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Olive blinked away the tears that were in her eyes before looking back up at the stranger, who was still looking down at with that smile on his lips. She tucked a white hair behind her ear, giving the man a weak smile of her own.

"Are you sure you'll be alright?" His voice was soothing to her ears she thought. She shook her head chuckling a bit at herself, not in amusement but in embarrassment that a total stranger had to come to her rescue in the middle of her crying.

"Yes, it's just boyfriend issues." she said finally looking him in the eyes again; she mentally scolded herself not to stare at his strikingly familiar features. Inescapably his dark pupil-less eyes, they were scary yet remarkable. His iris were like emptiness dark pits that sparkled somehow, Olive thought eyes were the most captivating part of person, she always noticed someone's eyes first before figuring out their personality, especially in the people she dated, you could say she was a bit attracted to eyes. She blamed it on her 'artiest stare', all artiest love to piece together parts of face to study the way things were shaped, a practiced skill and curse. It came off as being rude sometimes, she was glad the stranger hadn't noticed that, or if had he probably like the attention he was getting.

"I wonder why any guy would make a pretty girl like you cry, doesn't sound like a nice boyfriend." Olive chuckled lightly at his attempt to make her feel better with a joke. The stranger's handsome features only made his charisma shine a bit more.

Olive kicked herself for oozing over the strangers eyes, she had just found out that her relationship with her boyfriend might be over because of her fuck up and here she was studying this guy's face.

Maybe I'm just looking too far into it but....

"Do i know you from somewhere?" Olive asked in a whisper, she had wanted the question to stay lingering in her head.

His lips twisted between his smile and a smirk, he found her prying cute. He stared at Olive as he contemplated wither or not to answer her question.

"Olive!" Hearing her name Olive turned her attention towards India whom was calling her name from the other side of the parking lot. Olive sighed into her palm, wishing that she had just a little more time to herself, but was thankful that someone actually cared to check up on her.

"I'm over here!" She called back turning her attention back to the handsome stranger, "Um thank you for..."Olive began to thank the man, but stop when she realized he wasn't there anymore. Olive stood up doing a full 360 scope of the parking lot trying to see where he had ran off to, not a soul was in the parking lot. It was as empty as she found it before, besides the cars that belonged to her co-workers. Olive pursed her lips, "Where he'd go?" she muttered.

Olive shook her head, I probably scared him off she joked to erase the odd feeling in the back of her head. She turned to look back at India, who was now walking right up to her.

"Hey are you alright?"

Olive just scoffed at the question, "beside the hangover and realization of my plastered night i had...I'm fine i guess." her lips mimicked a bittersweet smile. She honestly didn't want to feel bad about the situation; she rather lay in bed and just sleep it off. Being mentally, physically and emotionally not prepared to deal with her fuck up. She was exhausted from work and last night's activity's, the white haired girl was barely hanging on to this meeting with her team.

"Is it bad that I don't want to deal with the Damien and apologize right now, I do feel sorry about what i did last night...I'm just not up to it today? Maybe Wednesday." India taped her chin with her index finger, her facial expression scrunching up in thought.

"It makes you sound selfish, but no i don't think it's bad." she finally answered.

Olive bit her lip nervously," I just don't think I'll be able to say the right things. I feel like shit not remembering what i did, and i just need to think over my apology is all." she convinced herself that she wasn't stalling the thought to herself.

India patted Olive's back soothingly, "It's okay Olly, although i believe that Damien will understand that you were just a 'little' too drunk last night, I also understand that you have stuff on your plate already. So if you need to put off seeing Damien for a min then that's okay."

Olive sighed in the air, looking up at nothing in particular, "Okay, i just need some time, i rather not be crying my eyes out anyway. I just need some rest and then I'll apologize, but it does gonna be best apology ever, with flowers, chocolates and whatever else Damien likes."

"Aww, see that would be great. Everything is gonna be alright Olive."

