"Are you okay Miss?"

"Huh?" I snap Out of my daze of looking through the window and look at my driver.

"Sorry but if I may, you seem... Troubled. Is there anything wrong?"

"Oh it's nothing. Just a bit bored... Ha" I laugh at my own pathetic state.

"Ha Ha. Seems like you may need a break from School" The Old man laughed.

"No Not that... It just seems that nothing interests me anymore. You know?"

"Sadly I do Not. Life has kept me contempt in many ways Miss. Seems a bit odd coming from a driver huh. Ha ha!" The Old man Said.

"Heh..Yup..." I wish I could feel the same...

We arrive at my School and I already feel dread coming towards me. I say my farewell and was off until my driver called me.

"Remember Miss! You have to meet with your family at 7:00 to discuss about-

"Yes Yes I know" I Cut my driver off.

"Good. I'll be off now." He starts the car again and drives off.

I look towards the School and already feel eyes on me. I attempt to ignore them but it still bothers at Times.

I walk towards my shoe locker and get ready for the day. Everyday starts to seem like a routine and I hate it. Hate how People have expectations of me. Hate how I have to be the perfect student. I hate how there is already a future for me that I haven't planned.

I continue to my first period class and hope this day will end fast. I sit down at my seat and-

"Ah! There you are! I've been looking for you!"

Ah! No! Not her! I turn around and hope for someone else but see the vice president of the Student Council. Dammit, did I forget something like an Early meeting?

"Are you prepared for today!" she says but to me it seemed like a shriek.

"Forrrr?" I question.

"For the students of several junior Highs to Come visit our School! Why do you think we have been planning for the last Two weeks! How could you forget!"

I give her a tired look. Maybe it's because I hate this Student Council and just want to Go home!

"Oh yeah right sorry. So...What do I do?" Crud Now I remember assigning this event to her because i had to handle family business *cough* *cough* my future for my family *cough*. I honestly just put this whole thing at the back of my mind.

"*sigh* Remember to Try to act enthusiastic for these kids. They could be coming to Sobu and we want to make a good impression!" She continued to shriek. Jeez she sure is...something. She can really be annoying at Times...well all Times.

"Can I skip this event?" I ask hopefully. Maybe life will be easy on me.

"But you can make a Big impact for these kids! Also their future and you won't have to spend detention because you decided to be lazy and skip Out!" She Said while smiling. Screw you too life. Little bitch

"...How long is this" I question.

"Only for 4 hours."


"Ugh. Fine, what will we be doing anyway?"

"We are just going to show them around the School and tell them about clubs."


"Come on don't act so sad. It's just for a bit."

"Fine. Just give me the least annoying kids."

"Deal! Also how should you act..." She Said while waiting for me to say something.

"Yeah Yeah, act all nice and Happy and Horray School! Gotcha... " I Said in a bored tone.

"Glad you understand! Now let's make some finishing touches before they enter. And remember! Enthusiastic!" She yelled before running off somewhere.

I fake a smile towards her and quickly remove it when she disappears. *sigh* I rummage around my bag for something to do only to be left bored again.

"Maybe something interesting can happen today... Unlikely..." I say to no.

Classes Go off with Out a hitch and I Start to head to the Council room expecting to find some members only to be left alone. Oh yeah they must be at the entrance. I walk Out but then hear someone call me.

"Haruno...you seem more gloomy Today."

I turn and see Hiratsuka dressed in her usual attire with a strange look on her Face.

"It's nothing really. I'm just a bit tired of... Well everything." She is one of the few people who I open up to. Very few... Honestly its just her and Yukino. Even then my relationship is becoming rocky with my sister.

"I Heard today you're suppose to give a speech to the kids. Have anything planned?"


"Yes Sensei. Why would you think I wouldn't?" I can just improvise when I'm up there...right? Plus I really don't want to cause her trouble.

"...okay. Just Call me if you need any help. No one Calls me anyway..."

Does... Does that have to do with People calling you for Help or your relationship problems?

