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Chapter 39: Confrontation

Voldemort stepped up to address his followers, each of them ready and willing to fight for his cause. He clutched his new staff close.

"The time is now," said Voldemort, "we have skulked in the shadows long enough, it is time to show the world our true strength!"

There was a barrage of cheers from his more fervent followers.

"Our priorities have changed," said Voldemort, "before we can take the Ministry, we must take down an even greater threat to our cause: Albus Dumbledore! We assault Hogwarts immediately!"

Lucius Malfoy looked at this wife and frowned. This wasn't supposed to happen. As soon as the meeting broke up to allow the Death Eaters to prepare, Lucius sent Narcissa off through the Floo. She arrived at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, and looked to Rosmerta.

"Narcissa?" said Rosemerta, "What's wrong?"

"Call Dumbledore," said Narcissa, "Hogwarts is about to come under attack!"

The message was soon sent, and Narcissa was brought to the Headmaster's office. All four heads of house as well as Vaerath were present, and considered her message.

"We'll need to prepare immediately," said Dumbledore, "I'll call the Aurors and the Order. We'll need all the help we can get. Vaerath, I think it's time to put those skills of yours to use".

Vaerath hurried off to prepare what he could. He found Harry in the Great Hall.

"Harry," said Vaerath, "we need to get ready".

"Why? What's going on?" asked Harry.

"Voldemort's coming here," said Vaerath, "Time for us to do our part".

Dumbledore soon arrived with the other professors and addressed the hall.

"We have received a dire warning," said Dumbledore, "Hogwarts is soon to be assaulted by dark wizards. Students, please follow your Head of House to your dormitories immediately".

There were shrieks of panic from some of the younger students, but they were quickly reigned in. The majority of the student body was swiftly hurried away, leaving only Harry and the rest of the study group.

"I wish it hadn't come to this, but it seems the time has come for you to use what I've been teaching," said Vaerath, "remember, this is not training setting anymore. Your opponents will give no quarter".

Suddenly, the doors of the great hall burst open, admitting Cornelius Fudge, Delores Umbrage, and his personal guard.

"What is the meaning of this!?" shouted Fudge, "I saw what you sent! Is the beginning of the coup you've been planning Dumbledore?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about Cornelius," said Dumbledore, "I called in a request for the Aurors to assist in defending Hogwarts against an impending attack".

"There is no threat, nothing threatening our world except you," said Cornelius, "I will see you get the Veil for this!"

Dumbledore looked skywards, and frowned.

"Cornelius, I don't have time to deal with this nonsense right now," said Dumbledore, "someone with hostile intent has just crossed the wards".

"Your lies will not save you!" said Umbrage.

She fired a spell resembling tendrils of darkness his way, which he blocked with a wall of stone, before summoning ropes to bind her.

"Delores, casting spells that fall just below the tier of the Unforgivables?" said Dumbledore, "what if you had hit a student?"

"Who care about those little brats!" said Umbrage, "If I had my way, they'd all get the discipline they deserve".

Dumbledore walked past her as she continued to spew hateful rhetoric that would make even the cruelest Death Eater shy away. The rest of their group soon followed, and they saw what was arrayed against them: Death Eater with Voldemort at the helm, a pack of werewolves led by Fenrir Greyback, Dementors. Luckily, their backup was ready as well: The Order of the Phoenix and Aurors were present.

"Ah, hello Tom, to what do I owe your visit today?" asked Dumbledore.

Voldemort raised his staff, pointing it towards Dumbledore. Albus could see that there was little in the way of sense left behind Voldemort's eyes. He was on the brink of absolute madness.

"You are in my way," said Voldemort, "You die today".

"Now, now… not need to be rude," said Vaerath, "by the way, I believe this is yours?"

Vaerath tossed a lump of melted metal at Voldemort's feet. He glanced at it briefly, recognizing it to have once been Slytherin's Locket.

"Destroy them all!" shouted Voldemort.

Thus, the battle began. Around them, their respective armies clashed, in the largest wizarding battle in many years. Voldemort started by firing blasts of black energy from his staff, which Dumbledore deflected with shield spells. Dumbledore fired back, but Voldemort dodged his spells. Vaerath pointed at Voldemort, firing darts of energy which flew unerringly as the slammed into him. Harry summoned vines to attempt to bind Voldemort, but he evaded.

"I know what you truly are, you and Potter!" said Voldemort, "With this, you have no chance against me!"

He fired again, a roiling mass of fell magic coursing straight towards Harry. Vaerath quickly leapt into the spells path, taking it instead. He snarled as the attack struck, and something seemed to fly out of him into the staff. He breathed hard as he recovered from this blast, but he was still alive.

"I see," said Vaerath, "trying to cut us off from our power? Well, I'll admit it worked partially… but I'm stronger than that!"

