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Olive woke up with a jolt in her body, her breathing rapid and desperate. Her back slammed into the back of her head board as she took an defensive stance grabbing a pillow as her shield. The alert younger girl scanned her surroundings, she was still inside her bedroom.

Alone, she was alone.

She was dead, well she assumed she was close to it.

Olive held her arms out in front of herself examining that she was indeed quite alive.

"Goku..." she whispered, the memory of dark piercing black eyes made a shiver run through her but he was gone now.

Was he? She questioned herself almost immediately, there was still a very high possibility that her intruder was still lurking around.

She wondered how he found his way into her bedroom, though ultimately she had a idea how.

She let out a sigh of uncertainty as she slid off of her bed, the fear ran fresh through her like it had never left from the night before. Olive peeked underneath her bed first, a chip of relief gave her reassurance when she found nothing but a small grey bundle asleep under her bed.

There's ravioli...

She went along the rest of her bedroom searching for her attacker that wasn't there. Looking behind her curtains, and closet, both areas remaining just as she left them. The aching anxiety that someone was there in her room began to subsided as her search came up short which was a good thing.

A growl escaped her lips, not out of frustration but confusion.

He was here... I know he was...

I. Am .Real. Those words were etched into her memory, his tone, his emotion and his ferocious expression. His face, oh god his face, that she wouldn't be able to forget.

She stood inside of her bathroom as she recalled the events, questioning if she was losing her sanity, her attacker was anime character, and Son Goku of all people. Who was severely pissed off at her, a unknown reason.

I sound insane she told herself, taping her fingertips along the porcelain sink, a habit she had when she was contemplating a situation.

Had last night been nothing but a nightmare? She had crazier dreams before, dreams were just the re-animation of what reality could have been. Not real, no matter how real it could feel. Just your mind losing its self in its own complicated sense of imagination.

She rarely doubted herself, a sense of insincerity if you may but if she did, just this once it would ease her nerves.

What she fret at that moment was something that could break reality, which was insane.

It must have been a dream...a super surreal one She thought to herself.

Olive chuckled to calm her own nerves, why the hell would Goku come at me anyway. I pose no threat to anyone, expect the people in my class who want the same thing I want, success and opportunity, which is how its always been for college before and after. Olive smiled, "I need to stay sober for now on, I'm practically shaking cause I thought I was attacked. Damn vodka dream, I tell ya." That was a reality. Olive closed her eyes, her chuckling increasing in each moment. He's not even a threat, just a drawing she reminded herself, he couldn't strangle me to death.

Olive racked her palm through her snow white hair, the strains of hair were wet. She had broke out into an intense sweat thinking about her near death. "Ugh I need a shower, I probably smell worse today than I looked yesterday."

Taking a sniff, she instantly grimaced, yeah I need a shower

She slowly shredded her clothing, tossing them into the hamper in the near corner.

Absent mindlessly Olive glanced at her reflection, she stopped and stared at her neck, there were light but fair bruises on her neck. Olive purse her lips into a light frown. "...shit ..." she hissed. Gently she brushed her hair upward from her neck, revealing more bruising that was shaped into a hand around her neck.

The difference between facts and opinions is abundantly clear, yet our mind and society fails to comprehend them, in more times than one. Facts are statements that are essentially true , people use them all the time, but they only remain facts if they can be proven physically that they are real, unlike opinions.

Olive had a hypothesis that she had been strangled.

And the fact that could back it was the evidence of dark ugly purple bruising on her neck.

In her opinion she was just still suffering the effects of hangover, but they don't last that long. Nor did they leave bruising around your neck.

That was a reality also.

A knock at her door made the Olive jump, she held her breath wondering who it might be.

"Olly, are we using your car or mine, I need to know so I can have the air conditioning running. Its like 108 degrees outside." India called out from behind her door.

Olive gathered herself before she responded, "Err...are we going somewhere?"

"Um class. Did you forget?"

Fuck! "No, I just thought it was a little early to be heading out." She lied while grabbing some clothing. Olive could her India sucking the air between her teeth.

"Olly its 45 till class starts, if anything its the ideal time to head out and grab a quick bite before class starts.." Olive could practically see India's palm resting on her forehead. Olive and Shelby were always running late for class, India grew up in a strict military household, so mornings were a bit nothing to her, if anything she found it a blessing that she only had to get up nine in the morning. She found it difficult the first few months of them living altogether because the lack of energy the house lack for time, hell she even went out if her way and bought the both of them alarm clocks. Which Olive wasn't sure if she had broken it or not," Unless you need ten minutes to get ready, I can call Annie to pickup donuts from the culinary class."

You mean steal. Olive chuckled silently, the culinary department and the art department were sort of rivals at the moment. "Y-Yeah sure that works...just remind Annie not to pester the culinary class, Ms. Malloy is already a bitch to deal with." Olive said while rolling her eyes.

Olive could hear India mutter in agreement, " Mk, just hurry up." She said before walking away, Olive could only intake a troubled sigh.

I forgot I had class...I need to get dressed

There was no way she could avoid class today, even with the boyfriend issues, and now this.

Granted her life could be very well endanger, scratch that it is endanger... she thought to herself. There was no bullshiting this.