Olive wiped her eyes nodding, "I hope so..." She hoped that Damien wasn't taking this in the worst way. Olive glanced at her cellphone before tucking it into her pocket. Olive pursed a smirk to lighten the mood, "Let's go ahead and finish this meeting, so we can head home and get some sleep."

India grew a wide smirk herself, "Lets, I'm not as fuck up as you guys but i do want some extra sleep." The auburn hair girl wrapped her hand around Olive affectionately pulling her into a half hug. "My wittle Olly will be okie."

Olive rolled her eyes playfully as the both of them headed back into the store; with slight boost of confidence in her system she just might piece together a good story board...might.

She glanced behind her shoulder back to the bench where she was sitting at, shaking her head about her encounter with the attractive stranger. Olive walked into the restaurant to continue the meeting.

Later that day

9:30 PM

As Olive promised herself; she slept through out her day after her meeting. She knew her professor would not be more impressed with her written story board than her other drawn pieces. Olive was just as talented as Marco when she wanted too, she did plan one day to truly impress her professor with some of her written ideas but she doubt it would be somewhat of a possibility now. How do you explain to your professor why you'd came up with an Tarzan lookalike story board with a few modifications that might slightly change the direction of the story or just completely go left field. Saying she was suffering from a post hangover would be irresponsible and just plain unprofessional. Everyone at the meeting was fully aware on what they were all preparing to work on and just let happen because they were too plastered to put any effort in it. Thankfully India, being that she hardly drank at all yesterday, and Marco being only one who gave a damn, made sure not too half-ass'd as it was being written down.

Speaking of stories that reminded her of something, she needed to check on her own personal collection of stories. It had been a good min since she checked or updated the statuses of her own fanfictions.

Now that Olive was well rested, only feeling the minor effects of her hangover, now seem to be good time to go visit the fan fiction website she loved to much. Olive grabbed ahold of her laptop that was sitting under her bed in its case but when Olive grabbed it, she realized that her laptop was in a brand- new case instead of the black leather one. Olive squealed a bit, she loved getting surprise gifts.

"Oh shit, is this a dragon ball case! Aww. India was this you? "She said inspecting the case, pulling it into her lap. The case was a realistic fan drawn image of Shenron looking bad ass, Olive couldn't help but grin about the random gift. She flipped it over to see the backside only to find a note attached to it.

"Aww she even left me a note..." Olive didn't believe in favoritism for the most part, but if she had to choose who was her 'ride or die' between Shelby and India. Um no doubt India. She loved Shelby just a much, but Shelby...well was Shelby, she's sweet when she wants to be.

Olive's giddiness died when she read over the note, it was from Damien ...not India like she had suspected.

-Hey Babe, I know how you love Dragon Ball, seen this online and ordered it for you. Our anniversary is coming up soon but i couldn't wait to give you this now. Your dorkiness is what i live for XD. I love you Olly, i hope you love the case, there is more to come so don't worry. Love you again Olive.

- Damien West

Olive placed the note on her chest, closing her eyes tightly as heart clinched. Olive read the note a couple of times before placing it on the mirror of her dresser. She stared at the note before sighing deeply to herself. I promise I'll fix it babe. Olive thought as she sat back on her bed opening up her laptop. She shook her head to take away the negative thoughts, everything will be alright.

"Okay Okay, um let's check my notifications. Hmm I have two inbox messages..."

Skimming over the name in her inbox Olive instantly grinned. It was one of her Pin-palls, V 4 Vellian. He too wrote fan stories such as her; she always made it an obligation to comment on each chapter which V would always respond back.

"Let's see what V had to say...the first one is from the second to last chapter... 'Keep Vegeta in your prayers'." She chuckled a bit, she remembered in that particular chapter Vegeta was not doing so hot. Olive wasn't particularly happy with how Vegeta's fate ended but it was well executed, give credit where credits do. Olive chuckled with a little bitterness in the last response, 'Kakarot's always had the savage in him...'"

