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Peter hadn't been expecting to wake up. Not after going all dusty. That, uh, hadn't really been pleasant? It was also super strange since no one else seemed to have as trash of an experience as he did. Not that he wanted it to suck as much for everyone else! It just really sucked that he, like, felt himself dissolving into dust particles? Not a fun way to go. Do not recommend.

But he was alive! And it had been five years? And the last thing Peter had written to Steve was an apology for dying. Jeez. That must have been awful for Steve. Peter didn't feel any new writing, so Steve must have thought he was dead since he didn't even attempt to write anything to Peter. That really sucked for Steve.

But then he saw Steve! He was covered in dirt and grime and had his shield (he had his shield back! Did that mean that Steve and Mr. Stark were on speaking terms again?). Peter and Steve totally had a moment. One of the most beautiful things in Peter's life would be seeing the way his soulmate's face lit up when he saw Peter. It was beautiful. Peter loved Steve so much.

And then everything went downhill really quickly. Thanos was there, but he looked a whole lot different than he had before. He didn't have the infinity gauntlet either. Oh, wait. It had been five years. Right, right. So why did Thanos look younger? When it had been five years? Maybe that was just his alien biology. So cool.

The really inconvenient part was that Thanos had an army with him. A really, really big army. Like, even with all of the people that popped out of the yellow sparkly things that Doctor Strange and his friends made, it was still Lord of the Rings odds. But they could do it! Because they were the good guys! And they had a lot of really powerful people on their side. Captain America was leading them (and that Avengers Assemble thing he did? So. Cool.) and there were aliens and stuff. Plus, the Wakandan army was actually one of the best things Peter had ever seen in his life. They could do this.

Then Peter somehow ended up with the infinity gauntlet (he couldn't help the voice in his head that was freaking out – the infinity gauntlet was probably the strongest thing in the universe and Peter almost dropped it) which was kind of cool until all the scary aliens started crawling at him. It was less cool then.

But then all those ladies showed up to protect him! Go women's power! And, like, Peter wasn't really checking any of them out because he only had eyes for Steve, but that was one attractive bunch of ladies. And they looked awesome with the dramatic walking and stuff. Especially the blonde one with the short hair. That one was especially awesome.

(Peter might, possibly, still have a concussion from before he went all dusty. It was totally unfair that his concussion technically lasted five years).

And then everything went as far downhill as it possibly could. Mr. Stark had used the infinity gauntlet. That… Peter didn't know much about the infinity gauntlet, but he knew enough to know that normal (breakable) humans weren't supposed to use it.

The battle was over, and Peter felt his heart stop when he realized that Mr. Stark was just lying there amongst the rubble, a burn scattered up his arm, over his face. It wasn't fair. Why was this happening? Why couldn't Peter have stopped this? He had his powers. He should have been the one to do that snap. Not Mr. Stark. Never Mr. Stark.

He rushed over as soon as he could, slamming to his knees in the dirt in front of Mr. Stark, already tearing up, "Mr. Stark? Hey… Mr. Stark? Can you hear me? It's Peter. We won. Mr. Stark… We won, Mr. Stark. We won and you did it, sir. You did it." He wasn't answering. Why wasn't he answering? His eyes were open!

Then (thankfully), Mr. Stark coughed a little bit, eyes focusing in on Peter, "Hey, Underoos."

"Hey, Mr. Stark," Peter responded with a wet chuckle.

Mr. Stark grimaced as playfully as he could, "Told you… to call me Tony."

"Where would the fun be in that?" Peter asked, trying to corral his lips into some sort of smile. It ended up a lot wobblier than he'd wanted.

Coughing out a laugh, Mr. Stark said, "Hey, kid. I gotta talk to you."

"Okay. But I really think that maybe you should go to a hospital first. Or something like that. Some sort of medical facility?" Peter rambled. Mr. Stark was going to be okay. He was going to be okay.

Peter's eyes filled with tears again.

Mr. Stark smiled at him, "Yeah, probably. People… have to pull themselves… together first, anyway. I'm fine… for now." He drifted off a little, eyes going glassy.

Biting his lip, Peter tried to pull him back, "Mr. Stark? What were you going to tell me?"

