it was one more dark night as always ,no stars in the sky,thunders and heavy rain and as most nights Andy woke up screaming sweat was all over her from head to toe and her hair was sticking to her face,neck and shoulders,so she get up and closed one of the windows which opened by wind and went to the kitchen,this weather remind her of that strange dream and sometimes of a life she don't remember,they say weather like this bring out monsters,vampires,werewolves,witches or other dangerous creatures,she never believed in these legends but her passion since childhood was to discover the supernatural in our words ,so she did studied books and books but that only made her nightmares worst.

she sighed deeply and opened the fridge looking for something"Aha!I knew I left some"and she took the ice cream and a spoon and opened her laptop,chocolate was her favored flavor ,well she loved to sit down and read a bit,most people hate online reading but she don't mind it,why bother look for the book all over libraries when she can have it home but she won't say no if somebody give it to her ,after all Andy's passions were books and supernatural that's why she read much fiction books,

her focus these days was on the new serial of books that she found two days ago,she was determined to finish the three books this week,the book is called'Divergent' it is true she like reading supernatural but something about this book made her attached to it ,she was almost halfway book one,there where Tris got attacked by peter,she was rather pissed of peter,she hated such charrecters,who never respect people but that's his role,every book needs a villain even thought Jeanine is likely to be the big vilain here.

she spent almost three hours reading until she came to the part where ranking are announced ,she looked at her watch it was nearly 5 AM,she need to go to her university at 8 ,so out at 7,its rather far,so she calculated in her mind,one more hour and a half and she need to get ready,Dang,she won't be able to finish it today,maybe later.

she backed her focus on the computer,but there was something weird,how did it became written backwards,she left the site and in again, the same, weird"how I'm gonna read now?even you stupid computer don't want me to see what will happen to Tris"she pouted in front of it but suddenly a message appeared

"do you really want to keep reading?" weird what's going on?

she just pressed yes"are you sure?"

"of course I am!" she pressed yes again,suddenly the computer glowed and became whole white"what the hell?"

then a voice echoed "maybe dear Andy you will finally be back where you belong,did you even think we will never discover huh nope mistaken,come join us in Chicago" and then the white glowed more until she can't see anymore and she felt like two hands drag her inside,then everything went black.

please give it a chance and read and tell me what you think I'll update soon