A fair distance from the Eyrie Building, the turtles' signature vehicle, the Battle Shell, sped down the street at top speed. It was a large, armored vehicle with brown plating around the windows and decked out tires. It had turtle decals everywhere, and that same kanji for Family plastered across the rear doors. Leo sat in the driver's seat, steering around traffic to get to the Eyrie Building. His brothers were all in their own seats, clearly anxious as Donnie dialed April on his Shell Cell.

"Hello?" She answered.

"April," Donnie replied. "Are you alright? We saw the news report, and-"

"I'm okay guys. Now so much as a scratch. Vern's camera got crushed, but aside from that, we're good."

Donie let out a sigh of relief.

"Any idea what happened?"

"Not sure. But it's odd, one of the stones that crashed down seemed to have claw marks on it."

"Claw marks?" Donnie repeated, causing the others to turn to him. "You're sure?"

"Pretty sure. Thick ones too. I almost thought it was… you know who, but there were four of them, and even he can't cut through stone like that."

"Yeah… yeah, this is definitely something new."

"I'm about to head in with Detective Maza to get some answers on what happened. Maybe while I do that, you guys can find answers your way."

"You can count on me- Er... us. Good luck."

He quickly hung up, turning red as Mikey elbowed him playfully.

"What, no parting love yous for your girlfriend?"

"Save it. She said whatever was causing rubble to rain down from the Eyrie Building was strong enough to leave claw marks in solid stone."

"Uh… anyone else remembering that whole thing about gargoyles?" Raph spoke up, sounding a tad nervous. "You think they might have something to do with it?"

"Wouldn't be the craziest thing we've come across," Leo responded.

"Yeah, and remember when we stopped that Dragon robbery?" Mikey chimed in. "One of the things they took was a gargoyle statue."

"And that Xanatos guy really wanted it back..." Raph added.

"Think he knows about those things?" Leo wondered.

"I know the only way we'll find out for certain is to investigate that castle," Donnie replied. "And the sooner, the better."

Meanwhile, in the lobby of the Eyrie Building, Detective Maza and April both confronted Owen Burnett, knowing he most likely knew what was going on. Though April didn't expect to get the full story, any hints he provided would be enough for her. As for the detective, her main concern was getting to the bottom of the situation.

"Hello Detective Maza," Owen greeted, giving a curt bow. "It's been some time."

"Save the pleasantries, Mr. Burnett," Elisa cut off, holding up a hand. "This isn't a social visit."

"Mr. Burnett," April began, pulling out a notebook and pen from her jacket, "What can you tell us about the explosions that occured less than an hour ago?"

"A must unfortunate accident. One of the newly installed generators in the castle exploded. Mr. Xanatos is more than willing to pay for any damages that might have-"

"Nice try, but we both know that's not the truth," Elisa cut off. "That was automatic weapons firing, along with what I can only assume were military grade explosives. Now, you can either let me and my associate up there to take a look around, or I can come back with a warrant, and she can come back with a camera crew. Your choice."

"It's alright, Owen," Xanatos reassured, walking into the room. "Let them in. We've got nothing to hide."

"As you wish, Mr. Xanatos," Owen allowed before turning to leave.

Once his manservant left, Xanatos gave the two women his full and undivided attention.

"Ms. O'Neil, a pleasure. My daughter is quite a fan of your segments. And Detective Maza, welcome back. I just got off the phone with the mayor, expressing my dearest apologies for what happened."

"What exactly did happen here, Mr. Xanatos?" April questioned.

"And don't try and sell some line about an exploding generator," Elisa added.

Xanatos chuckled at that, escorting the two women to the elevator leading to the castle. He pulled a keycard out of his pocket, inserting it into a slot in the wall that activated the buttons.

"Of course not. I'll admit that I intended to use the generator story in an upcoming press release as a way to reduce a panic. But, given that you both have clearly seen through the ruse, I might as well come clean. Earlier tonight, I repelled a small invasion from a rival corporation. I was just defending my assets."

"Repelled an invasion?" Elisa repeated. "You're a private citizen, Xanatos, not a country."

The elevator doors opened, allowing the three to step out into the grand dining hall of the castle.

"Detective, I am the owner of a multinational corporation, which is bigger than most countries you can name."