His hands lit up with arcane energies, and he fired back with a blast of energy. Voldemort dodged, and raised his staff again, seeing Vaerath still looked a bit winded from being struck earlier. Harry rushed forwards intent on shielding Vaerath, but nothing fired from the staff. Instead, it started pulsing ominously.

"What is this?" said Voldemort.

"You managed to siphon a good bit of power from me, as is that staff intention," said Vaerath, "however that artifact can only absorb so much before it's overloaded… and that's a point it's well past".

The crystal flared brighter, and then exploded, unleashing a sphere of blackness which quickly engulfed both Voldemort and Harry. The sphere soon stabilized, hovering in midair.

Fudge and his guard came running out of Hogwarts, and he gaped at the scene before him.

"D-death Eaters!?" said Fudge, "Then where's Voldemort?"

"In there," said Vaerath, pointing to the sphere, "Harry's in there too".

"That is that?" said one of Fudge's guard.

"Voldemort was using a staff of ancient and terrible power," said Vaerath, "It seems to have backfired, and created a demiplanar pocket. I expect that only one, be it Voldemort or Mr. Potter, will emerge from that place intact".

"What can we do?" asked Dumbledore, "There must be some way we can help Harry".

"Unfortunately there's no way to pierce the barrier," said Vaerath, "We must trust in the Ancestors to protect him".

Within the Sphere

Harry landed hard against a stone floor. He quickly took stock of his surroundings: he was on a circular platform floating amidst a starry void. Across from him was Voldemort, clutching his damaged staff. The crystal had shattered apart, and now orbited the end of the staff like a solar system.

"What did you do?" shouted Voldemort.

"I did nothing, Tom," said Harry, "Vaerath told you you'd overloaded that staff. Now, we're stuck here, thanks to you".

"I'll destroy you Potter," said Voldemort, "just like I did so many others".

"Well, I wouldn't expect anything different," said Harry, "let's get to it".

Harry changed to dragon form, and smirked at Voldemort. Voldemort just laughed.

"Look at you little better than a beast!" said Voldemort.

"Apparently, the Dark Master hasn't been telling you everything, Tom," Said Harry.

Voldemort fired a crimson blast from his staff, which Harry rolled out of the way of. He charged forwards, unleashing his flames upon Voldemort. The Dark Lord stepped back, and fired a blue beam from his staff. It struck Harry, and ice started building up on his feet. Harry channeled his power towards his feet, swiftly melting the ice. Harry struck back with a blast of lightning, which Voldemort deflected only to get caught by stones glowing with green energy struck him from the side.

A rippling darkness wrapped itself around Volemort, seemingly bolstering him. Voldemort swung his staff again, launching streams of lava towards Harry. He ran, evading the attack, before responding with a blast of ice. Voldemort ducked under Harry's attack and fired off the Killing Curse, only to have it be blocked by a wall of stone. The wall shattered, the fragments shooting forwards to pummel Voldemort.

"I tire of these games Potter!" shouted Voldemort, "My master will consume you!"

"You, calling another master?" replied Harry, "that doesn't sound like you at all!"

Voldemort went to attack again, but then paused.

"What are you talking about?" said Voldemort.

The darkness around him rippled.

"What? No, I can do this!" said Voldemort, "He will be delivered to you!"

The darkness rippled again, closing in on Voldemort menacingly.

"No, please," said Voldemort, "let me…"

Voldemort seemed to slump like a puppet with its strings cut, before lifting his head again. There was something else behind his eyes, something older than time.

"This body will suffice for a brief moment," said a dark voice, one that was most certainly not Voldemort's, "Well, once more I meet one of your kind, dragon. Your linage, your power has evaded my grasp for far too long".

"Ah, you must be the Dark Master," said Harry, "whatever you're selling, I'm not buying".

"Is that so?" said the Dark Master, "I could offer you many boons, Harry Potter. I could give you the strength to resurrect your parents, power enough to make any and all bow to you!"

"No deal," said Harry, "did you really think I'd fall for that? I'm not some gullible child. I know of you, I know what you do. I know that for the good of all worlds, you're going down!"

"Always the hard way with you Purple Dragons," said the Dark Master, "fine then, you will see what my power truly can do!"

The rippling darkness changed shaped expanding and twisting into the recognizable form of a dragon. It was a distorted parody of one, colored black, red, and purple, every inch of it dripping with malice. Harry steeled himself, and felt something caress his mind gently. He prepared to defend himself, but nothing malicious came. The Dark Master inhaled, firing a beam of dark purple energy. Harry recalled his lessons with Vaerath, and quickly swung his tail in an 'X' pattern. A shimmering barrier appeared before him, and reflected the beam of Dark Aether back at his foe. Harry took advantage of the momentary distraction, and launched his own Aether attack, tearing at his foe's being.

