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Pain. It was the first sensation Vision felt as consciousness greeted his troubled mind. A terrible agony stretched from his head down to his chest and he found himself unable to move. There were voices, familiar yet faint. Tools scraped the skin at his skull and he desperately wished to stop them. Did they not know the torture their meddling was causing?

Slowly, the sensations of his body returned. It was frustrating being unable to track the hour, though he gathered the sense that this particular state of awareness had lasted for quite some time. When he could finally access his limbs, he was too weak to manage more than a simple twitch of the finger. As his body began to, so did the memories. Fear arose within his synthetic heart as he recalled his death. No, his deaths. He remembered the pain he hid from her as she tore at the stone in his mind. His chest constricted uncomfortably as he visualized her tears and sobs before she succeeded in vaporizing the gem and he along with it. The pain was unlike anything he had ever experienced, but for one fleeting moment death had gifted him tranquility.

There was peace the first time, knowing his sacrifice would ensure her survival. He was more than willing to accept a tragic fate for her benefit. However, it had meant nothing as he was forced to endure the pain once again, only by his hand. What's more was the devastating blow he witnessed the Titan deliver to Wanda before the stone was torn from him. His body ached at the memories and desperation began to drive his consciousness.

A strange warmth ignited at the tip of his forehead and a light began to emerge. The gem whispered to him as it neared. Though it did not speak in words, it welcomed itself as it took its place in its home. Energy surged through his body as the mind stone reunited with him once again. His eyes shot open in an instant and in an involuntary swoop he sat up with great force.

"Argh!" Tony groaned in pain as Vision's body collided into his, eyes moving quickly to compute the scene before him. Shuri stood back, watching hesitantly at Stark's feeble attempt to restrain his arms. "Take it easy buddy. You're fine. You're fine."

"No," he choked out in terror. Where was Wanda? Where was Thanos? Where were the Avengers? He scanned the room and noted no sign of obvious danger. He relaxed his body against Stark's tense arms, practically hugging his creator. "Where is she?"

"Do you know who you are?" Shuri ignored his question.

"I am Vision." Though the synthetic lungs did not require air he breathed heavily from distress.

"Do you know where you are?" The Wakandan scientist asked. An emotion rose within him, one that he did not commonly entertain. Anger convinced his hands to grip Stark's shoulders as he demanded attention.

"Where is Wanda?"

"She's safe," he promised. "They all are."

"What happened?" He demanded.

"It's a long story. Bit of time travel and what not." The man stated so irritatingly simple.

"Where is Thanos?"

"Dead." He smiled lightly. "Once we got the gauntlet, it was easy. Getting you back, that was tricky."

"You tried to kill us three times," Shuri smiled, despite the terror of her words.

"I do not remember," Vision spoke softly.

"You wouldn't," she smirked. "It was our failure, we had not completed attaching all systems. You returned to us a different being."

"Nuances. The important thing is, we finally got you back." Stark tossed some tools on a nearby table before crossing him arms. "Why haven't you been returning my calls?"

His scolding eyes bore into him, but Shuri quieted the man as she began to run diagnostics. Ordering him to lie down, she scanned his body one final time and sighed in contentment at the results. Vision guessed the young one had received less satisfying results in earlier attempts.

"I am sorry if I have caused you pain," he felt the need to say, noticing a thin line of red along her forehead.

"As I have said, it was our error." She merely smiled. "Now rest."

"My body does not require rest," Vision countered, but the strange aches throughout his body stated otherwise. "I want to see her."

"Relax, my plane will be ready soon." Stark patted his shoulder. "Besides, she's not done fixing you yet."

He desired to protest but the aches in his body where the spear had pierced him so long ago reminded him of the pain he was capable of feeling. He regrettably laid back and waited for Shuri to finish her work on his injuries, hoping his cooperation would allow him to reach her sooner.

There was a familiar discomfort flowing through Vision as he sat in Mr. Stark's automobile. It was the same sensation he would experience on his way to Wanda after much time had been spent apart. The longing of simple things such as the soothing tones in her voice or the softness of her fingers against his skin. The only difference in this moment was the company he shared. While Tony fiddled with his phone and Mr. Hogan headed the wheel, Vision admired the nature outside the window; having believed his eyes would never again gaze upon its beauty.

"Hogan, how's the 23rd work for you?" Stark asked without lifting his gaze from the device.

"It's your wedding, Tony. You pick the date and we'll be there." He replied.