Olive stared at her neck, the red and purple hand print etched into her pale caramel completion. She never realized how fragile it looked, given that she wasn't particularly a frail shaped girl.

How am I going to hide this? Many people would raise eyebrows and begin to question. Olive just lightly brushed her fingers against the raw surface of neck and hissed at the touch, it stung like a bitch.

She barely noticed since she awoke, only when she touched it is when it felt irritated against her skin.

"I guess some things can be real.." she muttered quietly to herself as if she needed to remind herself that it was reality that she was facing.

Olive knitted her brows together as she let the hot water hit her face and cascade down her body, a weary smile meeting her lips, she felt a fringe of happiness knowing that she got to meet her favorite character despite the circumstances.


He stood staring absent mindlessly as he dressed himself, stuck in deep thought. Silently his fingers button his shirt together, a simple dark grey button down shirt ironed straight to perfection, nothing quite his taste but a simple shirt would do ,nothing too classy or undervalued, just causal. Remembering how his wife would pester him about presentable dress for special occasions such as wedding or a get together, he did fair amount of whining he remembered saying 'he didn't see the point in it', but he fixed his collar a bit anyway, after year's of ignoring the thought of clothing efficacy he could appreciate its importance now.

Finally he glanced up at the mirror his neutral face held for the entire time twisted into a bitter scowl. It was a while before he finally spoke, "I see you have returned reader." he greeted quite calmly, but the look in his eyes gave away that he was truly frustrated.

Goku broke off into a silent mutter, whispering things only he was meant to hear. " ...I know at the beginning of this I vowed to finish my own personal vendetta...",he grabbed a hand full of hair gel coaxing it into the back of his thick black locks, smoothing it upwards, "I said I couldn't wait to snap her neck, and I was doing just as that. Her life was at the palm of my hand...yet.." The words were caught in his throat.

He couldn't bring it to himself so say it out loud, that he hesitated, that he failed. His fist clinched around the brush in his hand as he brushed his hair, it wasn't the first time he failed to kill an enemy, Frieza and Cell for example, but this felt different.

This was personal he thought, the thought that he let her go at the last moment made his skin crawl in regret, but so did seeing her eyes roll back as her body went limp, there was no satisfaction none what's so ever.

He stopped himself immediately while she still a pulse, he had laid her body down on the bed with such gentle care almost as he didn't feel disdainful intent.

He was only going to stay until her Ki seemed stable but caught himself staying longer, just watching the rise and fall of her chest, she seemed peaceful he thought.

He practically stay like that the whole night at the foot of her bed, staying till the mist of the early morning.

"I didn't kill her as you can see, third chapter and I feel it won't be the last... at least I can understand how Krillin felt.." he said that part mainly to himself as he recalled the event with arrival of the Saiyans. When Krillin held Yaijarobe sword with the intention of killing Vegeta, yet he prevented Krillin for doing so, a man who had played a part in many of his friends death's.

He pondered if Krillin held a grudge against him.

Goku just shook his head, now wasn't the time to dwell on the past. "I haven't completely drawn out a new plan, since I find myself in incapable in ending her life, I can't just simply do that, there's always a trick to these things."

He checked himself over in the mirror, his hair was now much more maintainable, he noted that he resembled his youngest with the way his hair was settled on his head only a bit longer. It drooped just a bit, of course he had to brush the locks to loosen up the spikes so they resemble normal hair, people would find it odd if his hair stood straight up. He grabbed a black beanie to finish the look.

Goku pursed his lips as he examined himself, he took a step back giving himself a full body run down. He looked at the mirror with a smirk embedded on his lips.

"I do say that I look rather stunning ...better than any fanart. Wouldn't you say reader?" He said with a wink.

The fourth wall breaker sighed, as he finished dressing.

"I should be heading out, something important is at hand." With that he turned to his leave, tossing a dark bunt orange jacket on his back as he left.


Olive and the girls made it to the college with enough time to spare, the girls ventured through the art department usually Olive would have join them for a walk but instead Olive sat her individual studio of the class. Her friends just assumed carefully that the white haired girl was just moody due to recent events.

Any normal day Olive would be energetic, on her feet to work on a project of some kind, she loved to get dirty with her work. There were so many fun memories in this classroom, yet she couldn't think of one to perk up her attitude. This classroom was a second home to her.

Olive tug at the dark grey scarf around her neck, it felt a little stuffy since it was hot as hell today, but a scarf was all she had that could cover her bruises. It matched her dark blue crop top and dark blue jean capris , she still got odd looks from her friends mainly out of concern. It was really hot.

She scolded herself not to bother it, draw less attention.

Maybe a project will ease my mind she thought, I do have enough time to go back and fix my half ass plot. She opened up her laptop just to do so. At first glance the file didn't seem recognizable but the more she read the more she realized. Olive grimaced at the plot points, the professors is going to have me beheaded for this shit, but no I have twenty five minutes to change all that.

Olive grabbed her headphones as she worked on her teams project that she was in charge of. The classroom its self only had four to five people inside, including herself at the moment, so it moderately quiet. It was a independent free zone for the most part, you could come as you go as long as your projects were being worked on.

After a few minutes her mind drifted away from the project, her energy felt sluggish. She didn't feel like working on anything, it seemed wrong knowing that her life was at risk. He could pop up any second, nothing was restraining him, or no one could restraint him.

