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Spoiler Alert: References characters, locations, plot, and revelations from episode 7 season 2 "The Taxicab Wars. Also alludes to Season 2 Episodes 1-6: "Diamonds and Dust" "Recipe for Heavy Bread" "Only Church in Town" "Bad Time on the Border" and "When You Comin' Back Range Rider?" Dr. A.M Richter appears in Season 4 Episode 11 "The Doctor is Out" All above material belongs to Stephen J Cannell and his associates.

Author's Notes: in "Taxicab Wars" Face is extremely down on Murdock's antics and creation of Captain Cab. I always found this characteristically incongruous which made me wonder what motivated Face to behave that way. This piece is my attempt to quell my own questions.

Summary: Face frets about Murdock's sanity.

Always Their Captain: by LAGC

Chapter One: Acknowledging There's a Problem

Hannibal watched as his Lieutenant grabbed the discarded yellow checked cape and mask from the back seat of the taxi cab. He crushed the material in a tightly gripped fist. Face actually shook the fabric like a cat shaking captured prey, he then flung the offensive rag into a large trash can. Face slammed the metal lid down thus sealing in Captain Cab's canopy. As Face angrily turned away from the can he all but stumbled into Hannibal's chest.

"Colonel? Sorry, um, when did you get here?"

"What did you vanquish to the rubbish, Face?" inquired Hannibal.

"Um, just a ragged piece of cloth." Face evasively replied.

"That was Murdock's Cape. Talk to me Lieutenant." ordered Hannibal in a firm yet fatherly tone.

Face stared back, his noncommittal expression betrayed by a cloud raging across his blue eyes.

"Why are you so angry at a piece of cloth, Lieutenant?" badgered Hannibal.

"Don't be absurd, Hannibal. I can't be mad at a ratty sheet."

"Then you're angry at what it represents …Murdock"

"Of course I'm not!" denied Face as he tried to side step his commander.

"Do not lie to me, Kid." warned Hannibal. "You've been antsy all mission. And very down on Murdock's antics. You've sounded like BA."

Face squirmed a bit and struggled to deliver a response.

"Hell, I even had to reassure YOU about Murdock's reliability. I never needed to do that before." Hannibal added.

"Hannibal. ….I don't think he's getting better." Face warily blurted out. Then he reached into his suit coat and pulled out a folded pack of papers. "Dr. Richter has his doubts too." Face added handing the papers to the Colonel.

"What is this, Face?" he asked as he opened the packet.

"It's Richter's latest assessment of Murdock. I liberated it from his office when I picked up Murdock for this job."

As Hannibal scanned the report, Face summarized it aloud. The doctor reports that there has been no progress in keeping Murdock from his delusions and fantasies. And that his periods of lucid reality are seemingly shorter than just two months ago.

"I don't think we ought to take him on any more of our cases." Face admitted.

"Lieutenant? You can't be serious." Hannibal countered

"Hannibal...Murdock ain't getting any saner... and I think it might be our fault." Face confessed.

Clearly shocked by Face's words Hannibal asked him to explain.

"Look Hannibal. Richter notes that there's been a backslide in the last two months. Just look at what we've put him through in that time. Sealed into a mine, mono e mono with Chow and Angel, rescuing you from a sweat box. Jesus, Colonel we might as well have plopped him back into Nam itself. " Face leaned against the wall and wilted down until he was squatting on the floor.

Hannibal was dumbstruck. Not a sensation he was used to or dealt with very well. Not having a ready reply for his Second in Command Hannibal opted to read the report more closely.