"Its short notice, Hap, I need feedback. How about you, robokid?" His brow raised as he stared at the synthetic man. "Planning anymore unannounced getaways?"

Vision glanced at his creator, trying to analyze the seriousness of his words. Wanda made attempts to help him understand sarcasm, but the tone was still difficult for him to decipher.

"I must confess," he hid his gaze as guilt clouded his thoughts. "I have been neglecting my duties."

"Pfft," Stark withheld a chuckle. "Do you really think I haven't noticed? I've been getting bills from hotels and 5-star diners. Plus, you stopped sulking around the Compound. I pieced it together quite some time ago."

"You are not angry?" he watched the man in surprise. Considering the resources he had used to secure his flights and transportation, especially since the man held a less than favorable opinion of the woman he sought, he had braced himself for Stark's rage.

"Well, I was certainly surprised to say the least, but how could I be mad?" he smirked. "You're finally acting like your old man."

Recalling the memories he inherited from Jarvis, he was not certain that he should be pleased with the comment. Stark would often make the joke of his supposed parentage over him and though Vision debated the accuracy of his claims, he never corrected the man. The statements were of the few moments when Mr. Stark managed to view him as human. He much preferred it over the demeaning discussions the group would sometimes share regarding his obvious differences. The past two years he had spent countless hours of research on what it would take to be viewed as human, yet simple quips made between Stark and Colonel Rhodes were a constant reminder that they would never see him as such.

It was a fact partially responsible for his need to seek Wanda's company. He had agonized for days over his dependency her, wondering if the need was classified as weakness. She hadn't been there to explain the emotion he felt, but he was thorough in his research on the human heart and its ability to feel. He recalled the most baffling emotion he'd come to learn of which was love in a romantic sense

The first quality found in his research on the human emotion was one that most humans overlooked; love was deceptive. It caused men and women alike to make foolish choices, whether it be as simple as neglecting responsibilities or the more dire thoughts that stem from loneliness. The stories of those who surrendered their lives as a result of lost partners or unrequited desires troubled his synthetic mind. By all logical means, love was an abomination. Due to this knowledge, he resisted the call to go to her after they took her at the airport. When he sought her, he did so with the belief that those strange feelings were no more than a battle of friendship and guilt for his actions in the past. When she forgave him for holding her at the compound, it baffled him that the emotions had not ceased. Finally, the day he came to understand was the moment he first ignored his duties, just so he could spare another hour with her. He recalled stumbling through his speech when Mr. Stark confronted him about it, trying to find a suitable answer without revealing the truth. That had been the first time he had ever lied.

Stark had believed his false tale, but the task had resulted in a self-sentenced seclusion for Vision as he fiercely attempted to sort his thoughts. Love. The word nagged at the back of his mind and it frustrated him beyond belief. He was underserving of the emotion, without a real heart to offer. The thought pained him more deeply than he desired to share and as those thoughts plagued him his skin began to tremble.

When Wanda messaged him, he prepared a long response as to why they should end their rendezvous. He had nearly sent it, waiting an entire day to analyze the outcome. It would have meant never seeing her again, but it would have been the wise decision. Knowing his logic was unflawed he was unsure what caused him to delete the message and go to her the next week. The only thing that he did know, was that the burning agony buried within his heart only ceased when she was near.

She'd met him at the station and he recalled the nervous way she watched him as they walked to the room he had purchased for her. She respected his privacy and avoided his mind, yet it was evident that she could see a change. By the time they arrived her hair was drenched from the rain and she made weak attempts to hide the chill in her skin. He made certain to walk closely with her to offer what warmth he could give. Upon entering the room, they were wordless as the door closed behind them; though neither found the quiet discomforting.