She spun around in her chair starring at the white ceiling, I don't think I'm gonna get any work done today she thought dryly. She fix the major critical points of her story drawing away from a Tarzan theme it had possessed. It was still blurry how the idea came up.

The laptop was closed since the drive to write had vanish, she picked up her pencil and began to doodle nothing in particular.

Olive bit the inside of her lip, her mind drifting again," I wonder how he got here?" She thought out loud, it was the question that was pegging her mind. It could have possibly been the works of the Dragon balls, she had a hunch that Bulma wouldn't provide Goku a machine so he could kill someone. It was still was a vague mystery why he wanted her dead.

It was totally out of his character, she shivered thinking back to his smirk creepy as fuck, period. I bet it would have look sexy if he didn't have that "Here's Johnny!" Vibe.

Olive scrunched up her nose when looking down at her doodles. His dumb little face was drawn all through her paper. "Just fuck it." She tossed the pencil onto her desk, she needed fresh air, if she stayed in her studio she'll just keep thinking back to the thing, a endless cycle.

There's still no one here...odd, Olive could see a posted note stuck on the classrooms black board.

"Will be on maternity leave for a few days class, wife went into labor early than planned, so independent work for the next few weeks, except team 6, Olive get that shit done, I expect nothing but greatness my protégé ;)."

"Well that explains why he's not here, it's almost fifteen past, aww I'm his protégé hehe." She smirked, well at least I can ditch class for a coffee, my crew has seemed to have forgotten about me. Cool. She really wasn't bothered by it, she wanted to be alone for a few hours.

Olive walked out the department building, using her own pace as she walked. The day seem like any regular day, in the late July heat. I wonder if the front lobby's air conditioning is working, its only a blessing that the rest of the building has the machines working, Reaching the lobby she noticed big industrial fans were still placed near the lobby doors, blowing nothing but hot air, just perfect.

Olive dug her palms into her pockets to keep herself from ripping the scarf off, the sweat trickling down from the nape of neck was nerve racking.

She speed walk all the way to the commensary thankful for the indoor air conditioning, Olive tug a little at her scarf letting her neck breathe.

"Why the hell is it so hot?" She panted, ran her hand through her now curly hair. She wipe her sweat covered hand reluctantly on her jeans."Fucking sweat ruining my hair, ugh I can't fucking win can I."

"Jesus Olive you and your potty mouth." Olive jumped hearing another deep voice from behind her. She expected to see a towering six foot guy, in loud almost neon orange clothing but instead it was her boy friend Damien. FUUCK! That's just as bad!

Olive stared at him starstruck, her mouth hinged close as words were unable to surface. Damien stood over her by a good five inches a neutral smile on his lips, he wore pair of cargo shorts with a white wiftebeater on that was drenched in sweat. She knew he held a mask behind his smile.

" H-Hey." Olive barley whispered, as blush rose to her cheeks. His lips parted to speak but he backed out, words were hard to find.

"Hey yourself Olive." He finally said," I wasn't expecting to see you so soon." Meaning he wasn't trying to she her at all, avoiding me?

A awkward pause grew between them, both didn't know what to say. Her gaze averted away from his hazel eyes, settling on the ground instead. Damien shuffled uncomfortably,

"Y-You want something to eat?" he blurted.

At the mention of food her stomach rumbled, her cheeks flushed red at the embarrassing noise, she really couldn't reject the offer now, Olive offered a light smile ,"Sure babe."

Her boyfriend could only chuckle, she noted that it was forced. Grabbing her hand he guided their way to the cafeteria. He held her arms length away he glanced from the side of his eye before returning his glance to the commensarie. Her presence was bothering him she pointed out.

Damien was a chatter box, he had almost any story awaiting for his girlfriend when ever they would met up, Olive would barely get a word in ,not that she mind it, her world was boring in comparison. Damien had his own bad boy persona which meant acting like the cold tough guy with no emotion all the time, but when he was with her, his true character was brought out to life. Charismatic and over all sweat heart.

Knowingly Olive could sense his tension, he was moving awkwardly. I thought he would be angry at the least.

Once they took their seat after ordering food, she was hungry but really, the elephant in the room was keeping her from focusing from such. Her fork twirled around a noodle , she held her down afraid to look at him as she broke the silence.

"Um I'm sorry for not answering your calls...and texts.." She sounded like a child getting scolded when she spoke.

She felt Damien take a momentarily pause at eating, he then took a sigh as continued to eat.

"Took you long enough..." she could hear him mutter underneath his breath.

Olive bit the inside of her cheek looking back at him, the true emotions were breaking through his mask. He held a slight glare in his hazel eyes, he was hurt.

"I know some more l-less honorable things occurred um that night. Which I fully apologize for." She said briefly skipping over particular details in her apology, which didn't go unnoticed.

"For what?" He asked throwing Olive off guard. Damien's glare and dormant anger was growing as he repeated himself, "For what are you apologizing for dear?"

"I don't u-understand what you mean." Shit he's getting frustrated.

Her boyfriend gently placed his food aside, seemingly losing his appetite, though it was clear neither were really hungry.

"Are you apologizing for what you did when you were drunk or sober?"

