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Warning: hints at sexual activity and mentions of kidnapping


She was always curious as to why her father always held some secrets away from her, each question that slipped out her mouth ever since she was young was always brushed to the side or ignored.

It is a very sensitive topic she realizes now, death was always a sensitive topic. There were too many instances that suggest that her father was lying about their family past. There were family photos that were taken before her time, none showed anyone with her features or of her mother's, nor were there any photos taken of her mother.

Eventually, he caved in and gave her the answer, Death had taken her.

She had figured that much, it was a morbid thing to believe but it could be only reason if her lack of presence. Then the question was of how it took her?

She remembered when she asked the following after years of build up curiosity. His words struggled to meet his lips and time around him seemed to stop, his dark orbs finally settled upon her Brown ones it wanted to cry out for a way to stop the integration, as it was bringing the pain. She stopped questioning her father after that, it was painfully useless to ask a father to relive a tragic moment he had gotten over for the sake of his daughter.

The young girl brushed her snow-white hair behind her hoodie as it started to rain, she didn't need any evidence that she was outside at any point, if her hair were to be wet her father could tell instantly that she had left the house as she was under 'House Arrest', and the bathroom was nowhere near her bedroom. There would be no telling what the repercussions would be if he found out, but she was too stubborn like her father to ignore what was calling out for her, the truth.

The young teen peruse her lips into a line as she began picking the locks to a building she had snuck off too, it was her father's workplace, she knew her father kept very precious items at work when they were too dangerous for the house. If she couldn't find anything about her Maternal part of her past from her father then there had been something here, even if it was just a single simple picture, something was better than nothing.

She had more questions than answers for her father now, but she knew it would be up to her if she wanted the truth. No matter how dreadful.


It was dark when Olive found herself walking among the trees of the forest. Olive looked up to see that the treetops never ended until it made it to the darkening sky, she didn't remember it being that high.

A familiar whisper from with the Forest made her turn around, it came from behind her and slithered back into the thick of the trees. The young girl could feel the wind pick up through under her dress and pass her legs, her skin shivering at the cool brisk.

Olive stumbled as she tried to walk, her eyes flickered towards her bare foot landing on a branch. No socks or shoes? The grass was just barely wet from the midnight dew. She continued to walk barefoot though she could barely make out what was ahead of her thankfully the pouring moonlight that spilled down in the forest made a path for her to follow, it wasn't much but her eyes had something to focus on as she stumbled aimlessly.

She didn't remember why or how she had gotten to the thick of the woods, especially at this time of day and alone for reasons unknown.

The quiet music of soft footsteps and chirping crickets singing a theme for the moon above.

She wasn't supposed to be outside but she knew she wasn't going back until she found something. Something was missing.

Her heart suddenly began to thumb at an accelerating rate, fear-fueled her senses making the hairs on her body rise. She could feel that something was coming for her, it was the something she was searching for. But it found her instead?

She felt her feet start running to where she did not know, she ran like this for what it seems like hours. That something was a bad thing?

Olive ran until a hand jerked out from behind her and took hold of her shoulder.

"My love where are you going?" A whispered broke through the silence.

Olive was jerked awake right away from her dream, her eyes blinked a bit as her eyes try to adjust to light deemed surroundings. It was no longer midday as she remembered, it was around the early hours of a new day.

Olive sat up slowly before peeling the book pages stuck to her cheeks off, the morning due soaked the ancient books just lightly.

I can't believe I fell asleep outside She thought with a yawn. She was still in the same spot right next to her bag and books on top of the big rocks.

Olive made a mental note not to fall asleep outside again, there is no telling what animal could have come across her sleeping form and harmed her. Unlike her Alien 'partner' she couldn't fight off tigers and bears.

Ugh, I better get inside.

Olive plucked two pedestals from a purple flower from the ground, use each pedestal she placed them on the fold of each book to mark where she was last before heading back to the house and take a shower.

Once in the house, She figured she wasn't going back to sleep as her mind was pretty wired from her dream.

It was a dream she hadn't had in a while, no since her late childhood, Olive in all couldn't call it a dream it was more of a childhood nightmare. She didn't know where that nightmare, in particular, stemmed off from, her family therapist told her stress could cause nightmares. She found it ironic that she had reoccurring nightmares about the forest yet had never set foot into one...well until as of yesterday that was.

Olive pursed her lips into a frown as she stepped out of the shower and looking through a glass mirror, her hair had begun to grow to pass its bob cut length, if she was back home she would have gotten it cut.

Her fingers tampered with her wet kinky curls, "I guess it won't be too bad, as long as it doesn't grow uneven like last time." She muttered to herself.

It is dumb to worry about the little petty stuff Olive, you have a whole disoriented Saiyan laying in the other room. Hair is the lest of your problems...well at least you're in, the second he turns blonde as simple as its game over. Olive scolded her self mentally in third person.

Her mind was slowly drifting off to the Saiyan and how she really felt, conflicted. Mad and guilty.

She wasn't a negative person per se but She wasn't optimistic either, she was realistic.

Being realistic meant you could see from two perspectives, not the pros and cons just the main objective. That's how she had to look at it.

Olive blew out a breath, her head was starting to hurt."My mind is everywhere this morning, I need to start on meditating to clear my thoughts. " She also needs to do this so it would help with her Ki training, Olive had practically finished both books yesterday. She just needed to put her studying into physical training.

