Chapter 41



After the stunt Jenks pulled with Bella, there was no way I was letting that go. Bella had been terrified, but she managed to keep her composure as a mob boss's wife should.

I am sitting in Jenks home office, waiting for him to come home. I see the bonds that belong to Emmett and me; it looks like he is in the process of changing the names on them. He had been working for Esme or Jasper or both. I would bet it was Esme who talked him into helping her. He might know that Esme is dead, but not Jasper; I intend to use that knowledge to my advantage.

Tonight, Jenks is going to lose his life. He should've gone to my wife, but for him to conspire with those low life's has sealed his death. My father wouldn't think twice about taking his life.

I hear the door open; Jenks never sees me straight away. I watch him put a pile of money into his safe.

"Where did all that money come from?" I hiss.

"Edward, you scared me. How did you get in here?" Jenks asks.

"That doesn't matter. I want to know why you never went to help my wife," I question.

"I had never gone to your mother. She never got herself in that predicament," he said, looking defiant.

"But you don't mind being Esme's lacky," I growl.

"Esme was a lady, the wife of the boss," Jenks yells.

"Do you not know who my wife is?" I question. "Bella is the equivalent to Italian royalty in the mafia world."

I laugh humorously.

"If that were true, Carlisle would have known. So would Esme," Jenks growls.

"Bella's grandfather is Don Mancini head of the Mancini family. He's also, the head of the Italian cartel. Bella's father is Paolo Conti, the head of the Conti family. She is the next in line to take over when anything happens to her father. Would you like me to tell them what you have done to their granddaughter and daughter?"

I watch as the fat pig begins to sweat.

"I was told she was the daughter of a cop in the outback of Washington," Jenks whispers.

"Well, it seems Esme and Jasper have misinformed you. I will no longer be using your services. In fact, by the looks of the bond certificates on your desk, you are working for the wrong people," I snarl. "Did my father know you conspired with those two? Or did you have a hand in his death as well?"

"I would never hurt your father. I was just helping Esme to ensure that her children got what was owed to them," Jenks yells.

"You chose wrong, and like my father, you let your dick guide you instead of your brain," I say.

I get up, and walk over to him.

"Sit Jenks," I command.

I leaned over him smelling the rancid smell that is coming off him. A combination of sweat, cigars, scotch, and sex. The thought turns my stomach.

I take a syringe out of my pocket. Rose assured me if I injected his neck, it wouldn't be detected at an autopsy. It seems a shame he will never suffer as his heart will stop immediately.

"I hope you rot in hell, with Esme and Jasper," I say as I push the needle into his neck and inject its contents.

I set the room up to make it look like he had a heart attack. As he sat at his desk, I made sure there was a cigar in his ashtray and a glass of scotch on his desk.

I look around to make sure there is no paperwork connecting Emmett or me in any way to the mob. I also check for any other copy of my dad's living will.

He is the last person, who we had to eliminate that had connections to my dad. Now I will leave him to be found by someone; then, we will get our bonds back.


Four months later.

We sold our childhood house; there had been a lot of interest. It only took a month to sell. Emmett also received the money from the illegal sale of his and Rose's house.

I'm having a big house built for Bella and me on a plot of land not too far from my childhood home. I am hoping to fill all five bedrooms one day.

The city paid for the damage to the academy.

The academy is thriving with a waiting list; modern dance having the longest wait. We have now started to open earlier and have a few late nights too.

Most of the Saturday lessons are for the kids who wouldn't normally get the opportunity to play an instrument or dance. Some of their talent is incredible. I'm hoping that if some of them concentrate on their gift, they will stay out of crime, which sounds strange coming from a mob boss.

We now retain Carlo as our lawyer if we ever need him, but the feds love us like I hoped they would. The company he works for is now Cullen Entertainment Attorneys-At-Law. They made Carlo a senior partner for landing us as a client.