Oh so that's what he meant, the young adult's jaws clinched. A simple I'm sorry wasn't gonna fix everything like she thought, he wanted a direct apology of something particularly she did that night. If Olive had to guess it was when she was sober, which she couldn't recall. She couldn't exactly give him a value answer.

"W-When I drunk and sober Damien." Olive said vaguely.

"I can't exactly remember what I did, I'm going by hear say from the girls." She explained as she tucked a white strain of hair behind her ear.

"That's just rich Olive." He sneered," I can't remember excuse, just Fucking rich. So in other words your apology is just half ass, you don't care."

The white haired girl frowned, "No I do care, the fact that I'm apologizing even though I have no recollection of that night, means I do care. I know that I acted out in a way that hurt you so I'm gonna apologize." Damien suddenly jarred his finger at Olive as a growled escaped his mouth.

"Yet you wait almost three days to apologize! And just for what a empty sorry."

"Because I knew you would react like this." She hissed, forcibly she pushed his hand out her face. The couple stared silently at each other . Sorry is never enough with you.

He opens his mouth to retort but shakes his head in silent frustration, there was something he wanted say, the words were at the tip of his tongue yet he found himself unable to speak.

His eyes met hers for a brief second, in the small glimpse she could see regret.

Olive felt the ting in her heart seeing that expression, he was right about her apology, there was really no meaning to a apology if you know don't know what your apologizing for.

It was empty.

She reached across the table gently grabbing Damien's elbow. Forming a soft comforting smile to ease the tension, and for moment it worked. His shoulders seemed to ease at her touch and his eyes softened.

"Damien I promise you the day we became official that I would be truthful, no secrecy. I-I know...I have my faults. But please believe me when I say I have no memory of that night. "

He remained silent as Olive spoke, ingesting her words carefully. She let a pregnant pause grow watching Damien analyze wither he believed his girlfriend.

"Maybe if you told me, i could understand where your coming from. You do have a point on what your saying, and if you tell me what I did i-"

"W-Which I'm not Olive." Damien bit out in a whisper, stopping Olive in her tracks. "Believe me I wish it were that easy... but ..."

Its not she heard him trail off.

She tighten her gentle grip on Damien," Damien if you li-"

Damien cut her off again, prying her hand off of him, "It was nice seeing you Olive, but I have to go don't ignore your consequences," He abruptly stood from his chair preparing to leave. She turned her head away as he gather his belongings, a stubborn lump forming in her throat.

So like that its over...I told him I was sorry, but it wasn't enough. Her thoughts swarmed .

Before he turned to leave he surprised his girlfriend with a gesture, grabbing her hand that he had just move and kissing it tenderly.

His trademark that made him the gentle man he was, the kiss on the hand was his way of saying Farwell without words.

And without fail despite his abrupt leave, he leaned down pecking her temple ever so tenderly.

"Call me when you have something to apologize for my dear." He whispered Into her ear before leaving.

Yet so bitter in his sweet gestures.

Olive could only mindlessly nod as she fought off the burning sensation in her throat. Olive pursed her trembling lips into a thin line.

She wouldn't cry, she should have expected this, she thought to herself.

This is what happens when you avoid conflict, so don't start crying now. Especially in public Olive. she scolded herself to turn her self pity into self hate.

Self made coping mechanism.

Family therapist says its unhealthy, but that's besides the point.

From the corner of her eye she could see Damien slip out the commensarie. A glare formed on her face, though she was in the wrong, partly in the wrong. She shook her head, It doesn't matter if I waited or not to say sorry, he would have reacted the same..

Hell if Damien wasn't as stubborn, I'm sure we could have talked it out. I was drunk for gods sake! Everyone knows I can't handle my drinks.

Olive wiped her face of the traitor of a tear that rolled down her face, scowling that she had shown weakness, in public.

She inhaled weakly, she was in public she remind herself.

She was going back and forth with herself, not good.

The raw bruises itched under the scarf, reacting against the heat and nervous sweat.

"Just fuck my life."

She hadn't planned on seeing her boyfriend today but she should have, she was naive to think she wouldn't see him, and that he would be so compliant.

Especially when I don't know what I'm apologizing for...

Her head sunk to her elbows on the table, "Ugh , I need a break." She continued to mumble in coherent things to herself as she sat alone at her table, thinking of the possibilities to jog her memory.

Being lost her own thoughts she didn't take note someone had sat at the table with her. That said person observed quietly wondering what exactly was wrong with her and as to why they hadn't been acknowledged.

The mention of Her partner made their eyebrows rise in curiosity.

Him again..

He cleared his throat before speaking, "Boy troubles again?"

He watched as her concentration was interrupted, her eyes blinked , puzzling at his voice before recognizing the new comers voice.

She froze, while he took a look of amusement, "Don't tell me you forgot already?" He said as if he were disappointed. Olive went Ridged as she stared into the eyes of her attacker, his dark pools looked emotionless as the night before, he held a dark grin on his handsome face.

It was really him in broad daylight, sitting across a table with her with a smug look on his face, it sent chills down her spine knowing how out of character it was, especially for his clothes. They were so causal yet proper for him, he would never dress like this, some would have to force him, but assuming so that he was alone, he wore these clothes willingly and was quite comfortable.