After getting dressed she picked a room far from The Saiyan's and begun her secretive training


Later that day

Olive walked out of her room to take a quick lunch break, she had been stuck in her room for about more than ten hours meditating. She was surprised she had been able to make such progress in the little time she had been here. She was on the grasp on feeling her own Ki. It felt good to focus to train on a spiritual level.

Although she did have to say it was almost unnatural how natural this was becoming to her.

It took real master artists years of trial and error, yet she was on the brink of manipulating her own Ki and maybe after this she would focus on how to externality express it.

A.k.a Ki blasts, I doubt I'll try it though. Though my Ki might be high I lack the strength to back it up. Settling for Ki sensing would be less suspicious as well, I don't need Goku chastising me for breaking the deal or even betraying him. Speaking of which, I haven't heard anything from him since he went to sleep yesterday.

Olive looked at the clock, "It's lunchtime, I'm sure he's hungry." She stopped In front of the kitchen, she let out a frustrated growl as she couldn't stop thinking about the Damn man. She was really hungry and didn't want to make any detours, then again she and the Saiyan had plans to talk about.

Olive changed the destination to the other side of the house where Goku's room was. She hasn't heard even much of a peep from him while she was mediation, she was too deeply engrossed in.

She knocked hesitantly upcoming to his door, when she received no answers she knocked a little harder, she repeated this twice before she gave up but not entirely ready to open his door just yet. She placed her ear against the door to try and see if she could hear him, and that she could hear very loud snoring coming for the other side of the door.

He's still asleep.

Olive figured to go ahead open his door but decided not, he needed his rest, head nearly been awake for five months for whatever reason the link between them had him up for. She practically had to trick him into the bed yesterday because of his stubbornness.

He'll wake up eventually there's no need to rush him.

Now at the time she thought of this, she had estimated Goku to sleep for the rest of the day and be awake by the next morning. She couldn't have been more wrong about that.



Dad is at it again with the constant work hours, I think he's still angry from our last argument, avoiding the topic of the moment. I tried asking around my family on my father's side but it was to no use, their lips were just as tight as my fathers, my brother simply ignores the presence of the issues and roll on to the next topic.

Speaking of which Big brother will be the topic of today's entry, it would be the second this year.

As you know diary me and my brother have different mother's, and there is a huge age gap between us so we don't get along quite as my dad wants, even though I am Daddy's little girl he buts little effort in making sure his children have a strong relationship anymore not as he did before. Big brother has terrible nack of shifting air to make it Less of an effort to talk to me.

It used to piss me off when he did that, it's his trend just to dress it up nicely, with fathers nervous but charming grin to make me feel guilty for asking him anything, it started as something unintentional trait he inherited from dad but soon became an invasive to his leverage at his will.

Like my study's for instance, its the only thing he's willing to about besides the times before my mother and me. But that's big brother got ya, the distant relative he likes to act like, in all honesty, I think he just doesn't like me...no no more like unsettled by my existence. He isn't mean to me, he's an actual sweetheart and awkward, but doesn't stand the likes of me, it bothers him. He has never openly voiced these opinions towards me but it quite obvious, big brother kinda wears his heart on his sleeve.

Since the arguments been growing more frequently between me and our father he's actually trying to get to know me, the open void of a father figure was grown each day as my father worked long hours to stay away. It's very lonely staying in a house with no family to confide to. I guess big brother noticed Dad lack of parenting and decided to come over the other day.

Big brother none the less makes it awkward, I really try no effort in making small talk, I first assumed he's only over here because of his wife, as she is the only reason he comes by to visit.

He admits that is one of the reasons, but mainly for pity and guilt. Shortly after that, he left.

I'm sorta unsure how I feel about it now, it doesn't make me feel better or gives me a boost of confidence so dashed and confused.

I should finish this entry I can hear Big brother knocking at the door now.

Peace out

- O.S.


A week and a half go by and the Saiyan is still in a deep sleep, his body was not going to budge. Olive had tried various attempts to wake his ass up such as Yelling, yelling about food, Slapping him, pouring cold water over him, Putting food near his nose, threatening him with needles.

She even manages to uncover his tail that was coiled around his waist, she attempted to yank the son bitch but to no luck, he remained asleep. It was only a matter of time before the Saiyan defecated and she wasn't sure she could handle such.

Olive stood over his bed staring down at his sleeping form, his face was all so ever relaxed so unaware of her attempts to wake him. There was a childlike innocence surrounding his face as he slept, his skin and face now glowed even more than before, his strong handsome features stood out more now that he was resting, that really irritated her.

It was Going on two weeks since she crossed worlds and since Goku slipped into a deep sleep, and was going in three weeks since she met the Saiyan in the Starbucks parking lot.

She hadn't had a decent amount of sleep since they first crossed paths, she had been strangled, knocked out, gotten whiplash from almost crashing, and she had been having horrible nightmares. The grown man who was twice her age was having pleasant dreams, though it was her that made him get some rest she still felt cheated at the quality he was receiving. Her face bunched up as she tried to contain the internal anger that was boiling up inside her, there was so much that had to discuss in order to fix what was between them, yet he slept.

Olive's fist shook with emotions, she had a hunch that she had a Majin Buu deep sleep situation going on, meaning there would be no way of waking his ass up until his body felt like it and that could take a month or longer.