Blinking, Mr. Stark squinted at him, "Right. Peter, kid, I care about you so much. You know me, I… wasn't a dad. But I am now. I've got a… little girl. And I hadn't realized until you… were gone, until we had Morgan, but… you were my first kid. I… don't know if you feel that way. I know… your Aunt was… not pleased that I took you… to space. But you feel… like you're my first kid. And I want you to… meet Morgan. And I want to… do more bonding stuff. Be… legit this time. No more… hands off, let you make your own mistakes, try to head you off… from the ones I've made. But… I don't think… I'll be able to do that."

"Don't say that!" Peter interrupted hotly, eyes watering again, "Don't you dare! You can't leave me. You can't. Mr. Stark, please." Mortifyingly, he could feel tears streaking down his face, plopping thickly onto the grim and blood-spattered ground (had he just fought in a war? How many aliens had he just killed? In the back of his mind, something screamed at the feeling of alien blood slinking down his suit).

Distantly, he was aware of Pepper or Rhodey (or both or neither or did it really matter anymore?) pulling him away from where Mr. Stark was gazing off into the distance again. Distantly, he was aware of someone else gently extracting him from their grip, pulling him into their own (a part of him burned with joy at the brush of an arm against his soulmark, sending blinding comfort through him as Steve held him for the first time) arms. He was full-out sobbing at that point, gone to the grief wracking his body.

Behind him, Steve's voice broke, "Tony…" Peter couldn't help the way his breath hitched, the sobs coming out more because this wasn't the way Peter wanted Steve to hold him for the first time. He didn't want to need to be held up in his grief.

Mr. Stark focused back in on them, eyes a little glassy, but smile as real as he could manage, "Steve."

Steve swallowed harshly, Adam's apple bobbing against Peter's hairline, "Tony, I…" He trailed off. Peter didn't know what else he would have said, wasn't sure that anything else could be said in this situation.

Mr. Stark shook his head, swallowing convulsively for a few moments before he finally managed to push out, "Just… wait, Steve. Let me. I… wanted to do something. Guess this is my last chance. Steve… meet… Spiderman. Or, also known as… my intern… Peter Parker."

Peter's head whipped up, almost clipping Steve's chin. His mouth fell open and his eyes grew wide, tears still building in them. Was Mr. Stark really saying what he thought he was? Steve stuttered, "I… Tony, what? Is this… Thank you. Thank you, Tony."

"Mr. Stark," Peter breathed. He was giving them his blessing. He was saying that he was done letting Peter and Steve's relationship come between the three of them. He was saying that he approved. He was saying that he trusted Steve with Peter. He was saying more than Peter could have ever hoped for.

The tears welling in his eyes spilled over and Peter found himself helplessly crying again, "You're going to be okay, Mr. Stark. You're going to be okay."

Gently, Steve pulled him away, letting Pepper kneel as close to Mr. Stark as she could, pressing their foreheads together and whispering sweetly to him. Peter put a frantic hand to his mouth, grappling blindly with his other one until Steve grabbed it, holding Peter's hand so tightly that it would have broken it if he wasn't a superhero. Carefully, Steve rubbed a thumb in small circles over Peter's knuckles, resting his chin on Peter's head.

Trying to blink in the tears (and failing because this was horrible, this was the worst, this was Ben all over again), Peter whirled around frantically, throwing himself into Steve's arms, feeling guilty for the startled 'oof' Steve let out. He trapped their conjoined hands between the two of them, wrapping the other one as far around Steve as he could possibly manage.

Steve sighed softly, wrapping his own free hand around Peter's back, dropping the gentlest kiss on Peter's head.

That was the breaking point. Peter broke down then. He was just a kid. He'd just fought in a war – killed in a war. The person he looked up to (mentor, friend, father-figure all rolled into one slightly broken package) was dying on the ground. He had sacrificed himself to save the world – to save the planet. It wasn't fair. It should have been Peter. He'd had the infinity gauntlet. He could have done it. He could have put it on and snapped. He had superpowers. He would have been able to handle the blast better than Mr. Stark would have. He failed Mr. Stark. He'd failed him the same way he'd failed Ben. He was such a failure.

Peter honestly blanked out a little bit.