"Vis?" His name fell off her tongue in worry and he realized she had been speaking. His systems had failed, that was the initial diagnosis he came to as the most overwhelming warmth ensnared his chest. Displeased with the distance between them, his feet moved him to her on their own accord and his hands hesitantly moved to her waist. Her eyes, so beautiful were her eyes that his attention was stolen to her alone. His fears that his actions were foolish, that he should be back at the Compound, had vanished. He gained control just in time to stop himself as memories of him discouraging her freedom so long ago swiftly reminded him of the past sins he had committed against her. She could not possibly desire his touch. Filled with sudden uncertainty, he nearly pulled away before her hands fell against his chest. Sensing his retreat, her fingers gripped the fabric of his shirt as she stepped into him. Aware of all places her body met his and the heat that she emitted, he finally understood the allure of love. He hadn't meant to move closer, but the sensation that spread through his chest when his nose brushed hers dispelled any regret. Her breath fell upon his lips but he did not kiss her, terrified she would not trust him with the contact. He could not recall how long they remained that way, both entranced by each other's nearness. It was Wanda who closed the distance when the anticipation grew too heavy. The agony ceased as he experienced softness of her lips for the first time, replaced by a severe warmth that he found he did not mind. His hands explored the places of her body deemed appropriate by human standards, but they sat most comfortably at the sides of her face. His movements were tender, always afraid to break her small form. It was a notion that continued through their courtship. They hardly spoke a word that night. Instead, it was filled with chaste kisses and loving whispers that ended with her asleep in his arms on the couch.

It was a memory he cherished every day after, remembering the way he watched her sleep so comfortably against him. They never said the words aloud, but their gentle touches and kisses promised each other of the love they shared. Though in the end it was his deepest regret as he hastily whispered the words before his demise. He silently made the promise to speak the words to her daily, hoping to hear them in return.

"You're going to have to take it slow." Tony broke Vision from his thoughts. "She's a bit fragile at the moment."

"She is unwell?" Worry spread through his senses.

"Sort of," Stark stated simply with no intention of continuing.

"You are withholding information from me," he pointed. "I believe I have earned the rights to know of Wanda's well-being."

"What, you think just because you've been sneaking off to see her for two years that you're entitled to her medical records?" Stark chuckled before meeting his piercing gaze. "She's lost a great deal, Vision. Of course there are going to be repercussions."

"You are speaking vaguely." He sent yet another furious gaze in the man's direction. Tony remained uncharacteristically quiet as he hid behind his phone. "Please tell me."

"She's depressed, Vis. We didn't tell her that we were trying to fix… heal you." He corrected himself. Vision was surprised by his hesitation. "As far as she knows, you're dead and she isn't handling it well."

"You hold a phone in your hand, why have you not taken the liberty to contact her?"

"Relax, we'll be there in a few hours." The man's calmness only frustrated him further. "Besides, it's better for her to see you in person. Steve and Nat have been watching her, making sure she stays safe."

"Safe from whom?"

"Herself." He stated as if the information was obvious before stowing the phone into his pocket to offer his full attention. "So tell me, how serious is this thing between you two? I mean, obviously it's serious since you blew all of my money."

"You have granted me access to your finances. Has this factor changed?"

"I'm joking, Vis." He smirked. "I just never thought I'd have to have the talk with you."

"Is it because you believe I am incapable of love?" The car fell into an uncomfortable silence. Tony cast an indifferent glance to the synthetic man, while Happy shifting uncomfortably. It had not been his intention, yet he found that he desired to shed light to the conflict within him.

"What makes you think that?" Tony asked.

"You think of me as a machine, do you not?" He challenged in an even tone. "You have referred to me as such on multiple occasions."

"Vision, why do you think I helped you get a passport? Why I never questioned your ridiculous excuses for traveling overseas? I never would have helped you if I believed that." He countered.

"You call me robot," he pointed in a whisper.

Stark studied him silently, seemingly lost for words. "I didn't realize you were so sensitive. If you told us it bothered you, we would have stopped."

"I find that difficult to believe. You have never let other's control your actions before."

"This is different. You're family." The sincerity in his eyes surprised Vision.

"Will you help me with something?" Stark turned his head to show that he was listening. "How do I ask her to marry me?"

She was thin. It was the first feature he noticed as Tony brought her into view. Her small form froze him in place, unable to comprehend the image he saw. They had not been caring for her as they should have been, nor had she been caring for herself.

"I also figured you wouldn't want to make a scene in there." Tony stopped near him.

"What are you talking about?" Her voice was riddled with pain and he found himself moving towards her.

"Wanda," he whispered as he stepped from the forest. Her reaction sparked more fear within him as he began to understand why Stark had been so hesitant to reunite them. His arms willingly caught her as she fell against him. As she gasped desperately for air he feared she would go into shock. Her fingers clawed into his shoulder with impressive strength for her condition and he returned the hold. He had heard her cry before, but this… this was something else. Her cries erupted from her heart, revealing just how broken it was. He held her fragile form with one arm, while the other cradled her face against his chest; wiping tears as they fell.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." She sobbed.

