched as the clearly nervous owl landed on the rampart wall and offered him the letter it was carrying. Thailog looked to his mother who was eyeing the bird with suspicion "If I suddenly vanish then that means that someone back in England has me, either Dumbledore, the ministry of magic or Voldemort."

Demona's eyes widened as she looked to her son "What are you talking about?!"

"It's a type of magical teleportation called a portkey, it activates either on touch or a spoken keyword. Someone could have easily cast it on the letter to activate the moment I touch it."

"Then don't! Just ignore it!"

Thailog just sighed "I can't mother. The owls will just keep coming."

With that said Thailog reached out and grabbed the letter, he paused for a moment as he and his mother held them breathes, but when he didn't vanish they breathed a sigh of relief. Opening the letter, he quickly read through it.

"Who is it from?"

Thailog looked at his mother for a moment before answering "It's from Madam Bones, the woman I asked to be my Proxy in the Wizengamott, she's just giving me an update on things back in England, attacks from Death Eaters have increased, but she was able to use the two extra votes I gave her to increase funding to the aurors, within the next month they will have top grade equipment, dragon skin armoured vests for protection against most spells. There is another Wizengamott meeting in a few days, Dumbledore is trying to push forward a vote forcing all aurors to instead of focusing on stopping the death eaters to instead focus on searching everywhere they can for me but she is doing all she can to stop him."

Demona scowled as her eyes glowed "This Dumbledore seems to have some kind of fixation on you, perhaps I should go and have a word with him?"

Thailog chuckled at the mental image of his mother yelling, screaming and threatening Dumbledore while the old man offered her a lemon drop but shook his head "The way Titania explained it to me was that Dumbledore isn't an evil man, he's just so focused on the bigger picture that he ignores the individuals that make up the picture itself, he's so focused on the prophecy that says that only I can defeat Voldemort that he's become fixated on me to end the war that he ignores all the innocent people out there that could really use his help. He expects me to blindly obey him because he "Knows what's best for me." Yet he refuses to tell me anything even when it literally has everything to do with me. He keeps secrets that he tells no one, even when it involves the life's and wellbeing of others, and those secrets cost people their lives."

Demona placed a hand on her son's shoulder "You're talking about the man who died to protect you. Sirius?"

Thailog nodded as he turned to face his mother "If Dumbledore had have just told me what was being guarded in the Department of Mysteries, I would have known not to go running of there, I would have known that there was no way Sirius could have been there. His secrets get people killed and he just doesn't care, and that's not even mentioning his ridiculous views on second chances."

Demona looked at her son for a moment "Second chances?"

"Dumbledore doesn't believe that we should really fight back against the death eaters, he wants everyone using stunners, knocking the rapists and murderers out so they can be given a second chance to be productive members of society. The problem is that they already have, the death eaters either bought their way out of trouble when the last war ended or where imprisoned only to break out when this war started."

"They sound like animals."

Thailog growled as his eyes glowed "They are worse then animals! Animals only kill for food. These monsters rape, torture and kill for pleasure! They deserve to be put down!" After taking a moment to calm himself down he offered his arm for the owl to climb on before turning to his mother "I'm going to head inside, check Xanatos' office for some paper and a pen to write a reply, maybe Madam Bones knows where I could find some shops in the area to get some supplies."

Demona listened and saw a chance to bond further with her son "You know over the centuries I've dabbled in magic. Perhaps I could learn some of your magic as well. We could learn together and maybe I can teach you what I've learned."

Thailog stopped and looked back at his mother with a smile "I'd like that mother."

Making his way through the castle towards Xanatos' office he stopped when he came face to face with Owen Bennet "Ah Thailog, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Why do you care?"

"I don't really, but my job is to aid Mr Xanatos, and his instructions where to offer you all whatever help I could. Mr Xanatos isn't one to hold a grudge."

Thailog scowled but asked anyway "I need some paper and a pen."

Owen nodded and turned to lead the young man into Xanatos' office, once inside he gestured towards the desk "There is paper in the draw and a pen on the desk."

Thailog nodded his thanks and the man left leaving Thailog to write a reply to Madam Bones thanking her for keeping her updated and asking her is she could find the closest place to New York where he could get spell books and supplies. Once he was done he made his way back outside and once he was in the courtyard he carefully tied the letter to the owl's leg and let it go.