When he next was really aware of his surroundings, he could hear Steve whispering comforting words into his hair, "It's okay, Peter. Everything is going to be okay. Helen Cho is helping him out. She's the best doctor we have. They've got Shuri in there too. The two of them have got to be two of the best healers in the world. Pepper is in there with Tony right now. She won't let him slip away. You know how stubborn that woman is. It's going to be alright. It's okay, Peter."

"You said my name," Peter croaked, not really sure he said the words until Steve stiffened under him.

After a second, Steve untensed, voice soft, "Yeah, I did. I love you, Peter."

Peter curled into Steve (where were they?), "I love you too, Steve." He laughed harshly, his very soul hurt, "Sorry I made this first real meeting so awful."

"You know that was Thanos. You did nothing wrong, Peter. Don't ever think that. Besides, if we can support each other through something like this, then we can get through anything," Steve answered instantly.

"I'm not doing anything to support you, though," Peter pointed out, voice small. God, how was he already messing this up?

Steve smiled into Peter's hair, "Peter, you're alive and you're letting me hold you. After you being dead for five years, that's all I need."

Peter winced in sympathy, offering a sincere, "Sorry."

"Again, that was Thanos. I really don't think you need to apologize for being the half of the population that was randomly wiped out. It sucks that you were, but it's not your fault, okay?" Steve asked, holding Peter a little tighter.

"Okay," Peter whispered.

"I love you," Steve said again, voice choked and rough, broken in a way Peter couldn't really understand.

"I love you too," Peter whispered. His voice was a little broken too.


Mr. Stark survived.

It was some of the best news Peter had ever heard. He'd spent much of the last few days sleeping. Apparently going straight from dead to intergalactic battle really took it out of you. Who knew?

Hearing that Mr. Stark was alive woke Peter right up, though. He embraced Happy (the one unfortunate enough to be tasked with telling Peter) before dancing away. Not only did hearing that Mr. Stark was alive wake up him physically, it woke him up mentally, too. Or, well, something like that.

Peter ran through the halls of the medical facility they'd all ended up recuperating in. He knew he could hear Steve laughing somewhere in the building, but he wasn't entirely sure where. Somewhere in this direction? Nope, the sound was getting quieter. Quickly, Peter backtracked to the turn he made and went the other direction. The grin on his face grew brighter as Steve's voice finally started to get louder.

He was maybe a hallway away when he heard Steve say fondly, "Yeah, he's asleep right now."

The Winter Soldier responded sarcastically, "Surprised you're not in there with him."

Falcon snorted, "You serious? They're both literally as innocent as they could possibly get."

There was a shrug in the Winter Soldier's voice when he said, "I just meant that Steve could spend some time with him, is all. My mind didn't go straight to the gutter."

"What? Sitting in the same room as a sleeping person was a normal thing to do in your time?" Falcon asked incredulously.

Peter didn't wait around for them to talk anymore. He launched into the room, obviously surprising the three (which, probably not a good idea to surprise a room full of superheroes, but, you know, whatever). He didn't care. Peter kept running, literally throwing himself at Steve when he finally got to the man.

He delighted in the full body laugh Steve let out when he caught Peter. Grinning, Peter looked up at Steve, "Hi!"

"Hey there. How are you doing?" Steve asked, eyes crinkled in the corners, expression unbearably soft.

Peter nestled his head in under to Steve's chin, "Good! Mr. Stark is going to make it! And I'm here! With you! Also, probably embarrassing myself and being overly presumptuous, but, you know, whatever. That's okay. Embarrassing myself is my base setting. Whatever. Hi! I'm probably also embarrassing you in front of your friends, I'm so sorry. I'm just really excited to actually be in the same room as you. And be able to talk to you. Without, like, fighting. With you or against you since those are pretty much our only two interactions so far. Not that that's anyone's fault! I'm just, um, mentioning that."

Steve chuckled again, warm and bright, "Glad to know your adorable rambles aren't only in writing."

"Ugh, there is no way you thought that was adorable. That was so awkward," Peter complained.

"Cute awkward," Steve argued, tightening his arms around Peter. Peter didn't mind.

Behind them, Falcon made a gagging sound, "I didn't think anything in the world was more disgustingly cute than Steve making googly eyes at words on his skin, but this tops it. This really, really tops it." The Winter Soldier snorted (! Ned would freak when he heard that). Peter ducked to hide his face more fully in Steve's chest.

Steve laughed, "Peter, these are my friends, Bucky and Sam. Guys, this is Peter."