"Please do not be," his own voice on the edge of breaking. "I asked you to do it."

He had thought the words would sooth her, but her grip tightened as a new wave of tears emerged. He worried for her health, terrified she would suffer shock. When she finally did calm, she twisted her face to see Stark.

"Thank you." Tony stayed one moment longer before granting them privacy. Her lips left a lasting warmth against his chest before she mumbled into his coat. "I love you."

He had known it. Though she had never stated before, he had known the strength of her emotions. Yet, as the declaration passed her lips he could hardly contain the fire within him. The ring Stark had helped him buy felt heavy in his pocket, reminding him of its presence. The desire to present it to her grew rapidly.

"And I you."

Her hands moved to hold his face and he graciously leaned into the touch. "You're really here."

"Yes." While he mimicked her hold while her fingers traced the edges of his forehead.

"Does it hurt?" The touch reminded him of his awakening in Shuri's lab, when they scraped and scratched against his skin. The pain had been torment. He held great appreciation for the fingers that now moved gently along the repaired tissue.

"Not anymore." His gaze never left the safety of her eyes, taking in the beauty he had thought he'd lost. She used to shift uncomfortably when he was lost in his stare, yet now she returned his gaze with equal intensity. He slowly rested his forehead against hers, filled with guilt as he recalled the deed he had asked her to perform. "Please forgive me. I should never have asked you to destroy it. Had I known what he would do…"

She started to shake her head, but her expression made it clear of the discomfort the subject brought. He wondered if she would begin scolding him, but instead she pulled him to her. He eagerly returned her kiss, thankful that she still trusted him with the contact. His fingers curved along the back of her neck, holding her firmly yet ready to release the moment she tired of him. Even after two years of Wanda welcoming his touch, the fear of overstepping rooted deep within him ever since that day he'd discouraged her departure at the Compound.

"Never ask me to do anything like that again," she whispered as she pulled away.

"Never," he promised firmly. She fell back into his chest, her arm pressing the ring into his body. "I am sorry for the duration it took to return to you. I asked Mr. Stark to make an alternate stop before the journey home."

She adjusted her position as his hand slipped into the pocket. He had seen the question asked in several films and Tony had been polite enough to offer his advice in the matter. He was uncertain whether or not she was ready for such a question to be asked, but an even greater certainty had overwhelmed him from the moment he had awoke. It didn't seem to matter that he might appear selfish, it only mattered that he revealed his intentions. There was surprise in her eyes as they fell to the ring and even he was bewildered by the confidence within him.

"Marry me." He waited for her to answer, giving her plenty of time to think. However, the silence began to grow uncomfortable and he desperately desired to know the thoughts behind her blank stare. He should have stepped back and give her some space. He should have apologized for asking a bizarre request after so short a time. However, he ignored the logical choice and encouraged her to speak. "Say something."

She blinked herself out of her stare as a soft smile fell upon her face. Her chin raised and he was gifted with the softness of her lips. The kiss was short before she smiled against his lips. "You're supposed to kneel."

His mind raced through the scenarios he had watched in films and became fearful that he had asked incorrectly. Yet, the smile she held conflicted with his logic. "Does that mean…"

"Yes." She interrupted with a laugh. Relief, joy, and a flood of emotion flowed through him as she hid into his neck. Pulling back briefly, he reached for her hand. Recalling her words, he fell to his knee and carefully slid the ring onto her finger.

"I have wanted to add to your collection for some time," he admitted. Truth be told, he would have asked the question two years prior had humans not frowned upon such suddenness. It had been strange to him to wait, knowing full well his heart would never sway. However, he respected their traditions and allowed Wanda the time to explore their relationship.

As the ring took its place on her finger, he recalled the story she had told him two years ago. They had only begun their courtship when they rested together on the couch. The movie they watched had ended though they remained in their silent embrace. He played with the metal on her fingers absentmindedly, before wondering about their significance.

"My brother gave me this one when we were sixteen," she explained. "I was having nightmares and he told me a story of a ring that defended its wearer from bad dreams."

"Did it work?" He had asked.

"For a while," she smiled. "Until I grew out of his superstitious stories. But, I still wear them. I like to pretend they are my armor."

Recalling the memory, he kissed the finger now wearing his ring.

"I hope you view this one as armor for your heart. I promise to always protect it." Meeting her gaze, he spoke the words as a promise. She fell to his level and wrapped herself in his embrace, sighing against his shoulder.

"Yes I do."