Hello there, I guess you're waiting for an author's note or some disclaimer. I don't dean it necessary for this first chapter, since it is i an original charter speaking to you, and this whole audience that my life gained because of my popularity. I should say that I'm honored to be admired by so many, giving the chance to open up and inspire countless of people to dream and hope. I would be lying if i say i did and didn't, i can pick and choose what i like about this whole franchise my life has become, if it weren't for the fans I wouldn't be here today...so thank you for that part. On the other hand I like to tell you now i fairly resent you all to an extent. Not to an extant of hate, just really annoying.

There are the undervalue die-hard fans that i can deal with ...in doses. They can be ignorant at times, willing to follow me and anything i have to say, very few control themselves and stop praying to me like some God, and ugh it just makes me feel awful and sad that I have that effect on people. The hate groups or 'Bashing just because groups', don't even get me started on them.

The shippers that have an odd taste of romance and couple ideological, not that I'm judging per se. It's not meant for me, i was written to love one person, and to be later down the road being suggested other partners affects me. It being forced beyond my nature, I have avoided it so fare but not lately.

I could go on forever about the fandom that is alive because of me, but i feel that would upset you more than get to the reason why I'm talking to you in the first place. So far I'm the only one to my knowledge that can see into and know of this reality.

Though I'm aware of the fandom, your reality and mine, I can switch it off. I don't have to know what my fandom is doing, nor am i forced by some upper force beyond my power. I can just literally ignore it and close the breach between you and me, by my own will.

Well except for one Author, I don't know why but their writings and fan stories about my universe creeps into my head, I remember things I couldn't, I act and behave in a way i shouldn't. It's gotten to a point where i don't know how to conduct myself anymore, i don't know what piece of memories are originally mine , or added splinters of made up fantasize. I sometimes look back at writers that stay true to the story to stay stable but then again you all like to add extra emotions than i had previously or just dumb me down, which is insulting by the way.

But back to the point, I'm very infuriated with this damn author, i can see everything she fantasizes about my universe, it mentally draining to cope with, my family and friends are becoming weary of my wellbeing and I'm not sure i can keep up the fiasco that I'm fine. Cause I'm not.

But luckily it's only matter of time before i get to snap their neck.


The abrupt sound of an alarm cut through the silence and slumber of the morning, "Oh my god I'm not ready to get up..."

Olive grabbed the alarm clock sluggishly, "This damn thing." She unplugged her alarm clock before tossing it aimlessly in her room, wincing at the sound of it hitting the floor. Her ears immediately started ringing, followed soon after by welcoming pain all over body. She fell back into her bed with a groan, her head was pounding, it hurt to see, her stomach was doing circus flips, to sum it all up she was suffering from a hangover, her first in while actually.

Olive rubbed her temples, trying to piece what she remembered from last night, it was very fuzzy. Especially with the bitch of a hangover she was dealing with. She remembered be invited to a party by her friend and her boyfriend unwillingly, she danced a little...urm she defiantly had some drinks.

"I must have gotten really hammered last night." she groaned.

"OLLY WAKE THE FUCK UP!" Her roommate screamed from the other side of her door. Olive covers her ears with a pillow moaning in pain.

Fucking roommates... she growled. Olive strangled the air pretending it was her blonde haired roommate, as her roommate continued to bang on her door. Why is she up this early anyway, "I don't have class today." she groaned holding her stomach

"WE'RE SUPPOSED TO MEET AT STARBUCKS!" Olive rolled her eyes, the nerve of her.

"I'm not goi-" an curling in her stomach stop the girl short in her rant and into the bathroom to empty out the contents of yesterday food, whatever that consisted of. Olive hugged her toilet tightly as her stomach heaved and clinched. Not soon after puking for a good two minutes her roommate being the decent person she is, came in for rescue, patting her back and holding up her hair out the way.

Olive sat up spiting the foul taste from her mouth, finally feeling better to getting the stomachache over with.

How much did i drink?

"For a designated driver you sure did get fucked up last night." her roommate joked while handing her a warm wet cloth. Olive flipped her off as she wiped the sweat and chunky residue from vomiting off her face. "How much did i drink?" she asked finally looking up at her friend.

Her roommate had an amusing look of disappointment plaster on her lips, Olive could see the visible redness in her eyes and dark bags on her porcelain pale skin, the messy and half- ass'd bun that sat on her blond head, she too was suffering from a hangover. But unlike Olive, her roommate could handle her hangovers pretty well despite how petite she was, she was more alive looking than her. Shelby was already dressed; ready for the day to start, the hungover 20 year old was still in her black short skirt, and lacking a shirt. She surprising herself still had on a bra.

