Folks, he's coming back. I will accept nothing else. Here is how I hope and pray Avenger's 4 ends. Also, do yourselves a favor and listen to Shattered by Trading Yesterday whilst thinking of Vision x Wanda.

The compound was alive with celebration. Lives that had been lost returned once more after the Avengers retrieved the gauntlet, destroying the monster responsible for so much chaos. Everyone was joyful to see their friends again, to see their loved ones return to existence. There were the Guardians and their strange companions standing close to one another. The man named Quill refused to remove his arm from the green being and with the sense of death still present even Bruce finally allowed his hand to entwine with Natasha's. All were happy; all were grateful for the second chance they'd been given. All except for her.

Wanda smiled for their benefit. A feeble attempt to dissuade their attention and to mask her depression. She could feel their suspicious minds these past days as they practically forced food down her throat and provided any sleeping aids to avoid collapsing. She had never intended to shed light on her relationship to the rest of the team, but her fear of losing him betrayed their desire for secrecy. Their stares had not been judgmental as she originally feared when they first saw her clinging to the synthetic man that night in Edinburgh. Instead, they had done everything in their power to keep them safe. However, their power had not been strong enough.

When Wanda first felt herself return to existence, when the gauntlet fell into safe hands, she had felt so hopeful. So many lives were returned that day, but none for her benefit. An array of emotions had captured her when she finally realized he was not coming back. Anger, sorrow… the dreaded loss of any hope surrounded her, suffocating her in a blanket of darkness. She had begun to wander the battlefield in Wakanda, searching for an enemy. Only one outrider had remained and she kneeled before it so willingly, taunting the beast to finish it. Steve had been too fast. She had felt his disappointment in her as the monster's blood coated his arm, but she collapsed to the ground as all hope faded. Now, they all knew her dark thoughts and were carefully preventing her from the peace of death. They assumed she would heal, but her heart was beyond repair.

It had begun to break so long ago when she watched the hole in their apartment consume her parents. Pietro had kept her from breaking, but after his loss she never imagined there would ever be release from the suffering. Vision had kept her alive physically, bringing her meals and encouraging her to speak. She never imagined he would save her heart.

For two years she was blissfully ignorant, knowing the unfair life would never allow that love to last. The way Vision looked at her, how he ignored the logic he was built for by sneaking from his duties to see her. Her, a branded criminal. He made it so easy to fall. She had chosen to ignore her fears and allowed herself to be in love. That love had saved her, before that love destroyed her. There would be no more healing.

"Miss Maximoff." She didn't even startle at the intrusion, with no energy to do so.

"Stark. You're back," she replied weakly.

"You sound so pleased," he smirked. She met his eyes, irritated by his tone. "Walk with me?"

She raised her brow in surprise at the question. "I am fine right here."

"Really? You don't look fine. Quite a mess actually. You going for a homeless person, because your hair…"

"You know I can throw you through the roof, right?" It wasn't a threat, not really. Though, his attempts to joke tempted her powers. What's worst, he had the audacity to chuckle.

"Come on sour patch. I have a gift for you."

"There is nothing you can give me that I want." She hid her gaze from him.

"Is that a bet? Because I'll take it." He merely smiled before holding out his hand. "Come on. Humor me."

She glanced at the open hand, remembering all reasons why she harbored so much distaste for the man. For a short time she had come to trust him, before he imprisoned her at the compound. On top of that, he had manipulated Vision into believing holding her there was right. Recalling these memories, she wasn't sure what encouraged her to accept his hand and follow him from the crowd.

"I know we've never discussed what happened. I know you're still upset with me." Stark acted in a way she had never witnessed before as he stuttered through his speech. The great Tony Stark was nervous. "I was trying to protect you. My weapons had already caused you pain, I just wanted to keep you safe. I don't expect you to forgive me, I just… want you to understand."

She stuffed her hands in her pockets and stared at the ground as he led them outside. Unable to speak, for fear of her voice cracking. Settling for a nod, he cleared his throat.

"You're invited to the wedding by the way. We moved the date up. In case, you know, any other mad titans feel the need to threaten us." She sighed at his pathetic attempts to make conversation. He knew damn well that she had no desire to attend a wedding. She would have no power to mask her pain while couples clung to each other so joyfully. "I've been in Wakanda these past couple weeks, if you were wondering where I ran off to. That kid, Shuri, she's got quite the mind."

She listened as they walked, but continued her cold stare at the ground. They were far from the compound now and she could no longer hear the music blasting through the walls.

"I wanted to tell you before what I was planning, but I wasn't confident we could make it work. I figured it was best to keep it a secret." He rambled on. She had no clue as to what he spoke of, but didn't care enough to ask. He finally stopped her as they reached the tree line. "I also figured you wouldn't want to make a scene in there."

