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Summary: Lyra Silver is a proud member of the Mounted Guardian core. She is betrothed to the youngest fey prince of the southern kingdom. She hadn't known her parents. Somehow, she ended up being the 'Girl-who-lived' and the daughter of the Potter family. Now, she has to deal with death eaters, a murderous wizard, murder attempts, and human hating fey. Good thing she has her fiance and their unit behind her. Otherwise, she'd probably go insane.

Chapter 1

The roar of a crowd echoed through the air making Lyra smile as she walked beside Taylin and Cain. Taylin glanced at her, "Ready for this, Alpha?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," Lyra glanced at him and Cain, "You two?"

"Hell yeah," Cain flashed her a grin revealing pearly white fangs, "We've been training for this for months!"

"Ausca and I are ready," Taylin replied with a chuckle, "Is Karth?"

"Yeah," Lyra said as they entered the stables and move towards where their rides were waiting, "He could barely fall asleep last night,"

A roar of a bark sounded from nearby and Lyra's smile widened as she caught sight of the source. Three dragon-like creatures stood together with odd saddles settled on their backs. The only thing similar about the three dragons were their four legs and long tails. The first had bright reddish gold scales that were often likened to magma. The second had soft greenish blue scales that reminded those that saw it of the ocean. The last had pale silver lined dark grey scales that reminded those that saw it of a sword. The first dragon had an arrow shaped head, rows of bony spines along it's back, long obsidian colored claws, and a thicker than usual tail. The second had fins on it's head, back, legs, and tail with what looked like small sacks along the front of it's neck. The last had a pale colored frill around it's neck just under it's head and a thin blade-like tail lined with bony spikes. The source of the bark was the first dragon. Cain let out a laugh, "Looks like he can't stop shaking."

Shaking her head, Lyra walked over to Karth and rubbed under the row of spikes beneath his eye. He let out a low groan and nuzzled into her hand earning a grin, "Ready, Buddy?"

Karth barked again earning a snicker from Cain, "He's a fucking puppy."

"At least he's adorable," Lyra snorted at him.

Taylin chuckled as he said, "C'mon, we need to get on. They'll be starting soon."

They each moved over to the stalls where their gear waited for them. Karth stood still while she place his riding gear on him making sure it was ready. The gear was comprised of a few armored bits that were placed in such a way they wouldn't restrict any movement. Each piece of gear created a shield over a specific part of the dragon's body thus making sure the dragon wouldn't be carrying too much. Once that was done, Lyra pulled herself into his saddle and began buckling her legs into their places. Once she had the strap around her waist properly tightened, Lyra checked everything over before grabbing her weapons. A bladed staff with a crystal at the top was placed against her back, two blasters that were settled in their holsters on the saddle, throwing weapons were also placed in some holsters, and a pair of twins swords settled on either side of her. With that done, she had Karth leave his stall and move into place by the gates. Taylin joined her moments later sporting similar weapons though he had chosen a few chain scythe weapons rather than the blasters. Lyra smiled lightly, "This is exciting, are you nervous?"

"Just a bit," Taylin ran a hand through his white hair as his grey dragon shifted beneath him.

"Did you ever hear back from your mother?" Lyra asked the heavily tanned twenty-three year old fey prince.

"Mhmm," Taylin hummed lightly, "My brothers are here as well. It's just a little nerve wracking,"

"Understandable since only your dad really sees the value in what we're doing," Lyra reached up to adjust her braided crimson colored hair, "And it's the first time they'll be seeing you since your dad placed you here seven years ago,"

"Yeah," Taylin's pale indigo eyes were calm despite the nervousness he was undoubtedly feeling, "Do you really want to make the announcement today?"

Lyra offered him a smile and reached out to touch his hand, "We can wait if you don't want to. I'm okay with waiting a little bit longer."

Taylin took her hand and rubbed his thumb against her hand, "I'm just a bit nervous, Lyra. I haven't seen anyone other than mother in years and suddenly, I'm announcing that I'm getting married to a human witch."

Lyra wasn't offended in the least since Taylin was the youngest prince of the southern fey kingdom of Sven. Considering how rocky their interactions with humans much less magicals were, Lyra wouldn't be surprised if some of his family complained about it. Taylin hadn't been very enthusiastic about humans when they first met several years ago, but that had changed once they got closer and she exposed him to what humans were really like. Between Lyra, Cain, and the rest of their companions, Taylin had come to like most humans. It still came as a surprise when Taylin and Lyra fell in love. Lyra smiled warmly at him, "At the very least, we know your mother approves of me."

"Yeah. Let me think about it, I'll have an answer for after the show," Taylin said earning a nod before he leaned over and pressed a kiss to her cheek, "Be careful,"

"You too," Lyra kissed his cheek in return.

Cain appeared on his dragon, "Honestly, do you two have to be sappy?"