Shelby shrugged her shoulders, "I stop counting after the fifth shot."

Olive's eyes widen, did she say five!? She wasn't even that much of a drinker, she stayed away from liquor for the most part, mainly having a taste for wine, she was classy with her alcohol, not the type to get how Shelby says's 'white girl wasted'. Olive wasn't a saint; she had her fair share of hangovers.

"Oh God Shelby, you're supposed to stop me from getting fucked up when it's my turn to get us to and from home! We could have died last night. My driving is already shit as it is when I'm sober." Shelby rolled her blue eyes, placing her hands on her hips.

"Your so damn dramatic Olive, and might i add, you didn't drive anyone home."

Olive scrunched up her face at Shelby with confusion,"Wut? Then how did we get Home?"

Shelby sat up walking over to the medicine cabinet, grabbing a bottle of mouthwash for Olive, "Marco was there, thank god. You Olly, fucking left us at the party."

"I did!" Olive exclaimed, that's weird. She wouldn't be surprised if her roommate was pissed at her, the party was technically in the middle of nowhere at an isolated beach house, neither of their usually partying locations, but hey it was a free invitation.

Shelby shook her head look down at her friend; Shelby poured the mouthwash into the cap handing it to Olive. The young twenty year old rubbed her temples while throwing back the Listerine, the minty cool alcohol gave off the burning sensation, "Just hurry and get dressed Olly, I'll explain the details later, Marco and Annie are meeting us in ten."

Olive spit the mouth wash into sink, "Ugh...do i have to go? My head is killing me."

"Yes you do, did you forget that we have to discuss our next art project with our team, and it's your turn to make the story board. The professor has been gripping and groaning about your 'lack' of creativity in the storyboard department. Little does he know you like to write freaking Fan fictions. "She reminded Olive of her college duties, Olive mentally cursed knowing that Shelby was right, she really couldn't afford to miss out on this meeting. Currently the 20 something year old was in an Art college, and not just some basic graphic and animation college you see here and there. This particular school she was attending had 50 plus professions of art one could pursue in, with access to television companies to work with TV shows such as 'The walking dead and Grim' for example, it was a small example compared to the many professions her college had, Students were expected to succeed and become well known in their career fields, it was home to many actors and artiest across the nation. Olive was attending to one of the many locations spread around the world, in a huge ass city. Thankfully her best friend/ roommate shared the same ideal for this Collage; Shelby was Majoring in illustration while Olive herself was working to become a Sequential Artist.

"Fuck, uhh give me five minutes and I'll be ready." she said quickly gathering herself off the floor, Shelby gave her a quick nod as she exited the bathroom to finish getting dressed herself.

"Oh and don't worry about dressing up, it's a casual meet. Everyone was pretty plastered from last night so ya know how that goes, seeing that you, yourself look like shit." Oliver heard Shelby trail off, she rolled her eyes.

Olive took a good look in the mirror, staring at her refection; she didn't look as bad as she felt. Her naturally curly snow white hair was in a bundled mess, she must have partied a little too hard last night, she knew she had blown dried it strait the night prior. She thanked god that her pale caramel skin tone remained the same, a little puffiness around her cheeks but nothing as bad as Shelby's. The only trait that gave her away were the pair of blood shot eyes.

Stepping away from the mirror Olive took a deep breath. Today is gonna be a bitch she thought. She began to peel off the remaining clothing she had on from last night activities, before turning on the shower. "No worries Olive, everyone will be just as fucked up as you."

Our story starts with her, Olive.

Now I know your wonder, 'Oh Goku what does a college undergraduate have to do with any of this?'

Well to answer that, Olive is the author I've been keeping tabs on, she may not look like it but she's one of my many fans, whom like to write about my world. I've been checking up on the girl for the past few years now since my peak of interest has come to a terrible aching pain in my head, it's took the anxiety down a bit when I see her for the first time through the small thread's between our reality.

Unfortunately the small relief lasted for minor amount of time only to replace my terrible curiosity with and obsession to why she wrote these things about me.

Like i said before about my fandom, I do and don't despise you all, but Olive is in her own category per se. She's writes and lives just about the same as everyone in this universe, to you she looks like an causal 20 year old whom goes to parties, wanting a career for herself, hang out with friends with hobbies to write, mainly about Dragon ball.