"If that's the case, then are there any suspects as to who was behind this 'invasion'?" April pressed.

"My security team is still doing research into that matter, but so far, they've come up empty."

"Was anything stolen?" Elisa added.

"The investigation is ongoing, but I have a feeling something was taken."

"And what about your daughter, Willow Xanatos?" April went on. "Was she involved in the attack?"

"Perish the thought," Xanatos dismissed. "I'd sooner sell half my company then see harm befall her."

They exited the dining hall, heading out into the ruined courtyard. As they surveyed the damage, Elisa caught sight of a figure on one of the battlements, stopping in her tracks. The figure was Goliath, who was observing the three of them with great suspicion. Thankfully, he kept as still as possible, letting the gloom hide that he was a flesh and blood creature. Xanatos noticed her gaze, glanced up, and chuckled.

"One of six statues that came with the castle," he explained. "They're quite lifelike, I must admit. Sometimes I swear I can see them moving."

"Right..." Elisa let out, forcing herself to turn away.

April looked at the gloom a bit more, discreetly pulling out her own shell cell to snap a photo of the creature, sending it to Donnie.

On the side of the building, the four turtles were using their climbing claws to scale their way up the highrise. As they continued upwards, Donnie's phone went off, prompting him to check it.

"April just sent me a text," he informed. "And an image of… something."

"Is it more of a some, or more of a thing?" Mikey questioned.

"Let me see it, Don," Leo requested, holding out a hand for his brother to pass the phone. "Is that… a gargoyle statue?"

"If it is, it's not the one we recovered the other night," Donnie responded. "If anything, it looks bigger."

"That's not exactly a comfort, Don," Mikey let out. "We sure we wanna go messing with somethin like that?"

"You saw what those things did tonight," Leo responded. "Who knows what else they could do."

"Yeah, well if we wanna stop these things," Raph spoke up. "Then we're gonna need a faster way of getting to the top of this building. I mean, we've been at it for what, ten minutes, and we're not even halfway up yet."

"Agreed," Donnie replied, reaching into his bag. "Fortunately, I have something that might help."

He then pulled out a makeshift glass cutter, putting it on a nearby window. Once in place, he cut a small hole in the window before pulling it out.

"37th floor. Office supplies, desk chairs, and potential living gargoyle statues."

Donnie opened the window, allowing the turtles to slip inside. Once in, they found themselves in what appeared to be an office area of the building, consisting of a cubicle farm that had yet to be moved into. They began searching for an elevator, quickly finding one. They were just about to hit the button when they saw that the elevator was already descending.

"We're about to get company," Donnie lamented.

"Maybe they'll think we're just freaky janitors," Mikey suggested.

"Let's not take the chance," Leo shot down. "Ninjas, vanish."

The turtles quickly disappeared as the elevator stopped, opening up to allow Willow to step out. She glanced around the office for a moment, groaning in annoyance.

"Another office floor. Great. And Owen said I'd enjoy being able to explore the building."

She let out a snort before shuffling out of the elevator. As she walked away, the turtles quietly made their way out of their hiding places. As they did, Willow tensed, as if feeling that she wasn't alone.

"Hello?" she called. "Someone there?"

She looked around, not seeing anyone around. The only movement she saw were the elevator doors closing. Rolling her eyes, she resumed her exploration of the office. Inside the elevator, Raph was repeatedly spamming the button for the top floor, but it refused to light up.

"What gives with this thing?" Raph let out.

"Uh, Raph?" Donnie spoke up, pointing to the card slot. "We need a keycard to make this thing work."

"Makes sense," Leo surmised. "The top floor is supposed to be a private residence. Don't want random workers accidentally walking into your living room."

"Damn," Raph cursed, kicking the wall. "Now what?"

"That girl had a card," Mikey pointed out. "And seems to have the run of the place."

"Mikey, that girl is Willow Xanatos, David Xanatos' daughter," Donnie informed him/

"Well that's just great," Raph bemoaned. "Now we gotta pickpocket from the daughter of the guy who owns this place."

That's when the doors began opening again. In the time it took to blink, the turtles jumped up onto the ceiling as Willow walked back into the elevator.

"137 floors," she grumbled to herself. "137, and most of them are either offices, labs, or meeting rooms. Ugh. Maybe the gargoyles are doing something fun up in the castle."