"What are you talking about?" She finally asked.


The voice called from behind her. It was then that she realized she had never returned from death. She had never been alive, not truly. But, that voice sent the shock needed to restore her heart, rushing blood through dead veins. She turned instantly, needing her eyes to confirm. Lungs constricting at the sight of his red body, the only sounds she could utter were desperate gasps for air as she fell into him. The suspicion that she was merely dreaming lingered at the back of her mind, but the temporary life within her heart forbade her from caring. Her fingers tore into his shoulders, arms holding him with an impressive grasp. She knew later she would thank Stark for taking her from the crowd, but in that moment she had no care of who could see her sobbing into Vision's chest. His own hands returned the hold, furiously wiping away tears with his thumb.

"I'm sorry." She sobbed against him. Visualizing the stream of red she had used to destroy him. "I'm sorry."

"Please do not be," he spoke softly into her hair. "I asked you to do it."

A new wave of cries emerged as she remembered how it had been for nothing. His death by her hand hadn't even slowed the Titan and instead they were both forced to endure Vision's end a second time. They both let her cry, never once asking her to stop. Tony remained nearby, worried her heart would fail at the shock of it all. He did not leave until the tears finally ceased. Without leaving Vision's arms, she turned her face to see him through clouded eyes.

"Thank you," she breathed. Stark smiled. Not a sarcastic "I told you so" smile, but a genuine smile before turning to leave. She rested against Vision and waited patiently for her breathing to calm. Kissing his chest, she mumbled against the fabric of his coat. "I love you."

"And I you," he promised. She pulled away only enough to see his eyes, hands moving to find the familiar feel of his face.

"You're really here," she breathed.

"Yes," he smiled, mimicking the hold on her own face. She traced the new lines in his skull, where Shuri and Stark repaired the tissue. The stone was back in its rightful place, offering a delightful glow of life in the center of his forehead.

"Does it hurt?" She whispered as her fingers traced the previously damaged skin.

"Not anymore," he assured. His gaze had been difficult to grow accustom to, the way he watched her so lovingly. It made her uncomfortable at first, but she quickly grew to take pleasure in its intensity. He slowly came to rest his forehead against hers, seemingly uncertain of the contact. "Please forgive me. I should never have asked you to destroy it. Had I known what he would do…"

She shook her head. Wanting to tell him he could never have known, that he was only doing what he knew was right. Yet, her heart wouldn't allow the words. The deed had destroyed her and she was unwilling to admit his logic was just. However, her appreciation for his presence overwhelmed her as she pulled him to her, taking his lips within hers. The kiss nearly brought another wave of tears, but she managed to hold them as he returned the contact. It seemed so long since she had last felt him. The surprising warmth of his skin, mixed with the cold of metal. His touch was always gentle, always hesitant as if he feared breaking her. They remained there, connected until her heart was content before she pulled from him.

"Never ask me to do anything like that again," she whispered.

"Never," he shook his head in agreement. His hands worshipped her face as she returned to the safety of his chest. Each moment passed where her fears of waking from this dream slowly drifted from her mind. Though still afraid to allow herself to feel the relief of having him near. "I am sorry for the duration it took to return to you. I asked Mr. Stark to make an alternate stop before the journey home."

She felt his arm moving along the coat he had crafted for himself. She opened her eyes just in time to see the twinkle of a diamond in the moonlight. The realization of what the item was sent her heart back into shock. She met his eyes, surprised by the confidence and certainly within them.

"Marry me."

She stared at him in awe. He had been so insecure as they explored their relationship together. She had waited and waited for him to initiate the first kiss, before growing impatient and claiming it for them both. He had been so terrified to touch her, afraid of overstepping. He had asked over and over if she was certain when she guided him to her bed. Seeing this new confidence in him only expanded the love she felt.

"Say something," he whispered with great tenderness. His free hand ran gentle strokes along her neck. Raising her chin slowly, she kissed him softly.

"You're supposed to kneel," she smiled against his lips.

"Does that mean…"

"Yes," she laughed before burying into his neck. She could feel his smile against her head, but he pulled away slowly to reach for her hand. Following her advice, he fell to his knee before gingerly pushing the ring along her finger.

"I have wanted to add to your collection for some time," he whispered as his thumbs scraped over the array of jewelry on her hand. "You once explained their significance to me, that you viewed them as armor."

Her skin tingled as he kissed the fingers so delicately.

"I hope you view this one as armor for your heart. I promise to always protect it." His gaze pierced the very fabrics of her soul, causing her to drop to her knees and once more fall into his embrace. Sighing in contentment against his shoulder.

"Yes, I do."

I might potentially write Vision's version when he first awakens in Wakanda, but not 100% certain at this time.