Hearing someone approaching he turned to see his father approaching him "Father."

Goliath nodded to his son before he stood next to him and watched the owl fly of "Your mother told me what happened, with the letter that arrived and your discussion about Elisa."

Thailog nodded and looked at his father out of the corner of his eye "And do you agree with her?"

Goliath sigh "In some aspects I do. However, I respect you and Elisa enough to let you two discover if you two can make it work for yourselves."

Thailog let out a sigh of relief "Thank you father."

Goliath nodded "So will you be staying in the castle with the clan, or will you continue to spend your days at Elisa's?"

Thailog raised a brow ridge at his father's question "I don't recall mentioning that I had been staying at Elisa's."

"She told me when we where exploring the city, before the soldiers attacked. Also, your mother mentioned that you said she offered you a place to stay."

Thailog could only nod "I don't know, probably spend some time here, I mean now that I have a place to stay I should probably get out of her hair."

Goliath nodded and then looked at the sky "It will be dawn soon."

"Yeah, just under an hour, an hour and a half tops. I think I'll rest here today. Go and speak with Elisa tomorrow night about staying up here permanently."

Goliath nodded and patted his son on the shoulder as he turned and began to make his way up to the tower when Thailog spoke up again "Do you think Elisa and I could make it work?"

Goliath looked his son in the eyes and saw just how much his son cared about his opinion, he knew that he wouldn't like his answer but he would not lie to his son "I honestly don't know for certain, the odds would not be in your favour, you are gargoyle and she is human, you are too different species." Seeing his son look down at the ground in sadness Goliath spoke up again "However I believe that if you love someone enough, you can make it work."

With that said Goliath continued on his way leaving his son alone with his thoughts which primarily consisted of a caramel skinned beauty.

Elissa awoke just after sunrise and was surprised to find herself in bed, then she remembered last night. She threw the covers of and ran into the living room, not seeing Thailog she ran outside to the roof. Not seeing him there either, she began to panic thinking that maybe last night was a dream as she walked back inside she saw a note stuck on the fridge door.

She picked up the note which simply read 'Gone to castle' sighing in relief that last night wasn't a dream she went to go take a shower which she knew was going to be a bitch with her cast. Once she was done she got dressed in her usual clothes and since she didn't have to go into work today she decided to go do some shopping since thanks to her gluttonous friend she was out of food.

So, after a few hours she returned and put her groceries away. After that she didn't really know what to do. She sat down on the couch and began to flip through the channels on her tv before giving that idea up as a bad one. Leaning back on her couch she held her good arm over her eyes and groaned "I'm so bored. Two days in hospital has completely screwed my sleeping cycle."

Deciding to make herself some lunch she stepped into the kitchen and made herself a sandwich, she turned to head back to the couch when she caught sight of an owl on her window ledge, the same owl that had been her before delivering a letter from that Dumbledore guy. Seeing that it had a letter tied to its leg Elisa put down her sandwich and went to retrieve the letter when she remembered Thailog's warning about Portkeys and decided not to risk it.

"Shoo! Go away!"

The owl just stared at her and suddenly Elisa realised just how ridiculous she looked trying to shoo away a large owl, sighing she looked at the owl "I'm not letting you in, so you're just going to have to wait for T to get here" Looking at the time she noticed that it was only twelve o'clock "In about seven to eight hours."

She could almost feel the annoyance rolling of the owl but brushed it aside as her imagination and went to eat her lunch. After she had eaten she decided to go and lay down and try to get some sleep.

That night after he had awoken and told the clan where he was going Thailog glided across the ten or so blocks to Elisa's place and landed on the roof, he looked inside to see the lights where of and checked to find the rooftop door open, so after letting himself in Thailog checked her room to find her asleep, deciding that she was trying to keep her sleep cycle in check he decided to wake her, so he went into the kitchen and having watched her make a cup of coffee many times over the past month knew just how she liked it. Black with two sugars.