Olive took it with a grain of salt, V did portray the character with much more savagery, so it wasn't unsuspecting...she just wasn't prepared is all. Olive glared playfully at the laptop screen, "You have a point...G.G." V was one of the many authors she well respected, his works were always well detailed and eye catching, something that is rare but common.

Olive would have to first admit when she first came across the website she was a little freaked out and very amazed at the fan crazed stories. It started off subtle with normal couple stories the detail that an author could make was enough to keep her keep reading and exploring. Olive was always a reader not a writer for the most part. Well until she started read AU's. The concept of one seemed to be her calling for the most part, if she could draw a story why couldn't she write one.

It was another way for Olive to vent out the stress and locked up daydreamed adventures, she had so many situations to type about but little time to write about them, thankfully V and reviews kept her inspired to keep writing.

Olive clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth remembering a personal dead line that was yet pass due. "Fuck. I keep forgetting to update Walking Monographs." she groaned into her palm, "Five months damn it...I bet that's why V killed off My boi, maybe if i update it he'll bring him back to life...just maybe..." Olive broke off into a random mutter as she began typing pinpoints for another chapter of Walking Monographs. One of her most viewed stories and only comedy driven ones.

"I wonder if he knows it's a little Ya-"

I'm sorry but I just had to cut her off, I don't want you know just how 'creative' my fans/fandom is. I don't know how i tolerate you guys sometimes heh; you all take the praise too far. I don't even think Vegeta would even withstand the worshiping of his pride like you all, and considering how egotistical the prince can be, that's saying a lot.

Back to the situation...

Olive was just finishing up the bullet points for the next few chapters, even starting a bit on the tenth chapter. Olive was a 'write it as you go' type of author, she never had an actual plan or direction for her stories per-thought out. Whenever an Idea popped in her head she was just start typing away and adjust it so it would fit in her story, but because she was on a tight personal scheduled, Olive thought it best to already have a plan set out to make the process come along faster.

The 20 something year old took a deep relaxing breath leaning away from the laptop bright screen to rest her eyes. Olive only gave a side glace around her room wondering what time it was, "Forgot i threw the damn clock." she cursed her past self for being so reckless.

Olive whipped out her phone from under her pillow to check the time on her lock screen.


Olive bit her lip looking over the time again; she really wanted a mid-night snack right now. "Okay its past ten so Shelby and at least India are asleep...that means i can sneak into their Fat kid snack stash hehe." With that Olive pushed the laptop to the side as her head down stairs to make a quick mid night snack.

The white haired girl was walking back up the set up steps with a bag of Doritos, a whole jar of Nutella, and rits crackers in one hand. Her left holding the last 2-liter of , which would be noticed in the morning. With this set of snacks in her arsenal she was sure she would have a good amount of chapters done with the sugar in her system.

"Meow." Olive looked down hearing a small meow down by her feet; it was a small dark gray haired kitten. The little guy was following Olive to her bedroom and guess it wanted in. Olive smiled at the little creature, wishing she could pet her kitten. She hadn't seen any of the three household pets which consisted of Shelby's dog Teddy. India's cat Campbell's, named after the Campbell's soup franchise. Shelby thought it was hilarious when Olive and India named their cats after food. Olive only remark was 'food is where the heart is' to win the argument.

"Hey Ravioli." Olive greeted her kitten, Ravioli only greeted with a purr rubbing his head against Olive's bare legs. Olive lightly smiled at the little kitten as she pushed her side against the door to open. He scampered inside, jumping onto the right side of her bed.

"My favorite cuddle buddy..." Olive placed the bag of Doritos and between her and Ravioli, before carefully placing the jar of Nutella, on her dresser; she didn't trust Ravioli around it. Olive settled into her own little station, cracking her knuckles together.

Ravioli peered up from the pillow he was resting on to stare at the far corner of Olive's room where her room divider stood. The kitten's curiosity got the best of him, as he jumped off the bed scurrying to the corner to investigate. I don't know why he likes it so much...

"Okay, now I'm ready to get down into business."