Lyra and Taylin rolled their eyes as the stable attendants appeared with their helmets. Lyra pulled on hers after thanking the attendant before reaching up to turn it on. Immediately, the vision of the gates in front of her flicked for a few moments before solidifying once more only with a few bars on either side of her vision. Lyra tapped the comm unit on the left side of her head, "This is Crimson Flare, you guys ready?"

"Sea's Wrath is ready and rearing to go," Cain called out earning a soft laugh.

"Ghostly Blade is ready," Taylin added with a light grin.

"Moon's Blessing is ready," Tsuki laughed out, "'Bout time you three got on,"

"Angelic Silver is ready," Malcom called out, "Cain was probably primping his hair,"

"Oi!" Cain practically shouted earning snickers.

"Darkness Creeps is ready," Evan's voice sounded and everyone fell silent hearing the irritation in his tone, "You idiots should be glad no one's listening in on our comms. Honestly Alpha, as our leader you should try to stop them," Lyra rolled her eyes earning a few snickers, "Now, does everyone have their gear on?"

"Yes," They chorused.

A bell sounded and Lyra called out, "Get ready and be careful! We have an entire stadium watching us!"

A low rumble sounded and Lyra leaned forward feeling Karth shift beneath her. He shifted on his paws and growled lightly as he stared towards the gates. Excitement filled her chest as she watched the gates slowly begin to open. A glance towards Taylin revealed a similar excitement.

"Are you sure she's here?" Lily asked nervously as she walked beside James towards the stands.

A mixture of creatures surrounded them and it was somewhat disconcerting seeing as human magicals weren't very well liked here. Dumbledore chuckled, "Yes, my dear. The quill told us young Briar would be here and it has never failed to locate anyone."

"Still," Lily moved closer to James.

"It'll be fine, Lils," James soothed her, "We just need to find her, explain what happened, and everything will be alright,"

"I hope you're right," Lily sighed deeply.

Christopher 'Chris' Potter walked with Hermione and Ron behind his parents feeling a little lost. Just recently, he had gone from being the eldest Potter child and the 'Boy-Who-Lived' to the younger brother of a sister he'd never even heard of. To know he had a sister that was two years older than him that he'd never heard about, Chris didn't really know what he was going to do. Not even three weeks ago saw him being used to bring back Voldemort and being told he wasn't the chosen one, Chris was lost. He didn't have a big destiny in front of him anymore. Not only that, the sister he'd never gotten to know was tossed to the side just because of him. It hurt and made him wonder just what else his parents were hiding from him. He worried about his younger siblings who had been left behind at the hotel and hoped that even if his sister wanted nothing to do with the elder Potters, she would want to get to know everyone else.

Soon enough, they were sitting in the stands and Chris was looking at the magical screen, "Why are we here and not looking for Briar? I would love to see one of the Mounted Guardians as much as the next person, but shouldn't finding her be more important?"

"My dear boy, we will find-" Dumbledore began only to be cut off by Lily.

"My daughter is a Mounted Guardian?!" She practically shouted.

Chris stared at the magical screen that had been showing the profiles of the guardians and found someone that could have been his mother only younger with darker red hair. She was standing beside a dragon that looked like fresh magma. She was smiling softly at the camera with pale pink cupid bow lips. She had light forest green eyes with a cat-like pupil. Unlike his fair skinned mother, she was heavily tanned making her skin look almost golden. She was dressed in the standard black tunic, pants, and boots of the Mounted Guardian core. On her chest, the rearing dragon symbol was a bright reddish gold to show what color dragon she had. On her left shoulder, the rearing pegasus with a trio of stars between the wings told of her loyalty to house Wyldfyr which was the current ruling house of the Sven Fey kingdom. Chris heard Hermione whisper, "She's under the Sven royal family."

"The what?" Ron looked at Hermione in confusion.

"The southern fey kingdom is named Sven and is ruled by house Wyldfyr," Dumbledore spoke up from his place in front of them, "Not only that, I believe she is in the same unit as Prince Taylin. The youngest of the Sven Princes'. I do not know what this will mean for us,"

"What do you mean?" Ron asked with a frown, "Aren't we supposed to ask her to come back with us?"

"Yes, but as a Mounted Guardian and under the royal house of Wyldfyr, it is unlikely that she will come with us," Dumbledore frowned slightly, "To get her to come back with us, we will need to ask the royals. Very likely, we will be required to buy the services of her unit,"

"But isn't that expensive?" Hermione asked with worry on her face, "Not to mention, they don't like humans especially from Britain,"

"Leave everything to me, my dear girl," Dumbledore smiled at her as trumpets sounded.