"Okay... Bye sensei!"

She doesn't answer back but walks away gloomy. I somehow feel guilty from that talk.

I walk Out of the student council room and walk around to admire the decorations. It all seems very... Plain and ordinary. I could have organized this much better but left it in the hands of the vice president due to having troubles with my family. Mostly with my sister...She will be here today to look at the School along with her other classmates and she says she wants to Come here as well... And to...Be more like me...I really do wish she can be her own person...

I sit down for a minute and get a random drink from the Vending machine. Let's see...i'll get this. I insert some cheap change and a drink with the label Maxx coffee Comes Out...huh...Tastes very sweet. I like it

"Haruno! Come quickly so you can greet them!" A student council member I didn't bother remembering his name. Crud the aliens are here already! Alright, just get through this day and i could spend the rest of the time... Meeting with my parents...great...

"I'll be right there!" Let's just get this over with.

I run to the entrance to the School and was greeted with the sounds of children laughing and pointing to our building. Nothing interesting here. I open the door and already regret it.

"Okay everyone! This is Haruno Yukinoshita. She is our beautiful Student Council President! Say Hello!" The nameless vice president yelled. Idiot! Don't make them louder!





It turned silent as they all look towards me. So awkward! Oh crap I have to say a speech.

"Uh. Hello everyone. As you know today you will be able to look at our School. A chance to look at what the next level of growing up is! I myself remember when I was in your shoes and I was excited to Go to highschool as well! Remember to stick with your friends and classmates at all Times! Okay!" I give a Cute Face and they fall for it right away! That was a terrible speech but honestly who cares. Okay, vice president your turn! Say some stuff so I can Go home!

"Okay. Each of us are going to handle a Group! I will take this Junior High. He will take that one. And Haruno herself will take that Group!"

Nevermind I forgot that I have to Escort the aliens! Screw you...Person. I really need to remember all of their names. She must have noticed my stressed Face and quickly runs to me.

"Don't worry. Their teachers are with them so all you really need to do is lead them to several parts of the School and their teacher will handle the rest."

Yes! Less work for me! I whisper a thanks and she quickly goes to her Group. Remember, in a couple of hours you will be in your bed.

I walk towards my group and instantly the majority of the Boys blush. I have to Go through this now...

"Uh...H-Haruno" One of the Boys stutter.

"It's Yukinoshita." We are Not on that relationship kid.

"Sorry, but...y-you are very p-pretty." He says while looking away.

Was...was that it? Really! Note: Do Not walk near you.

"Uhh...anyway! Today I will show you the major parts of our School and what clubs you guys might take if you decide to Go here! Is everyone prepared?" I say with fake excitement.

The Boys blush while the girls look on with admiration. Okay I can get through this.

3 of the most boring hours later.

"And this...is... Uh..." Crud what was it called. The teacher decides to Help me.

"Uhh...the Tennis courts?"

I Snap my fingers at her.

"Yes the Tennis Courts thank you. These courts are used by the Tennis Team and can even be enjoyed by students if they are Not interrupting the teams practice" I swear I am Not that dumb. 2 hours of sleep can only do so much. Please stop starting at me like that.

"Any questions?" I ask hoping no one actually raises their hand. A girl with Brown hair raises her hand. Dammit Kid!

"Ooh me! Do you have any advice so we grow up as pretty as you?" HOW DOES THAT EVEN RELATE. I don't know change DNA or something!

"Why would you want to know Kaori? Don't you already have Hikifroggy-san?" A random boy Said. Who?

"Eh! Ewww no thank you. He seems...Weird." Wow a bit rude.

I notice a kid in the back put his head down lower and guess these comments are about him. I decide to save him from this teasing.

"Okay let's Keep moving kids so we can get to our final part of our tour, the Student Council Room!" I Said quickly.

The whole Group starts walking inside but I trail a bit behind to take a look at the boy. I examine closely and Immediately notice his eyes. His dead fish eyes from what I could say. But I wouldn't Say they creep me Out. In fact I find them a bit...Adorable. Weird.