I don't have a month to wait for god damn it, I have a whole life at home that I have to get back to, it may have not been the best one but it was my home, I had actual friends an ok family, a boyfriend that I really need to talk to! The food in the frig is almost gone and I don't know where the nearest store is, not to mention that I don't have any of this worlds currency so I couldn't buy food even if there was a store nearby! I sure a hell don't know how to hunt or fish for that matter. So I'm sure to starve, you probably won't even care if you find me dead, you'd be glad that a burden would be lifted.

She remembered the first night he came to her room with the sole purpose to end her life. The electric blue eyes hungry for death. "And to make all matters worst I'm stuck here with you !" Without thinking her fist cocked back before landing a direct punch on his face. Just moments after she realized she did such an act she backed away afraid that he was going to wake and attack her.

Olive held her fist in front of her amazed by her own actions, it stung a little yet it remained fine and considering she just punched Goku, it should be broken.

Then she also knew he was in a very deep sleep and the chances of him waking up where pretty much none, her punches aren't going to leave a bruise anytime soon, so she shrugged her shoulders free of any repercussions for blowing off steam for the next five minutes.

She climbed onto the bed and raised her fist again to punch him. Her first shook anxiously to strike him again but it never came, she couldn't. She let out an anguished howl, she didn't know what to do, she couldn't wake him up and she was in the middle of nowhere.

She felt temporarily defeated at the moment, closing her eyes she rested her head on his chest, she had given up the hopes of waking him up by force entirely, she would have to wait until his body could rejuvenate from lack of sleep.

"You damn dumb ass, why couldn't you be just normal for once...that would be asking too much."

Olive sat on the bed with Goku for a while listening to the pattern of his soft breathing, in that small moment she felt her panicking mind slow down and dwell on quiet nature she was given. She concentrated on his Ki and almost for a moment she felt safe, his energy was warm, and might she dare say it happy. Her hand gently brushed away his bangs from his handsome face as she sighed. If he were wake she would never be this close to him, especially with her head laying on top of his quite packed chest. His nose twitched as the soft brush of hair against his nostrils but didn't sneeze.

Her eyes trailed up to her hand that had a hold of his soft locks, she could see the blood in her vain's start to radiated violet light into the heart of her palm, her pale brows narrows at her right limb it seems to have a mind of its own the young adult had yet learned how to control new found gift, and she still lacked the information of its purpose.

Well, she actually did know something, the glowing in her hand allowed her to calm down Goku's distressed mind, it helps her put him in the deep sleep he was in now. She tried waking him through the same process but it failed to do so.

She figured that she would have to use this skill not as frequently like she would want to in the future, she could already see from Goku's point of view that it would a key to getting the upper hand on him, which wasn't true.

Who wouldn't with his current state of mind.

Now she was growing impatient and regretted using her powers.

With an audible sigh, she flexed her hand to make the glowing decrease.

"...Just wake up ..." she said in a hushed tone. Olive felt she needed to cry but just wouldn't for sake of not wanting to feel that everything was not right, though it was. She began wiping her face of some escaping tears, she had to focus on something positive before she had an emotional episode.

There wasn't much good coming off of this situation she was in, she was in whole survival mode since her life had been threatened and overall flipped upside down from freaking norm. If she could go warn her fellow fan writers that it wasn't all it cracked up to be.

Olive bit the side of her cheek as she tried to tear away from her negative outlook and began to list off the good things around her.

I just need to make a quick positive checklist.

One...I have ravioli

Two...I'm not homeless homeless, I kind of am but I still have a bed, I have some food left, and a roof over my head. So no your not homeless, its someone else's home but that's beside the point.

Three...I've got the powers that will protect me and Goku from himself from wherever he goes ballistic. Whenever he decides to wake up that is...

She ran her her fingers pass his soft bangs as she moved on to the next positive note of her checklist.

Four...I know how to sense Ki with all this Fucking free time I have. I've put some good with the time I have to learn certain essential skills that are required if I hang around in this world.

Olive had invested her pass time in Ki sense while trying to not worry about Goku, she had to say that she was becoming quite in tune with her spiritual energy. She felt more seat to the energy around her. She had yet grasped the exact way how to teleport, she would never get far every time she attempted to do it. It was best that she was to keep training to strengthen and expand her Ki sense. She closed her eyes as began to feel out for Goku's Ki.

Goku's here...

Moving on to the next Ki signature in the house she searched for her kitten.

Ravioli's tiny Ki is by the front door...another big Ki is at the door...someone is at the door!

Her eyes nearly popped out her head when she senses that sudden Ki, the power scale between her's and whoever own signature was massive. She didn't know how she didn't notice it before. Her sensing skills may have not been the greatest as she should have sensed a huge like that coming miles away.

She could now honestly relate to characters when their face gets all dramatic looking when a large power level appears, the hairs on her body were standing as her body was stuck next to Goku's. Who knew it could be this Fucking scary. The Ki had her frozen in shock like it just stabilized fear to run throughout her spine refusing her limbs to move.

Goku's Ki was very great compared to her's but at the result of his sleeping form his Ki didn't have that 'WOW' factor like the one outside did.

Her grip on his shirt tightened, she didn't know what to do in case someone came, they were supposed to stay under the radar until the problem was fix, and fixed it was most certainly not.

Olive scampered out the bedroom and stumbled into the hallway on her tippy toes.

"Fuck ...fuck...I need to get to the nearest window...why are there So many Damn mirrors." She hissed as she walked around. Olive then remembered that there was a room towards the front of the house, maybe that room had a window for her took look out of.

Olive's footsteps were barely audible as she got closer to the room, an to her luck there was a window, she cautiously peeked through the blinds just barely to get a hopeful glimpse of the unexpected visitor.