Once he was done he quietly went to enter her room again when he noticed the post owl watching him from the window and like Elisa had earlier recognised it as the same one which Dumbledore had used. His eyes glowed in anger but he ignored the owl for the moment and continued into Elisa's room, he crept up to the bed and carefully waved the mug of coffee under her nose. He watched with a grin as her nose twitched before without opening her eyes she reached up and took the mug from him.

Thailog chuckled as she sat up and sipped her coffee "Ah perfect." She opened her eyes and gave Thailog a big grin "Thanks a lot T."

Thailog just shrugged "I figured since you're still working the graveyard shift, even if you have time of due to your injury, that you'd want to keep your sleeping to the day."

Elisa just raised her mug to him in a salute "Correct. So how did things go with the others?"

Thailog grinned as he sat down on the floor against the wall "It went well. Mother explained about the massacre." So Thailog explained what his mother had told them all.

When he was done Elisa nodded "Did you forgive her?"

"Not yet, like father said, she'll have to earn it. But I don't doubt that she will." Thailog went silent for several minutes while Elisa finished up her coffee. Once she was done she moved so she was sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing her sleeping shorts and tank top, she noticed that he was suddenly staring at her legs and she felt herself blush.

"What going on T? you went silent."

Thailog blushed as he realised he had been staring at her, though his blush wasn't seen due to his dark purple skin, he took a moment to compose himself before he looked Elisa in the eyes "I had another conversation with my mother before sunrise last night. It was about you."


Thailog nodded "Ok, this is difficult to talk about so I'm just going to come right out and say it, I like you. Like more then a friend, you're kind, you're smart, you're brave and your beautiful." Elisa didn't know quite what to say. This wasn't what she had been expecting. "And my mother could see that I was attracted you. That's why she doesn't really like you. She doesn't see any kind of relationship between us having a happy ending."

"Oh." Elisa wasn't expecting the feeling of anger and sadness that filled her "Well, we are two different species."

"That's what she said, she wants me to find a nice gargess, fall in love and have a few kids myself."

Elisa nodded in understanding "That makes sense I guess, if we did start a romantic relationship, we could never have kids of our own."

Thailog sighed but nodded "I'm sorry if I made this uncomfortable between us. But I promised myself that I wouldn't keep secrets from those I cared about."

"No, I totally get it. I'm glad you said something T. to be honest I'm attracted to you as well. But I guess we should just, save ourselves the trouble and heartbreak huh?"

Thailog could only shrug "I honestly don't know, a part of me really wants to give us a try. But another part of me doesn't want to risk what we have now on a relationship that might not work out." Elisa sighed but nodded before she moved across the room and sat down next to Thailog who gave her a slightly strained smile "Guess that's that huh?"

"Yeah, but this doesn't really change anything, we're still friends."

Thailog chuckled "Yeah. Best friends."

Before the young officer of the law could react Thailog leaned in and kissed her, Elisa was so surprised that it took her almost thirty seconds to realise that she was kissing him back and had a hand on his chest. When she did she gently pushed him back and quickly caught her breath and tried to fight down her blush "Didn't we just agree to remain friends?"

Thailog just nodded with a small, sad smile on his face "We did, but if I didn't do that then I'd probably regret it for the rest of my life, by the way, best kiss of my life." With that out of the way the young gargoyle climbed to his feet "Well I had best go deal with that damn post owl."

Elisa just sat there for a moment lost in thought 'Best kiss of my life to.' before she got up and followed him int the loungeroom. She watched him open the window and reach for the letter on the owl's leg when he suddenly paused "Something wrong T?"

Thailog stared at the letter "I don't know. Something doesn't feel right."

Elisa stepped up next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder "Something like what?"

Thailog could only shrug "I don't know exactly, it's nothing I can pinpoint but just a feeling of something being wrong."

Elisa looked at the letter he still hadn't taken and reached out for it but just before she could touch it Thailog's hand snapped out and grabbed her wrist stopping her from touching the letter, Elisa raised an eyebrow in an unasked question as he released her and he answered her question with a single word "Portkey."

Elisa stepped back from the letter like it was carrying a deadly disease "Are you sure?"

Thailog scowled but nodded "I can feel the magic on the letter now that I'm focusing on it. It's hard to describe but it feels like it's here but not here, like its in two places at once. I'm almost certain that it has a portkey spell on it."