She continued to study the saiyan and his 'disguise', his hair really had her attention. The normal spiky locks were luscious thick wavy hair that was brushed to the side and where the rest of his head was covered by a black beanie, Olive presumed that he took a lot of time and gel to present himself, there were still little spiky kinks that remained but she couldn't help but be put off by this. Not that his appearance was irksome just the drive for the amount of effort he put into it. For me?

Her voice was caught in her throat once again.

"Goku Olive, its Goku remember, say it with me," he mocked merrily, "For a writer you have not much to say Olive."

The mentioning of Olive being a writer seemed to break her out her spell, " How do you know that?" Only a select few knew about her side hobbies and what they consisted of.

Goku clicked his tongue as he tenderly leaned over the table to wipe a tear from her cheek. She froze at his close touch, the last time he was this close is was when he was strangling her to death.

"It doesn't matter how I know, just that I know, and for a very long time." She gritted her teeth lightly, she could tell he knew her stories were all about him, of course.

Olive averted looking up, taking a good look around her surroundings, the commensarie was pack with individuals,

there's to many witness for him to try anything.

Goku beamed brightly knowing she was scoping the area," Aww don't worry , I won't try anything like last night. Not here anyway, your safe." He placed his hands behind his back with a carefree smile.

She remembered as a child sitting in front the tv way past her bed time watching countless tapes of Dragon ball, a hand stuffed in bag of cheesy puffs while a toy lion rested in her lap. As a seven year old this became the norm, humming to the intro with goofy smile mimicking the main character who had saved the day. Simpler moments in dark times.

Afterwards her brother would kick her out of his room and tell her to stop picking the locks so she could watch tv along with other curse words but still she smiled like the orange dressed hero.

Looking at him in person face to face would have been a dream come true back then but unfortunately his smile held uncertainty and death.

And it through her for a Fucking loop, nothing makes sense anymore!.

"So your just gonna wait till I'm alone and vulnerable again?W-Why do you want to kill me? I didn't do anything?" She said shifting in her chair uncomfortably.

"Was I not clear before, I said there would be no more attempts to kill you." He reassured, "That would go against my morals." She could only scoff, morals, he is the one to talk.

He gave her a look, " I'm pretty sure you quiet familiar with my morals, you do write them even make a few changes to make me look appealing In your image. So excuse me if their a little misconstrued." He said placing his hands behind his head in Goku like fashion.

"You mean out of one of the billions of fan writers you blame me for your fucked up decisions. " Goku just shrugged, "mhm"

"That's bullshit, y-you can't just blame me indirectly for your choice to stalk me out at night in the attempt to murder me. I'm not even one of the fucked up writers." She hissed, she felt very peeved that he was pointing the finger at her for his horrible morals.

He rolls his eyes.

Olive could feel her knuckles clench "Yes I can, it's as simple as that Olive. Hasn't anyone told you that your actions have consequences, you can't run away from me like you do everything else. You can go denied it but it will still continue to be a problem for you and me."

Olive could feel the vain in her head start to throb, fuck the consequences.

"What problem!? As far as I'm concerned I'm problem free." she growled at the fighter, "where ever you're going with this it, y-your not going to blame me for anything. If you are who you say you are, than more than likely You brought it on yourself, but your too selfish and dimwitted to realize that and unfortunately others have to suffer because of it. I will not be one of those people, There's already a massive collective of conflict in my life already...", Olive huffed, she didn't care that he was a super powered alien at the moment, just sitting down as he continued to justify why his actions were right were just blasphemy. Consequences! A whole Fucking arc was dedicated to your poor choices. Universes got erased!

Though in hindsight she should have tread lightly with her words, the man wasn't himself.

"I would appreciate if you take your issues elsewhere and fuck off." With that being said she a stood up from her seat ,giving him the finger as she left the commensarie.

Goku watched as she stormed off with a slight amused look mix with annoyance, he closed and opened his pursed lips with a popping sound, " Well she just flipped me off didn't she heh. So bad for playing nice." Her last gesture wasn't what peeved him at all, more of what she said and denied.

He took a deep breath as he thought coaxing thoughts to contain his rising anger,

Remember I can't just kill her...

Goku flexed his calloused hands together as he pounder on what to do with the white hair minx. So much to do. He thought as he turned nothing in particular.

He winked with a cheeky grin as he raised two fingers to his temple.


Olive continued to march through campus rampaging past groups of students who stood in her way. On any other day she would have apologized for intruding , but today was not like any other day, she had to leave now.

I have to get in the car, I'm clearly not gonna get any school work done today. She thought nervously, the girls were more going to be pissed for leaving them but Olive felt she was running low on options at the moment, running away was a option, not the best but the quickest.

After exiting the commensaire Olive realized a little too late who exactly she was talking, her anger quickly replaced with anxiety.

She slapped her forehead as she broke out into a slight jog as she reached the parking garage,

"I can't believe I just flipped off one of the most op motherfuckers of anime."

She a physical reminder around her neck of what he was capable of, and how much her life truly meant, with a flick of his wrist she's done for.

Olive continued to hit her forehead repeatedly as she walked up the levels to her car, besides her muttering quietly to herself it was unusually quiet. There were bound to be a few people pulling up to attend class, the levels lack the faint smell of cigarette smoke or distant aroma of marijuana, not even the annoying couple that made out all the time were in there incognito corner, just instead it was quiet, that didn't settle with her.

