The T rating applies here. :P Sorry~

They say that when you meet The One, the whole world looks different. Brighter. Shinier. More colorful and vibrant.

Nobody mentioned that when they leave, they take all that beauty with them.

He found himself struggling to re-adjust as his world was suddenly plunged into darkness, like someone had switched off the power to the sun. Against his better judgement, he ghosted from pub to pub, fighting the withdrawals from the light he was so used to having, searching endlessly for an easy fix. Drinking made laughter shine, jewelry flash like bolts of lightning, glasses sparkle like they held a million stars that tingled on his lips-

Sprawled out in the midst of glaring sweat and serrated blades that dug into his skull, Carlton had to admit that alcohol was a poor substitute for love. But it was too late for him now. Victoria had gotten him hooked, and now he was condemned to chase all that glittered until God himself finally told him to rest.

"And they all lived happily ever after," Carlton blurted. For some reason his intoxicated brain found that very funny, and he laughed himself to sleep just as sunlight started peeking through the curtains.

I did warn you that it would be dark XD I don't know what it is with me a comparing love to dangerous addictions lately . . . but I really like it XP Please tell me what you thought~! I'm interested in your responses! ^^