A/N: So this is inspired by Gangland Undercover. If you haven't heard of it, I recommend that you at least give it a watch. It's a very good show about the biker culture, and I have to say that both seasons 1 and 2 are good and that it really deserves a season 3, even if it is just to finally close out the story. As for why I decided to make a Carmilla fanfic out of it, let's just say that I saw the movie trailer and saw Carmilla on a motorcycle, and everything just clicked. So now, I bring you Motorcycle Diaries. Enjoy if you please, and do leave a review just to tell me whatever you think! Oh, and apologies if Laura doesn't really feel like Laura in the first few chapters or so, and so on and so forth for the likes of Carm, Danny, LaF, Lola and so on, but then again, that's AU for you. - GR

The black-haired, pale-skinned woman had been digging the rectangular pit in the ground since eight in the evening. Sweat glistened on her smooth high forehead and dropped down to her high arched eyebrows, which served to give her a perpetually disdainful look on her face. Dirt caked the calf-length boots that she wore on her feet, and those boots encased legs in black high-waist leather jeggings that were both slim and strong at the same time. A loose-fitting white shirt was tucked into those jeggings, and above that shirt the woman wore a denim vest with a large patch on the back showing a grinning skull with vampire fangs on its canines in front of a blood red background. Another patch bearing the word VAMPIRES was sewn on top of the main patch while a third patch with the word ONTARIO was below the skull patch. Lean and muscular arms powered the shovel in the woman's hands as she dug deeper into the pit to create a three-foot-deep hole in the ground.

The woman straightened up as she admired her handiwork. Standing, she gave the impression of a slender but robust build and the air of a successful young businesswoman or model. But she was neither of those things. And the pit which she had been digging was meant for one use and one use only.

The woman looked up when she heard the sound of approaching engines. She looked up from the edge of the pit to see a black Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a red panel van approaching her. The woman sighed, threw the shovel back up to the ground, and climbed out of the pit. Both the Harley and the van stopped beside another black motorcycle that had been parked beside the pit. The rider of the newly-arrived Harley took off her helmet to reveal long orange hair in tight and stringy curls. She also wore a similar denim vest to the one on the black-haired girl. She got off the bike, hung her helmet on one of the handlebars, and approached the woman who had been digging the pit. "Yeah, that should be deep enough," she muttered as she looked at the pit. The orange-haired woman then turned to the van and whistled.

A person hopped out of the driver's side of the van. They had orange hair of a similar shade to the woman on the Harley who had come with them, but their hair was cropped short and flat. They walked to the side of the panel van and opened the sliding door, where two women were waiting. One of the women inside stepped out of the van, her height forcing her to duck her head so she wouldn't hit the roof of the van. She then reached inside the van and hauled out a third woman whose arms were tied in front of her with duct tape. More of the silvery tape covered her mouth while a black cloth blindfold covered her eyes and prevented her from seeing where they were. "We got the snitch, Mother," the tall woman said. "She put up a fight but then Genius hit her in the gut and she fell like a sack of potatoes."

"Good job, Genius, Chains," Mother, the woman with curly orange hair, said. "Now get her front and center right here." She pointed at a spot right in front of the pit that the black-haired woman had just dug.

Chains, the tall woman and Genius, the orange-haired non-binary, forced the duct-taped woman to move towards the pit and, when the woman fell to her knees, Chains kicked the woman's shins and said, "Get up!" Finally, they got the woman standing once again and they dragged her towards the pit. They made the woman face the rest of them before Chains and Genius made to join the others. Mother then walked up towards the woman, who was practically hyperventilating in fear and panic.

"Nice night out, isn't it, Betty?" Mother asked the woman. She knew that her suspicions were finally confirmed when "Betty's" eyes widened at the mention of the name. Mother then took out a Browning Hi-Power pistol from the small of her back and pulled back the hammer. "All right, ladies," she said. "Who here should do the deed?"

"Why don't you let Countess kill her, Mother?" Chains said. "She's the one who almost patched in this snitch into the club."

"Well, you're right about that, Chains," Mother said, and then she turned to the black-haired woman and held out the Browning to her. "You heard what Chains said, Countess," she told the other woman. "You brought in the rat. Now you gotta take her out."

Countess, the black-haired woman, looked Mother right in the eye before she finally took the Browning offered to her. She checked the gun to see if it was loaded. "So you finally trust me with a loaded weapon now, huh?" she muttered as she looked down the handgun's sights. Countess then walked up to the now-whimpering "Betty" and pointed the Browning over the woman's heart. "I can't believe I sponsored and almost patched in a rat into this chapter," Countess said. "And now I can't let you bring down this club from the inside." She then stepped back and fired two shots straight into Betty's heart, and the snitch's body fell back into the pit.

"That takes care of that particular problem," Mother muttered. "You take care of the rest, Countess. Genius, Chains and I are gonna get a beer at Benny's. Catch up with us later."

"Sure thing," Countess replied. "I'll toss the gun in the lake."

Even before Mother had left the scene of the crime on her Harley with Genius and Chains in their van, Countess was already busy at work covering the pit now holding the dead body of Betty the snitch, and once Countess had flattened the area with an even layer of dirt she tossed the shovel on the back of her own motorcycle and drove off towards the shores of Lake Ontario.