This chapter was made in loving memory of Jason David Frank. The best Power Ranger ever known for his multiple colors of life. He will be missed.

Chapter 4 Lovely Weather, Huh?!

Naruto was walking through the streets heading towards a place to help someone out.

"Haven't had to do this in awhile. Hope I manage to ease things." Naruto muttered.

"Hey Naruto." Naruto looked at his jacket jocket to see Draco poke his head out. "Where are we going again?"

"We're going over to Marinette's place. She's babysitting a child of her Mom's friend and asked if I could help." Naruto said.

"Oh cool. You'll have this in the bag. Kids seem to love you from the memories I've seen." Draco smiled.

"I just relate to them well." Naruto smiled before looking at his phone. "Now according to Marinette's directions, her house should be right around here."

"I think I found it." Draco said pointing to a bakery and a house combo that has a sign of 'Dupain-Cheng Patisserie' on it.

"Well that explain on how she brought pasteries to class that day." Naruto chuckled walking to the house and going inside. "Now remember to stay low, Draco. Don't want Marinette or the kid to see you."

"You got it, Naruto. I'll be invisible like a ghost." Draco said going in the pocket.

As Naruto went up the steps he heard all kinds of comotion going on.

"Come on Manon, give it back!"

"No way! I'm a fashion designer, too!"

"But it's not finish! You're gonna ruin it!"

Hearing how it was Naruto knocked on the door and waited. He didn't have to wait long as Marinette opened the door, and once she saw Naruto she was relieved.

"Oh Naruto, thank goodness." Marinette smiled.

"Child being a handful?" Naruto asked.

"Like you wouldn't believe." Marinette said.

"Luckly for you I have a certain way in dealing with kids." Naruto chuckled.

"I appreciate this, Naruto. I honestly thought I was in over my head."

"Don't worry it happens."

"Who're you?"

Naruto looked down to see a tan skinned 5 year old girl having messy dark brown hair pulled back into two pigtails with gold eyes and two upper front buck teeth wearing a white t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves with light violet rolled-up denim overalls over it with a purple belt around the waist and red Mary Jane dress shoes with black soles.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki. One of Marinette's best friends. And you are?" Naruto smiled.

"Manon Chamack!" Manon smiled widely.

"Nice to meet you, kid." Naruto nodded.

"I'm not a kid, I'm 5 years old!" Manon pouted.

"5 years old, wow your on your way to be a big girl. That's impressive!" Naruto grinned.

"That's right!" Manon giggled.

"But do you know what happens to big girls?"

"No, what?"

"They get chased by the tickle monster. Rar!" Naruto threw his hands up as if he was a monster.

"Ah! You'll never catch me!" Manon squealed as she ran off.

"Don't be so sure my dear!" Naruto smirked running after the girl.

"It's almost natural for him." Marinette laughed closing the door and followed after the two.

Naruto chased Manon all over the house before he caught her and began tickling her making the child laugh her heart out.

"Haha! No fair! You're bigger than me! That's why you caught me faster!" Manon laughed.

"True little one. But being bigger just means I get better at certain stuff." Naruto chuckled.

"Really? Like what?" Manon asked.

"Well for one, I'm not just faster but stronger, flexible, and have tons of energy in my body that has to be released or I got crazy."

"Oh! Oh! Me too! I have lots of energy! And always want to have fun!"

"Of course you do. You're a growing girl, and they are meant to have fun."

"Yay! Fun!"

"Here." Naruto put Manon down and pulled out a bottle of bubbles. "I figured you'd like to play with bubbles."

"Bubbles! I'm going to blow lots of them!" Manon said taking the bottle.

"Then go crazy!" Naruto said.

Manon ran off as she started to blow bubbles as Naruto sat on the couch.

"You got to teach me your skills. You act like you've done this forever." Marinette said joining Naruto.

"I just know what kids like nowadays. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to get their attention." Naruto said.

