That was all that she could feel.

The pain of losing a loved one, the pain of guild, the pain of failure, the desperation.

She looked down at Vision's still body. It was gray, lost were his colors, the gleam in his eyes. Thanos had stolen them from him, had taken them together with the mind stone.

And there had been nothing that Wanda could have done. What was there to do against five Infinity Stones, one of them controlling time itself?

It had felt like being ripped apart, killing her Vision, but seeing him being revived only to be killed like felt a hundred times worse, because she knew how he wanted to die, and it was not by Thanos' hand like a soulless robot. She had failed him...

She knelt at his side and cupped his cold cheeks. It didn't feel like skin.

Wanda didn't cry, there were no tears left in her and they couldn't have fully expressed her grief anyway. In the distance he heard Rhodey calling for Sam, Bruce trying to free himself from the rock, saw Cap stir out of the corner of her eye.

Wanda didn't look at them. She didn't want to see the sorrow in their eyes that would mirror hers, didn't want to see the pity.

"Groot...Groot, no…"

"I am Groooo..."

Something was happening. The blur of voices around her was growing more desperate. There were names being shouted, sobbing heard and even if Wanda wasn't really listening to them, she could feel clearly that it wasn't over yet. What else do we have to go through? Is this not enough?

Then she felt it. A slight tingling sensation creeping up her spine. It felt unsettling, but at the same time...liberating. Like a weight was slowly being lifted from her, as if her emotions were evaporating, detached from her body.

So this was causing the chaos around her. Why do they all seem so troubled? She didn't felt...good.

But then she couldn't feel her feet anymore.

And her legs.

And her arms.

Huh. So that's why.

Still, there was no fear. If this was death, then at this moment it felt better then life. She'd leave her burdens behind...her grief...and maybe she would see Vision on the other side. Who knew what happened to people who just disappeared into thin air, as if they'd never existed?

Her lungs felt constricted and Wanda couldn't breathe anymore. She turned her gaze to the sky which was still covered by dark clouds. Her hands were holding onto Vision, as she felt herself turning to nothing.