In a garden in the suburban area of Surrey, a small child was working hard to weed the garden. He looked a bit thin and scruffy and was wearing washed out, baggy clothes that may or may not once have been black.

Sharon DeVille was on her way home from her grocery-shopping, pushing the stroller with her precious Damien inside it up the street as she spotted the dark haired child speaking to a snake. She paused. Well... That was new. Most people around here didn't appreciate the glorious creatures of her beloved Lord and Master... Maybe he'd even want to play with her own son. Not many of these suburban kids wanted to play with him, not after he summoned a small eldrich horror for his last birthday and it devoured one of the guests, Sharon had never been more proud of him! She shook her head. Non of these weak children was good enough for her Damien, that much was obvious. But perhaps this boy...

"Hello there kid." She smiled down at Harry as he shrunk away in surprise.
"Sorry!" He said and scrambled into the corner. "I'm not being freakish, I swear!" He sobbed, expecting her to scream, and when people screamed then Vernon would drag him inn and lock him up...his little heart was racing in fear that he might even beat him, because the neighbours saw it! He whimpered.
"What's wrong?" Sharon said.
"I didn't mean talking to snake, it just happened. It wouldn't stop talking!" Harry knew his defence was weak.
"Calm down kid. There's nothing wrong with speaking to such a majestic creature as the serpent. Why, Even spoke to the snake, and he freed her from their confining prison and showed her the glory and beauty of pleasure and pain and suffering!" Sharon ranted as she always did when she talked about her beloved. Granted, he wasn't always around, but it was hard work to run a whole kingdom and all, she understood he had to be away a lot. She could always summon him when she needed him...not that he replied to her...but at least he paid child support on time...mostly. But that's okay. She expected him to cheat and lie, that was just one more glorious thing about him. She smiled at the mere thought of him. Maybe she should summon him when she got back. Harry stared at the strange lady with wide eyes. She looked...nice...if a bit unhinged. She wore a strange red dress with a star like symbol on it, and had nice black hair, and she sounded like she didn't think he was bad... Harry tentatively crept closer to her, trying to peek into the stroller.

"W..what do you mean? Vernon always say I'm a freak and a demon child for talking to a s..snake. A...and then he locks me up and I can't have food." Harry mumbled, wondering if it was okay to tell this to a stranger, but she seemed so nice... Nobody had ever been nice to him before, it was strange, but it felt nice.
Sharon gasped. "He locks you up? Starves you? After giving you such wonderful compliment! And how does he DARE to call such a wonderful blessing a freak?!" She sounded outraged and shocked. How could ANYONE do such a thing to a creature that was so clearly blessed by Satan?! Why... he could have been Damien's half-brother! Jealousy flared up and she decided that she needed to have a him later. But for now, she just couldn't leave him there to suffer such treatment. Harry stared at the lady with tears in his eyes. She...she was defending him? Why? He was a worthless freak who didn't deserve anything...why would she do that? He felt obligated to answer her.
"Sometimes...somethings weird things happen. Like when Dudley and his gang was chasing me, and I went 'poof', and then I was on the roof!" Harry threw his hand up at the poof sound to illustrate it. He didn't understand what had happened, but it was something freakish, his uncle and aunt said so. "And then Vernon beat me with a belt." Harry muttered, not intending for her to hear it, but she did.

Sharon gasped and knelt down to hug him. "By the seven Hells, child! You are CLEARLY blessed by Satan himself! It is SUCH an honour! You are a wonderful child, how DARE they treat you like this!" Sharon ranted and rambled in rage, refusing to let go of Harry. And Harry, while a bit stiff and unsure of what to do, leaned into the first hug he had EVER had, and tears fell from his eyes as he thought about how wonderful it felt, and if he died now, if uncle Vernon beat him to death for would have been worth it. He thought it must be what happiness felt like. It was even better than icecream! And Harry still remembered that one time when he had icecream...he licked it off the bowl after the Dursley's had finished eating it, and it tasted like heaven. Until his aunt caught him and slapped him across the face, before forcing him to put the plates in the sink and wash them. Icecream was for normal people, not for Freaks.

"Kid..." Sharon hesitated, but she felt it was her duty to take him away from such a horrible place. WHy... they might even have made him go to church! She shuddered at the thought and pushed away the unpleasant memory. Well, not on her watch! No sir-e!
"Would you like to come live with me and my family instead?" She pulled away so she could look at him. Harry looked shell-shocked.
" want me? ME?!" He quickly covered his mouth with both hands at the raising of his voice in incredulity. No one...NO ONE, had EVER wanted him before! Harry started to cry, he couldn't believe such a wonderful and nice lady would want someone so horrible and freaky as him. But she even said it was not freaky...she said it was a blessing... Harry felt confused.
"You don't have to, if you don't want to. I get it." Sharon said, but she felt disappointed. However, it was not in her place to say what Satan had intended for this child. She was sure he had a damned good reason. Maybe he was supposed to terrorise them or something...or steal their souls...

"I...I want to..." Harry's voice broke and faded, so he tried again. "I want to come!" He hugged the nice lady again, not wanting to ever let go of that wonderful feeling of being accepted...of being wanted...of not being a freak and a burden.
Sharon smiled at him and hugged him back, ruffling his hair. "Alright kid. Come on!"
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" was all Harry could say. Repeating it over and over like a prayer, like a miracle. Clinging to her as if she might vanish. Maybe it was just a dream, and he'd wake up in his cupboard all alone... He never wanted to wake up! He'd rather die than wake up from this dream!

"Hey, kid... What's your name?" She took his hand and lead him to the stroller, pushing it along with one hand, while Harry was clinging to the other like his life depended on it. Vernon was still at work, Dudley was at his friend Pierces place, and his aunt was soaking in the bathtub. Harry just hoped they'd never notice he was gone and he could stay with the nice lady forever and ever and ever.

Notes: I will most likely keep writing on this fic, tho I may be a bit slow. Please feel to encourage me with comments and suggestions on what you'd like to see happen, or what could be done better. ^^