"Did she say gargoyles?" Mikey whispered.

"Shut up," Raph hissed. "She'll hear you, dummy."

Willow hit the button for the top floor, then leaned against the wall. Unbeknownst to the turtles, she was also sending a discrete text to her dad, having indeed heard Mikey.

Back in the courtyard, Xanatos' phone started buzzing. He went to check it just as Owen walked out to meet him and his two companions.

"Excuse me, Mr. Xanatos," Owen called, both Elisa and April turning towards him while Xanatos' eyes remained on his phone. "There seems to be a problem in the kitchen with our new guests. Apparently, they got peckish and, in their haste to obtain a meal, caused quite the mess."

"I see," Xanatos replied before turning to Elisa and April. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you two to leave, as I have business to attend to. I'm certain you know the way. Owen, with me."

Owen gave a small bow, following after his boss. Once they were far enough away, Xanatos' face became serious as he showed him the text Willow had sent.

"Voices in elevator. Know about gargoyles. SOS."

"Look into this," Xanatos ordered. "Quietly."

Owen nodded, both he and Xanatos vanishing from sight, leaving the two women alone in the courtyard.

"So…" April spoke up. "We're not going to just leave, right?"

"Not a chance," Elisa confirmed. "This investigation is far from over."

"That's what I thought," April replied as the two went off.

Meanwhile, Willow got off the elevator, entering into the dining hall. Xanatos and Owen were there to meet her, and she quickly joined them.

"Owen, next time I say I want to do something fun, do not suggest I explore a bunch of boring office areas. That is the complete opposite of fun. I'm not you."

"My apologies," Owen replied.

"We'll worry about that later," Xanatos interjected. "Right now, we have our new visitors to worry about."

"Right," Willow nodded, sliding a bit closer to her father.

Owen stepped towards the elevator, looking around inside. Inside the elevator shaft, the turtles looked down into the car, realization dawning. Almost immediately, Raph smacked Mikey upside the head, glaring at him for getting them caught. Leo made a "cut it out" movement with his hand before turning to look down at Owen. For a moment, it almost looked like the manservant was staring right at them, his eyes narrowing. Slowly the turtles reached for their weapons, as if expecting a fight, then Owen turned and stepped out of the elevator.

"I don't see anything, sir," he declared. "I suggest we investigate the floor these visitors came through, and start from there."

"Excellent suggestion," Xanatos nodded. "Willow, go and join our guests in the kitchen. Apparently they made a mess. Owen and I will see to this matter."

"Alright," Willow replied as they all went off, the adults taking the elevator down.

After the adults had the chance to start their descent, one of Raph's sai slid between the doors, prying it open so the turtles could get out. Once they were all safely in the castle, they all breathed sighs of relief.

"That was way too close," Donnie let out.

"How did they not find us?" Mikey wondered. "I thought we were toast."

"Hey, we were just given one shell of a gift horse," Raph declared. "I ain't checking for teeth."

"Alright, Raph, take Don and Mikey," Leo commanded. "Follow Willow and see if you can lay eyes on these 'guests' Xanatos mentioned. I'm gonna scout the battlements and see if I can find the creature April saw."

"Think it might be a real gargoyle?" Mikey wondered.

"Maybe," Leo admitted. "Be on your guard. We have no idea what these things can do, but they're clearly dangerous."

The three nodded before heading off, game faces on and weapons ready, just in case.

Elsewhere in the castle, Elisa and April had split off to conduct their own searches. The police detective found herself wandering through one of the darkened corridors of the castle, shining a flashlight over everything. The entire castle seemed to have an air of foreboding to it, as if something monstrous was supposed to jump out at her.

"If Dracula makes an appearance, I'm going to scream," she muttered to herself.

From behind her, she heard a low growling noise. Turning on instinct, she drew her weapon, waving her flashlight across the hallway. However, she soon realized it was nothing. Letting out a sigh of relief, she holstered her weapon.

"This place is playing with my nerves," she let out.

She turned and made her way back into the courtyard, unaware of the gargoyle dog creature stalking her in the shadows.

"A fine mess ya made of that kitchen, lads," the old one scoffed as he escorted the three younger gargoyles through one of the castle corridors. "When I heard that crash, I thought the attackers had returned."