Hn, it sound peculiar referring my life as that, the world of Dragon ball, I can only assume that people would love to see my world, escape from the dark realism of your earth, the fact that yours is dying slowly but surely, with no help of the greed and ignorant leaders you all have, the inhabitants being prisoners on their own planet. I see why she dreams of a world like mine, I've noticed it firsthand the drastic change of the atmosphere when I broke the fourth wall. Something that I'll probably get in trouble for later on, i will push in the back of my head until i could handle this situation first.

Olive forced herself into the local StarBucks; she really didn't want to do this meeting with a hangover, if she was lucky everyone else would feel as much pain as she felt and finish up the met and the basic draws for the story board. Shelby was at the counter ordering them some light breakfast and a couple of morning Frappuccino .She came dressed in the most casual clothing she had, well just grabbed. A black pair of leggings, a red crop top with and her favorite Goku black hoodie, with the world's most comfortable pair of ugg's, accompanied with a dark pair of shades over her face. Her post-hangover starter pack.

Olive scanned the area through her shades, spotting her group of colleges/ friends sitting in one of the back booths of Starbucks, and wouldn't ya know everyone was wearing their pair of 'I just got fucked up last night' shades. Olive chuckled with herself, just as she predicted. Olive slide into the both with her friends, her friend Marco sat across from her. He was the hipster of the group, and very open minded with his creativity, the head leader of our team, he had short dark hair that was matted at moment, most likely from dragging his own ass out the bed, Marco always dressed nice. He gave Olive a nod as did Annie, whom was sitting next to him, sipping on water. Annie was just as bubbly and extroverted as Shelby, "Hey." she greeted groggily. Annie wasn't that much of a morning person.

"Hey yourself...oh India when did you get back!" Olive exclaimed noticing an extra person.

India was also one her really close friends whom was also living in the apartment that her and Shelby were in. India had left to go on a four week trip to Hong Kong a while back; she had forgotten that it was about that time that she had returned. India had the same Carmel complexion as her, with bright brown iris's that made her round eyes stand out. Her short auburn hair was tucked in her bright red beanie.

India just smirked behind her own pair of Glasses, "I got back last night, I went to the party to surprise you, but you were far too drunk to recognize me." She scratched her head blushing red.

"Damn how plastered was I?" She asked out loud, the group all together just sucked their own teeth, shaking their heads. India turned her head away from Olive to keep from looking in her eyes, Olive frowned, "C'mon i wasn't that bad, was I?" Olive was starting to get nervous now, she usually didn't get loose and rowdy in parties, a little tipsy yes but she only got drunk around she knew at a secure place to do it at.

"Hey what are you guys talking about?" Shelby entered in the space-able booth, she handing Olive her drink and small sandwich. "Thanks."

India and the rest of the group took a deep inhale, "Oh you know...about the party."

Shelby instantly pursed her lips tight, side glancing Olive whom narrowed hers in return, "What is it? Don't keep me in the dark about these thing's Guys, if it's embarrassing I would like to know. Could it possibly hurt my career... you know I have to keep my image." she said folding her arms together nervously. She did not need word getting back that she was a crazed party manic.

Annie bit the inside of her cheek, "Um no...More like the end of your relationship with Damien." she sputtered quickly before going back to sipping her water.

Olive blinked blankly "What?"

Damien was her current boyfriend; they had been going on strong for a good year and a half. They had minimal problems for the most part in their relationship, it wan any normal relationship she had ever been in, she could almost say she loved him.

Olive narrowed her eyes at the group when no one answered her, becoming shy and hushed mouth about the topic. "What do you mean? Why would our relationship be over?" she repeated the question with a firmer tone in her voice, internally her mind was racing making her head feel like it was thumping against her skull.

The group looked at each other momentary, urging someone would be the one to tell her with their eyes, India finally broke the silence," Damn it you guys." she muttered under her breath. She took a deep breath before looking Olive right dead in her eye's, her brown orbs filled with a rare intensity as she begun to fill Olive in of the dirty details of last night.

By end of India's story Olive was full blown red faced from embarrassment, and a little confused. According to India, she and Annie arrived at the party around 11:45. A good two hours after Olive, Shelby and Shelby's boyfriend arrived at the beach house. Olive was apparently already drinking at the bar, with a few shots running though her system practically drunk, hint's why she didn't recognize India at the party. Shelby and her boyfriend where off doing their own thing; playing party games. Leaving the drunken young woman all by herself. India stayed with Olive for a good minuet to look out for her because she was drunk out of her mind. India recalled it not being the best 20 minutes of her time being there but she was determined to keep Olive from danger. India had deiced to spark up a conversation with her intoxicated friend and somehow in the conversation Damien's name was brought up. India explained how angry Olive became slurring curse words and damning his name all of a sudden. India told Olive that her words were a bit slurred and really hard to comprehend to understand, "But it was quite clear that you were upset and then you stomped off into crowed, losing you all together in the crowd. I did try to look for you for like ten minutes before just giving up on finding you...which probably was a bad Idea. "She scratched her head nervously as she went to explain the next part.