She was barely able to catch any physical detail of the unknown visitor other than Black spiky hair. The young female bit her lip in thought.

Well shit...um only four people I know that have black spiky hair, Yamcha be one but most unlikely. Gohan and Goten, they live near here, it would be too far of a walking distance for me but just a quick fly away for them, I don't know about the height distance cause it's hard to tell from here ...so it could have been either one.

The other could have been Vegeta, I pray to god it's not him, I don't think I can handle him, I barely get along with Goku.

She jumped when there was a sudden loud knock coming from the front door then soon followed a couple more knocks at the front door.

Olive bit her tongue and crossed her fingers that whoever it was would just walk their merrily self away, which did not happen. The sound of the fist that was hitting the door was about as comparable to the sound of lightning bolts striking the earth. Whomever it was, was being very persistent in getting someone to open the Damn door.

Just Fucking leave! No one is here!

When the knocking did stop she still waited as she was not in the clear, she still had to wait for the person to leave the house.

There was a low audible curse from the owner of the massive Ki standing at the door.

Please get frustrated enough and Fucking leave, please!

The sound of footsteps backing away was the music to her ears, the persistent character had finally given up on coming inside the home. Olive sunk to the floor exhaling heavily breaths she was holding in, she ran her hand through her loose white curly hair.

This probably won't be the only time she'll encounter someone trying to get in, and as persistent as they were she could get knew they'll just break into the house next time.

Just this once was just her getting fucking lucky.

Hell, that's probably the best luck I've gotten in this whole Damn ordeal.

The younger adult picked herself up from the floor and began to look for her kitten, she knew Ravioli must have been the most frightening as he was near the front with the loud ass knocking.

And as she predicted her dark grey bundle was curled up inside his carrier, his eyes wide of terror while his fur stood off his back. Olive pursed her lips into a slight smile to try and comfort the tiny kitten, she squats down to his level and gathered him into her arms.

"It's okay little guy, the stranger is long gone, you have nothing to worry about." She said coddling the kitten, petting his lower back seemed too lax the kitten's attitude, slowly his fur lowered with each stroke, shortly after she received small purrs.

As she is doing this a sudden but slow ride of intense heat starts to form at the back of her neck. Olive freezes when she finally realizes what is happening, there was a Ki blast setting just barely against her neck.

"Your not what I was expecting..."

The one person she was praying it not to be was Fucking here.

It's freaking him, fuck why does his voice sound like Chris Sabat and Chris Hemsworth, it's a scary but perfectly sexy mix!

She was mentally panicking.

"..but your defiantly the Ki signature I've been sensing." the prince of all Saiyans spoke gruffly behind her. Olive kept her back turned as Vegeta began to scope the area she was in. Suddenly she felt his pair of hands pat

her down for any weapons, she was glad he couldn't see the red face she had.

"Are you the only one here...?"

Nervously she answered, "Yes..."

The prince grunted, " Are you sure...cause if your lying there will be consequences." He warned her, he was probably wondering were Goku was.

" Goku is sleeping in his room..." she said almost to quietly, but the prince heard her.

Vegeta dissipates the ki blast from her neck, she lets out a small sigh of relief.

"Did you hear that?" Vegeta says to someone else, "He's asleep."

The next voice she hears near made her jump for how similar it sounded to Goku's. "Asleep? ...that makes things a whole lot easier."

Olive could hear the sound of additional footsteps walking among the background no doubt towards Goku's room. They're not gonna wake him up unless there are methods they have that I don't know about.

Olive turned to see where the group was coming from because there was not one single person coming from the front door. She heard Vegeta shuffle and grunt in disapproval.

"Keep your eyes to yourself unless I say otherwise." He told her. Olive nodded her head vigorously she was not trying to get on his bad side. Olive could feel her kidnappers Ki leaving the house with the others. Olive hissed, she had to hear him when he woke up.

Goku is going to be soooo pissed when he wakes up...

"What was that?"

"He's not going to be pleased when he wakes..."

"Tch, I really don't give a Damn what he thinks." He nearly growled back at her making the hairs on her neck rise. There was another layer of anger in his voice that let her know right off the bat that Goku was in some shit. Goku made an oopsie before he left, didn't he...Damn it.

"What is your relationship with Kakarot?"

Olive bit her lip on that question, that was something not even she was sure off. Technically she was still kidnapped and somewhat forced into helping the Saiyan, and on the other hand, they were only on the tightrope of acquaintances. This could be my chance to get help for once if I tell the truth, they might think I'm crazy but its worth a try, Vegeta is on pare with Goku in strengths.

" It's a very complicated relationship...b-but I'm willing to explain. I just need to know that you won't kill me..."

Olive waited patiently for reply or confirmation that she was in good hands. She knew if the prince was on her side than she had a decent defense against Goku.

She could feel the Ki's that took Goku out of the house earlier come up to Vegeta's side, and like Vegeta, their Ki signatures were high on the scale but nothing compared to Vegeta.

"This is the owner of the Ki signature? I really wasn't expecting ...a teenager, but looks can always be deceiving."

Olive felt her cheeks turn a darker shade, she didn't look like a kid, "I'm 21..."

She could hear one of the men who called her teen chuckle nervously, sounding exactly like Goku. It was one of his sons.

"Oopsie...hehe." definitely Goten, his mannerisms sound too closely to his...wait how old is he?! His voice is too deep to be a kid...

