Four is two years older than Hermione

Tris does not exist in this universe

There is no war in the Harry Potter universe

This takes place when Hermione is turning sixteen.

The people of Chicago know that there are people outside of the fence, some want to destroy the outside world with a virus.

Hermione gets tired of the bullying at Hogwarts and decides to leave and go back to her family in Chicago, who are Abinigatin she has not lived with her family since she was eleven. She arrives just one day before the tests. What faction will Hermione choose? Will she fit in better than in Hogwarts?

I know that I probably should not start a new story but I just can't help myself.

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This is short because it is just an introduction.

"The last four years I have bailed Ron and Harry out of so many things it is unbelievable, so I am moving to Chicago to go back home to my family," Hermione thought going over the last four years in her head. My friendships good and bad. Experiences, everything things that she would never forget. Classes, Quidditch, and the library. God, I loved that library, so many books. Erudite would have a library but not as large as Hogwarts. I would miss her friends, Harry Ron, Ginny, Luna, Draco, and Neville. Her dorm with Lavender and Parvati. So many things that I would miss but most of all she would miss magic, well sorta, with Professor McGonagall's help she arranged for her to study independently and take her NEWT's in two years. I would not miss Draco and his cronies, or Professor Snape, or Argus Flinch. I would be glad to see her parents again. As I did not have an Apparition license I had to fly. The flight was nine hours. God is was terrible I sat in economy and because the family I was sitting beside was separated I offered to change seats. I needed to practice being selfless again. For the first time in years, I saw my parents! My dad looked years older and my mother looked amazing she had a natural beauty. My parents were both dressed in standard Abnegation wear. I was dressed in black except for my shirt which was a red shirt with Gryffindor wroten on it in gold. My dad gave me a disapproving look at my choice of clothing.

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