Taking them from her purse she stumbled with the keys, her maroon Kia soul was parked right at corner, covered in the dark shadow.

She tugged at her scarf in relief, she was almost there.

Olive fumbled a bit with door as she crawled inside her car.

Her ears were flooded by the sound of her pounding heart, she rested her forehead on the steering wheel feeling light headed with combination of heat, paranoia and overall stress from both completely different situations.

She unwrapped the scarf from her neck and tossed it into the passenger side, the dark grey cloth had thankfully done its purpose despite the discomfort.

She sat there with her forehead rested on her steering wheel for awhile trying to forget everything, the party, the day at Starbucks, last night, college, all the incidents in the commensaire, her past, anything and everyone she needed to escape from.

Escaping to bigger problems lately.

She her wiped the tears and drove home.

Olive turned on the Bluetooth on her dashboard letting the songs play randomly on her playlist, her song went through a range of rock, hip hop, techno,ect. And to relieve her stress she needed to listen to it all, through completely skipping past any instrumentals related to Dragon, trying her best to forget it all.

Yet all she could do was think about him, it was truly unfortunate that she couldn't enjoy that he was real , a living ,breathing, talking man. Its everyone dream to live in a fantasy world let alone a person from one. And boy did her dream come true but not in the way she would have intended. He had to be Fucking evil.

He still hasn't stated why he intends t-no was intending to kill me. His motive is even more unpredictable when he's out of character.

Suddenly a light when off In her head, he mentioned about me being a writer, and Altering his decisions. So he has something against fanfic writers, but me in particular.None of my content is really wicked, I may have made his character ...different. He's a tad bit yandery growing in his character development in Transparent , and I still don't know what I'm doing in the looking glass.

Olive clicked her tongue, it was clear she did something that enraged him, his peculiar attitude was just enough to show her that. His existence alone raised eyebrows.

S-Still it doesn't explain why, or what is happening.I'm nothing special, so why me, and why now.

People have been writing crazier stories about the franchise even before I was born.

There was a loud interruption from the vibration of her phone, Olive lost her posture on the steering wheel for a moment before correcting her self on the road.

If anyone were to ask about her driving Olive would answer truthfully that she wasn't perfect, too easily distracted with sounds, that why she preferably drove alone and sat in passenger if she was in a group.

"Shit!" She hissed at her skittish mood, the young adult glanced over at the phone to see a non too happy text from Shelby.

Had to take the bus -_-, not cooking for a week. India says thank you 'hoe biscuit.' Nothing to threatening, but enough to feel like shit. I've been driving around for three hours... the time has flown by without her even noticing.

Today was supposed to be a better day, but it just ended up being shitter than the last two days. Fuck.

Olive tossed her phone next to the scarf, becoming silent as the things she tried to forget in the car came all back. Her shoulders began to shake before breaking out into tireless chuckles," Just fuck my life, my relationship is fucked, my career is sunk-fucked. I can't even handle my alcohol, which probably isn't surprising if I'm honest. Animes grand og is pissed! Hahah and I could give less fucks, cause I'm just gonna keep going! "

"You don't say?"

Oliver's car swerved into the middle of road for a second time after hearing Goku's voice speak out from behind her. Where the Fuck!

Various cars honked and swerved out of control to avoid a head on collision with Olive's car. She cursed as she tried to correct her mistake while the sound of Screeching tires flooded her eardrums.

Her eyes widen on one car that didn't find away around, heading straight for her, like a deer in headlights she froze ultimately preparing for overwhelm pain.

Then suddenly a hand gripped the steering wheel jerking her car violently into the correct lane not before her head snapped back just a quick.

Olive felt as if time slowed and her vision become distorted, effects of whiplash and shock. The young adult fail to comprehend what words Goku was saying but knew that he had took over the wheel from the passenger seat somehow.

She was in a spell of vertigo, losing and gaining consciousness of the world around her.


Olive flinched when a flash of fingers snapped her back to reality, "Are you alright?", she finally heard him say, there was concern laced in his voice.

"D-Dizzy...but fine..." she groaned as she sat up. She was sitting on a bed she realized, not in her car.

Wait...that was Goku... and this room is too dim to be my room...gosh Damn it I got kidnapped!

Goku lifted her chin looking over her ,"Hn" he grunted.

"W-Where am I ?" She spoke softly.

He was silent before he answered, purposefully be late to respond, "In a apartment apartment." he said as if to confirm himself.

He took a seat next to her as he raised his hands up to her eye level. She jerked back when he regenerated Ki into the of his index finger, gingerly he cupped her face with the other hand reeling her back.

"I'm not going to hurt you..."He said with a sigh, "I'm trying to see if you have any further damage...just follow the light with your eyes.." He instructed her in calm tone, it was obvious he was tad uncomfortable.

His hands were warm she noted, silently enjoying the touch yet equally worried that he would use the opportunity to crush her jaw bone for earlier, helplessly she nodded.

She did as he asked following the bright Ki on his finger, he pulled away his index finger staring at her pulps then grunted to that she was ok, but continued to stare. Olive waited for the moment he would let go but it never happened. She couldn't help but notice how docile he was.