As soon as the words left her mouth a ding escaped from her phone, Olive only glanced at her phone. It was a notification in bold letters, 'not enough space'. Olive frowned at her Phone, she just got a bigger memory card the week before, how could she be out of memory already. Olive rolled her eyes as she pushed her laptop to the side again.

"It's always problem after problem." She grasps her phone to see what exactly what was taking so much room. Skimming through, it looked to be her gallery. Because of her profession Olive seen nothing wrong anymore, considering she had multi-able art profilos on her Phone. I guess that makes sense, i do take a lot of pictures, i just have to move my work profilo into another drive I guess. Olive glanced at her laptop and back to her phone, "I'll send a few to my email then I'll hop right back onto my stories." she said to herself, Olive was determined to finish something tonight; she had pushed it back far enough. I only have 6 profliols on my phone, so that should take up to 30 mins in total...wait...

"Oh there are eight, when did i make another one...that's weird..." Olive stared at the two new profiles on in gallery. I don't remembering making any new ones...

Olive scrunched her eyes at the dates, "It's from today...the hell." Was she reading this right? There was no way that she could have taken any pictures today; she was to discombobulate the whole day to even think about taking a selfie. The whole collection consisted of 23 pictures in total, defiantly not her. Maybe it was Marco or Shelby who had gotten her phone, they were the one people whom were aware of her password, and they would have the most logical reasons for taking pictures with her phone, taking notes for work. But they both have a phone, why would they use mine?

"What's even on here?" The young artist didn't venture out anywhere besides Starbucks today, Olive had spent the majority of her day sleeping off her hangover at home.

Olive's finger hovered over the gallery for second before clicking on to few the pictures that were taking on her phone. The first picture to load was a one of her sitting on the bench in front of StarBucks, which was taken this morning when she was crying. "Who took this?" was all she could ask, and she received her answer scrolling to the next one. The guy from this morning had taken a selfie of himself with her phone, his handsome features where all over her phone.

"Aww hell no..." Olive slowly crawled out her bed and into her bathroom to get to a better light. She had to make sure she was seeing this right.

Olive continued scrolling through the photos, more condescending selfies that the stranger from this morning had taken. One picture in particular made her stop and study the photo that was taken; a vibe of Deja-vu just ran through her. He was smiling into the camera like he had when he greeted her, throwing up a peace sign. He had that same charismatic smile graced upon his well-structured face, he was picture perfect. The way the sun kissed his pale skin, bringing the sparking effect in his dark eyes. He had the looks that could kill competition against any other males. Olive would have appreciated how attractive he was but was unsettled that the man had gotten a hold of her phone. The last photo replaced his smile with a mischievous grin, coming off as condescending.

Why does it feel like he staring at me...

Olive sat her phone down on the sink, rubbing her temples with a light agitated sigh. "I hope you're not a stockier, please don't be one..." I hope he just a self-center guy who likes leaving pictures on stranger's phone. He must have known obliviously that i was an artist and obliviously he knew himself as model material.

Olive chuckled to herself; even she knew that was bullshit. She cursed herself mentally for wanting to ignore it, but thought best to think over it in the morning.

If i run into him again then I'll do something about it...

It probably wasn't the best action she should have taken because it was indeed it was an opposite motive. Olive didn't have time to deal some more mysterious shit to put it into terms.

Olive's ears twitched a bit hear soft sound of crunching coming from her bed room. "Dammit! Did Ravioli get the Doritos bag again...?" The 20 year old grabbed her phone going back to her bedroom before her kitten accidentally choked on a Dorito. The girls will not let me live it down if i accidentally killed my first pet.

Unfortunately Olive only got two steps out her bathroom before coming to an abrupt stop. Frozen at the sight of her bed, well whom was on her bed. There was some one perched up in her bed quite comfortably; his hand was rummaging into the bright red bag of chips while munching loudly on the cheddar flavored snacks Olive had stolen originally for herself. Ravioli, Olive's original and main concern was curled up in the man's lap sleeping quite comfortably, allowing the man to scratch behind his ears, but somehow his low audible purrs were underline by the thick silence in the room. It was indeed the person she had wrongly mistaken not to worry about, the stranger from Starbucks. The man whom sported a warm and generous smile seeming harmless until recently, he was laying in her fucking bed. The same charming feature that Olive describes had now turned him darker. The light that poured into her dark bedroom was barely reaching her bed, only just enough for Olive to catch the simple features of his face.

