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Resident Evil 2: Nasty Situation

"I just don't know how much more I can take. I know the rest of the neighbourhood wants us gone. Even the kids are treating Nate differently now."

Mrs. Kennedy quietly sighed as she turned away from the counter with a plate full of sandwiches and two glasses filled with liquid of a dark red nature. Here they went again.

"Have you considered moving?" she asked knowing the answer.

"We can barely pay for the house we're in and with Nate's… issues." Her sister trailed off before sweeping her hands to her face. She laid her arms and face on the table and groaned.

"What am I going to do?" she wailed.

Mrs. Kennedy placed the plate on the table and put one of the glasses in front of her younger sister. She sat down and sipped at the liquid in her glass. She studied her sister's form for a moment before asking, "How... is Nate?"

Her sister snorted and raised her head enough to stare at Mrs. Kennedy over her arms. "Still talking to people that don't exist."

"What does Francis think?" Mrs. Kennedy asked as she gently nudged the sandwiches closer to her sister.

Her sister raised herself a bit more and reached for a sandwich. "He isn't home enough to think."

Oh boy, Mrs. Kennedy thought. She could see the shadows creeping around her sister drifting closer, threatening to pull her back. A shadow grabbed her sister's hand. Mrs. Kennedy's hand tightened on her drinking glass. The shadow tried to pull her sister's hand away from the sandwiches but her sister grabbed a sandwich and bit into it. Mrs. Kennedy blinked. The shadows were gone.

" own fault for marrying a man of the sea," her sister said as she wiped the crumbs from her hands and reached for the drinking glass. "You know what do mom and dad say?"

"They're, well you know," Mrs. Kennedy said. "You remember how they were when I married James. They come around."

"James at least comes home each night."

Mrs. Kennedy closed her eyes against the image that flashed in front of her eyes. Her husband stepping into a dark room and splashes of red covering the walls. "For now," she said. She drank deeply from her glass.

"Curse it. I'm sorry, Zoey. I wasn't thinking." Her sister reached out and touched her arm. "How is James' arm?"

"Better but I think Leon saw us changing the bandages. He was asking about firearms this morning."

"If he only saw the bandage changing and nothing that came afterwards, count your blessings," her sister said with a mischievous smile. She tilted her head back and drank the liquid in her glass. Her sister shook herself and placed the empty glass on the table. She reached for another sandwich. "Okay. Pity party over. How's Kyle and Leon?"

Mrs. Kennedy sipped at the remaining liquid in her glass. "Kyle's working part-time. He's doing really well. Mr. Mathews says he could be full-time if he wanted to drop out of school and Leon's-"

The boy himself pushed open the backdoor. Mrs. Kennedy half rose from her chair. He had his shoes off for once and his grass stained socks were sparklingly compared to the rest of him. The boy was covered head to toe in dirt and his hair was dripping with water. Mrs. Kennedy searched the boy for cuts or bruises but there were none. She sat back down.

"Hi Aunt Cassie," Leon said as he stepped into the house. "Mom, where's the spare soap and rags?"

"Under the kitchen counter."


Mrs. Kennedy caught her sister's eyes. The younger woman nodded towards the area where the small boy was rummaging under the sink. Mrs. Kennedy shrugged and swallowed the last of her drink. The boy let out a whoop of joy when he had located what he was looking for. In a flash of mud-coloured blue, he was rushing back towards the backdoor.

"I have a feeling I might regret asking, what what were you doing?" Aunt Cassie asked as he reached the door.

Leon stood as high as his stocking feet could get him and puffed out his chest. "I was chasing a lady through the sewers." The boy disappeared out the backdoor and had his shoes back on before either women would think of a reply.

Aunt Cassie watched the boy run off in the direction of the pond.

"And I thought Nate was the crazy one."

A/N: Apologies. I need to put this story on hold for the next bit. I can't say it will return as the new Resident Evil game (RE2R) has zapped my creative spirit for the moment. However, I do have an idea for where I want to take the story now (changing it from random drabbles to a solid story line and making it more episodic rather than tiny moments). With the changes, the redo will be posted as a new story. If you would like to be alerted when the new story is up, please add this story (if you haven't already) to your story alerts. I will post a new chapter with news of the story.