His hand hesitated to break its grasp, almost as if he didn't want to stop? A light blush appeared at her cheeks when she felt his thumb caress her face, he must've not realize he what he was doing, just lost in a empty trance, his dark eyes were hazed over and had soften. Then suddenly gaining his train of thought he let go.

He had a look of frustration when turned away, knitting his brows together as he were conflicted.

Olive continued to blushed feeling a bit mystified what was that?

Goku stood up abruptly walking over to the counter to grab cup to drink.

Ignoring him as well she took a look at where exactly she was being held. The room she was in had dark curtains that banished any sunlight, she was currently sitting on a simple bed with black dresser next to it, candles were light randomly in the room. Making the room much more anyomus and creepy, other than that the room she was in was just that.

Olive spotted a very heavily packed backpack off to the corner, I wonder what is in there...

Her eyes shifted to the corner of her eyes, Goku was still gone. Quickly she scampered off the bed to the backpack, she threw glanced over her shoulder while grumbling with the zipper to open. "Why is the zipper so hard to open..." She grunted as she pried the bag open, she squinted her eye's with the lack of light in the room it was hard to tell what exactly was in there.

A too familiar glint caught her eye, a dragon ball along with three more magical orbs sat collectively in the bag." Well I'll be da-" she began before Goku's deep soft voice made her jump.

"Do you always go through people's belongings after they save you or am I just special?" Goku interrupted with a sarcastic remark for catching Olive snooping, he held his hand out for Olive to hand it over to him.

Olive handed over bag blushing, she sat back on the bed feeling like a kid with their hand stuck in the cookie jar. " be fair your the only reason I need saving, all in all your just contradicting your actions."

He only shrugged his shoulders in agreement after relocating the bag." So it seems." He stood against the wall with his arms crossed just silently looking, his form seemed calm but his face was cross vexed.

"I waited for you to realize I was in the car with you but you never did ...well until after what you said I made myself known," he said frowning.

Damn I suck at surviving, he was back there the whole time?! Olive felt like a idiot, Goku wasn't exactly a small dude, she should have felt his presence.

"I thought You'd be spook just a bit ...but I didn't expect you to lose control of the car like kept blacking out after you hit you hit your head, so I brought you here." He flexed his hands into a fist, "you seem to be alright."

"Why are you helping me ...I thought-"

"I'm just doing as I go...its not clear to me what I'm doing with you either, so just bear..."

Olive could only frown, "...,so you just want me to wait until you feel what is the right thing to do?" She growled. "This is my life your hanging on the line! I still don't even know what I'm being punish for, not one single person has taken the time to explain that to me what horrible things I do."

He racked his thick locks, sighing deeply, "I guess your right, it does seem unfair. I have just went by actions alone, although my plan was just to kill you...but I can't." He admitted, "Did you ever think to just confront me with words? Did that ever cross your mine that you can't always answers things with your fist."

He rolled his eyes nor caring for his last comment,"Like I said before it was never in intention to keep you alive...and i see now that was wrong...I apologize." The girl shrugged her shoulders, it wasn't a decent one considering what all had happened but she ultimately had no room to complain, the super powered saiyan was still in control.

He needs help, she felt a little voice in her head say. Olive took a deep breath, feeling that she was going to regret this.

"...I accept your apology. I probably shouldn't but its clear something is wrong, if there is something I did ...I would like to help correct my mistake." God knows I've done enough ignoring shit. Start some where even if it is the anime character who dislikes you.

Goku's shifted his eyes to the ground, "I'm giving you my word that I won't kill you, but I can't promise that my temper would be to your favor sunshine, like I was trying to tell you before we have a problem. Not just me ..or you the both of us."

He slowly strolled over towards Olive placing his hands on her shoulders, she held her breath when he locked her eyes into a intense look with his," You need to forget everything else, Damien is the least of your problems, he is insignificant to how major this connection is between us... forget him and any thing before and after him. My sanity is at stake."

Sanity? A picture of a different genocidal pysciopath saiyan popped in her head, it sent shivers down her back, knowing it would be impossible to stop him. He can break the fourth wall, even my side will feel the wrath... a Fucking Goku black..buts its a literal evil Goku... The whole spiel of inferior humans had yet to be spoken so she suspected this was the real deal.

"How so...d-does it have something to deal with what you said earlier. A writing gets in your head?" She asked trying to understand.

He sighed, "Yea and no... the stories do contribute...uhh l-let me explain this. I can see stories that are dragon ball related wither it be Au or a crossover, just literally anything. "


"Even Yaoi?" She blurted.

He closed his eyes as a red haze covered his cheeks, "Unfortunately way don't go there in Monographs." Olive sweatsdropped nervously. Fuck

" promises."

Goku held his tongue, "back to the topic your are not the only person stories that I'm aware of but you are the only one who I can't shut off."

"You can shut people off?" She repeated.

He nodded.


"Its a type of physic ability that allows me to see into your world... almost like a radio single...I don't exactly know the quirks to it, but I can ignore the miscellaneous things that is out there and before you ask I'm the only one whom has this and is suffering the effects, but your different ...your like me."

Olive tilted her head , "Different...I'm just ...I'm just me."