Gates opened and four groups of three dragons raced out. They ran in two lines of six after meeting in the middle of the large arena. The arena itself was much like the Roman Colosseum only larger. They raced around the arena before coming to the stop before the box that the royals sat in. The dragon bowed deeply with their riders doing the same while holding out their left hands. The ring and pinkie finger of each hand was curled inwards with the middle and pointer finger pointed upwards. Supposedly, it was meant as a sign respect to the fey royalty though Chris wasn't too sure. They all bared their necks during the bow to show their submission to their rulers.

Two of the royals stood up and Chris felt his breath still in his chest. The male was dark skinned like most southern fey with a bright lion-like mane of white hair. The female had lighter coffee colored skin and dark brown almost black hair that reminded him of the Patil twins. The male had dark golden eyes lending to his lion like image along with his rather large muscles. The female had pale indigo colored eyes which looked shockingly right on her. The male wore heavy golden chains around his neck and a crown of golden flames on his head. The female wore a few delicate looking chains of silver and a crown of silver fire on her head. Both of the fey had red tattoos on their visible skin that denoted both their royal status and their marriage bond. The male raised his hand which clutched a large staff above his head causing the arena to fall silent. He grinned revealing sharp teeth and shouted, "Welcome, my friends! It has been seven years since the last time our kingdom has welcomed the newest generation of the Mounted Guardians!" Cheers rang out and he laughed tossing his head back to reveal his slightly pointed ears, "Now, I've been told that our two new units have decided to show us some of what they learned. Shall we see what they've got to show us?!" Cheers and shouts sounded loud enough to make the air vibrate slightly, "My dear wife," He turned to the female by his side, "Do you agree?"

"Of course, my dear husband," She smiled prettily and turned to the Mounted Riders, "Do your best, my friends!"

The dragons stood up and their riders sat up while placing their hands over their hearts, "Yes, your Majesty!"

"Go forth and show us!" The king boomed.

The dragons roared as their riders shouted, "Yes, your Majesty."

The dragons broke apart and separated back into groups of three. Two groups heading in one direction and two heading in the other. They stopped at the halfway point and settled in two rows facing one another. The first rows broke off and began racing towards one another. It reminded him of those horse shows his father had taken him to a few years ago after he'd expressed some interest. It was somewhat boring and Chris ended up losing interest until a shout went up.

Lyra gripped Karth's saddle feeling herself tense as the ground began to rumble. Despite having practiced this maneuver multiple times, it still alarmed her every time they did it. When the ground began rising up in front of them, Lyra squeezed her knees upwards and Karth began to jump up the rock platforms that appeared in front of them. Soon enough, they were high in the sky. Lyra took a deep breath as she raised a hand before sending out a pulse of her magic. Immediately, platforms of ice and wind formed. Nudging Karth's sides, he began to jump onto the platforms as she took out her staff. In mid air, she was met with her current sparing partner, Lucas. Lucas was an owl and eagle shifter which reflected on his bird-like dragon, Skylar. To be quite honest, Skylar looked a lot like a griffon only scaled. It was one of the two winged dragons in two units.

Lucas grinned at her beneath his helmet and spoke over the shared comms, "Been awhile since we sparred, huh?"

"Only because you refuse to spar with me unless it's important," Lyra retorted as she slammed her staff into his, "Too bad too since I almost have enough of your feathers to create a feather duster ala Lucas,"

"Shut it," He growled at her and attempted to slam the butt of his staff into her left side.

While it was true that her left side was weaker both due to not being her dominant and how many times she'd injured that side, he really should remember that she had learned how to compensate for that weakness a long time ago. She twisted to avoid the hit and sent one towards his head. Below them, Lyra could hear the groups fighting as well. They were making everything as showy as possible and would be moving to the magical side of things soon enough. Soon enough, Lyra heard the tell tale sound of Evan using his 'Dark dragon' spell and quickly started using her own fire magic. While the Mounted Guardian core taught them spells for various elements and ensure they could use them, everyone had branches of magic that were their specialties. Lyra's specialties laid with fire, wind, creation, and defense magic. She created her own band of fiery creatures, phoenixes, and sent them towards Lucas with a beaming grin, "Taste fire, Feather Duster!"

He let out a yelp and Skylar darted out of the way. Karth began to circle around the two and darted past them to the jumping point. The next part would be one of the most difficult of the performance they were putting on and the most dangerous. While this part was one of her creations, it was something that always left her leery due to the fact they could fall at any moment. The area after the jumping point was composed of platforms that moved and disappeared every few seconds. It often left the one attempting to cross them fumbling and falling. Despite knowing that there was a invisible net beneath them, Lyra still felt a little bit of fear. Karth rumbled underneath her and Lyra took a deep breath. She trusted her partner to keep them safe. Shifting forward, Lyra put her staff away and tapped Karth's side. He let out a roar and started jumping.