All the facilities are now complete, and families love the entertainment at the old gentleman's club. We kept the kitchen staff. They now cook for kids' birthday parties and the small café inside the building. A couple of the bar staff stayed on working for us in different areas. We made Helen the manager. She was previously a waitress at the club. Dad had abused her and left scars, both physically and emotionally.

We have opened another Play Avenue across town. The kids love the place. It's always fully booked for weeks in advance.

We changed one of my dad's warehouses into a paintball course. That has been a big hit with the older kids. We are now looking for an outdoor area to open another one.

Tony took on the casino as the manager, with his wife taking care of the staff. They work well together. It has become very profitable in the loan business. Some of Tony's old crew collects payments from people when needed.

We bought a rundown old building, transforming it into a second Casino in which many celebrities frequent.

I'd hoped that the two strip clubs would turn into a classy establishment. But I found out some of the girls were still turning tricks. I got pissed with the hassle it was causing me, so I put Joey as the manager of one and Kalvin in the other. Both strip clubs are now the classier establishments I had envisioned.

Emmett and I had decided we wanted to meet our sister, Bree. We found out the apartment she lived in was a tenement block. It was in a mess; the water coming through the taps was brown. It had cockroaches, and her nanny was her Grandmother who was in her late seventies. Bree went to the local school, in which she was doing poorly. They didn't cater to her disabilities. My father sent them a check every month to ease his conscience, for another life he ruined.

We now have Bree living in a brownstone, with a garden. Her Grandmother still lives with her, but now they both have care givers who live with them. We enrolled her into a private school, hoping she might be able to learn something; at least learn to read and write.

I'd also faked having my eyes lasered, getting rid of the fake glasses. Although Bella made me keep them. I never figured she found them so sexy.


Three months later.

"Some fucker highjacked the guns that have just come in," Emmett growls.

"Do we have anyone to take care of this?" I ask.

"No, Edward, everything is going wrong. They have started to deal drugs in our clubs and in both my gyms again. More and more of Liam's men are coming into our territory; he's tried to start a protection racket. You have given him everything dad tried to stop," Emmett continues.

"Enough Emmett. I gave him the drug business, you agreed with it at the time. Not anymore, we are taking everything back. I never wanted to deal in drugs, I hate the misery they cause, but now I've been pushed up against a wall. Instead of bitching Emmett, I want you to get everyone to Midnight Sun in the next hour. Make it happen," I snap.

I go to my office, shutting the door, and pouring myself a drink. It's times like this that I wish I still smoked to calm my nerves.

I knew once again; I was going to be late coming home. I hated doing this to her. Especially now, she wasn't well. Pulling my cell from my pocket, I dial Bella's number.

"Hi sweetheart, how are you feeling?"

"Hi baby, still the same as this morning. Rose is here giving me another jab."

"Bella, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be home until early in the morning. I've got asses to kick," I explain.

"Not a problem. Is there anything I can do to help?" Bella asks.

"No, sweetheart, someone has hijacked some of our delivery. Liam is trying to take over New York. I've got to take everything back. If Liam approaches you, ignore him. I don't trust him."

"I don't think that will be a problem. There was just a news flash on the television; apparently, Liam's been arrested. It didn't say why."

"That couldn't come at a better time. Let me know if there is any update on that."

"I will. I love you, Edward. Bye."

"I love you more; save me some dinner. Bye, sweetheart."


I watched from my office at Emmett laughing and joking with the various crews. My blood was boiling now. He expects me to carry him while he reaps the benefits. That is going to stop tonight.

I made my way down and stood, waiting for them to realize I was there. The room soon went silent.

"Thank you for coming, gentleman. We have a few things that need addressing. We have a rat in the organization. Someone in this room is working for Jersey," I begin. "They are helping Jersey to gain access into our territory; things are going to change tonight."

I was looking around to see if anyone looked guilty or uncomfortable.