"Sorry," they all said at the same time.

"We only wanted to look around," the rotund one insisted. "We didn't mean to make a mess."

"There you are!" Willow's voice rang out.

All four gargoyles turned as Willow came racing up to them, panting slightly from running through the castle.

"Hey Willow," the red one greeted. "Uh… sorry about the kitchen."

"Forget about it. I'm sure someone will clean it up. Anyways, I'm bored. Wanna hunt down all the secret passages this castle has to offer?"

The trio were about to say yes when the old one held out a hand, silencing them all. His eyes were glowing slightly as he sniffed the air, catching a whiff of a scent nearby.

"Someone else is here..." he growled.

"The invaders?" the red one guessed. "Have they returned?"

"No. This is something else. Stay close, lass."

Willow nodded, stepping closer to the trio as the old one drew the sword from his belt, approaching a nearby corner. Around said corner, April was hugging the wall, a hand over her mouth as she tried to stifle any sounds she could make. Suddenly, a clawed hand lashed out, grabbing April's arm and forcing her out into the open. She fell to the ground, right at the feet of the trio. As she looked up, all three were snarling at her, eyes glowing as they bared their fangs and protectively surrounded Willow.

"I thought I smelled someone here," the old one let out.

"Who are you?" the red one demanded. "What are you doing here?"

April was at a loss for words, just staring at the pissed gargoyles in utter terror. Just then, a bo staff swung out, smacking the old one across the face and causing him to release April.

"Get away from her!" Donnie demanded as Raph and Mikey stood on either side of him.

"You good, April?" Raph asked.

April just nodded, then screamed as the red one launched himself right at Raph.

"Filthy trolls!" the red gargoyle snarled, claws digging hard into Raph's plastron. "You'll pay for that!"

Raph yelled in pain before grabbing the red gargoyle and tossing him into a nearby table, shattering it.

"You just made a big mistake pal," Raph promised, drawing his sai. "And we're not trolls. We're turtles!"

"Looks like a troll, smells like a troll," the small one growled, stalking towards Donnie on all fours. "Has the manners of a troll, too."

"But the skills to kick your tail," Donnie promised, swinging his staff at him.

The small gargoyle leapt over the staff, ducking under the following swing before catching the third with surprising strength. He then pulled on the staff, jerking Donnie towards him so he could deliver a hard smack with his tail. Donnie went flying as the smaller gargoyle snapped the staff in his hand.

"Aren't there supposed to be blades attached to this?" he scoffed, throwing the broken staff aside. "Fighting gargoyles with a broken spear is just stupid. Then again, what can you expect from trolls."

Annoyed, Donnie got back to his feet and charged at the small gargoyle, dropping to his shell and going into a slide so he could kick him with both feet. Meanwhile, Mikey ran up to the rotund gargoyle, swinging his nunchucks at him repeatedly. The gargoyle just stood still, letting Mikey waste his energy attacking him.

"Man," Mikey let out. "What does it take to bring you down?"

Rather than answer, the large one just grabbed Mikey by the face, throwing him across the hallway. Mikey rolled into the throw, rebounding off the wall and landing triumphantly on his feet. Seeing a vase nearby, he grabbed it and chucked it at the rotund gargoyle. It collided against his head, causing him to stumble back long enough for Mikey to run up and kick him in the face. Seeing this, the old one snarled, grabbing ahold of Mikey's belt. With a loud roar, he slammed him into the wall.

"Uh… hi," Mikey greeted nervously.

While the seven of them continued duking it out, April finally managed to get to her feet. She rushed over to Willow, who was watching the entire standoff with a starstruck expression. Wasting no time, April grabbed the girl's arm.

"Come on, we're getting out of here."

"Wait, what?!" Willow exclaimed, instantly trying to fight back. "Let me go!"

"What?!" April let out. "Did you not see those things? They'll tear you apart."

"I said, let go!"

Willow then stomped down hard on April's instep, forcing her to release her arm. She then ran right into the fray, the red gargoyle instantly taking notice. With an almost possessive growl, he launched himself at April.

"I'd listen to her next time, human," he warmed, raising a claw. "Not that there'll be a next time."

Before he could make a move, Raph ran up and rammed into him, shoulder first. This knocked the red gargoyle to the ground, allowing Raph to leap towards him, sai pointed down. The gargoyle caught the sai within his claws, causing the two to struggle for control.