Olive had not asked or even pondered on the exact time period Goku had come from, she expected it to be near the future of Super so she didn't ask. Goten had yet to go through a growth spurt in last time he was seen in super.

How far am I? Her mind suddenly perplexed the question. Olive then suddenly remembered when she found Goku's tail she found wrapped around his waist. Goku didn't have a tail in the super...but one series did.

Olive felt her curiosity start to get the best of her hoping that she was just being paranoid.

" Where is Lord Beerus?" Olive suddenly asked interrupting the conversation that Vegeta was having with the others.

There where silent before someone out of the group spoke up."A what?"

Olive felt her heartbeat stop in the midst of her ribcage, she didn't realize that she had dropped Ravioli, thankfully he landed on his feet.

Olive felt her breath caught up in her throat, no she couldn't be here...it's not even canon...

Olive turned around to ask her question again but much more direct to the group ignoring Vegeta's first orders but she struggled to find her sentence.

"I need to know where lord Bee-" Olives jaw fell to the ground once her eyes fell upon the group that practically ambushed her.

Among the group were the two half Saiyans sons of Goku, both shared that harden look on face; Son Gohan and Son Goten.

Trunks were lingering somewhat behind the group, she only caught a glimpse of the loud lilac hair.

Then finally there was Vegeta, it's ultimately his appearance that surprised Olive the most, her brown eyes widen at the eye patch covering his right eye. Slowly she raised her hand and pointed mortified at his hair, it wasn't in its iconic flame shaped it was butchered into shorter spikes.

Slowly she began to back away shaking her head, No...no...no...I can't be in Fucking GT!? THIS...THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! THAT FUCKING BASTERED KNEW THAT!?

Olive knew her personal plans she had before were backfired, and literally, no one in this universe could protect her beside maybe Vegeta, and that was going for a wild maybe. She knew when he woke up he was going to bulldoze his way through everyone and sure enough kill her. He was going to kill her. He was going to kill her dead and there was no higher deity in this universe that could stop him.

Olive's body tensed up before her eyes rolled back into the back of her eye sockets then falling limp on the ground. Vegeta easily caught her body before it touched the ground.

The eye patch wearing prince was very confused at what just happened in the short moment she had turned around and only to gape and pointed at him.

The three half breeds Saiyans were staring at the girl in Vegeta's arms with perplexed looks. "What just happened?" Gohan asked.

"She just pointed at me and fainted..." the flamed haired prince began to look for the girls plus, shifting his hand to place two fingers on her neck, her heartbeat was quite fine. The prince narrowed his one working eye at her face, some of her facile characteristics looked recognizable especially the curly snow white hair.

He looks up to the men around him, his face hardening, "Change of plans, Gohan and Trunks search around the premises and see if you find anything out of place, do not leave anything untouched, I'll have the twins to stand by and keep watch from their current positions, report back to Capsule corp when you finished. Goten you will be going me so that your father's transfer goes as planned." The orders come easy for he ex-PTO soldier, there was certain fluidity he had when it came to making quick and at the moment decisions as he once was the leader of his own small group of Saiyans but that was many years ago, now he had new group of Saiyans to lead with a different agenda and purpose.

After receiving a curt nod from the three Saiyans their Prince exited the house as Goten followed closely behind him. The two kept quiet while walking through the woods, be very cautious for any abnormalities that might confront them while in the midst of their destination. Vegeta looked down at the girl he held in his arms, his acute Ki sense, as well as the others, felt the moment Kakarot and another unique Ki touched the surface of the unearths crust, the new ki sudden presence kept the group from attacking the pair in last two weeks. The prince had originally scoffed in disgust and was greatly angered that the fool would bring 'assistance' for this upcoming battle. Then to his relief and confusion, the new unexplainable Ki had stayed next to Kakarot flaunting their Ki wildly and quite uniquely while the Saiyan's Ki had laid dormant.

It could have very likely been set up for Vegeta and the rest to fall into, so they waited before making any action and keep waiting for Goku to make an impulsive move, as they all knew patience was not orange gi wearing Saiyan strong suit. Yet he never came after nearly two weeks, the mystery ki keeps fluctuation nearly waking him every night, and still, his rival stayed still.

As of now, the unconscious girl's Ki was rising, it should be another way around. She seemed to be human but her Ki said otherwise.

She must be strong, there's no way in hell that Bastard was just sleeping, he would have awoken upon feeling her Ki being all over the place this morning. She did something to put him in his current state. Vegeta should have known better to think that lowly of him even though Goku essentially was not himself if the girl was not here to back him up then what purpose was she here for.

The young son of his rival grunted from behind Vegeta to make him aware of the ship and comrades that awaited them.

Two young boys around the ages of 8 stood ahead of the plane with amusing straight faces, it was hard to take those childish stoic faces seriously a trait that they had inherited from their oof of a grandfather along with their hair. The only way to tell the difference from Gohan's twin sons was that of their eye color difference.

Kohin had his mother's blue eyes while Ox was an exact looker of Kakarot.

"Everything is going according to plan Uncle Geta, Gramps is in the plane while be detained in the KD Chamber." Ox reported as Vegeta and Goten approached, the prince grimaced at the 'geta' part but not the less nodded at the information received. The prince heads over to ship while Goten stays back to retrace somethings with his nephew's before he parts ways.

The other twin Kohin peered over at the girl in Vegeta's arms, "Who's that,... oh I know it persons who'd Ki been flapping all over the place huh." His blue eyes narrow in expectation before his nose twitched in thought, "She a bad guy?" He asks looking up at his uncle.