Olive stood stiff staring at the intruder at what felt like minuets, and the only thought that she had was the fact that he wasn't smiling, he was frowning directly at her. The thought that a simple feature could make a drastic change in his appearance seemed ultimately ridiculous, but at the heat of the moment it was steel statement what he came here to do. Her heart was beating steadily with fear for putting off the clues, the pictures, on her phone.

Olive hesitated to run but his dark eyes read 'i dare you too' loud and clear from across the room.

The corner of his lips twisted into a dark grin, "I Hope you don't mind if have a short snack." He spoke to Olive with sense of fake fondness in his voice.

"H-How did you get in here?"

The intruder just shrugged, pulling Ravioli off of his lap. Olive only could watch as he slowly took his time to re-adjust himself off the bed "I just walked in here honestly, your friends were also quite easily to get through."

My friends Olive narrowed her eyes at the stranger, "What did you do Shelby and India?!" His dark eyes sparkled seeing the rising excitement in her attitude, all she done so far was just staring in silence.

The man only chuckled at Olive's rising concern, "I did nothing to them, and you are of my only concern Olive." There was again, just hearing his voice much more clearly gave her another trembling wave of Deja-vu through the back of her skull.

How the fuck does he knows my name? He must have found out when India shouted out my name this morning...just fucking great! He's in my house and he knows my name.

Olive bit her lip as the man sat up at the corner of her bed where the light reached exposing more of the intruder's face, he was considerably quite calm with fine posture, staring back at Olive noticeable disdain look in his eyes. The athletic built man was missing his hat revealing his dark bangs that lay in front of his head, the young woman was doing her best to pinpoint stuff about the man, and if she ever escaped this live she would need details to tell the authorities or just draw what she had seen.

As she over analyzed with fear Olive failed to take note that her intruder was already an arm length away from face until it was too late. His lips were just above her left ear as whispered into them to knock the shocked girl out of her trance.


The white haired girl flinched at this, with the fear of her own safety had increased tenfold at the lack of distance that they possessed just a second ago. His solid arm was a barrier for not to escape to the bathroom, the man's grin widening at the girl discomfort, it felt good to be on the other side of stick.

Her bright brown eyes locked with the dark empty-less ones, holding a long glance as it been a while since the last they've met."W-why are you in my house?"

A small rumble escaped his chest followed by a meek smile with hint of amusement. She filched when he went as bold as to trace his knuckles across her smooth skin. Olive clinched her fist at her passiveness, "I'm only gonna ask you again, Why are you in my house." she growled at him.

His grin only widen, "For you of course."

Me? "What...are you here to kidnap me?!" Oh hell the fuck no!

He frowned at the change in her expression; he could see that she was going to yell for help. No she should stay quiet; this met was to be a discreet. He quickly forced his palm over mouth, applying pressure to restraint her against the wall.

"If you value your life I would suggest you keep your pretty mouth shut Olive." From the fear in her eyes he could tell she was going to corporate much more easily from now own. He could practically feel the rapid heartbeats vibrating from her chest. "Are we clear?"

It was more of a clear statement than a question for the girl; she tried her best to not show her, fear, not to give him the satisfaction a way to fight off the pain that was being enforced by him.

There was a slight silence when their eyes met again, there it was again. I know him...

"You're starting to figure out whom i 'am you..." Olive shook her head behind his palm, letting out a muffled response. His eyes narrowed, "You don't have to lie."

How the fuck would he knows! He's the crazed maniac that came into my house, taking unwanted pictures on my phone. "I-I don't know you!" she yelled into his palm. It came out as muffled gibberish but he could understand her clearly.