"Willow!" the old one shouted. "Go get Goliath! Tell him trolls have overtaken the castle!"

Willow nodded, then bolted down the hallway. April saw this and followed after, hoping to get to her before she alerted whomever Goliath was.


Elisa emerged out onto one of the battlements, gazing out at the skyline of the city. Despite the precedence of her investigation, she couldn't help but marvel at the amazing view the castle offered. She was so enraptured by the view that a low growl from the stairs she'd just ascended nearly made her jump out of her skin. She turned back around, her gun practically materializing in her hand as she squinted into the shadows.

"Alright you," she demanded. "Come out now, and put your hands where I can see them."

A pair of white, glowing eyes began to approach from the darkness. Then, the gargoyle dog stepped out of the gloom, growling and snapping like a dog defending its territory. Elisa gasped at the sight, leveling her gun with the creature and preparing to fire. Before she got the chance, a shadow fell over her as a figure landed behind her. She turned around to see Goliath looming over her, plucking Elisa's gun from her trembling hands and crushing it in his grip as if it was made of tin foil.

"Who are you?" the creature demanded, his voice deep and resonating with untold power. "And why are you sneaking around my castle?"

She stumbled backwards, shock completely overtaking her. Unfortunately, she ended up backing right into the edge of the battlement. This caused her to trip over the edge, falling towards the city below.

Almost immediately, Goliath dove after her, using his wings to speed up his fall to catch up to her. Initially, Elisa was terrified, especially when Goliath pulled her close, but once he spread his wings, she quickly realized he was her only chance of not ending up a greasy spot on the sidewalk below. Catching an updraft from the force of the fall, Goliath was able to bring them both safely down on a ledge about 10 stories off the ground. Once they landed, Goliath set Elisa down, watching as she hugged the wall and stared at her rescuer, panting from fear and adrenaline.

"Okay..." she let out, trying to keep her voice from trembling. "Okay, just- just take it easy."

"I will not hurt you," Goliath promised.

"Who are- what are you?"

"My kind have no need for names. However, the humans who once lived in the castle came to call me Goliath."

"Your kind?" Elisa swallowed hard. "You mean there's more than one of you?"

Goliath let out a mournful growl, closing his eyes and turning away.


He prepared to climb back up to the castle, but Elisa quickly stopped him, reaching out for him instinctively.

"Wait!" He paused and she lowered her hands. "Don't go. Uh, look... we either need to get back down to street level or back up to the castle. Since you can fly-"

"I can't fly," Goliath cut off, facing her fully. "I can only glide on currents of wind. And sadly, there are none strong enough to lift me back up, let alone both of us."

"So, we're stuck here?" Elisa let out, looking down nervously.

Rather than answer her question, Goliath reached out and grabbed her arm, eliciting a yelp from the detective. He pulled her onto his back, prompting her to wrap her arms and her legs around him for dear life.

"Hold on," he instructed before digging his claws into the stone.

Before Elisa could ask for clarification, he began ascending the walls of the building for the second time that night. The second she realized what was happening, she screwed her eyes shut, burying her face in Goliath's shoulders to hide herself.

"Trust me," Goliath insisted.

"I don't believe this..." Elisa shuddered.

Back on the battlements, Willow ran out frantically, trying to find Goliath. April raced to catch her, desperate to protect the turtles.

"Hold it!" April called out, grabbing her arm. "What do you know about those creatures? Where do they come from?"

"Let go of me!" Willow snapped, freeing her arm. "What makes you think I'll tell you anything about them?! You're the one who led those- those- trolls into my home!"

"Those 'trolls' are my friends. And they only want to keep the city safe from monsters like-"

"They're not monsters!" Willow's face was red with rage. "They're gargoyles! Defenders! Protectors! How dare you call them monsters when you associate yourself with TROLLS!"

"They're not trolls, They're turtles! And they're the protectors here! They were protecting me from those-!"

"If you say monster one more time!" Willow warned.

"Excuse me!" Leo's voice called out before dropping down to the battlements. "But can one of the 'trolls' offer his two cents?"

Willow yelped in shock, backing up a few steps. Thankfully, she hit one of the higher parts of the battlement and was able to catch herself. Her eyes were glued on Leo, who sheathed his blades and held up his hands in a placating gesture.