"Y'know you would make a great father to a child." Marinette grinned.

"Thanks. Now all that's left is to find the right one." Naruto grinned.

"Naruto! Marinette! Look at all the bubbles I made." Manon said as she was surrounded by bubbles.

"That sure is a lot, Manon." Marinette giggled.

"You certainly have a knack for it." Naruto smiled.

"Of course! I am the bubble queen!" Manon said.

Naruto and Marinette spent the next 10 minutes playing with Manon and blowing bubbles as the house was filled with laughs. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Marinette went to open it to show Alya was there.

"Hey Alya. What are you doing here?" Marinette asked.

"Sup girl. Just coming by to see what you were doing." Alya said.

"Right now I'm watching a child of my Mom's friends with Naruto as I asked him to help."

"Oh? And how is that going?"

"Pretty good. Since he's been here Manon has been behaving."

"Mind if I have a look see?"

"Not at all."

Marinette let Alya in and the two saw Manon attacking Naruto with a barrage of bubbles.

"No! The fury of bubbles! My one weakness! Everything is going... bubbly." Naruto said falling on the ground and acted like he wa dead.

"You're silly! Bubbles can't hurt people!" Manon giggled.

"You'd be surprise little one." Naruto grinned.

"Um, I think I'm a little sticky." Manon said feeling herself.

"Well then why don't we wash you up a bit." Naruto said getting up and led Manon to the sink as he began cleaning her off.

"He's good." Alya said.

"I know, right. He would make a great father to any lucky girl." Marinette said.

"Having some thoughts." Alya grinned teasingly.

"Come on Alya." Marinette blushed.

"Marinette I've seen how you look at him."

"I'm just not sure yet."

"Alright girl. But if you need advice, I'm here."


"There you go. Not sticky anymore, Manon." Naruto said, finished wiping Manon off.

"Thank you!" Manon smiled.

"Hey, Naruto." Alya said getting his attention.

"Alya. What brings you over here?" Naruto said.

"Just stopping by, wanting to check on one of my best friends." Alya said.

"Cool." Naruto said.

"Who're you?" Manon asked Alya.

"Alya. Best female friend of Marinette." Alya smiled.

"Oh! So you're the other best friend Naruto told me about!" Manon gushed.

"You talk about me, Naruto?" Alya grinned.

"Well only the awesome parts." Naruto chuckled scratching the back of his head.

"Good boy." Alya said patting his head.

"Hey!" Naruto pouted making the girls laugh as he joined in. "Say Manon, how about we head to the park? Y'know as a change of scenery." He said looking at the child.

"Ok!" Manon beamed.

"Great!" Naruto picked up Manon and sat her on his shoulder before punching his fist in the air. "Onward to park fun time!"

"Yeah! Park fun time!" Manon said mimicking Naruto.

"Lead the way." Alya laughed.

"We're right behind you." Marinette giggled.

...Somewhere else...

"The vibrations are so strong. I can feel the anger and sadness. The moment of weakness for my next victim." Said Hawk Moth in his chamber feeling emotions for another villain to make. "Such easy pickings for my akuma." He chuckled sinisterly making an akuma and have it fly off to his newest pawn.

...At a studio...

Inside an elevator was a fair-skinned slender 13 year old girl standing at medium height having long waist length light honey blonde hair with bangs, and a tiny cowlick on the right tied in low hanging twintails with light blue hair ties with light cornflower blue eyes wearing a light blue mini dress that reaches slightly below her hips with short puffed sleeves with tiny white lace lining on the edge, a small yellow cloud pattern, a white Peter Pan collar, a white broad band around the waist, three layers of frilled edges at the hem, and small white lace lining at the dress openings and second frilled edge, and light yellow dress shoes with thick-heeled moderate amber soled holding a blue parasol. This girl was Aurore Beaureal, and she was currently in a bad mood.