"Wow, really, wouldn't have guessed from how much you talk about him," Bucky said, voice flat.

The tips of his ears bright red, Peter looked back out towards the other two, arms still around Steve (it felt so good to be able to hold his soulmate after two years of being denied any sort of comfort), "Hi."

Sam smiled at him, face just as warm and open as Steve's, "Hey man. How are you doing?"

"Good. Better now. I don't think I've slept that much in a long time," Peter answered.

"You needed it," Steve said, hand warm where it rubbed up and down over Peter's arm.

Bucky's nose wrinkled at the action, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but you're right, Wilson. They are disgustingly cute. Also apparently not interested in moving. I'm out."

Steve rolled his eyes in exasperation, "Really Buck?" Bucky sent him a frankly ludicrous wink before sauntering out of the room, an annoyed Sam trotting at his heels.

Peter blinked, "Your friends are nice."

Steve snorted out a laugh, "Yeah, yeah they are. They're the best. It'd be nice to meet your friends sometime. Have you gotten a chance to contact them at all? I know you've been a little busy and then you were recovering."

Peter's face fell, "Oh no. Aunt May is going to kill me. I haven't even gotten a chance to see who all got dusted when I did. I don't know who's going to be five years older and who's not. May told me to not do any alien things. That was part of her rules when she found out I was Spiderman. I've broken it several times now. And I didn't even call her before or after!"

Smiling, Steve reached over for a cup, bringing it to his lips and drinking before he spoke, "I'm sure she'll understand. You're a good kid overall."

Looking up at Steve's face, Peter suddenly grew serious, "Why is this so easy?"

Steve's eyebrows rose, "I'm not really sure what part you're saying was easy, but -,"

Peter interrupted him, "No, not – not any of that. I mean, like, this. Why is this between us so easy. It's like we're just writing each other, but we're here in person and it should be awkward and stuff because I always manage to make stuff awkward, but we're fitting so perfectly and it's not awkward at all and I just don't get it." The conversation Peter made with Steve was easier than that he'd ever made with someone else. And, sure, they were soulmates which meant that they were fated to be together, but that didn't guarantee an easy transition from writing to in person. And, sure, they'd been talking about and dreaming about this moment for the past two years (seven, technically, and Peter ached at the thought of Steve living those five years alone), but that didn't mean anything really. This was too easy, and Peter hated himself for being suspicious.

Steve tilted his head back contemplatively, "I don't know. I suppose because we've earned it. We've certainly been through our fair share of trauma to be able to get here." Peter let out a wet laugh. Instantly, Steve was concerned, "Hey, you okay buddy?"

Peter sniffled, "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just… emotions are kinda going all over the place the last couple days." He peeked up at Steve, "I really like it when you say my name."

"I like being able to say it," Steve said, smirk pulling up one edge of his lips.

Abruptly, Peter blurted, "I'm sorry about, about the last words I wrote. The ones where I apologized for dying. I, uh, I really thought I was dying. Well, I did die. I thought I was going to stay dead, I mean. That was kind of, I don't know. Sorry, I guess."

"Hey," Steve shrugged, "Even's even. I did the same thing to you back in '45. I can't really blame you for following in my footprints."

"You could," Peter protested, a smirk forming around his own lips, "But you're too nice for that."

"Oh yeah?" Steve asked, laughing. Peter nodded, grin taking over his face again.

Smile fading a little bit, Peter asked carefully, "Do you… do you want to talk about it? What I wrote? The years where I was… where I was gone?"

Steve took a careful breath, pressing a steadying hand against the small of Peter's back, "Yeah, but… not right now. Someday, for sure. Just, not today."

"I get that," Peter said softly.

Letting out a small, shuddering breath, Steve smiled back, "I'll bet. Why don't we just spend today together? The two of us. We'll call your aunt tonight, alright?"

"Alright," Peter said.


Settling back into life was simultaneously easier and harder than Peter had expected it to be. On the one hand, literally half of all life everywhere had died. With everyone equally effected and with everyone equally recovering, it was easy to slip back into a rebuilding world.

What was harder was dealing with the emotional aftermath of the snap – of both snaps. May hadn't snapped. She had seen him disappear onto a space ship through the television and then the next thing she knew, Mr. Stark had come to her door, telling her that Peter hadn't made it. She had been well and truly alone. It broke Peter's heart that he hadn't been there for her.