Goten shrugged his shoulder as he is ultimately unsure at the moment, the girl asked some runoff questions and practically had a mental break while looking at Vegeta.

"I give it to you straight ...I don't know but as soon as we find out I'll let you guys in with details." Both had a matching set of unsatisfying looks, though knew their uncle would keep them in the loop. The half Saiyan ruffled their hair before departing in the ship.

Goten enters the ship that his niece was piloting, the doors slowly shutting behind him. The half Saiyan walks towards the mid center of the ship where he knows Vegeta's Ki is at, along with other two passengers that had they bordered the ship.

When he gets there he finds the Saiyan Prince placing the girl they found on a stretcher bed, the prince glanced at the younger man as he entered.

"Hand me a diagnostics meter."

Goten turned around to the wall behind him where a cabinet held emergency medical equipment, he searched around the small compartment until he found the tool Vegeta was requesting.

He gave Vegeta the diagnostics meter raising an eyebrow, "If I may ask, why do you need it? The girl didn't seem hurt a little weird but she seemed fine."

Vegeta didn't answer him at first while he took the little tool to do a full body scan, afterward, he picked up her hand and placed the bottom of the diagnostic tool to prick her wrist for a blood sample.

Vegeta silently signaled the Saiyan to come closer, Goten watched as the prince gently undo the girls scarf tied around her neck to reveal some very large bruising in the shapes of a pair of hands. Goten frowned upon seeing the marks on the girl, no doubt the girl was recently attacked by someone with an overburden, of power. The both of them had seen these marks before on another person before, the marks on Olive were matched, although the coloration and impression had more aggression in the act. Goten's jaw tightens, his eyes narrowly sliding over to his father who was asleep inside the KD Chamber, he held he tongue to voice out his oblivious disgust with his father.

"Its very likely this girl isn't with your father, she has been obviously taken," Vegeta spoke quite calmly as he tied the scarf back on.

"I'm not sure if there are more bruises, but I sent the results to Bra to analyze over, I'm not quite sure why your father kept her and not murder her."

"He probably came to senses of what's left anyway, he's becoming a dam psychopath Vegeta, he's never been right in the damn head of we're lucky that he's in this state, there's no doubt in my mind he would have attempted to kill us despite the blood or bond we share. You saw what he did to Bu-"

"I know what he's capable of Goten! I haven't been training this whole year for nothing," he snapped back Goten, he grinds his teeth together at the mention of his wife. He keeps his composure not to slap the boy, Vegeta repressed any brash words that came to mind and remembered that he was a leader and Goten was his pupil.

The leader instead speaks calmly to the warrior, " Do you remember what I told you, the reason why I chose to train you specifically?" His voice cool and low as he spoke to his rivals youngest, to most Vegeta would sound like he had lost his edge but Goten knew better, Vegeta made sure he knew better.

Goten leaned against a wall railing crossing his arms, "I have what everyone lacks, the will to kill an enemy and not spare for personal gain, unlike my father. I don't come into a fight with cockiness over my opponent, to underestimate what a person is capable of, like Pan and your Son, though he may share his mother's brains he can be very brash with his actions or lack thereof in thought." The young half Saiyan closed his eyes as he continued letting out a small yawn," You also picked me because my lack of impulsive emotions, which is funny cause emotional impact is Gohan's strong suit yet..."

"Your brother acts brash when he becomes underwhelmed by emotion then careless about his surroundings. He gets like that because he lacks the thrive for his purpose of fighting, and it's the other way around for that clown of a father. They make too many grave mistakes, and being the observable brat you are, you take what you have seen and apply the right structure to even yourself out."

The prince once upon of time couldn't imagine saying anything remotely positive about Goten's will to fight. Any person looking for the outside in thought the boy was still chasing after girls and was a college partying maniac, given that the boy actually did most of those things to fool others perspective about him. That little mischief knew how to put up a front to deceive others, little fucker was good at it too. Had fooled Vegeta with that damn silly grin of his, if it weren't for Kakarots consistent shitty parenting he doubted the boy would have sought out Vegeta for training, to have some type of a father figure while his father ditched him for Kid Buu's reincarnation to train.

Now after the many years of training him, Goten was much more built like his father, his shoulders and his body frame broader than Gohan. He wore a grey spandex shirt with the bottom half of a blue gi.

Goten pushed himself up as he began to walk towards the girl then his father, "Don't have to give me a long lecture to remind me that I'm the underdog, I just need to stay under the radar and prepare for shit to go down."

The prince's left eye slid to over to his pupil," I just need you to understand what's at cost, your father can't be put down like the rest."

"I know..." the young warrior says solemnly, the incident that led up to this would evidently end just as it started." and if that doesn't work out I still have plan C in the works."

Vegeta raised a brow, " Plan c? " the prince rolls his eyes when his student suddenly grins, "Its a little something that your Deviant Daughter pitched to me a few weeks ago." Vegeta somewhat chuckled, he knew how 'morbid' his daughter could be when it came to science or anything really. His daughter was equivalent to a mad scientist to put it short, which did and didn't surprise him, what else would you get if you mixed Bulma's traits with the prince's personality, you get Bra.

"...do I even want to know?"

"Its nothing too disturbing this time, and I can assure you there weren't any human trials."

"As long it benefits our current problem, I don't give Damn what my daughter does behind the walls of her lab."

Last time he said that someone's foot got amputated and there were four lawsuits filed against her.