"Mark, I need you and your crew to round up these jokers from Jersey who think they can have a protection racket going in Cullen territory. Once they are collected, leave them at warehouse thirteen," I instruct.

"On it, boss," Mark answers.

"Joey, I need you and your crew to find out where the brothel is that Liam has in our territory," I direct.

"Yes, boss," Joey replies.

"Tony, I want you and your crew to round up all the drug dealers that work for Jersey. I want anyone who is dealing regardless where they are from. Take them to warehouse fourteen. I don't want them hurt. I need them off the street and to see what they can tell me about Jersey and the drug business. We are going to be taking back my father's old drug business," I continue.

"Okay, boss," Tony acknowledges.

"Luke, you and your crew find out who is working a gambling scheme on the street that isn't part of our organization, bring them in," I instruct.

"I think I know who it is; where do I take her?" Luke asks.

"Bring her here, make her think she's on a date," I reply. "Ricky, I need you and a couple of your men to help move a body."

"As of his moment, you are your brother's keeper. I need to know who it is that is leaking information. Don't approach the person or persons who you believe to be the rat or rats, you come to me. One last thing, according to the news Liam O'Sullivan was arrested tonight. It's the perfect time to hit them. Gentleman, you know your assignments now go and carry them out," I conclude. "Emmett are you ready?"

Getting in the car, I speak to Emmett.

"Emmett, this can't continue, you don't take instructions. Anytime we must conduct business, you laugh and joke with everyone. As the underboss, you can speak with the capo, but you need to distance yourself from the other men. They must show you respect. Do you want to be a part of the organization, or do you want to live outside like you originally planned?" I growl.

"Edward, you know I want to be with you. You had the advantage of being trained by Nonno," Emmett answers.

"Would you like to go over to Italy for a while and learn? I can call Nonno and ask him. But I will warn you he won't be easy on you," I inform.

"I'll think about it," Emmett replies.

We meet Ricky outside the warehouse.

"Ricky, before we go in, can I have a word with you?" I ask.

"Sure, what do you need help with," Ricky answers.

"Do you know anything about my dad's drug contacts and who he dealt with?" I ask.

"One of your father's suppliers was a guy from Canada. Frank used to go up there to collect the product once a week. Frank was also in charge of distributing it. I know he had connections with people in Mexico. But they ripped your dad off," Ricky answers. "If you still have your dad's second set of books, there might be something in there regarding his contacts."

"Thanks' Ricky. This won't take long. Don't forget when you move the body, don't get any of his blood on you. He could have HIV, Aids, or hepatitis," I advise.

As we are walking into the warehouse. All we can hear is Laurent begging for drugs. You can smell the piss and vomit; it burns the inside of my nose.

Taking a chair, I sit in front of him.

"Please, Edward, I need a fix, I'm fucking dying," Laurent says shivering.

"I have questions for you first," I reply.

"Okay, ask me anything as long as you give me something."

"Why are you still alive?"

"Liam wanted me to show his men around our territory. He even managed to get one of his men in."

"What have you shown to him?"

"Where all the warehouses are. The people we deal with for arms, where they come in, and who we sell them to. Now can I have something?"

"Soon. Who is the rat?"

"Sean Wells."

"Who else has he sent in?"

"Patrick's sister is dating one of your guys, but she's using him to get to you. She is supposed to seduce you and become your goomah."

"What's her name?"


"Is she the one who is running a betting scheme on my territory?"


"Who is she dating?"

"Logan, Luke's brother."

I take my gun from the back of my trousers.

"I hope you rot in hell along with your friend Jasper," I say as I pull the trigger, shooting him between the eyes.

I pull a note out of my jacket pocket that read. "The contract is now void."

"Pin this on him, and dump him where Jersey will find him," I instruct. "Emmett, we need to get back to the club."

As I sit in the car, I pull my cell out and call Rose.

"Rose, we are going to be getting a girl who needs questioning. Can you meet us at the Moonlite club?"

