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we walk slowly to the gate and wait with the others for it to open ,then they all run to the cars,huh? didn't know amity transport in cars oh well I thought Euridite only have them

"see you later" and both the twins leave me standing alone, I'm not sure where to go so I stop and look around as kids run to the cars ,then out of nowhere Jenny grab my hand and drag me to a car then she noticed my shocked look

"what?,don't look at me like that,or did you forget we are cousins and you go daily with me" cousins?her and me?we don't even look alike,I can't even imagine that,weird,absolutely weird

"come on Andy I'm sorry, don't be grumpy,you do know I love you all,I don't hate Emma but for some reason you all play on his nerves especially her ,I try ,I swear I try to reason with him but he never listens to me but trust me I don't want to lose him,I love him or else you know I'll be in your side but I'm pretty sure I'll be a wreck without him I might even kill myself ..."

I put my hand quickly on her mouth and I shake my head wiping tears of her face and hug her"don't jennny "I sight",I'm not angry of you "

maybe after all jenny is not that bad

she smile at me and nod her head"I'm glad really I don't want to lose neither of you"I give her another quick hug until a wide smile spread on her face

"ohhh did I told you what happened in the cafeteria after you left..." and then she starts happily telling me a story of our cousin ,I think?I'm not even sure,I spaced out in the middle of it and looked out the window ,some of the city is all broken buildings and I suppose of the first war and as the school is in the middle of the city litteratly we had to cross half the city ,but it wasnt a boring journey I love to watch things of the windows I always did in my many trips by train or the bus its beautiful to watch the nature and see others interact and the world around you without even people know you are watching ,then I saw a wide glass building which I'm pretty sure is my school because none of the other buildings has this much glass of course except Euridite headquarter but we already passed it ,wait a second since when did it become my school,I shake my head quickly and open the car as fast as the car stop

Jenny tangle her hand in mine and wwe head to the door,wait,shit,i don't even know my schedule "emm ,Jenny what do I have now?" she give me a blank look and I know it that's it I'm busted but then she burst out laughing

"god Andy ,you always forget when will you learn your schedule?" and she shake her head"you have history"

"thanks" and I smile at her while she guide me to my class without she feeling that I'm kinda lost,bless you Jenny,bless you ,without you I'll look like an idiot

"bye bye"and she left me in front of a classroom ,well it must be my class ,I walk inside slowly and I see a lot of colors well looks like this is a class all factions have,I look around and then my eyes land on a girl ,OH MY GOD,hell no ,is that ..?an abnegation girl,blond hair ,long nose and short frame,shit is this TRIS?

wait a second of course she is ,I'm dreaming,my mind will bring her in my dream if its her world,I laugh at my own stupidness and then the teacher yell at me" !,you may laugh later now please sit,class started"I jerk at her tone and give her my sweetest smile and she mumble something about Amity

I turn around to find the only empty seat ,great I won't look for my seat its just behind TRIS! I walk slowly toward it and give Tris a small smile which she return before I sit,god,she smiled at me,damn it ,don't fangirl andria not now,but freaking Tris is in front of me!

i try to take my mind away of her,okay what to do?I didn't even brought books with me,but then neither the rest of the Amity or dauntless,some candor did and the abnegation and of course Erudite are taking notes,I listen a bit to the teacher but I'm quickly bored,I always hated history,I mean why will I need to know about people who lived hundred of years before or like now why will i want to know the history of factions its just dumb I wasn't lover of history but I always loved maths it was my fort power in high school plus I liked Spanish but I don't think they study languages here,I sigh again I can't believe I'm back in school,it sucks I was glad to leave it behind

I look around my class,let's see if my mind put some faces I knew before here...but no ,not a single one,I'm really impressed so my mind was able to create this much of people,I wonder if they even alive or exist in the real world at least,that would be cool if they are to have someone who looks the same as you,well legends says its possible that some one can be the reincarnation of someone else or even the same soul it would be great if she saw one of these people from here or wherever realm she is at back in earth like Alex for example or Emma ,okay I need to tone it down no supernatural thinking for now

after the class,I went to my locker ,don't ask me how,names are written in them ,well in alphabetic order, which is quite weird but smart and oh hey it opens by handprint I'm really glad they are making things easier for me ,I open mine and look inside,books,books,more books and images stuck in the wall,I grab one ,its one of me and another black haired girl,she look older than me,the current me anyway,another with the same girl and an older woman,another is me as a child with as I guess Emma and Alex kids,wow what a life I'm dreaming of ,its actually nice,I find another with Jenny and collect them all and look at my schedule stuck right behind the door of my locker,yey ,I have maths,I grin and take the book and close it to find Alex in my face ,I jerk a few steps backward and drop the book and pics

"damn Alex,you scared the hell out of me" he laughs and bend to pick the pics

"are you already cleaning it?I'm just gonna leave it like that," why will I clean...?oh right!last day,

he look at the pics and laugh"you remember this?Jenny and Emma stole them and decorated your locker and then you refused to take them off ,second grade"I laugh as a sudden memory come to me,shit how is that even possible,I'm making things,I'm making things for sure

"why are you here?don't you have class?"

"I do but unfortunately my locker is just next to yours" huh?how is that possible

"Andria-Alexander, l then n" oh I see it now,I must look stupid because he laugh

"what do you have now?"


"oh me too!"

"of course you are" he laugh again "you always forget ,let's go" I don't know why but I like his company he is a good boy

I spend the next classes in different partes of the school ,I saw Jenny in my way and had science with Sam ,which was hell ,I always hated science,now I'm out of Arts with Emma ,it turned out that every faction has a subject only they study:Amity arts,dauntless gym,Euridite advanced computer,candor law and abnegations manners and respect or whatever they call it,anyway I walk with Emma to the cafeteria,they told us we have 15 minutes to eat before the test start and we wait for our names to be called

we enters and the room is in chaos,its plenty of students but then by the bell ringing half is out ,I sit in a table with Emma,Alex and Jenny and Sam is well talking with some of the other boys,a while ago,some girls wanted us to play some stupid game that i refuse so now im stuck with Jenny telling us about a dauntless girl in her English class

I look around the room at the tables and I spot ...TRIS and her brother ,susin and robert too,well she looks like she will puke,I look at the candor but I don't know if I will be able to recognize christina,All,peter or even Drew and Molly,I turn to the dauntless looking for Uriah my favorite character but damn I can't know any of them,i t sucks,I sigh deeply and turn my attention back to Jenny

"...and just like that the teacher stopped talking red faced and kicked the girl out"

"well its normal of dauntless to do that to show their bravery around it probably was a dare" Alex said bored

"maybe,what do you think Andy?" and she looked at my blank face she sighed"you didn't hear anything did you"

"no I did"

"really ,what did you hear"

"a dauntless girl in your class did something the teacher kicked her out for" see I heard something

"that's basically the start and the end"Emma point out

"details,details,who need them" I give a smile and she give a quick laugh just then we heard a woman'voice start calling names I try to catch names with faces but then it sucks I always forget as my name start with A I will always be from the first to be called but this time Alex is called with me

we walk slowly to the woman and go to room four and he to three and before opening the door he give me a brief glance smiling he mouth at me'good luck'and I mouth back 'you too' time to face the test and I open the door and walk inside.