Suddenly the both of them snapped their heads towards the unconscious girl, her body started to rise while her Ki surrounded her.

The both of them backed away as her Ki vibrated through the air, it sent a singe of every flow within their spines. This was the exact energy Vegeta felt for the last night's, it woke him along with the rest of Z-fighters awake.

The lights in the ship flickered a bit before returning to normal.

"I don't know what the fuck you guys are doing back there but you need to chill, we're starting to land and I would like not to collided with Capsule Corp!" Pan yelled from the intercom.

Just as Goten was about to respond back to his niece, Olives eyes snapped wide open making him stop in his tracks, her eyes as lacked color as her pupils were vacant.

The two Saiyans eyes met each other for confirmation that they weren't imaging things. The pair wasn't sure what to make of this.

The prince reached out to grab touch the girl, his fingers just barely brushed against her cheek causing her eyes to suddenly closed.

Her vibrating energy slowly began to downshift from the air as she descended back onto the bed with a soft thud.

Starting to see why dad might have taken her other than being crazy.

"I think Bra is going to have a field day."

The doors to the mid center suddenly open revealing a very pissed off Pan, the woman had a fire in her eyes as she stormed in their direction, she grabbed Goten by the helm of his collar, "Did you guys not hear me!? We almost crashed!"

Goten held his hands up in defense, "Hold up Pan it wasn't my fau-it was her!" he pointed to the unconscious girl. Pan pinched the ridge of her nose, growling under her breath, "Clearly she's unconscious."

"I know that dummy, but it was her I swear!" he sighed to himself, he took her hands off of his spandex suit. "Look, Pan, we can discuss this later, but right now we have to finish the mission. K."

She sent him a passive-aggressive glare, huffing her nose as she walked passed him, "Just get grandpa's chamber in Trunks lab, we don't know how long he'll be asleep if we can get restraints on him without trouble would be splendid."

Vegeta shook his head as he summoned the bots to pick up chamber, his rivals granddaughter was just like her grandmother, which was annoying but she still had Saiyan spirit. She was one of his first choices to personally train, but her uncle had more flexibility and could disguise himself in plain sight.

The prince waved a bot away when it tried to take a Hold of the bed carrying the girl, he gathers the girl into his arm earning a questionable look from Goten. He ignored the look from his student as he walked off the ship and towards the Capsule Corp.

Goten followed the Prince letting him walk ahead as he swiftly made his way to laboratory part of Capsule Corp, where most of the briefs family did most of their work.

They walked past the formal labs of Bulma's that had severed their purpose throughout the past with their troubles and the blue heiress madden curiosities, both warriors smiled lightly knowing it held good and some bad memories.

Goten focused on the path ahead of them leading to Trunks own lab, but instead of entering lab like he had suspected the Prince walked right by the door without as much batting an eye.

The younger male tilted his head, "That was Trunks lab."

He shrugged lightly as searched for a particular Ki knew would be a great help for this situation. His student would see soon enough who's lab he had in mind.

"What do you plan on doing with her?" The young Saiyan then narrowed, "Wait let me rephrase, who are you taking her too?" He said with a slight panic in his voice.

"You know who," Vegeta said rather monotonous.

"I know who but WHY her?" Goten whined his shoulders slumped with distraught.

Vegeta only 'Tch' at Goten, his daughter might be morbid, and a tad bit fanatically disturbed but that didn't detour the fact that she was great at what she did. His daughter had more of an interest in bio/ Ki weaponry and tools, he knew first hand how dangerously experimental his daughter was when he became unknowingly test subject. The Prince cringed and shivered at the flashes it, he hadn't entered her lab since.

Both stopped as they came across the glass frosted doors that led to Bra's lab, oh the horrors that had occurred in those labs. Goten's pursed his lips as he side-eyed Vegeta,"...so you gonna open the door, she is you daug-"

"Brat you see that my hands are full, just open on the Damn door," he growled. The nerve of that brat suggesting that he 'open' the door, last time he opened the door without knocking he woke up a month later cause he was hit with a Ki cannon. His daughter was very excited to tell him how good cannon worked when he woke up, only a dash of concern. Just like her father.

The both of the Saiyans were interrupted when the glass doors slid open, Vegeta's daughter had her arms crossed with a Vegeta like grin on her lips. Bra had her hair pinned up into one long braid that trailed to her mid back, a pair of goggles hanging loosely from her neck. She wore a black crop top with red high waist jeans, accompanied with a pair of black hightops. A quirky smile stretched across her face, " Oh you brought me another test subject!" She exclaimed happily, she rushed over to their unconscious girl, her deep cerulean eyes lit up like it was Christmas.

"Aww, Tennie and here I thought you said no more voluntary testing," she said causing Goten to snort lightly. She turns to her father with her puppy dog eyes while kissing his cheek, " It must have been you, Daddy, hehe. Well don't just stand there gentlemen, please come in."

Goten and Bra shared a knowing look, with two different meaning. The both of them had a unique relationship, it was almost like the one their fathers shared for many years but a bit more trivial nitpicking.

Bra pulled out a diagnostics table for Vegeta to lay the girl on, "Ooh this one is actually hot this time, where did you guys snatch her up from?" She purred as her eyes got their fill as she checked out the other girl's curves. Bra's hand softly traced the girl's jawline, loving how soft her light caramel skin felt. Her thumb gently pressed Olive's full lips and pulled back to see no trace of lipstick, Bra's mouth 'o'd' in satisfaction," She lacks any foundation and her lips are naturally rosy pink...perfect natural beauty, pretty rare in humans nowadays."