Goku sucked his teeth, " Believe me if you were normal I wouldn't be wasting my time talking to you." He said bitterly. "So be grateful that your special..sure as hell makes my life peachy." He said sarcastically.

Olive rolled her eyes. Lucky me.

The warrior removed his hands digging them into his coat pockets walking around the room.

"What's so special about me carrot top?" She asked back dryly and boldly, he let out a softly chuckle before answering.

"Your thoughts can break...more like repeal the boundary between worlds and in lame mans terms program personalities memories, and preferences into my own." Olive looked over her palms as he went on further,

"Even your aura is different." He said softly," your power level is normal for a human, but it spikes at abnormal moments like when your sleeping, when it does feels like your Ki is etching into my brain and it can be felt all the way to the other world. "

She felt the pit in her stomach turn a bit, "Does it hurt?" Her brown eyes softened a bit when he turned away.

He did want to answer her, it wasn't a answer that she needed nor would it make him feel any better about the situation, he ignored the question, leaving it in the air to fade.

Olive pursed her lips it does something...

"Are the others helping you?"

He shook his head, "No. They know nothing I've kept them in the should the same... highly recommend that you do that. No matter how concern they are don't say anything. I would not like to add body's to my list...I'm sure you wouldn't either..." he said in a deep threatening tone.

She narrowed her eyes at the quick switch in his behavior she noted for awhile now that he would be vex and aggressive out of nowhere in conversation, he was just calm a minute ago and now threatening her.

Olive placed her hands on her hips with the roll of her eyes, "You don't have to threaten me to get your point across Son Goku,'ve already done that with me and I don't appreciate that."

Goku could only let a grin resurface his handsome face, " like I said before Sun shine I won't kill you, but threats are uncertain. I'm in a mood every waking moment thanks to you."

Olive scoffed "Oh so yesterday , what type of mood would you call that?"

Goku licked his lips before chuckling, the type of chuckling that made the air tense.

"My mood changes a lot, one day I'm fine, next I'm raging about, I remember things I shouldn't...I've had to seclude myself from others afraid that I would hurt them, like the way I hurt you..because put something in me that i hated the most about you...its lo-" Goku clenched his mouth shut from continuing, growling as he faced her directly. Olive could see the mood had changed in his personality, the perils white canines snarled at her while the hair slowly breathed into its original state. She yelped at what Goku did next.

Goku suddenly after imaged in front of Olive forcing her against the bed, his hand grasping her neck. Held a slight bemused grin as he brought their faces closer until they were just a hair apart. Olive began to panic afraid the same events would be repeated," I was in the mood to were the prey of my high last night, you brought it on your self really. when you had the audacity to be writing a-about me again..its was like you knew i was in the room...that really pissed me off that put that emotion in my head...and the more I ignore it ..,the more I have the urge to destroy." Olive shook in fear as she listen to him blame her. "I really owe it to you for cursing me this way...hehe." The man wasn't fully choking the girl only applying enough pressures to restrain her against her will, having a crazed look in his eyes as he did.

Olive looked into his eyes searching for slither of sanity, he's Fucking lost in a Damn trance, fuck! "G-Goku your hurting me...Goku, let go!" She rasp through her lips, he just continued to stare at her as she kept calling out name.

She attempted to lift his arm once again only to give up, I need to break him out the trance.

"K-Kakarot! Let. go." She choked out on a wilm.

The both of his eyes furrowed as he broke out of his trance, Hearing his saiyan name did the trick apparently. Realizing that he had Olive a breath away on the bed he released the girl, scampering of the bed with look of betrayal, betrayal in his own self that terrified him. "I-I did meant to...I just switched... ...this is what I meant by programming..."

Olive tuned out the warriors rambling, realizing how uncontrollable the situation was going to be, Goku acted like he knew himself but he didn't, he was just afraid of the madness just as she was. Even if he was in control, it wasn't a guarantee she was safe, he still held a disdain for her.

But just then when she called out his birth name he broke into his normal self or what remaining part there was.

"Goku... just shut up." Olive breathed between breaths, she struggle to stand up on her feet as the throbbing in her neck grew"...I got to go." She whispered, trying to stumble past the man. Olive was scared out of her mind that he would pounce into another fit, but she had just found leverage.

"Where do you think your going?" He asked.

Olive just ignored him as she picked up her pace to the door but like a stubborn saiyan he pulled her back," where are you going?" He said more firmly.

"HOME!" Olive screamed, she began to frantically kick as he restrained her by the arms. "Let me go!"

Goku sighed as he carried her back to the room, " No, your not safe out there."

Olive have him a bewildered look," The fuck I am! You j-just tried to kill me you bi-polar ass hole! " She continued to scream , fighting as hard as she could though she knew it would amount to nothing. Goku just carried her without effort, she barely had enough energy in first place. " Olive your going to wake the neighbors!" He warned her.

" Kakaro-" Goku muffled her mouth with his palm before she could finish that word. He narrowed his eyes at the girl, "You know the only person who was able to stop me was Vegeta, and now you."

He do the deeply, " as much as I dislike your presence sunshine I have to expand my hospitality, your stay has been extended. " He whispered softly into her ear.

Olive felt her heart drop, No !No! No!

She looked up to see his hand swooped down to chop her neck before everything went black.