"Yes, not a problem. I'm at your apartment at the minute with Bella."

"Is she okay? There isn't a problem, is there?"

"She's fine. I've given her a shot for her morning sickness. I'll see you in the next half hour."

"See you soon," I reply, putting the cell back in my pocket.

"Why does my wife have to put herself on the line getting caught, yet Bella gets to sit back and take no chances?" Emmett snaps.

"This is what I'm talking about, Emmett; why are you questioning me?" I growl.

"As I said, you are using my wife while yours doesn't do anything illegal. I'm not happy with things," Emmett yells as he pulls the car over.

"Bella is pregnant and has been ill with morning sickness. Rose has had to give her anti-nausea shots, and she's had an IV to help rehydrate her. If she weren't pregnant, she would be with Rose. It's Rose's choice to help with females. Since I have been the boss, this is the first time she has had to help. Before that, both Bella and Rose dealt with it. You know as well as me. We're always having to check Bella's bag for a gun every time she comes with us on business. She has shot several people in the past; Rose has never done that," I snap.

Emmett pulls back on the road and says nothing until we got to the club.

"You're right Edward. I have no idea what I'm doing. I feel like I'm drowning. Can you call Nonno and ask if I can go to Italy and be taught like you were?" Emmett asks.

"I'll do it tomorrow," I reply. "Can you go and get Sean. Bring him to the back stairs, please."

"Yeah, not a problem," Emmett says.

When Sean arrives at the backstairs, I have my gun against his head and dragging him towards the alley behind the club.

"Who brought you into this organization?" I growl, as I still have the gun pressed against his temple.

"Jasper recruited me. Boss, what have I done wrong?" he pleads.

"When did you start to tell Jersey about my shipments?"

"My sister is being fucked by Patrick. She asked me when I was drunk, and I told her. I didn't know she would tell him. Please don't kill me," he begs.

Emmett passes me his Glock with a silencer. I put a bullet between his eyes.

"Get someone to put him where Patrick will find him. Someone needs to clean up out here," I instruct. "Emmett come up to my office. We have books to read through."

I pull my dad's second set of books out of a safe in the floor.

"What are we looking for?" Emmett asks.

"Anything that refers to dad's drug business. Going in with Liam was a mistake that I'm now paying for. This is why I need you as my underboss, and consigliere," I explain.

We remain silent as we trawl through all the books. I am jotting down numbers and people's names.

My cell rings. I look at it to see it is Rose.

"Hi, Rose."

"Hi, Edward, the job's done. She worked for Patrick. Liam doesn't know anything about it. I have her books. I'm having her body delivered to Patrick's club."

"Thanks, Rose. Can you come and pick up Emmett? He's tired. Bye Rose."

"Yes, not a problem, but don't be too late going home, Edward. Bella might say she's okay, but she isn't."

"Emmett leave that. We've been reading through this for hours. Go home once Rose gets here and let me know if she intends to go to Italy with you. I love you, Emmett," I says.

"I will do. I love you too, Edward," Emmett replies.

Nonno said that sometimes running the family can be a lonely business, but I didn't realize how lonely. There is one thing for sure I won't be letting my family down. I will get everything running smoothly again.


April Gerandy was in court eight months after her arrest. They gave her a life sentence, with no parole. She had been in a segregated area while she was waiting to go to trial. She had been attacked a few times. Now she would be in the normal prison population. After the trial, we were able to get most of the jewelry back. There were things Nonna's still missing. Rose was given the necklace and bracelet that dad promised her.

Most of the bonds were returned to us. The police called the FBI when they had found them in Jenks' house. He had been working for Jersey as well. He made the mistake of leaving evidence that Liam was illegally in this country; after several appeals, homeland security removed Liam back to Ireland along with Patrick and his family. The paperwork that was found helped the FBI to close all Jersey's illegal businesses. Many of Liam's men were arrested. Some were given lengthy sentences. I swooped in and took over Jersey.