Goten sighed, as Bra practically groped the poor girl, he already knew Vegeta was trying his hardest to ignore his daughter almost perverted openness, he knew his daughter had eyes set on the same sex which he didn't mind, he just didn't like how sensual she was being, with it being his daughter all.

"Whenever your done getting your hard on we would like to talk about this persons well-being, who is not another voluntary test subject. "

Bra grunted, holding back a finger at Goten as she took a deep breath of Olives scent if it wasn't for the fact that she was had nearly half a dozen degrees he would have called her feral.

Vegeta sweatdropped, "Princess..." he said in a low monotonous tone.

Thankfully she listened to her father's tone of voice and stood up, a sweet smile on her face. Clearly something wrong with Bra

"Sorry daddy it just her scent is weird... and I like it." She stated simply. "Where did you guys get this lovely lady at? Cause I don't think she's human, is she?" Her face contoured in a more serious one, she gathered a tablet and a stylus from underneath the floating diagnostics table. She wrote down some basic information.

Vegeta cleared his throat as spoke, "We are not sure but her Ki is above normal human standards so there is a possibility, this is the same Ki that's been waking everyone up at night. When we recovered her from the location Kakarot was at, she was awake we captured her but for an unexplainable reason she passed out." He explained to his daughter as she began to write down everything her father was telling her.

"We're also not sure what type of relationship she had with Kakarot prior to meeting her, she seemed quite and compliant, she commented that Kakarot 'Would not be pleased when he woke' as a statement of fear. Then she started to ask questions about where someone was at when we didn't answer she started showing off behavior and signs of mix emotions before passing out. I believe Kakarot might have threatened her life or someone known as 'Beerus'."

Bra nodded as she caught a glimpse of the bruising around her neck, she pulled the soft scarf away and visibly cringed, "Damn...I see." Aww her poor neck.

"She must have pissed off cause the coloring in a bruise is quite excessive, even with her abnormal power level it still has been easy to subdued her without much use of his strength, it surprising that her neck is not even broken. Did her voice sound hushed or raspy? " She said as she took a Ki from her finger and opened Olive's mouth.

"No, she spoke clearly with no strain in her voice." Bra nodded to confirm with her father, the vocal cords on the girl were just fine.

"We took a full body scan of her with the diagnostic meter and sent it to you before we took off, did you get those by chance yet?" Goten asked the young scientist.

The bright blue haired frowned, "Yeah, but my computer Fucking reset itself midway through, I swear on Trunks first child I'm not letting him build me another mainframe computer system, there always something wrong." She huffed.

Goten facepalmed, "So you lost i-"

"Oh I never said I lost it Tennie, I have all my most recent document/transfers uploaded to smart drive in case this happened." She turned her head to the right corner of the room where what remained of her last computer burned and smashed to smithereens.

"But yeah, it's in a hard drive I'll have to manually go over the DNA you sent me with the help of an AI, it may take a while because I have a lot on my plate with school and what not but it can be done."

"How long would it take you?"

Bra shrugs her shoulders, "Two to three days."

Goten looked at Vegeta who was pondering if they could afford the time, "That will work, we have Kakarot in the KD Chamber and 4 sets of Ki dampening cuffs on Kakarot. I also have reason to believe the girl had something to do with Kakarot 'sleeping' as heavily as he is." His Ki had felt the same for an unnatural amount of time.

"I'm gonna have to agree with you in that, Dad might be careless at times but he isn't dumb, he should have woken up. Dad is very skilled when it comes to sensing Ki, even in his current state."

"Yeah, I do find it weird that there wasn't at least one body coming off on a stretcher, or at least an injury that would have given me the chance to doctor someone up." Goten breathed thankfully while She pouted, it was really the luck from above that no one got hurt like last time. His eyes flickered over the girl lay on the diagnostics table, "She must know, whenever she wakes can you ask her what all she knows or remembers?"

Bra looks up from her tablet with a small line forming on her lips, "What are you not staying here?"

Vegeta shook his head, "Gohan and the rest of the team had just returned." He said quickly turning toward the exit.

Her small lips formed a small 'o', " Well Damn I guess you guys better get to stepping, I know how important this mission is."

Goten waited for Vegeta to exit the room before he spoke, "Please don't try any Frankenstein shit Bra, like we actually need her alive and functioning."

Bra rolled her eyes as she rolled out a bunch of medical tools," I know I know, I don't plan on hurting this pretty gal anyway, well unless she wants me to~" She picks up a needle and takes a blood sample from Olives side. Goten's cheeks darken at the younger half Saiyan, she always managed to make him uncomfortable.

" and plus we have that deal, and I keep my promises, you know I'm good for it. Give me details about your secrets pertaining to our situation and I will build that machine you wanted." She wore a sadistic grin that was similar to her fathers when he was in the PTO, her sudden jovial attitude reminded the other Saiyan of Bra late grandmother, it was almost sad that her traits were passed down to such a Bra, sure as hell manipulated people so she could get them in her lab.

Though the same could be said about him as well, he used his fathers likable and innocent nature to fool people into something he was not.

"Remeber I won't hesitate to break your little nose if it turns into a death contraption." He muttered under his breath as he followed Vegeta.

Bra chuckled at the threat, " I see why Papa choose him, Tennie isn't the same sweet Goten he makes out to be. Aww, best buddy."

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