She was one of Paris' finalist to be the KIDZ+ weather forecaster and thought she had a chance of winning, only to be destroyed by the other competitor Mireille Caquet.

"I should've won. I have the talent, the star looks, everything! But she took it away from me, they took everything away from me!" Aurore cried feeling the injustice of the competition.

Only for Aurore to exclaimed and fall down as the elevator stopped and the light turned off. Wondering what was going on Aurore saw something coming through the cracks of the elevator and saw the akuma(Though she didn't know that) as it floated towards her. Freaking out Aurore tried to swat it with her parasol only for the akuma to merge with the tip of it and making Aurore stop her movements.

"So correct you are. You should've won." Hawk Moth's voice said as a butterfly mask mark came over her face.

"I should've won." Aurore said standing up feeling evil overcome her.

"Stormy Weather. I am Hawk Moth. I give you the power to seek revenge on them as my weather girl. All you have to do is get me the Miraculous. Can you do that my dear?" Hawk Moth's voice as he smirked.

"Yes!" Aurore said a purple energy covered her body from her parasol to change her. When it went away Aurore now had light brownish gray skin having her hair in two tones with dark purple base and very pale blue bangs, while her large, pointed, low-angled twintails are striped with dark purple and very pale blue spirals with brilliant violet eyes, on her face she has jagged black face paint that surrounds her eyes and comes down to her cheeks as lightning bolts and grayish mulberry-colored lipstick wearing a tight, muted-color purple and blue two-piece dress that poofs into a curved bell-shape around her waist, has small shoulder puffs with a narrow-ended-tube-shaped collar, and also features five white lightning bolt patterns that have bright purple outlines, the sleeves become white gloves with two of the lighting bolts above her elbows, muted purple tights with white low heel knee high boots that are angled at the "opening" near the calf, and two of the lightning bolts come out of the boots around the outsides of her legs near the knees (the last of the pattern is a sole lightning bolt centered squarely near her abdomen), and her parasol turned dark purple that fades to brighter purple at the tip and has a black handle with a double spearhead at the bottom. Aurore has now become Stormy Weather, the newest follower of Hawk Moth.

...With Naruto and the others...

After coming to the park and playing the Manon all over Naruto and Marinette decide to sit down as Alya chose to distract her, seeing she has the most experience dealing with kids since she has siblings.

"You're pretty glad me and Alya came over to help aren'tcha?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah. I was way in over my head. Sometimes I have trouble just saying, "no"." Marinette slumped.

"Don't worry Marinette, you just don't want to disappoint people. That's natural. The trick to it is knowing your own limits and not to let people swindle you in doing something you're not comfortable with." Naruto assured.

"You're right, thanks." Marinette said in gratitude.

"No prob." Naruto said.

Suddenly they both heard everyone screaming making the duo look up to see Stormy Weather floating upwards smirking evilly down on the people below.

"HA!" She yelled waving her parasol causing icy wind to blow away everyone and for some to freeze the marry-go-round in a dome of ice trapping Alya and Manon.

"Oh no! Alya! Manon!" Marinette cried standing up.

"Damn!" Naruto growled following suit before turning to Marinette. "We'll split up and try to find help to free them!"

"Ok, but be careful. Who knows what that girl could do." Marinette said wanting her friend to be safe.

"Got it." Naruto nodded.

And with that the two went of into opposite directions.

Finding a secure spot away from the park Naruto called the police and fire department to let them know of the situation. They told him they would be there as soon as they could before he hung up.

"I'm guessing this is Hawk Moth's doing, huh Draco?" Naruto said looking at his Kwami.

"Yep. Hopefully Ladybug has seen this and she's coming." Draco said.

"In the meantime I'll run ground control. You ready?"

"Like you have to ask."

"Draco, let's roar!"

In a flash of light Naruto turned into Ryu and sprung into action. Just to see Stormy Weather firing bolts of lightning.