It was when they were reaching the largest jumping platforms that it disappeared underneath them causing Karth to jump a bit too early. Lyra's heart lept in her throat, but forced herself to stay calm as she infused her magic into Karth's body. Immediately, a dark red colored energy began to surround him and Karth's body pulsed as his own innate magic reacted. Fire began to surround his legs and feet propelling them forward, Lyra felt relief surge through her as they landed on the platform they'd been aiming for while releasing their bonded magic. Karth kept darting forward without missing a stride and soon enough they'd reached the platform that would take them down below to switch with the ground fighters.

By the end of the performance, Chris had gained even more respect for the mounted riders. None of them showed fear at any point during the demonstration. When the giant platform disappeared underneath his sister's dragon, Chris feared she'd fall to the ground. He was slightly confused about the energy that formed around the dragon. Chris heard Hermione saying, "Resonance."

"Reso-what?" Ron asked in confusion.

"Resonance is one of the greatest secrets of the Mounted Guardian core," Hermione explained with a glare directed toward Ron, "No one knows how they do it, but the riders and their dragons are able to match their innate energies together thus causing resonance. No one knows the limits of resonance, but it's one of the strongest magical abilities in the world,"

"It is also one of the rarest," Dumbledore added while keeping an eye on the Mounted Guardian's, "Among humans, you will only find maybe a tenth of the population able to to do it. You will find even less among the magical humans. Of the magical peoples, the fey are the only population with the highest rate which is roughly 75 percent of the population. Of course, you must divide that among the various fey species currently living around the world. Resonance while powerful is rare and takes very special individuals to use it,"

"Man to think your older sister is one of those," Ron whispered in awe.

Lyra slid off of Karth as soon as they got back into the stables feeling her legs weaken underneath her. She almost fell onto her face, but managed to catch herself with a low sigh. Pressing her head against Karth's side, Lyra took a few deep breaths to calm down and let the adrenaline fade. An arm wrapped around her shoulders and Lyra began leaning against Taylin. He looked down at her in worry, "You okay? You aren't feeling too much pain on your left side, are you?"

"I'm fine," Lyra was thankful that he was there to hold her steady, "I just need a few minutes to calm down a bit. That almost drop really got my heart racing, I know the net was underneath us, but..."

"Understandable, I almost broke away to keep you two from falling," Taylin admitted with a slight smile, "I'm surprised you used your resonance. I thought the healers said to avoid using it,"

"I can use it for a few seconds if I need to," Lyra murmured softly, "I'm probably going to pass out at some point. Shall we get these guys settled and go get cleaned up?"

"Yeah," Taylin stayed where he was, "We have two hours before my family is expect our unit to go meet them,"

Lyra sighed softly, "After we finish meeting with them, I will need to rest as soon as possible," She looked up at him, "Have you made your decision?"

"We will tell them after the whole meet and greet," Taylin smiled softly at her, "I don't think I can take another day sneaking around,"

Lyra let out a laugh and pushed off of him. She wavered for a few moments before turning to get Karth degeared, "Go get Ausca degeared before she throws a fit."

Taylin kissed her cheek before going to take care of his dragon. Unlike Karth, Ausca hated being geared up if there wasn't a reason to be. To be quite honest, Lyra was heavily reminded of Taylin when it came to his dragon. While they all shared characteristic with their dragons, some of them shared more than a few. Taylin loathed having to deal with being dressed up without a reason. Lyra and Karth shared of love of physical activity leaving them able to run together for hours on end. Cain and his dragon, West, were very conscious about their appearances which often caused them to be the butt of many jokes among their unit. Lyra carefully removed each piece and was glad to get rid of her weapons. Karth nuzzled her with a low groan and Lyra smiled softly. She rubbed just under the sharp bone-like ridge at the edge of his jaw as she heard Cain shout, "I'm getting them off, you damn ingrate!"

Snickering softly, Lyra told her partner, "I'll come by in the morning as soon as I can to go for a run through the city. You up for that?" Karth let out a grumble of agreement, "Rest and try not to drive West or Ausca insane, okay?" He barked and wagged his tail, "Love you too."

Lyra pressed a kiss to the warm scales on his forehead before turning to leave.

Lyra walked beside Taylin towards the small meeting room where there unit would be gathering until it was time to meet the royals. Lyra looked down when she felt Taylin hold her hand and looked up at him. He lifted their joined hands and pressed a kiss to her knuckles, "How are you feeling?"

"A bit better after that shower and applying more of that gel the healers gave me," Lyra's muscles were a lot looser and she didn't feel any pain at the moment, "According to Kel, my scars have been lightening and the tissue isn't so thick,"

"Good," Taylin looked happy to hear that, "I was worried it would limit your movement. Does it ache now?"

"No, the gel soothed the pain," Lyra smiled as she heard the tell tale sound of Tsuki arguing with Cain, "Ah, I see that our pack has already settled themselves in,"

It was a running joke among the Mounted Guardian core that their unit was a pack of wolves. Lyra was the alpha female and Taylin her alpha male. The others tended to switch positions, but Evan was definitely the beta male among their pack. Taylin chuckled softly as they reached the door, "Let's hope they remember to act correctly in front of my family."

