Leafpool carries her first born kit Lionkit towards ThunderClans campwhile Squirrelflight carries her second born Hollykit . But they weren't even hers to raise because medince cats couldn't have kits or mates . So Lionkit and Hollykit would be
raised by Squirrelflight and her mate Brambleclaw . She wouldn't even get to see her third kit grow from a far because he was in windclan with his father being raised along side his half brother instead of his litter mates . She would be there watching
from afar . The first time Lionkit and Hollykit opened their eyes , took their first steps , left the nursery for the first time . But she would never see any of Jaykits first that honor would go to Crowfeather and. Nightcloud who he would grow up believing
was his mother .

Leafpool is drawn out of her thoughts as they reach the the camp . Squirrelflight enters first with Hollykit dangling from her jaw , proudly on display for all to see . Then Leafpool enters mentally saying goodbye to her kits even though she was not leaving
them like she was Jaykit she would after this moment be their mother that job would fall to Squirrelflight . Once she is in with Lionkit she is greeted with the sight of Brambleclaw rushing towards Squirrelflight to meet his newly born kits because
that's what they were now his and Squirrelflight and not hers and Crowfeather and she had to be okay with that .

She also sees her father and mother coming over to see their daughters kits Firestar and Sandstorm .Young Lionkit looks so much like them both they won't wonder where his colors came from , they may question where Hollykit got the black from but Brambleclaw
is a dark color and his sister Tawnypelt Is mostly black so they won't look to hard at it .

She takes Lionkit into the nursery where Brambleclaw is getting Squirrilflight and Hollykit settled into a nest .

Then she tells Brambleclaw " They are both heathy and Squirrilflight is doing fine as well.

Rest with them for a while . I will tell the clan of there health as she leaves the nursery .