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Another Chance

Chapter 1

Haley Potter, age 5, glared out the window down at the rest of her family. Her mother and father and brother, Charlus Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, were laughing and having a good time at Charlus' party. Of course, it was also Haley's birthday, but nobody cared. Nobody.

She only made it though because the house elves helped her. They gave her food, helped her make it through after a beating, helped her keep her magic under cotrol. She had shown much more promise to be powerful than Charlus ever had. She had been practicing wandless magic since she was four and could already do the whole first year cirriculum. Not that anybody noticed.

Tears formed in her eyes as she gazed down at the massive cake. Happy birthday Charlus! it said. Not even a mention of anybody else. She wiped at her tears, furious with herself. She would not. No. She hated the place. Hated it. Sometimes she wished she would just disappear.


Ron Weasley looked down at his family sadly. He was 6 (I know, I know, it's very AU) and had just been sent up for his room. Why? For accidentally embarrassing his dad in front of his boss. Ron glared bitterly down at the rest of his family, who were laughing and having fun.

He gumbled something inaudible and sat at the edge of his bed. Nobody in his family wanted him, no, it was true. Although they didn't beat him or neglect him, he could still feel it. Nobody wanted it. He looked up at the ceiling and wished that he would just disappear.


Hermione Granger, age 6, sat at the edge of the stairs, tears in her eyes, as her abusive parents talked loudly about her. She just had her first bit of accidental magic. Her dad was beating her for burning their eggs and he suddenly went flying. This ended up in a further beating.

She glanced down, wiping the tears out of her eyes. No weakness could be shown. Weakness meant a beating. She glanced to where her parents were cursing her existence, then, after seeing nobody was coming, looked up. She wished she would just disappear.


Jacob Lupin lay in the grass, age 5, bleeding out. It was the full moon that night and his father had transformed. Though he wasn't beaten as a child, his father barely looked at him. When Jacob had accidentally wandered outside when his father had just transformed, the werewolf juped on him and went ham.

The boy coughed up blood and thought back. His father acted like he was alone in the house; he didn't even get Jacob food. He was forced to make or find his own food. And now he would die young, at the ripe age of 5. No. Th-this couldn't be happening. He wished that he would just disappear.


Leo Black sat in the attic of Grimauld Place, age 6, staring bitterly at the locked doors. His father had to go help his godfather, Remus, and locked Leo in there. The hope was that Leo wouldn't be able to cause any problems.

Leo was beaten occaisonally, but not much. The beatings had increased after he turned five, and he did not know why. He started crying and, unhappy, wiped the tears from his eyes. He was neglected as well as his best friend, Jacob. They knew each other because their fathers were friends. They also knew Charlus Potter, but hated him with all their guts. They had no idea Charlus had a twin sister.

Leo glared up at the ceiling. He wished that he would just disappear.


That night, five children disappeared. The next morning, the Daily Prophet held an article titled, Five Magical Children Missing! Next to this article was an ad for Babe's Broom Heaters.

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