"I got to say about two hours later i did find you, but in not the most discrete ways though."

"What do you mean by 'not discrete'?" Olive interrupted.

"Well i found you nearly topless, grinding on somebody with a group of people cheering you on as you two made out." she said cringing a bit," and that's when i finally saw Damien in the crowd.. "

Olive buried her head into her hands; her boyfriend had caught her making out with another guy. "Oh my god. Oh my god. He's so pissed... " Olive stood up from the booth, "I'll be right back guys...i-i just need to call Damien." she told her friends quickly as she dashed out the coffee shop and into the parking lot. Thankfully her friend's did follow her.

Getting out into the nearly empty parking lot, Olive took out her phone and growled at herself upon reading her notifications, "25 unread text messages and 6 miscalls all from Damien Fuck!"

Why didn't i look at my phone before i left the house! Damien probably hates my guts, and thinks I'm being a bitch for not answering my phone. I should have said no to that fucking invite, if knew this was gonna happen. Ugh. Olive sat down on the bench as she tried to call Damien's cell, she shivered at the cold morning air, the goosebumps pricking on her skin even through her comfortable hoodie. Olive muttered under breath as she tucked her free hand into her pocket as she waited for Damien to answer.

No answer.

She tried again. No answer.

She repeated this one more time only to be greeted by his voice mail.

"Damn it Damien...Please pick up babe." she whispered at her screen, she shot him a quick text for him to call her. Her thumb hovered over the send button, she contemplated on wither or not she should apologize or not in the text or wait to do it in person. After thinking about it she ultimately pressed send, thinking it would be the Honorable thing to do in person.

She can't believe she let herself get that drunk, to the point where she couldn't keep her hands to herself. She could only imagine what Damien was thing about her now, Olive had worked really hard emotionally so that the relationship would work, between work, and school it was hard to see her boyfriend all the time. Damien was always a sweetheart despite his bad boy attitude he sometimes sported.

Olive bit her lip inwardly, surly he would understand that she was just intoxicated and unaware consciously of what she was doing physically, she'd been a little tipsy around him before. Maybe she was overreacting, there was a possibility that they would just kiss and makeup and forget about it, and maybe occasionally laugh about it in the near future.

But why was i drinking so hard like that in the first place?

There still was a few missing pieces about the party. India and Annie didn't get to the party until 2 hours after Olive and Shelby arrived. Two hours where something could have happened, where she couldn't remember at all. India did mention that was she already angry with Damien beforehand.

What could it been about? Olive still couldn't remember Damien even arriving at the party in the first place.

The argument had to take place in the two hours of Olive arriving there, when she was sober, which again she couldn't remember.

Olive roared her frustration out loud, throwing her phone across the empty parking lot.

How could i fuck this up?! How could i hurt him that way?

Olive could picture his face darken with anger from her betrayal; she knew Damien wasn't the type to hit women but his looks could kill. His beautiful hazel eyes would be cold with a distant look in his hazel eyes, she knew she couldn't bare look him in the eyes. The reality of her own fuck up made a tear slide down her cheek.

"Hey are you alright?"

Olive looked up from her lap, to see that someone, no a man was standing in front of her with his hand stretched out containing her Phone. Her eyes trailed up to the man's face, his body was very muscular she noticed before reaching the face of the owner, she froze up seeing his face; something about him was very strangely familiar.

The man had a pale handsome and muscular face, so smooth and untouched looking. A nice pair of full lips was curled up into a faint charismatic smile showing off his pearly whites. The stranger had dark ebony eyes that glittered just lightly. The man had on a black baseball hat that hid his hair well only leaving his dark black bangs hang in front of his face.

Olive blinked herself out her trance realizing she was staring; she sniffed wiping away the tear that had escaped. "Y-Yes." she hesitantly grabbed her Phone out of the man's hand, as if it weren't her phone. "Thank you." she whispered her brown eyes flickering back to his face. It was impossible to keep her eyes off his face he was too damn hot. Her face flushed realizing what she just thought about the man, forcing her eyes back down at the ground from embarrassing herself even further.

The stranger grinned rather darkly when she looked away unbeknownst to her.

Hello Olive.