Lyra opened the door just as Tsuki shouted, "Go to fucking hell, ya Count Dracula reject!"

Lyra gave Taylin a look and he shook his head with a small smile. Lyra stepped inside to find Cain holding Tsuki in a headlock. The purple haired vampire was holding the tawny haired wolf-shifter. Malcom, the golden blonde haired fey, watched the chaos with a slight grin as his matching wings twitched with anticipation. Evan, the brooding ebony haired were-panther, was tied up in the corner by a whip. Rolling her eyes, Lyra spoke, "I do hope you realize that half the arena can hear your arguing."

Both of the arguing duo froze and looked at her with wide eyes, Malcom let out a nervous laugh and Evan looked pleased. Taylin shook his head, "Cain, let go of Tsuki. Tsuki, please fix your appearance. Malcom, get that whip off of Evan. Evan, I hope you weren't detained for long."

Soon, everyone was sitting in the offered chairs with Taylin and Lyra taking the couch. Looking everyone over, Lyra asked, "Is everyone alright?"

"I need to visit the blacksmith," Tsuki said with a groan as her soft brown eyes closed in frustration, "My fucking staff cracked during that last clash,"

"I need to get my helmet checked," Malcom added with a roll of his light green eyes, "Halfway through, I lost comm connection,"

"I managed to make it out with everything intact," Evan muttered with a pleased look in his dark gold flecked grey eyes.

Cain was frowning causing his pale pink eyes to darken a little, "I need to have West's saddle checked. My leg straps were a bit loose and part of the saddle felt like it was going to give halfway through the performance."

Taylin looked a little troubled, "See that you do, I want all of you to get every piece of your gear checked out regardless of if it's good or not. Other than that, how are you and your dragons?"

Everyone reported that their dragons were in good condition save for Evan's Shadow. Shadow would need to go to the Mounted Guardian's healing hall due to the cracks in his paw pads and a few worryingly cracked scales. Everyone turned to Lyra earning an eye roll, "I'm fine though I over did it a tiny bit, so I'll be retiring early. I will be using our day off tomorrow to visit the healers hall to get my arm checked out," Lyra leaned against Taylin a little, "Karth is fine and today has proven that his prostheses are working properly. As it stands, today has proven that both of us can still do our work for the core without any problems."

"That's a relief," Tsuki admitted with a grin, "I was worried I'd be stuck with just these boys as company,"

Letting out a laugh, Lyra relaxed fully against Taylin as her pack fell into easy conversation.

King Vallian smiled at Taylin as Queen Saya hugged her youngest son close. Lyra watched with a small smile though she eyed the gathered Princes' a bit warily. The crown prince, Ryder, took greatly after the King though he shared his mother's hair color. The second eldest prince, Besk, looked more like the queen than any of his brothers though he took after both his parents when it came to hair color. The third eldest prince, Luca, shared his looks with his mother, but shared everything else with his father. Deko, the fourth eldest, looked a lot like Taylin only shorter by a head. Vulcan, the fifth eldest, was tall and heavily muscled baring his father's looks. Milour, the sixth eldest and the closet to Taylin's age, looked like a perfect mix between his parents. The sole princess, Vulcan's twin, Diana, was a taller version of her mother with her father's eyes. From what Taylin said, Diana was a vain and spoiled due to being the only girl in the family. Based on Taylin's expression when they entered the room, he hadn't been told his sister would be gracing them with her presence. Finally, Saya let go of her youngest son with a warm smile and said, "Introduce us to your unit, my son."

"Yes, Mother," Taylin pressed his forehead to hers for a brief moment before returning to them, "From down the line, Evan Dickons the werepanther and shadow mage of our group,"

Evan bowed to the royals, "My king, my queen, my prince's, and my princess, I bid you welcome."

"Beside Evan is our wolf-shifter and tracker, Tsuki Lane," Taylin continued on.

Tsuki bowed as well, "It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

"Beside Tsuki is our resident mountain fey and scout, Malcom Ataris," Taylin continued earning raised eyebrow from his siblings.

It was a well known fact that mountain fey do not often have a bond with dragons. Malcom smiled at them, "A pleasure to meet you, my royals. I hope your trip here wasn't problematic."

"Beside Malcom is our day-walker and spirit speaker, Cain Dune," Taylin continued with a light smile.

Cain took a step forward and bowed at his waist, "My lords and ladies, I bid you welcome and profess my gratitude for allowing me this opportunity."

Taylin took a deep breath as he turned to Lyra, "And beside me, we have Lyra Silver. She is the leader of our group and our fire/creation expert."