He sighed softly, having a sympathetic look as if she were a confused child.

"No you recognize my face, but my name has not surfaced in your brain yet is all."

I guess he's right about that... Olive thought looking over his face. She knew the crazy intruder by look but not by name. Though she didn't think he was all that smart of an intruder if he wanted her to know his name personally, then again he wouldn't do all this just to be caught late on. He must have a motive by this...

"How about this Olive, I give you a hint. Just one and I will move my hand away from your mouth so you can tell me, my name. But if you think about screaming there will be Consequences. Do you understand?" Olive shook her head frantically or by the best she could, his hand was pressed just enough against her that she could barely move. Just play along Olive, he seems like a person who can be bargain with or something. All i got to do is play along until i can find an opportunity to escape.

She steadied her rapid breathing to gain some type of calmness as he removed his hand away from her. Truly she was terrified, if she didn't guess his name right she was sure that he was going to punishment her, though his motive still seemed unclear. "What is your hint?"

"I want you to look at my hair." Olive pursed her lips at the stranger, that was the hint.

How was his hair going to hint off his identity to her in any way? Still only half of his features were shown within the darkness. She could tell that his hair was a dark shade of black just like his eyes, but it was impossible to see his hair in the exact detail of it was styled.

As if reading her mind he took a step back into the light, his whole body was extinguished revealing what see couldn't see before. Like she had assumed he had dark thick black hair on his head, but what was most distinctive about his hair style. His hair was abnormally spiky, with three large spikes standing out the most on his head.

Like a switch his face had a name, "What the fuck..."

She took a step back, not believing what was standing in front of her. "Your hair..." she muttered.

"Do you see it?" he asked his lips twitching into a neutral frown.

"Goku?" the words left her lips like a loose thread, the name matched the description, why he looked so damn familiar. Is this real! Oh my god I think I'm losing my fucking mind! There's a charter from a Manga standing in my freaking bedroom! He step forward grabbing the collar of Olive's shirt, yanking her closely to his face. "In the flesh." he said ironically, "and before you utter those words, I'm not one of those cosplayers, nor some fan. I am. Real."

Olive held her breath when his eyes flickered black to blue, the aura of his irises glowed within the darkness as his palm reached for her chin. Olive felt his fingertips that were just barely grazing under her chin, the heat from his fingertips grew abnormally warmer and warmer until a blue light began to engulf into his palm. Olive stood stiff and still in his grasp, what she was witnessing was unreal.

This ...this is happening... "Y-Your real." she squealed breathlessly.

"Correct, I'm glad we could skip the back and forth denial squabbles. I don't think i would have the patience for it. "Olive squirmed in his hold, her mind was racing. There was character from one of her beloved shows in her bedroom, with the most possible intent to murder her or something of the sort. He no longer looked a good pencil drawing on the screen; he had realistic features similar to her own. It was terrifying but amazing seeing Goku in this perspective, he had well-structured and defined face compared to the original/ simplistic art design, he had come to life. It was no wondered how she was not able to fully recognize him.

Olive gasped when his palm grasped her neck; his fingers had a tight cobra like grip over her tiny vulnerable neck. She clawed frantically at his hand though the counter attack was fruitless her nails wouldn't leave a mark even if she tried. With little to no effort he lifted her by the grasp of her neck. Olive kicked wildly as he continued to choke her; hot tears flooded down her redden cheeks.

No, No No! I can't go like this! She thought as her vision was slowly becoming impalpable "S-Stop..." she choked out."P-Please...d...don' this..."

The man only stared at her , his eyes held no remorse for her.

"Poor choice of last words Olive." Her arm slowly lost it strength the burning sensation in her lungs grew over bearing. They screamed for release of oxygen and the fact that the person whom had their hand wrapped around her neck with no signs of stopping just made the statement of death more prompt.

I'm sorry mark was her only thought before everything went dark.

Damn ...she dead...or is she...find out next time on Dragon ball zzzzzz!

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