"Look, I come in peace. I just want to talk."

"Leo, I don't think she'll listen," April warned him.

"I think she will, since she's no longer shouting and screaming," Leo argued before turning to face Willow. "Hi, Willow, is it?"

Willow nodded once.

"What are you doing in the Eyrie Building? Are you the voice I heard in the elevator?"

"That was my brother, actually, but we saw the debris raining down on the news, and we wanted to investigate."

Willow slowly pushed herself off the battlement, cautiously approaching Leo.

"Just… who are you?"

"My name is Leonardo. And we…"

Before the conversation could continue, a strange sound reached their ears. It was the sound of cracking stone, only it was more rhythmic, and it seemed to be getting louder. More than that, the sound seemed to be coming from below them, outside on the wall. Suddenly, Goliath came climbing up onto the battlement, Elisa still clinging to his back. Willow, Elisa, and Leo all gave the pair a wide berth as the massive gargoyle plucked the detective off his shoulders and planted her firmly on the ground. She all but collapsed in relief, glad to be back on solid ground.

"Whoa…" Leo let out.

"Elisa?" Willow gasped in surprise. "What are you doing climbing up the side of the building with Goliath?"

"She fell," Goliath answered before laying eyes on April and Leo. "Who is this human? And why is she in the company of a troll?"

"Uh, turtle, actually," Leo corrected.

"The rubble that fell earlier this evening," April explained. "That's actually why both of us are up here." She gestured to Elisa as the detective slowly regained her senses. "I'm a reporter, and she's a detective."

"Reporter? Detective?" Goliath repeated. "What do these words mean?"

"Well," April spoke up, tapping her lower lip with a bent finger as she tried to come up with an answer. "A reporter is someone who investigates what's going on in the world, or at least part of it. For me, I investigate New York City, trying to find the truth and bring it to light."

"As for what a detective is," Elisa chimed in, "when somebody does something wrong, I find out who they are and arrest them."

"And who decides what's wrong?" Goliath asked.

"We have a justice system," Elisa continued, "Laws, penalties, assessments. We let the people decide."

"You mean humans decide..." Goliath growled.

"Sadly, yes," Leo admitted. "Meaning creatures like you, or me and my brothers, do better when we remain anonymous and unknown."

Goliath's eyes then settled on Leo, eyes glowing instinctively as a growl slipped from his mouth. Leo had to fight his instinct to grab his swords, maintaining his placating gesture as a sign of good will.

"And what of you?" the gargoyle questioned. "What business do you have in my castle?"

"Making sure you and your kind pose no threat to this city and its people," Leo responded point blank.

Goliath and Leo seemed to stare down one another, neither backing down. Then, the glow faded from the gargoyle's eyes and he settled down.

"You are an honest soul, troll, with a purity I have not sensed in some time."

Leo was surprised by this, but smiled regardless.

"Thank you. You seem pretty cool yourself."

"Cool?" Goliath questioned.

That got a couple laughs out of the three humans. However, before the conversation could continue, the sounds of a scuffle reached their ears. Both Willow and April perked, remembering the entire reason they came running up to the battlements.

"Jalapeña..." Willow cursed. "Goliath, three more trolls- er… turtles, are fighting with the rest of the clan."

"We'd better get down there," Leo decided.

Back in the castle, the fight between the gargoyles and turtles continued to play out. It seemed pretty evenly matched, the honed skills of the three turtles letting them go toe to toe with the sheer, animalistic fury of the gargoyles. The three turtles took their stance, staring down the four gargoyles.

"You freaks ready to give up yet?" Raph snarled.

All four gargoyles just roared in response, eyes glowing, fangs and claws bared.

"We'll take that as a maybe," Mikey joked.

The two groups prepared to charge again, but before they could reach each other, Goliath and Leo quickly entered the room, getting between them.

"Guys, wait!" Leo insisted.

"Stand down!" Goliath ordered.

The two groups froze in their tracks, confused by their respective leaders' choice of actions.

"Goliath are you sure?" the red one asked.

"Leo, you serious?" Raph questioned.

"Yes," both leaders said in almost perfect unison.

"The gargoyles aren't dangerous," Leo insisted. "They were just protecting their home."