"A human?!" Diana burst out moments later, "What the hell is a human doing leading your unit?" She turned to the King, "Daddy, Taylin should lead them. If he is too weak to, the mountain fey or shifter would be better. Hell the were or the vampire would be better than a damn human,"

"That 'damn' human," Malcom hissed only to be silenced by a hand on his arm.

Malcom looked down and found Lyra smiling at him. He relaxed and she turned to the King, "My king, if I may speak freely to the Princess?"

King Vallian looked at her for a few moments before inclining his head. More than likely, he was using this moment to properly gauge if the reports and rumors about Lyra were truthful. Lyra turned to the Princess and smiled lightly, "Princess Diana, I understand that your people have suffered many wrongs due to the actions of both humans and their magical brethren. I also understand that outside of moments like that, you have not encountered any humans."

"Your point?" She sneered at Lyra.

Lyra kept smiling despite wanting to shove her favorite short sword up the princess' ass to wipe that ugly sneer off of her face, "You are blind to the good humans. Just as there are bad fey, you will find there are bad humans. To put it honestly, I can see why you were not accepted as a rider by any dragon," Diana bristled as did her brothers save for Taylin, "You are too sheltered to see that nothing in this world is truly black or white. I have heard stories both from Taylin and from many others about you. What I've heard and meeting you in person, I can say that if it weren't for your position as a member of the Royal family, I would not offer you any respect. I do not see you as someone worth serving," Lyra took a deep breath, "Until you're no longer blind, I do not see any reason to take your words as anything other than hot air and wasted breath," Lyra turned towards the king and queen, "I apologize if my words were out of turn despite being allowed to speak freely, but I will not apologize for saying them. If she is blinded by hate without true reason, I fear for the kingdom if it is left within her hands."

Lyra bowed deeply as an enraged howl echoed through the air. Lyra held still and kept from flinching as Diana reared back to slap her. She heard a low snarl and glanced up to find Taylin holding his sister's wrist with look of rage on his face. Diana let out a cry of pain which told Lyra just how hard Taylin was gripping his sister's wrist. Taylin hissed out, "You dare attempt to strike my betrothed?"

"W-what?!" Was exclaimed by the Prince's and even the King.

"You are lucky that you're my sister," Taylin growled at her, "Otherwise, I would behead you,"

Lyra quickly reached out to place a calming hand on his shoulder, "Tay, let go," He tightened his grip, "Tay, I know she was intending to strike me, but she didn't know. Let her go, Taylin. Do you really want to possibly mutilate your own sister?"

Taylin took a deep breath and let go of his sister before turning to Lyra. He pulled her into a hug and burrowed his face into her neck. Lyra hugged him and held still as he took a few calming breaths. When he was able to calm down, Taylin turned to his surprised family and said, "I would also like to inform you that I am betrothed to Lyra."

The room was silent for a few moments before Saya shouted, "Finally! I've been waiting for you to make that announcement for months!" She walked over to Lyra and pulled the red head into a hug, "I am glad my son has finally come to his senses."

"Lady Saya," Lyra smiled weakly.

Malcom suddenly burst out laughing causing everyone to turn to him. Malcom pointed at Taylin with a grin, "Damn, Tay! That was almost as bad as when you proposed to our Alpha."

Taylin flushed and Lyra giggled softly. King Vallian cleared his throat, "My son," Taylin stiffened and turned to his father, "Is it true that you've chosen to wed a human?"

Taylin stood at his full height which was shorter than his father by head, but taller than his mother by a few inches, "Yes father. Say what you will, but I will accept no one other than Lyra."

"What has she done to make you fall in love with her?" Ryder asked with a frown.

Taylin smiled slightly, "She was the first one brave enough to treat me like a regular person. She helped teach me that not all humans were bad," He looked at Lyra, "Even when I had been a complete and utter bastard to her, Lyra still put her life on the line when I was in trouble. It's thanks to her that I was not mutilated," He looked somewhat sad and guilty, "Most recently, she and her partner took a crippling blow that would've killed Ausca and I."

"Taylin, stop looking guilty," Lyra scolded him, "It was my choice. A few scars is nothing when it comes to your life. I'd rather be partially crippled than lose you and Ausca,"

Lyra winced when a hand slammed down on her left shoulder sending shocks of pain up and down her side. It was only the training she'd received and the fact she'd been in worse pain that she was able to keep a straight face. She looked at King Vallian with a light smile. He looked into her eyes and she felt his mental prod. Willingly, she brought down her barriers and let him see what he needed. When he pulled back, she returned her barriers to their full strength. He looked at her with respect, "Thank you for saving my son and his partner, Lyra Silver. While I am not pleased that my son has decided to bind himself to a human, I can understand why. You truly are a credit to your species," He looked at Taylin, "I give you my permission to wed though I doubt not giving it to you would stop it."

Taylin grinned at his father in relief, "Thank you, Father."

"Father?!" Diana shouted with disgust, "You're letting him wed a dirty human?"

