Lori went to the bathroom after the summer break she literally didn't want to go but it's school and she only had to go one more year and College with Bobby bear.

Lynn was wearing a hockey helmet, her favorite Jersey skating playing air hockey trying to get up a sweet before taking a shower,.

luan "Tell me more about the book your reading." Mr coconut "It's about anti-gravity and I can't put it down! " Luan laughed and everyone else groaned while leni didn't get it, exception from Lisa who held her hand in front of her mouth.

Lori said "luan no one wants to hear your puns today, we are all in a somewhat bad mood." it was true who likes the first day of school ? If Lisa was older maybe but she was stuck in preschool so yea she wasn't excited either, especially Lucy was bumped out" you ok sis?" Luna asked the little goth.

Lucy answered "sigh, no my english teacher got a position at the high school and he was the only teacher who helped me with my poetry."

Leni patted her back " there there- wait is the teacher creepy ?"

Lucy answered " no his pretty friendly, he was also our schools biology and chemistry teacher too so you might see him alot."

Lori had to ask " Tell me everything And does he do a lot of surprise tests ?"

Lucy " sigh, his married I never meet her, has a daughter, his 21 years old and no he said he hates surprise tests unless a class deserved it."

Lori sighed with relief " good our class is safe."

Luna jumped into the conversation holding her axe " does he like rock and roooll ?!" She screamed the last part.

Lucy Held her ears at the last part but she luckily still understood what her rocker sister wanted to know "he likes the band smooch."

Luna said " rocking !" Before doing the guitar solo which was stopped by Lori. "I don't want everyone to lose their hearing before we get to school." She told her younger sister before giving the guitar back to her.

Lucy had to say " oh yea he hates pranks so luan be careful." Mr coconuts said " oh coconuts !" Luan chuckled " but seriously that stinks!"

Leni thought he has a daughter and is young so... "I wonder if he needs a babysitter ?"

At school

After leaving the house lori went to her class and saw the new teacher and was surprised would be the least of it he was wearing an orange pullover with long sleeves, blue jeans and the most interesting thing about his look " WHITE HAIR ?!" Lori thought or better said screamed inside her mind, as the teacher looked at them and Lori who didn't show any eye contact " good last school year or better said good last year of prison for some." Some laughed and others just chuckled." Now my name is Lincoln Wilson and I will be your biology, English and chemistry teacher. Looks like your school had a giant retirement party or they won the lottery because i got a ton of classes ! " he smiled and wrote his name on the white board, he made a great first impression and Lori didn't like it, not just that the teacher looked like her older lost brother, she also was going to be seeing every school day until it ends!


Lori ran out of her class and grabbed all of her siblings after taking a picture of Lincoln "ok guys this is literally insane!" Their eyes all widened and Luna froze at seeing the pic.

Lori just waited for their comments, after looking at the picture for a moment Leni commented "looks like a younger pop-pop or an older Li-" and understood why Lori pulled them here "hey it's linky!"

Luan had a hard time believing it mostly because she already had accepted the fact that her brother which started with denial by making jokes until she accepted he was gone and now this ?! "yea they do look a like but you could be telling a white lie" she laughed pushing down her true feelings as the rest groaned

But luna stared at the picture, Lori pocked her and she screamed "BIG BRO ?!"

Lori was paralyzed for a moment from Lunas reaction, it was as if some had been winding up a toy just before it broke you let it go and crashed through the wall. "Wow calm down luna, luan could be right"

Luna sighed with tears almost falling from her eyes grabbing loris phone and staring at it "I missed him sis and if there is a chance I will take it !" She wiped her eyes.

Lori smiled and luan had to ask "wait where did you get that picture?"

Lori sighed knowing how surprising this will be " looks like Lincoln will be our teacher " They all gasped

" we need to tell mom and dad !" Luan said and luna stood up

" no they would go overboard and might scare our teacher off, if it turns out his not our bro ! One of our teachers will think we are crazy !"

They all agreed before Lori noticed that her other half was missing." now where is leni ?" Everyone looked around and saw her coming to them with a big smile.

"Leni where did you go ?" Leni grinned in her airhead away "guys you won't believe it! I asked Lincoln if i could babysit and i got the job !"

All looked both shocked and impressed at the same time because most of the time when Leno got her babysitting jobs her sisters usually did the talking "how did you get the job ?" Leni explained that she was Lucy's sister and after she told him how she took care of her siblings and it was done !

"Wow nice going sis !" Luna said seriously impressed by her sister who usually walked into wall if her sunglasses were down.

Lori " yea and that gives us a chance to look for more clues !" luan still had some doubts about this but hey she didn't have a reason to argue "so what do you say ask mr Lincoln more about his past tomorrow ? Because we literally don't have another class with him"

Authors note : this is my first story on so please tell me everything I did wrong. (Future me yea I rewrote this so it works better so I hope you had a good read. :)