"These creatures are warriors of honor," Goliath informed his clan. "Whatever the cause of this quarrel may be, I am certain there is an explanation that deserves to be heard."

"And we're just supposed to be cool?" Donnie questioned. "After they nearly hurt April?"

"If you mean that human in yellow, she was trespassing in our castle," the small gargoyle argued.

"And beside, you went after our friend too," the red one countered.

"We never even touched her!" Mikey exclaimed.

"Alright," Leo stepped in. "who said or did what doesn't matter anymore.

"The tro- er, turtle, is right," Goliath agreed. "There is no need for further quarrel. We all misjudged one another."

"Then maybe it's time we set the record straight," Leo insisted. "Why don't we start with some proper introductions?"

Slowly, all the gargoyles backed down, seeing the wisdom in this choice. Goliath nodded as well, then gestured to Willow, Elisa, and April, as if inviting them into the group.

"Very well." Goliath allowed.

"I am Leonardo," Leo began, "and these are my brothers, Donatello,"

"Hello," Donnie waved.


"What up?" Mikey called out, doing the turtle version of a peace sign.

"And Raphael."

"Sup," Raph said with a single finger salute.

"The New York Ninjas," Elisa realized. "Turtles. That's a new one."

"Not for me," April remarked.

"So… you know these guys personally?"

April laughed a bit, rubbing the back of her head.

"The greatest story I can never tell..."

"So, what about you?" Leo inquired, gesturing to Goliath. "What do we call you?"

"Apparently, the gargoyles don't use names," Elisa spoke up, stuffing her hands into her pockets. "Though he does answer to Goliath."

"Seriously?" Mikey asked, looking confused. "Well how do you tell each other apart?"

"We look different," the blue gargoyle answered with a shrug.

"He means what do you call each other?" Donnie clarified.

"Brother," the red one stated.

"Well that's nice," Mikey admitted. "But wouldn't you guys like actual names. Something that shows what you are? Like Goliath over there."

The old gargoyle sighed a bit, shaking his head in exasperation.

"Why must everything have a name?" he questioned, approaching her. "To humans, and apparently you turtle creatures, it's as if nothing is real unless it's given a name, and defined limits."

"Names aren't limits, old dude," Mikey reassured. "They're expressions of who we really are. They don't limit things, they make them special. If I was just, 'the orange turtle', it would be boring. Michelangelo, not boring."

"Does the sky need a name?" the old one asked, a confident smirk on his face as he gestured out towards a river on the horizon. "Does the river?"

"Technically, the river's called the Hudson," Donnie shared.

The old gargoyle was taken aback, and everyone else couldn't help but smile at his embarrassment. The trio even chuckles a bit at their elder's expense.

"He's got you there," Willow commented, smothering a snicker of her own.

"Finem" the old one relented. "Then I will be 'the Hudson' as well."

"Hudson it is then," Mikey replied, giving a thumbs up.

"And what of the rest of you?" Goliath asked.

"Yeah, if Hudson has a name, you three will need names too," Willow agreed.

"Oh boy," April laughed, shaking her head as she turned to Elisa. "Watch. Mikey's going to jump up in three, two..."

"Well you're in luck then," Mikey declared just as April pointed at him on cue, "'cause I happen to be a genius at naming stuff."

The red one approached Mikey with a smirk.

"Alright then, what's my name?" he asked.

"Well you seem to be a tough fighter, so…" Mikey pondered. "How about...Brooklyn?"

"Brooklyn," the red one pondered before nodding. "I like it. I'm Brooklyn!"

Mikey then turned his attention to the big blue one, stroking his chin in thought.

"How's… Broadway?" he suggested.

The three humans had to hold back amused snorts as the blue one mulled over his new name.

"Sounds great," Broadway replied. "How'd you come up with that one?"

"It just came to me," Mikey dismissed.

His brothers all chuckled good-naturedly, Raph rolling his eyes as Mikey approached the small green one.

"Ok, now you." Mikey thought some more, genuinely wracking his brain. "What do you think of...Lexington?"

"Lexington..." the small one repeated. "Sounds great!"

That's when the gargoyle dog let out an indignant bark, as if asking what his name would be. Elisa jumped as the dog pushed past her, walking up to Hudson, who scratched him behind the ear.