"Yo!" Stormy Weather looked to see Ryu land before her in a crouch position. "Firing lightning like that is dangerous and a violation. I'm afraid I'll have to stop you Bolty."

"The name's not Bolty! It's Stormy Weather!" Stormy Weather growled.

"Like I care. So we going to do this the easy way where you give up, or the hard way where I pound you into the dirt?" Ryu asked standing up.

"Hrr!" Stormy Weather growled running towards Ryu as her parasol was encased in lightning.

"Hard way it is." Ryu said before charging at her and bringing out his keyblade.

Both hero and villain slammed their weapons together making an electric boom go off struggling to overpower the other. Ryu broke the struggle and turned around to kick at Stormy Weather only for her duck and swiped her parasol at Ryu who dodged by backflipping and throwing his keyblade into Stormy Weather knocking her down as the keblade returned to his owner.

"Heh, looks like Stormy fell down." Ryu chuckled placing the keyblade on his shoulder.

"Down but not out, allow me to blow you the situation." Stormy Weather grinned.

"Blow?" Ryu said confused.

To answer the question Stormy Weather's parasol opened up blowing a large gust of wind at Ryu knocking him into the air and into the city falling into a couple of cars before he hit the ground.

"Oh, now I get it." Ryu groaned sitting up.

"Need a hand, Ryu?" Ryu turned his head to see Ladybug offering her hand to him.

"Thanks, Ladybug." Ryu said taking her hand as she helped him up.

"So what's the deal?" Ladybug.

"Well her name is Stormy Weather. Based on that name I'd say she has the power to control weather." Ryu said.

"A weather villain? That sounds kind of dangerous." Ladybug frowned.

"Not to mention OP." Ryu added as Ladybug agreed nodding her head.

"Hello heroes." Ryu and Ladybug looked to see Stormy Weather floating down before them. "We should be expecting a lightning storm, like right now!" She waved her parasol as clouds formed above her and bolts of lightning struked where Ryu and Ladybug were knocking them a few yards away with Ladybug falling on top of Ryu.

"Oh yeah, definitely OP." Ladybug sat up shaking her head.

"Yep, getting hit by lightning, not fun." Ryu said sitting up.

The two heroes then noticed their position and turned red in embarrassment.

"S-Sorry." Ladybug stuttered.

"N-No problem." Ryu muttered.

They both then got up and saw Stormy Weather smirked down on them.

"Alright then, let me show you what happens when you tick off a dragon." Ryu said before rushing at Stormy Weather raising his keyblade to strike her.

"I'll back you up!" Ladybug said following Ryu.

"Black ice!" Stormy Weather said pointing her parasol at the street making black ice form on it and under Ryu and Ladybug making them lose their balance. "Have a taste of wind power!" She then throw wind at the two causing them to stumble into the ground. "Hahaha! What's the matter heroes? Feeling at little down in the weather?!" Stormy Weather laughed.

"I'll show you!" Ryu growled before throwing his keyblade in a discus style nailing Stormy Weather in the head knocking her down. "Booyah!" Ryu cheered calling her keyblade back.

"Good work, Ryu. Now let's get her while she's down." Ladybug said.

"Right." Ryu said.

Both Ladybug and Ryu ran up on opposite buildings towards Stormy Weather who got up shaking her head before seeing the two duo heroes leaping at her with their yo-yo and keyblade spinning to strike her.

"I don't think so!" Stormy Weather blew wind at them again, only this time it was stronger as it blew Ladybug and Ryu across the city.

"This chick is working my last nerve." Ryu gripped.

"Um, Ryu..." Ladybug said tapping his shoulder.

"Yeah?" Ryu looked at his partner.

Ladybug pointed up making him look to see cars flying towards them.

"Oh come on!" Ryu exclaimed.

Ryu and Ladybug dodged the barrage of cars in a show of leaps and acrobatics, when the cars stopped falling they thought they were in the clear.

Only to see a bus coming their way.