Thailog turned and walked into the kitchen and came back with an apple from the fridge which he tossed with extreme precision at the letter on the owl's leg, the owl squawked in anger but vanished with the letter and apple when said fruit made contact with the letter "That stupid old man."

Elisa looked at the spot when the owl had just been in quiet awe/disbelief, this was after all the first time she had seen some magic in action other than the results. After a moment she looked at her friend "What if someone else had have touched the letter before you did. Like me, what would happen to me?"

Thailog growled in his chest and his eyes began to glow "Likely they would have questioned you about my whereabouts, they would act like it was in yours and mine best interests to tell them where I am."

Elisa looked a bit worried now "Could they force me to tell them?"

Thailog nodded "I can think of two ways, both of which are illegal but I wouldn't put it past them to use, the first is a potion called Veritaserum, is a powerful truth potion, three drops and you can't speak anything but the truth no matter what is asked of you. The other is the Imperious Curse, it is absolute mind control, a strong-willed person can fight the effects but it is difficult and use of the curse will give the caster a one-way ticket to hell on earth, Azkaban Prison, but I'm willing to bet that Dumbledore would use them both and get away with it by claiming it was for the 'Greater Good'. God, I hate that fucking saying, and now that I think about it, Dumbledore always gave me the impression that he knew what I was thinking, it was odd but now I suspect that he was using some kind of magical mind reading on me."

Elisa looked rightfully worried "Don't take this the wrong way T. But these wizards are absolutely insane!"

Thailog just nodded "Trust me I know, I've long suspected that in the majority of witches and wizards, magic replaces common sense. From now on if you see an owl carrying a letter stay clear of it."

Elisa nodded "No need to tell me twice. I was already planning to do just that."

Later that evening Hudson touched down on Elisa's rooftop and saw Thailog and Elisa sitting in the loungeroom chatting, he knocked before entering and saw the two having a few beers "What's up old timer?"

Hudson gave the young gargoyle a playful glare "Old I may be lad, but with age come experience."

Thailog just chuckled "Old age also comes with poor bladder control."

Elisa failed to hide her laughter while Hudson just shook his head with a smile "Alright easy their lad."

Elisa just chuckled and offered the elder gargoyle a drink, which he declined "So what brings you here Hudson?"

"Not much lass, decided to take a look around the city and found my way here."

Thailog just grinned "Find any evil doers out there tonight?"

Hudson nodded as he sat down on the recliner next to the couch "Aye lad, found a young man trying to rob another man."

Elisa just sighed "Let me guess. You swooped in and helped out."

Thailog could only chuckle as Hudson nodded "Aye lass. Should I have not?"

Elisa just sighed "It's fine. Seems that you gargoyles are all alike, you have a need to protect people."

Hudson just nodded "It's always been like that lass. Even a thousand years ago, the humans may not have been kind to us but they did, even if unwillingly, provide us protection during the day. It was only natural to protect the humans of our castle and the surrounding area."

"These days you'd call that area a protectorate."

Hudson nodded "I like it. So, what's been going on here?"

Thailog scowled as his eyes glowed "I received another letter from Dumbledore. This one had a teleportation spell attached, I need to speak with mother and father about this. If I hadn't sensed that something was wrong either myself or Elisa would be back in England being interrogated by the wizards."

Hudson nodded before standing up "Well we still have about two and half hours till dawn, perhaps we should go speak with them now."

Thailog nodded and stood, he then turned to Elisa "I'll see you later."

"Take care T, you to Hudson, try not to get into any trouble out there."

Thailog just laughed while Hudson chuckled as they left the loft leaving the young woman alone with her thoughts.

The two Gargoyles glided up to the castle and found the trio sitting around looking out at the city or in Broadway's case eating "Hey you two. Anything exciting happen?"

Thailog scowled "In a way. Have you seen mother and father?"

Lexington was the one who spoke up "They went out for a glide. They should be back soon though."

"Anything we can help with?"

Thailog shook his head "Afraid not, this is about magic and my past not leaving me the hell alone!" by the end of his little exclamation his eyes where glowing and he had practically growled out the words.

The trio looked surprised at how angry he was but decided not to ask, it was magic after all and after having had the Magus cast his spell they would prefer to stay away from magic whenever possible. Deciding that he need to calm down he strode past the trio and headed up to the top of the tower leaving the trio and Hudson to watch as he left.