"A human that not only save him, but a number of others over the course of her years among us," King Vallian let go of Lyra's shoulder to turn to his daughter with displeasure written across his face, "If there is anyone worthy of my youngest son, it is her. Child, if you continue to argue, you will face consequences,"

Diana and her brother's looked shocked by his words. Taylin lost his shock after a few moments and smiled, "Father," King Vallian looked at Taylin, "If there is nothing else, may my unit and I leave. The events of today have left us fairly exhausted."

"Of course," King Vallian inclined his head, "Son, I hope you and your betrothed would be willing to join us tonight for dinner,"

Taylin looked at Lyra and she thought about it before nodding. Taylin turned to his father, "We would be happy to though I hope you will be fine with us retiring early."

"Of course," King Vallian dismissed them.

They quickly filed out and broke off. Taylin walked with Lyra to her room. As soon as the door closed behind them, Lyra was stripping off her jacket and over shirt after kicking off her boots. She waited patiently for her servant, Kel, to help remove her undershirt before going to sit down on her couch. As the leader of her unit, Lyra was given large quarters. It was just a pair of rooms. A bedroom and a living-room/study area. Letting her head fall against the couch, Lyra spoke softly, "Your father has a tight grip."

"Is your shoulder okay?" Taylin asked as he walked over.

Kel came out of Lyra's bedroom carrying a set of jars and new bandages, "Mistress, will you need me anymore tonight?"

"Please come back in an hour to help me get ready to meet the royal family for dinner," Lyra told her earning a wide eyed look from the small raccoon shifter before she turned to Taylin, "Which of my clothes would be best?"

"The one you got with Tsuki last week," Taylin answered after a moment of silence, "The black one from Greece. The emerald choker I got you will be fine. As for hair, a few of your more intricate braids would suffice though I will admit that I'm eager to see how you look with those obsidian beads I got you,"

Kel hummed softly and set down the tray she was carrying, "I think I can get everything done by the time you need to leave. I'll go set everything out."

The dark grey haired shifter disappeared into the bedroom for a few moments before leaving with a bow. Lyra relaxed as Taylin opened the jars and took off the bandages on her left arm. She carefully removed the bandages around her side as well. Taylin began rubbing the cool gel into her injured side. He spoke softly after a few moments, "You didn't answer my question."

Lyra's eyes slid closed as Taylin allowed some of his healing magic to seep into her skin and boost the power of the gel, "It hurt when your father touched it and there was a lingering ache. It's better now though."

"Good," Taylin worked quickly and soon enough bandaged everything up, "There,"

"Thank you," Lyra opened her eyes and pressed a kiss to his lips.

Taylin kissed her back before saying, "It's my job as the healer of the unit and your betrothed to do things like this."

Chris looked at Dumbledore with a scowl as the old man walked back into the small waiting room they'd been placed in. They had been waiting for what felt like hours since they'd been put in here and Dumbledore left. James stood up and demanded, "Well?"

"We will be meeting with the King and Queen tomorrow morning after lunch," Dumbledore informed them.

"What?!" Ron burst out, "Why the hell can't we meet them today?"

"They are having a dinner with their youngest son and his betrothed," Dumbledore answered looking at Ron, "As it stands, we cannot force a meeting given the Sven kingdoms dislike of humans especially because we're English. We're lucky that we even get a chance to meet with them,"

Ron opened his mouth to say something, but Chris calmed him down with a hand on his shoulder. Chris spoke as they stood up, "Who all is meeting them tomorrow?"

"James, Lily, Severus, Tonks, and Kingsley will be joining me," Dumbledore answered making Chris want to scream.

Chris forced himself to calm down, "Why am I not coming?"

"I do not believe they will take us seriously if children come along," Dumbledore replied making Chris' scowl deepen and his cheeks redden, "Now, I believe it's time we leave and head back to the hotel to inform the others about what we've found out,"

Chris' need to scream increased, but he held his tongue. By the way Dumbledore was speaking, he thought Chris and his friends hadn't gone through enough. He wasn't going to prove Dumbledore right by acting like an insolent brat as he had before. Chris would admit that he'd acted like a spoiled brat far too many times in the past. He had only really stopped acting like a spoiled brat during the tournament. Forcing himself to take a few calming breaths, Chris stayed quiet as he walked beside his family through the halls out of the palace-like complex that housed the Mounted Guardian core of Sven's secondary base. The main one was somewhere near the capital which wasn't known to anyone outside of the royal families allies and the Sven people. They were walking near one of the gardens when they heard a soft laugh and a voice say, "Honestly, Tay. If I knew you liked this dress so much, I would've picked something else."