Grabbing Ryu, Ladybug spun her yo-yo into a circle as the bus hit them making her weapon form a circle to missed them safely.

"When people say they want to catch a bus, I'm pretty they don't want the opposite to happen to them." Ryu said as they climbed out the bus.

"That goes without saying, Ryu." Ladybug said.

Ryu then looked around not seeing Stormy Weather.

"The Weather Queen is gone." Ryu said crossing his arms.

"Question is, to where?" Ladybug said putting her fingers on her chin.

"Hello viewers!" The hero duo turn their heads to see a nearby digital billboards to show Stormy Weather on it. "Here's my latest forecast! Looks like mother nature had a change in plan, for there is about to be an icy storm." As she said that he began to snow.

"Not me. I prefer to play in the snow when it's natural. Not being controlled by a villain." Ryu quipped.

"Preaching to the quire. But at least when now know where she is." Ladybug said before running off as Ryu followed heading towards KIDZ+ studio.

When they arrived at the studio they saw Stormy Weather still broadcasting. Ryu looked to the side to see a standee of Aurore.

"Hey Ladybug." He said getting her attention. "Does she look familiar?" Ryu said pointing to the standee.

"It's her." Ladybug said in realization. "The akuma must be in her parasol."

"Well now we know what to break." Ryu said.

"Let's move." Ladybug said.

The two heading towards the recording area to confront Stormy Weather only to show that the broadcasting was prerecorded.

"Damn!" Ladybug and Ryu said.

"Looking for me?" The heroes looked to see Storm Weather waving at them before she fired lighting at the light shutting them all off in the building as a few fell towards them, but they dodged out the way. "Catch me if you can, you zero heroes!" With that she took off.

"I can't see in here!" Ladybug said.

"Don't worry, Ladybug. I have built-in night vision in my helmet. I can lead us to her." Ryu said.

"Alright then, Ryu. Lead the way." Ladybug said.

Ryu grabbed Ladybug's hand and he lead her though the building following Stormy Weather which brought them to the roof where they saw her floating in high in the air.

"You fools you feel right into my trap!" Stormy Weather cackles as a cyclone started to form around the building. "There's no way out! It's over for you!"

"This isn't over yet, Stormy!" Ryu said bringing out his keyblade.

"We're just getting started." Ladybug said. "Lucky Charm!" She tossed her yo-yo as it spined and out came a red with black spots bath towel. "A bath towel?!"

"I got nothing for this." Ryu shrugged having no clue.

"Hail!" Stormy Weather said as hail rained down on them only for Ryu to spin his keyblade protecting them.

"Alright, Ladybug, work your magic!" Ryu said.

"Got it." Ladybug said looking around the area and her vision saw several pipes, her bath towel and the billboard behind Stormy Weather. "Think you can knock that billboard down?"

"You got it!" Ryu said as he stopped spinning his keyblade. "Chaos!" He then glowed black and waved his hand at the billboard making it grow and break off it's holding making it fall towards Stormy Weather.

"Yikes!" Stormy Weather yelped firing a bolt of lightning at the billboard making at hole unaware that Ladybug wrapped her yo-yo around her ankle as Stormy Weather flew through the hole.

Ladybug then runs under pipes and against a crane before jumping over a HVAC opened the towel and making her soar up the air while pulling Stormy Weather down as the angle of the crane hit her parasol causing her to lose it with Stormy Weather hitting the ground.

"Gotcha!" Ryu said grabbing the parasol and tossed it at Ladybug. "Heads up, Ladybug!"

"Thanks, Ryu!" Ladybug said catching the parasol before breaking it in half. "Get out of here, ya bug!" The akuma then left the broken parasol as Ladybug spun her yo-yo. "Time to de-evilize, you akuma!" She then caught the akuma in her yo-yo before opening it to show he was a butterfly again. "Bye-bye little butterfly." Ladybug waved as it flew away before picking up her towel. "Miraculous Ladybug!" The towel the dispersed into millions of ladybugs covered in pink energy going all over Paris repairing all the damage done by Stormy Weather as said villain turned back to normal into Aurore.

