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Spoiler Alert: References characters, locations, plot, and revelations from episode 7 season 2 "The Taxicab Wars. Also alludes to Season 2 Episodes 1-8: "Diamonds and Dust" "Recipe for Heavy Bread" "Only Church in Town" "Bad Time on the Border", "When You Comin' Back Range Rider?" And "Labor Pains". Dr. A.M Richter appears in Season 4 Episode 11 "The Doctor is Out"

Colonel Decker and Doctor Maggie Sullivan are also the creation of Cannell and Associates.

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Author's Notes: in "Taxicab Wars" Face is extremely down on Murdock's antics and creation of Captain Cab. I always found this characteristically incongruous which made me wonder what motivated Face to behave that way. This piece is my attempt to quell my own questions.

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Summary: Hannibal puts Face's fears and BA's worries to rest.

Always Their Captain: by LAGC

Chapter Six: A Return to Normal?

This time Hannibal's drive back to basecamp was a lighthearted one. He released a satisfied sigh, Murdock was all right. Their Captain was in a good place mentally and emotionally. Richter was on the right page about him as well. The doctor had even gone so far as to encourage Hannibal to continue to bring Murdock on missions.

Face and BA would also be relieved when he shared his conclusions with them. Hannibal was working out how much to share with them, so as not to betray Murdock's privacy. The Colonel knew that BA would accept a simple declaration that Murdock was fit for duty, but Face would push for the comfort of an explanation.

Hannibal could smell the steaks sizzling on the grill as he pulled into the driveway. BA was flipping the porterhouses as he climbed the deck steps.

"Is the Fool ok, Hannibal?"

"Yes, BA he is. We had a long talk."

"So it's all good, business as usual. Fool gonna keep actin' nuts but gettin' things done?"

"As always."

"Good. The meat will be ready in about five minutes, but I'm gonna let it rest a bit before we eat it. Faceman needs to finish whatever it is he's cooking in there." BA declared casting a warm look toward the door.

"Ok, Sergeant. I'll give him the ETA on the main course."

Hannibal walked into the kitchen. Face was putting the finishing touches on three large baked potatoes with all the fixings. A heaping salad was already on the set table.

"Are you ready to tell me what's going on, now?" Face asked without looking up from the potatoes.

"Yes I can. Let's go into the living room." Hannibal replied.

They did just that and as soon as they were comfortably seated Face asked, "Is Murdock worse? Have we hurt him?"

"Face, after a good talk with Dr. Richter and a frank long discussion with Murdock, I can confidently say Murdock is not backsliding and that our missions haven't damaged his recovery." Hannibal sat back, awaiting Face's questions. On the drive home, he'd decided that he'd let those questions guide him on how much to reveal to his Lieutenant.

"Richter is the one who documented an increase in Murdock acting delusional and his weakening lucidity. How, why, did he convince you that Murdock is doing well?" Face asked incredulously.

"Richter made it clear that Murdock needs us in his life. That he needs to be with us. Richter is convinced that's the key to Murdock's recovery."

"Why the backslide in the last few weeks then?" Face was clearly flummoxed.

"Murdock recognizes the value of having the VA as part of his life. Murdock also knows when Richter must file the mandatory assessments." Hannibal replied purposefully and cocked a brow.

Face took a minute to process what Hannibal had just said. Finally a happy smile spread across his lips. It lit up his eyes and forced out the storm that had been moored there for days.

*****Two weeks later - atop a rural hillside

"Ommm, ommm, oh speak to us oh spirit! Share your wisdom with us. Ommm ommm!"

"Faceman! Why'd ya let that FOOL bring that board with him when you snatched him!" bellowed BA. He was lowering the hood of the van after doing his post mission engine check.

"I'm sorry BA it was a prop for my extraction scam: a study on psychosis and ESP." Face whined apologetically while making sure he wasn't near Murdock. Their Captain sat on the van floor with his legs dangling out as he communed with his Ouija board.

"I don't care! He's driving me nuts chantin', moanin', and beggin' for answers to dumb questions."

"Asking if the peanut butter was the correct temperature ain't a dumb question, BA. We all know that Billy won't eat his PBnJ sandwich if the peanut butter is too cold." whimpered Murdock who quickly sort refuge behind Hannibal when BA lunged for his throat.

"Hey Guys! I can see Decker's menagerie throwing up dust clouds as they speed this way. The case is done. Shouldn't we get outta here." Amy urged as she lowered her binoculars and leapt into the van. At Hannibal's nod his Team followed the Reporter.

Each man assumed his usual seat and Amy perched between Face and Murdock. Murdock placed his Ouija board on his lap and in a trancelike voice asked, "Is BA driving in the correct direction?"

"SHUT up FOOL! Stop askin' stupid questions into thin air! That thing ain't nothing but wood and plastic. The only thing it can show you is how much it hurts when I break it over your scrambled head!"

"Murdock, maybe you ought to lay off the soothsaying for now. We don't need BA distracted at this exact moment." cajoled Face.

"But, but ...I'm just trying to get us some intel. So I can help BA find our way home." complained. Murdock.

"Well how about helping me scan these maps and we will chart our route the old fashioned way." Face invited as he handed a map to Amy who held it out to Murdock.

"Oh all right, Face. We'll do this the mundane common way." Murdock said as he opened his map and spread it across the Ouija board.

Hannibal had been observing his men. It was good to see and feel everything back to normal.

"Step on it BA! I feel a plan about to come together." He all but cheered, brandishing his cigar.