It sounded like Pepper and Mr. Stark took care of her, but it had still been hard. Between Ben's death and Peter's, May had it hard. And then Peter had waited so long to call her (he'd been grounded for weeks after that whole fiasco).

She hadn't wanted to let him out of her sight and Steve hadn't wanted to let Peter out of his sight and Mr. Stark (when he woke up) didn't want to let Peter out of his sight, so Peter had ended up awkwardly living at Mr. Stark's medical facility with May and Steve in bedrooms on either side of him and Mr. Stark just a hall over. They spent the next few days all tripping over each other in one of the strangest fights for possessions that Peter had ever seen.

Sure, he understood that, out of the four of them, Peter had been the only one who didn't survive Thanos, but the three of them looked like they were ready to throwdown over who got his attention. It was kind of bizarre.

And everyone totally understood that there were limits. May was Peter's everything because she was May and she was all he had left of his family, so Steve and Tony knew that they couldn't really interfere there. But May and Tony recognized that Steve was Peter's soulmate and they'd been denied each other for two (seven) years. Tony had even told the two of them that he approved of their relationship, so he definitely couldn't interfere there. And May and Steve both recognized that Peter loved Mr. Stark like he was family and that Peter was still horribly worried about him and his health, so they didn't interfere there.

It meant that everyone was hovering at the same time and trying to not be super obvious about it, so they didn't step on anyone else's toes. It was annoying and endearing at the same time.

One day, Peter found himself alone with Doctor Strange of all people, ranting to him, "And I just don't know what to do! I'm pretty sure they're actually going to fight at some point. I'm getting that vibe."

Doctor Strange was giving him a desperately startled look like he wished he was anywhere but acting as a therapist to a recently dead arachnid-themed super-teenager. With his pinched expression, Doctor Strange eventually sighed, "Maybe you should tell all of them that instead of telling me. I've heard proper communication works wonders."

Peter was pretty sure he was being sarcastic, but it was still pretty good advice. So, he smiled at Doctor Strange and hopped off the counter, armed with a juice box, "Thanks!" Doctor Strange only sighed in response.

Carefully, Peter crept back into the living room where Steve, May, and Tony were all gathered, expression vaguely concerned.

May's whole body slumped with relief when she saw him, "Hey sweetie. We were worried when we realized you weren't in here."

Peter grimaced, "Um, actually, could I talk to you guys? All three of you?"

They blinked at him. Eventually, Steve said, "Sure thing. What do you need to talk about?" He patted the seat next to him, but Mr. Stark and May had both moved over to make room for him next to them at the same time.

Sighing, Peter flung out an arm, "That! That's what I need to talk about! Look, I get that I was dead for five years," They all flinched, and Peter felt guilty, but he was on a roll now and he couldn't stop, "But that's not an excuse. For me, it was, like, no time at all. And I come back, and you guys are all treating me like I am actually in the process of dying. I'm not dying. I'm okay now. I'm back. It's alright. And the worst part is the way you're all passive-aggressively fighting over me! May, you are my aunt and you are my family and you are my everything. You have to know that. I love you so much and I will never leave you willingly, okay? Mr. Stark, I look up to you so much and I won't ever give up on you. I love being your intern and you've come to feel like a father to me. Morgan is awesome by the way. We've totally bonded. Steve, I love you with every bit of my heart. You are the love of my life and I am so, so grateful that we are finally together. But you guys need to back off a little bit. I'm suffocating over here. And I really, really, didn't want to say anything, but I'm kind of trying to adjust to the fact that I've been dead for five years and the world has literally stopped functioning for five years. Literally everything is so messed up right now and I'm trying really hard to process it and you guys aren't making it easier. I know that you're only doing it because you all have your own trauma over this event, but, um. Yeah. You know."

The three of them stared at him blankly for a second. Then May opened his arms to him. Breathing out a shaky little breath, Peter fell into her arms, curling up in there and pretending he was still a little kid. May whispered into the silent room, "Anything for you, sweetie. I'm not going to stop hovering because I've always been a hover-parent. You know that. But I'll be sneakier about it. And I'll give you a chance to be with the other two people who need you, okay? I'm just not so used to sharing you anymore and, well, your death really broke my heart kid."