Something about that voice sounded familiar and Chris turned his head. He moved towards the railing and looked down onto the first floor. There in a stunning black dress that looked a lot like the chiton his little sister had worn to the last Ministry function his family had gone to was his elder sister. The only difference between the dress his sister had worn and the one she had worn was that she had sleeves. She wore an emerald green choker around her neck and her hair braided in a mixture of intricate braids that he seen some of the shifter women wear. He could see little things woven into the braids, but wasn't close enough to see what they were exactly. Standing beside her was one of the fey princes, Chris stared at the scene in shock at the fey smiled down at her and said, "I can't help it. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress. It's hard to contain myself."

"Well, you're going to have to," His sister shook her head lightly, "I don't want to give your siblings or father anymore reason to not like me,"

Prince Taylin leaned down and kissed her lightly, "Even if they don't like you, I'm too happy to care. Besides, Father already gave his permission for us to wed."

Chris couldn't believe his ears. If what he was seeing and hearing was true, Briar was going to be marrying the youngest fey prince of a kingdom that hated humans. Briar smiled softly, "I know, but regardless, we should get going. I want to eat something and spend some time getting to know your family while I can."

"Fine," Prince Taylin held out his arm and Briar put her hand on it, "The minute you start feeling light headed or tired, you tell me, okay?" He asked earning a nod, "We'll leave,"

"I promise that if I'm feeling off, I'll tell you," Briar promised earning a smile.

"Good," Prince Taylin and his sister set off.

Chris heard a gasp and turned to find his parents gaping at his sister's back. Dumbledore cleared his throat, "Let us get back to our hotel."

Due to his parents being in a numb state of shock, they didn't say anything at all on the way to the hotel. The first thing out of his mother's mouth when they reached their hotel room was, "My daughter is engaged to a fey prince."

After that, it was like all hell broke loose. His younger siblings were confused and the adults were in a state of alarm. The teenagers were herded into one of the bedrooms along with the younger kids. Immediatly, he and his friends were being questioned. He was in a state of numb shock and couldn't say anything.

Lyra took a sip of the spiced wine as Queen Saya asked, "So, Lyra, what do you do outside of leading your unit?"

"I love to read though my favorite things to read about are diffrent styles of magic and history," Lyra replied as everyone's eyes focused on her, "My favorite thing to do is to perform in the various local theaters and watch the various plays they put on. I also enjoy going to the orphanages and spending time among the children with Karth. My whole unit comes along,"

"It's a lot of fun," Taylin confirmed with a chuckle, "The children really enjoy the visits and I think we've found a few of them that will probably bond with a dragon at some point,"

"Truly?" King Vallian asked earning a nod, "Who's idea was it?"

Lyra flushed lightly, "I did, my King. I've never known my birth parents, so I know a bit of what they're going through. A visit from adults other than those that take care of them and come to adopt them would do them good. Adding on, my mentor and her dragon used to visit the orphanages whenever they could. I joined them whenever I could and went even after my mentors death as the children enjoyed it. When I got into my unit, they noticed me leaving on my days off and came along. Eventually, they started going by themselves and we eventually decided to go together on our days off when we had time."

King Vallian's head tilted slightly before he smiled, "Well, it's a very good idea. When will the first batch of these orphans be ready to try their hand at bonding? Depending on if a few of them bond, I might have the other units of the core go to the various orphanages on those visits."

"It would give the core more good publicity and get our people to see us in an even better light," Ryder admitted while offering Lyra a look of grudging respect.

"So you're an orphan?" Diana asked with a sneer.

Lyra nodded lightly, "As far as I know, but my mentor was enough of a parent to me."

"Who was your mentor?" Luca asked her curiously.

"Eliza Silver," Lyra answered, "She gave me my name,"

"So you're Eliza's student," King Vallian murmured making Lyra look at him, "She was the commander of the 13th squad. One of the fey half-fey,"

"Wait, you mean she's the student of the thirteenth divisions Crocodile?!" Vulcan gasped out in shock before looking at Lyra with respect, "Holy fuck, you couldn't have had an easy time growing up. The crocodile was an intense bi-Ow!"

Vulcan cried out due to his mother gripping his ear. Queen Saya said, "Do not speak ill of the dead, Vulcan. It does not do anyone any good," Queen Saya smiled warmly at Lyra, "I apologize for my son's words."

Lyra waved her words off, "It's fine, My Queen. I've heard worse about my mentor and most people are right."

It wasn't long after they were served dessert that Lyra began to feel a little weary and light headed. She alerted Taylin and he got them excused with Queen Saya informing Lyra that they would be meeting up soon enough to plan the wedding. Taylin and she returned to her rooms. She attempted to undress herself, but found her left arm too stiff. As a result, Taylin helped her get undressed and into some night clothes. Lyra managed to unbraid her hair and take out her hair accessories. Taylin took off the choker for her and brushed her hair out. They got ready for bed before laying down together. Lyra sighed deeply, "Thank the gods above today is over."

"Agreed," Taylin chuckled softly as he hugged her to him.