Back with Hawk Moth he was growling at his plan being foiled, but he would try again.

"Well that was fun." Ryu said moving his shoulders.

"Hopefully we never have to deal with another weather forecast like this one." Ladybug said.

"You're telling me, sister." Ryu said. "Now if you don't mind I have to check on some people."

"Me too. Same time with the next akuma?" Ladybug grinned.

"It's a date." Ryu pointed at her clicking his teeth. "Well for us super heroes, that is."

"Right!" Ladybug nodded.

Ladybug and Ryu pounded fists before they took off.

...Moments later...

Naruto made it back to the park to see Marinette holding Manon with Alya beside them.

"Guys!" Naruto said gaining their attention.

"Naruto!" Manon cheered.

"Where were you?" Alya asked.

"Sorry, but after I called the police and firemen I got blocked off from an ice wall while I was inside a building. So I was trapped." Naruto said.

"Are you okay?" Marinette asked.

"Yeah. Luckily it wasn't too bad." Naruto shrugged. "How about you guys?"

"It was touch and go for a second, but thankfully Ladybug pulled through for us in the end." Alya smiled.

"Yeah! Ladybug rocks!" Manon said. "It was thanks to Marinette asking her for help that she saved us!"

"Really?" Naruto said looking at Marinette.

"I was going for help and I happen to spot her and told her the situation." Marinette said,

"Nice." Naruto grinned giving her a thumbs up.

"No big deal." Marinette laughed.

"And thank you Naruto for calling the help when you did to try and get us out." Alya said.

"What are friends for?" Naruto shrugged.

"Marinette, I'm sleepy." Manon yawned.

"Well let's get you home so you can rest and wait for your Mom." Marinette said.

"Okay..." Manon said sleeply.

And with that the group headed on off to Marinette's home to put Manon to rest.

...At the Dupain-Cheng Patisserie...

Manon was on the couch sleeping away as Naruto finished tucking her in the blanket.

"Little thing's all tuckered out." Naruto smiled.

"Well she had a busy day." Alya smiled.

"I'm just glad she's safe." Marinette sighed in relief.

"We're all safe. Thanks to Ladybug and Ryu." Alya said.

"Sure are." Naruto agreed.

"Why don't we all watch a movie together? Y'know to just relax." Alya said.

"I'm down with it." Marinette said.

"Count me in." Naruto said.

"Cool." Alya said.

"I'll set us up a movie on Netflix." Marinette said grabbing the remote.

"I'll make us some popcorn." Alya said heading into the kitchen.

"And I'll get us some blankets to warm us up after the cold day we had." Naruto going to the closet. When he got the covers Naruto saw something on the couch near a sleeping Manon. "What's this?" He said picking up a stylish hat.

"Hmmm?" Marinette turned her head to see Naruto holding the hat she was making. "Oh! That's a hat I'm working on."

"Looks like something you see in a fashion magazine." Naruto said before turning his attention from the hat to Marinette. "I'm guessing you want to be a fashion designer?"

"Yeah. It's my dream." Marinette beamed.

"Awesome. From what I can tell from this, you just may achieve your dream."



"Thanks, Naruto." Marinette said feeling great that Naruto supported her dream.

"I got the popcorn." Alya said coming in the a large bowl of popcorn. "What movie are we watching?"

"I was thinking The Princess and the Frog." Marinette said.

"Ooh, a good one." Alya grinned.

"Heck yeah it is." Naruto smiled.

"Then let's watch this thing." Marinette giggled.

Pressing play at the movie Naruto sat on the couch as Marinette and Alya joined with Naruto moving the blankets over them as they snuggled against each other and enjoyed the movie.

And that's the chapter hoped you liked it.

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