A/N: I blame video games for inspiring me more than manga right now. Also, this will follow more of an American TV show format (random 'episodes' which can be read in almost any order) rather than a normal story format. Think Danny Phantom verses Yu Yu Hakusho.

Summary: A drabble series. What if Resident Evil was just a bunch of children playing games around the playground?

Children Playing
Resident Evil 2: The meeting in the diner

The city streets were empty. Claire could see that at a glance as she pulled up to the diner. She stepped off her limited edition motorcycle and straightened her pink motorcycle shorts and vest. Her brother was somewhere in this city. She knew it. Now she just had to find him. Like a cowgirl in an old western, Claire pushed open the diner's doors. The inside of the building was a mess but unlike the street outside, there were sounds. It sounded like someone was eating a juicy steak.

Claire stepped deeper into the diner.

"Hello?" she called as she walked towards the eating noises.

The man wasn't eating a steak. He was eating a person! Claire backed away from the man. She refused to die within a minute of entering the city! Claire turned. She ran for the exit. She pushed open the door.


Claire obeyed the command. A large black ball flew over her head and hit the zombie right between the eyes. It fell back with a groan, holding its nose. The illusion was shattered and Claire returned to reality. The diner was now the metal framework of a domed jungle gym. Sitting on the ground behind her was a blonde teenager whose red baseball cap had been knocked off his head by the force of the ball. His light blue eyes were narrowed in anger as he glared at the boy who stood behind Claire.

"Dam-Darn it, Leon!" Kyle said as he rubbed his nose. "I told you not to use the ball."

"But how do I know if I hit the zombie or not?" Leon asked. With the frown on his face, the boy looked like a smaller version of Kyle. Same blonde hair, same blue eyes. The only differences were age and the fact that Kyle was wearing camo and Leon was dressed head to toe in blue. "Last time you said I kept missing."

The boy and teen continued to argue which gave Claire a chance to rise from her crouched position. Now a young girl dressed in a pink short and vest instead of a young woman dressed in motorcycle gear, Claire's view of the world shifted to adjust for her lower height. Her intelli-intell-smart brown eyes studied the area. Claire's brother stood on the other side of the dome. He was wearing his favourite ninja turtle T-shirt even though he was supposed to be a zombie. Chris smiled at Claire and rolled his eyes in Leon's direction. Jill giggled as she stood beside Chris. Her favourite blue beret had been knocked offside on her head from her acting like a zombie. If she wasn't careful, it would land in the sand and her daddy would be mad. Claire opened her mouth to warn Jill about her hat when the final player of the game climbed down from the top of the jungle gym.

"I'm going to assume this is a time out since no zombies are attacking," Wesker said as he adjusted his dark sunglasses. His blonde hair shone in the sunlight from all the gel he used to keep his hair in place. Unlike everyone else who had dust on their clothing, his black clothing was still clean.

"Leon and Kyle are fighting again," Chris said with a shrug.

"I can see that, Chris," Wesker said as he walked over to the feuding players.

Kyle had stopped rubbing his nose and had rose to his feet. He pointed at Leon. "You were pointing over your shoulder. Wesker told you you can only hit what's in front of you."

Leon crossed his arms in front of himself. "That's dumb."

Bored now, Claire turned her imagination back on. The jungle gym became the bloody remains of the diner and the zombie behind her began to moan again. The cop stood in the doorway and Claire pushed past him.

"What's dumb," Claire said, "is us arguing with zombies when there are more outside!" She started to run towards the street. "Hurry up, cop!"

"Hang on!" Leon shouted as he ran to catch up. The little boy changing into a young man. "Wesker didn't say time in yet!"

"It never stopped you before," Wesker said with a large smirk on his face. "But since you asked. Time in."

The zombies advanced as Claire led the way to the street. Her life was once again in danger but she had a feeling it wasn't the zombies that were going to get her killed.