Harry felt the presence touch him mind again, this time stronger. It felt tantalizingly familiar, but from where? The Dark Master recovered, and took a swipe at him with its claws. Harry leapt skywards, avoiding the strike which left a crater in the ground. Harry fired another beam of Aether, driving the Dark Master back. As he ended the beam, the presence was there and revealed its true nature. Ghostly images appeared around him, 19 other forms, each of them a Purple Dragon.

"This has gone on long enough," said Spyro, "you have troubled our kind for far too long".

Each and every one of them, Harry included, blasted the Dark Master with Aether, weakening it further. However even as he watched, he could see it healing itself. Behind the Dark Master, another spirit appeared. This dragon had a multitude of horns, and even in its ghostly form baleful yellow eyes.

"Leave my kind alone, Dark Master," said the dragon, "once, and forever!"

It slashed at the Dark Master with its claws. and then grabbed it by the neck, lifting it up.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time," said the dragon.

He reeled back, and punched the Dark Master right in the snout. The Dark Master's form rapidly began to dissipate, vanishing from the here and now. From within the dead body of Voldemort reappeared, falling to the ground.

"That felt good," said the dragon, "hopefully he'll stay away for a while".

Spyro stepped up, and looked at this dragon.

"You're the last one I expected to show up, Malefor," said Spyro.

"What, you think I wanted to destroy the world?" said Malefor, "It seems the Dark Master has decided to become much more overt since my time. I had to help, for the sake of all of our kind".

"Well, good to see Harry's safe," said Elnos, "didn't expect the Dark Master to pull out that form again. Good thing Vaerath taught you that spell. Anyway, we should be getting Harry back to here he belongs. Nice seeing you again, young one".

The spirits of the purple dragons past pooled their power, and the arena faded away, leaving Harry to glide to the safety of the ground. Voldemort's body fell to the dirt, and a wave of power shout out of what was left of his staff, and into Vaerath. Harry glanced around, and saw that the battle was mostly over, with his allies having won the day.

Of course, there was still one other issue...

"Dragon! Quick, stop it before it attacks me, I mean the students!" shouted Fudge.

Harry turned to see Cornelius Fudge pointing his wand at him shakily, and sighed.

"Minister, I believe attacking a student wouldn't go over well," said Harry.

"What? It talks!" said Fudge.

"Minister, recognize this scar?" said Harry.

Fudge looked closer, and saw the faded, but familiar outline of a lightning bolt shape on the dragon's brow.

"Potter!?" said Fudge.

"Correct, minister Fudge," said Harry, "And I believe you might recognize him as well?"

An Auror approached, and frowned at the body.

"It's Voldemort alright," said the Auror, "he's dead".

"What in Merlin's name is going on here?" shouted Fudge.

"We shall provide a full explanation, Cornelius," said Dumbledore, "but first we should retire to a more comfortable location".

Fudge nodded numbly, and the set off towards the castle.


Sometime later, Harry, Vaerath, and Dumbledore had completed explaining to Dumbledore what exactly had been going for the past few months. By the end, Fudge was gripping his cup of ice cold tea tightly, realizing he was dealing with not only magic beyond his comprehension, but also speaking with a member of one of the most important Most Ancient and Noble houses in all the world.

"So, what now," said Fudge finally.

"I would be amenable to attempting to reopen relations between this world and the Dragon Realms," said Vaerath, "However it will fall you and the leaders of other wizarding governments around the world of uphold your end of the bargain. The primary reason for the portals being closed in the first place was due to the rampant bigotry your people showed. I have seen that this hasn't changed much in the past millennia".

"What you ask is difficult," said Fudge, "and there will be much resistance to such a change perhaps of Mr, Potter were to be willing to…"

"No, Minister," said Harry, "I'm not going to be your personal dark lord slayer. I've had enough of that for a dragon's lifetime".

"I expected you'd say something like that," said Fudge, "and honestly I can't blame you. I also know that many people will be resistant to your continual education here".

"I wouldn't worry about that, Minister," said Harry, "at the end of this school year, I'm planning on leaving for the Dragon Realms. Less people wanting my autograph and/or my head there".

"But what of your assets here?" asked Fudge.

"All items of value are already stored in my Gringotts Vaults, and they have branches beyond this world," said Harry, "I also plan to invite some others to come with me to make a new home there".

"I don't suppose there's anything I can do to change your mind?" asked Fudge.

"No, Minister," said Harry, "I've made my decision".

"I see," said Fudge, "well at least stay long enough for your award ceremony. I'll see you get a Order of Merlin for your actions".

With that Fudge departed, and Harry glanced out the window. It would only be a few months now, and he'd be leaving Hogwarts forever.

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