"We'll all get better," Steve declared, voice firm and serious, "We love you, Peter. Making you feel better will make us feel better. Anyway you want us to do that will work for me." The two of them shared a soft smile, the kind that absolutely melted Peter's heart.

Mr. Stark was the last to speak, eyes serious, "Well, we all know that May can hover enough for the three of us." He shared a quick laugh with them before saying, "Like Steve said, anything I can do for you, I'll do. I'm not letting you go again. Okay, kid?"

"Yeah, okay," Peter mumbled. He was so lucky to be surrounded by all of these guys.


Carefully, Peter edged the door open. He'd knocked and no one had responded. There had been a light on, though, and Steve had told him he was welcome whenever he wanted to come over.

He bit his lip at the sight of Steve curled over the desk, one arm cradling his head while the other fell limply over the side of the desk. The light from the room mixed and mingled with the warm yellow glow of the desk lamp that bathed Steve's hair in golden light, lighting up the strands into bright, burnished gold.

Steve was in his pyjamas, a pair of soft-looking sweatpants sitting just at the edges of his hips, no shirt covering the full expanse of rippling muscles and (somehow) more beautifully, the expanse of conversations.

Peter inched closer at the sight of Steve's soulmark, Peter's small chicken scratch outlining it. Hesitantly, carefully, Peter reached out to the soulmark, lightly pressing his fingertips to it. The soulmark pulsed at the touch, sending Peter a feeling of safety and warmth, the soft feeling of Steve's hand clutching his own. Steve made a happy little sigh in his sleep.

Ducking his head, Peter smiled. He shook his head fondly at Steve's sprawled out state over the desk. That wouldn't do. Steve needed to rest in a real bed if he was going to be anywhere close to comfortable.

Gently, Peter eased Steve out of his chair, cradling the man in a bride hold (even after all this time with his powers, it was slightly ludicrous to Peter that he was able to hold his much heavier, much bigger soulmate in his arms like he weight nothing). Just as gently, he eased the man into his bed, settling him over the sheets at first because he'd forgotten to pull them back.

Biting his lips again, Peter slowly tugged the sheets out from under Steve, just as slowly settling them back over Steve's sleeping form. He didn't move once. It should have worried Peter that Steve was so unresponsive to someone moving him in his sleep, but somehow, Peter knew that it was their soulbond that allowed Steve to sleep so deeply through the encounter.

After a second, Peter slowly moved around to the other side of the bed. He'd come into the room initially because he'd woken up from a nightmare and had desperately needed Steve. Back when they were separated, Peter would just have to write a message and hope that Steve was in a time zone that meant he was still awake. Now, all Peter had to do was walk one room over.

They'd talked about this and they'd decided that they were fine with sleeping in the same bed as each other as long as that was all they were doing, but they'd kept their own separate rooms while in Mr. Stark's facilities because it was kind of weird to sleep together with Mr. Stark and May in the same building.

But Peter needed Steve's comfort and Steve wasn't awake at the moment to give it. Peter was going to have to take it where he could get it.

So, he slid into the bed on the other side, carefully curling up behind Steve, wrapping one arm over Steve's ribcage, pressing his fingers back against the mark. The other arm he left curled up between them, the knuckle of his thumb pressed into his own soulmark.

He fell asleep curled up against his love.

When he woke, it was to the soft feeling of breath stirring his hair. Steve was still asleep, but he'd turned at some point in the night. Peter's forehead was practically resting on Steve's chin and their hands were intertwined between their chests, the only barrier between them. Their other hands were thrown over each other's waists.

Blinking, Peter raised his head back, just taking a moment to look at Steve, to admire him. Smiling softly, slowly, Peter dropped a kiss against the hand tangled in his own. He whispered into Steve's neck, "You are the perfect match for me. I would never change the way we met or the way we fell in love. I love you, Steve. More than anything, I love you."

And Steve, barely awake, tightened his grip on Peter's hand and whispered, "I love you, Peter."

Author's Note: IT'S OVER! I love this story to pieces, but I am so glad it's done. Also, in case anyone was wondering, I had fully intended to kill Tony off, but enough people asked me to keep him alive that I felt pressured to comply :P Kidding, but not really. Let me know what you thought about the story!