About an hour before dawn Goliath and Demona returned, both had smiles on their faces "It has been to long since we just flew about like this."

Demona smiled and placed a hand on his cheek "Indeed it has beloved."

Goliath smiled and kissed his mate before a cough broke them up. The two mates turned to see Hudson standing there "Sorry to interrupt you two. But there has been an incident with Thailog."

Suddenly Demona was quite panicked "What happened?"

"I'm not to sure myself but it involved an owl, a spell and the wizards from England. He is up on the tower waiting for you two."

Demona nodded and quickly made her way up the tower with her mate following her, when they reached the top of the tower they found Thailog sitting against the wall with Bronx curled up next to him and scratching the gargoyle beast on the head.


The young gargoyle looked up at his parents "I'm glad you two get to spend some time together now, I'm kind of hesitant to even imagine how things could have played out."

Demona nodded as Goliath stepped up to the wall next to his son and looked out over the city "Are you alright?"

Thailog nodded "Yeah but it was a close one, I got another letter from Dumbledore, but this one had a spell attached to it."

Goliath listened as his mate began to growl and didn't need to turn to know that her eyes where glowing "I assume you are talking about this 'Portkey' spell, yes."

Thailog nodded "Somehow I was able to sense that something wasn't quite right so I didn't touch the letter, then I was able to sense the magic on the letter and judging by how it felt I guessed that it as a portkey, I realised just in time to as Elisa almost touched it. I got rid of the letter and the owl by chucking an apple at the letter activating the portkey. But I am angry father."

"Of course, you are!" Thailog looked to his mother who was standing next to him "These wizards are so desperate to have you fight their war for them that they would try anything! Even taking you from us!" she turned to face her mate "We need to do something about this!"

Goliath nodded in agreement "But what? You mentioned that you had practiced magic of the centuries, did you learn anything that could help us now?"

Demona sighed but shook her head "Unfortunately not."

"If I could find somewhere in the city to get some books and supplies I could learn to ward. It's like putting up magical protective barriers, around the castle, and Elisa's place, that prevents portkey and other magical teleportation spells from activating."

Goliath looked intrigued at the mention of protective barriers "Can these wards do more than that?"

Thailog nodded "I'm no expert, but it's magic, it should be able to do anything really. The problem is that I never learnt warding in school, it's taught in seventh year, and even then, it's just the basic's. But as I said the main problem is that I don't know anywhere nearby to get what I need. Hopefully Madam Bones can figure out where and get back to me."

Demona nodded in understanding "When she replies I shall be going with you."

"Mother I'm not a child, I'm perfectly capable of heading out into the city."

Goliath could only chuckle at the interaction between his mate and his son. He then noticed that his son seemed a bit sad "Something troubles you my son."

Thailog looked to his father in slight surprise "How did you know?"

"It was subtle but I could see moments, just a second or so when you had a sad look on your face."

Thailog grimaced, not liking that he could be read so easily "I spoke with Elisa, about us." After saying this Demona was paying rapt attention "We both decided that mother was right. That there was a good chance that any relationship between us would last, and we didn't want to risk the chance of ruining our friendship on a relationship that might not work out." Goliath nodded while Demona tried to hide how pleased she was but failed as Thailog caught her look "Seriously mother?"

Demona sighed "I'm sorry you are hurt, but I'm not sorry that you made this decision and I won't apologise for feeling this way."

Thailog could only scowl "Of course not, because empathising with your son would be something only a person with a heart could do."

Goliath was not expecting such a harsh response from his son and could only watch speechless as Thailog turned to leave. Demona was also shocked, and a little hurt, she too could only watch wide eyed as her son walked away.


The young man spun about and glared at his father, his eyes glowing only they were glowing a deep sinister red "Something is wrong. Do you feel alright?"

Thailog glared at his father, a look of pain flashed across his face for just a moment before he grabbed the side of his head as his eyes stopped glowing red "It's just a headache. I'm sorry mother."

Demona and Goliath watched as the youngest member of the clan walked away before she turned to her mate "Something is wrong Goliath."

Goliath could only nod "Yes. But what is wrong I do not know."