"Almost forgot about him."

"Is that… a gargoyle dog?" Donnie questioned.

"Gargoyle beast is the proper term," Goliath corrected. "However, he does share many traits to a domesticated canine."

"If we be taking on names, then he'll need one as well," Hudson insisted.

"I think I have one, and it's pretty near and dear to my heart," Mikey declared. "New York Metropolitan Sewer System."

The gargoyle dog barked angrily, jumping at Mikey. Only ninja reflexes and a timely interception by Hudson kept the turtle from becoming gargoyle kibble.

"What? Too wordy?" Mikey asked, panicked.

"I think I have a better name," Willow suggested, coming over and petting the beast. "From now on, he'll be Bronx."

The dog let out a much happier bark, giving Willow a lick on the face.

"I think he likes it," Lexington noted.

"Well it's a definite upgrade then what Michelangelo suggested," Elisa commented, glancing at the orange turtle with a confused look. "I mean, sewer system?"

"What?" Mikey replied. "We live in a sewer."

"What's a sewer?" Broadway asked.

"You're better off not knowing right away," April reassured.

That elicited yet another laugh from the group. However, the sky was beginning to visibly lighten through the windows of the corridor, ushering in the next day. Goliath saw this and immediately turned to the six visitors.

"You all have to go, now!" Goliath told them.

"What?" Leo let out. "Why?"

"Let's just say visiting hours are over," Willow declared, knowing why Goliath was becoming a bit panicked. "I'll escort you all to the elevators so you can get back to the street."

"Think we can see each other again?" Mikey asked.

"Yeah, there's still so much we don't know about you guys." Leo agreed. "And if you're going to be staying in the city, you could use a guide."

"Preferably ones who have experience staying out of the public view," Raph added.

"Maybe we can meet up tomorrow night," Brooklyn suggested.

"Yeah!" Lexington agreed. "Got an idea of where we could meet up?"

"Hmm…" Donnie pondered. "I know. We can meet at Antonio's Pizzeria."

"Where's that?" Willow asked.

"What?!" Mike exclaimed. "You're a New Yorker, and you've never been to Antoinios?!"

"I don't think I've ever had a pizza," Willow replied.

"Seriously?" Mikey let out. "It's a classic New York stable! It's only the greatest food ever conceived by human kind!"

Willow just shrugged, and Mikey looked like he was about to faint from shock.

"Ignore him," Donnie insisted. "He's very passionate about pizza."

"Either way, I think meeting up is a great idea," Leo declared. "You can come too, if you want, Willow."

"I'll have to think about it," Willow replied.

"And how about you, Goliath?" Elisa asked. "You'll need a guide to help you learn about the city, and I do owe you for saving my life."

"Hmm, perhaps so," Goliath allowed.

"Great," Elisa declared triumphantly. "Tomorrow's my day off so I can meet you in the afternoon-"

"After dark," Goliath interrupted.

Elisa chuckled.

"Why am I not surprised?" she commented before silently relenting. "Alright, here after dark."

"No," Goliath interrupted again. "Not here. Over there." He pointed to a nearby rooftop within easy gliding distance of the castle. "On that rooftop."

"Why over there?" Elisa asked.

"Why were you sneaking around the castle?" Goliath countered.

Elisa brushed a stray hair from her face before answering.

"A good detective trusts no one."

"That is something we have in common."

"I sense some hostility from that guy," Mikey commented before Raph smacked him

"Alright, then Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, we'll meet you at Antonio's tomorrow night. Just head north from here, and-" Leo paused. "Uh… this is gonna sound incredibly insensitive, but can any of you read?"

"Brooklyn and I can," Lexington answered.

"Great. Then just keep an eye out for a building with the word 'Antonios' in big letters. I promise you can't miss it."

"Alright, enough planning," Willow declared, beginning to literally shove the turtles down the hall. "Everyone who's not a gargoyle, get out. We can continue this fantasy story another night."

"Alright, alright," Elisa chuckled. "We're leaving. And, maybe we should stick with your father's exploding generator story for the general public."

"Right," April agreed. "Guess that's another fantastic career making story I'm keeping to myself."

Elisa chuckled a bit as the six of them left the courtyard, leaving the gargoyles to head to the battlements, preparing for a day's rest after the most eventful night yet.