Jasper is still on the FBI's most wanted list. There is a large reward for his capture. I'm surprised at how many sightings there have been when they featured him on their show.

Ricky had agreed to be my consigliere, on the understanding that Emmett is next in line to becoming the boss.


We had decided to go to Italy for Christmas. Emmett would be coming home with us. Rose had been traveling to and from Italy as she didn't like leaving Bella, but she also wanted to spend time with Emmett.

Emmett is on top of his game now. He is looking forward to becoming my underboss. He's going to be working in the Jersey area.

Everyone is waiting to meet Elisabetta Renata Cullen. She weighed 5lbs 8ozs. She was six weeks early, but she is growing like a weed. I hoped she would look like her mother, but she is a perfect mixture of us both, with my green eyes, and Bella's dark hair, with beautiful olive skin.

We had decided to have her baptized at the church we were married in. It made sense as neither of us had family in America.

"You have to let other people hold her," Paolo says to his wife.

"Shut up, I'm her Nonna, it's my job to spoil her while she's here," Heidi replies.

"Mom, you will have to stop hogging her, there are many other people who want to meet her," Bella giggles. "I know you used to spoil me when you were my nanny. But we don't want our daughter spoiled. Besides, she needs feeding."

"See you later dad," Bella says.

"We'll be here tomorrow, be good for you momma bambina," Paolo replies kissing Bella and then Lizzy.

Bella takes Lizzy and goes into the bedroom to nurse her.

"I'm sure if you could breastfeed that poor bambina, Bella nor anyone else would be able to see Lizzy," Paolo chuckles.

"Watch yourself, don't forget that conversation about a baby of my own," Heidi reminds.

"I haven't forgotten, let's leave Bella and Edward to meet with the rest of their family. We will see them tomorrow," Paolo reiterates.

The rest of the family chuckles as Paolo almost has to drag Heidi from the room, both laughing.

"It's good to see him happy again," Giovanni say. "She has put all his daughters in their place. She's one of a kind, that's for sure."

"I know Bella loves her. She has always been loyal to Bella. She never stopped looking out for her once she realized what Anna was doing," I counter. "If you would excuse me, I'm going to get Bella a drink. She always gets thirsty when she's nursing."

"See if you can get Bella to rest for the afternoon. All the family are coming over tonight; I know how polite she is. Bella would rather suffer than hurt anyone's feelings. Even though Lizzy is almost four months old, Bella needs to rest," Didyme says

"It was a traumatic time while she gave birth. Having a C Section takes longer to get over than a vaginal birth," Rose adds.

"TMI Rosie," Emmett smirks.

Which gets him slapped across the back of his head.

"You keep my grandson in his place Rose," Domenico adds.

I know everyone is coming over for dinner tonight, but I worry about Bella; she hasn't been well, and she is always tired. Rose assures me that it's just because of Lizzy's early birth, as well as the C section and the seizure she had due to her blood pressure.

I had never been as frightened as I was that day. I was glad I was home.

"Hi, sweetheart. I brought you some milk. Do you need anything?"

"Only you."

"You always have me?"

"There's an early Christmas present on the bedside table for you."

"I don't mind waiting until Christmas morning; it's only two days away."

"No, open it, please."

I take the paper off to find a small flat box. I pull the top off and sit stunned. I look up at Bella for an explanation; all I see is the love she has for me.

"The condom broke if you remember?"

"How far along? Does anyone else know?"

"The baby is due in eight months. No one else knows I want to see my doctor first, and I don't mean Rose. I know you want to fill all the bedrooms, but we are going to have to take a break after this one."

"I love you, Bella. Thank you for always being by my side and for all you have done for me. You make me a better man. Thank you for agreeing to be my wife and for Lizzy.

"I love you too, Edward. There's nowhere else I would rather be."


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