"Can you please stop staring at me Lady. You're creeping me Out." He says while glancing at me.

Did... Did I hear that correctly. I'm creeping him Out? Okay this boy deserves some teasing.

"Sorry! You just looked Cute! My name is Haruno! And yours is..."

"You already told me your name Yukinoshita. Also I don't need to tell you my name so Go back to leading us." He Said while giving me a deadpan look.

This...This kid! What's wrong with him? I walk towards him but he seems to just take a step away from me. Grr. I jump towards him and give him a Hug from the back. A direct hit!

"Aww. Come on! Sorry If i did anything. I just wanted to know you a bi-"

"Teacher! Our guide is trying to take my cha-" I quickly cover his mouth as everyone looks over to us.

"Sorry! We are just talking about highschool and he got a bit loud. Ha... Ha" I Said nervously. Why isn't he a blushing mess! I made Emo kids Blush for gods sake!

I give him a Dirty look and walk away but Not before hearing something.

"Fake person..." H... How did h-

"Yukinoshita! I assume this is the Student Council Room?" I look up and notice we Have been walking for a while. Oh the tour. Right.

"Okay Kids. This is the Student Council Room where I'm actually president of. Can you guess what I do?"

I hear a bunch of answers but don't pay attention to that. What I really want is to hear answer from that kid.

"Okay... How about you in the back. What do you think?" He raises an eyebrow at me and sighs. Heh, finally a reacti-

"Nothing. You do nothing. You just sit back and Let the other members do your work..." My raise my eyebrow at this answer. Huh, Not what I was expecting.

"Loser-san. Stop acting so weird!"

"Yeah! Why do you act this way!"


The kid looks down and tries to hide his face.

"Hey! He was just answering a question that I asked. So that's enough!" Jeez one answer and they treat him as if he is the plague.

I receive shocked faces from what I Said and even the kid was shocked from what I Said. But it looked like he didn't enjoy it.

"Okay, the tour is now over. Please head to the entrance of the School and wait for the other groups to return." I decided to end it Early before things a bit Out of hand.

The kids Start to walk away after staring at me for a minute. I Go to see where the kid was and find him behind the Group. I tap him on the shoulder but he doesn't spare a glance towards me. We continue to walk until we reached the entrance .By then we were just sitting around waiting for the other groups. I look around and see the kid sitting alone at near the Tree. I walk towards him but he already glares at me. I didn't do anything yet!

"Hey..." I Said awkwardly. Great conversation skills Haruno.

"What do you want?" He said rudely. I ignored his tone. He tries to act rude but his young age makes it adorable!

"Why were you rude to me today? Was it something I Said?" I do know but I'm just trying to get an honest answer Out of him.



"Well" I urge him.

"I-I don't like People like you. You guys bully other kids a-and...I don't like that. I hate it. I hate people like you..." He Said while looking away.

"Oh. Sorry kid, but don't worry. I don't act like them."

"How do I know that?"

"You already saw my mask didn't you."


I offer him my hand.

"My name is Haruno Yukinoshita. Nice to meet you" I wait as he accepts it.

"Hikigaya Hachiman." So that's his name

"Well Hikigaya-kun. Do you know why they treated you like that? Something you did?"


Oh touchy subject.

"How Come none of your friends defended you?" This sounds rude to ask considering I think I knoe the answer but I"m...Intrigued by him.

"I...never really had a friend...well one that lasted for more than a week" Huh so People use him...

"Well I'll be your first Real friend. Sound good?" I ask.

"I rather be acquaintances at most." He Said while looking down.

"Oh Come on! Don't be like that! How about this. I, Haruno Yukinoshita, promise to be a real friend towards Hikigaya Hachiman." I Said while giving a silly salute.

He smiles a bit at this and I find myself laughing as well.

"*sigh*...Sure. But it's Not like I'm going to see you again."

"We will see." I give him a real smile and he returns one back as well.

"Okay kids. The other groups are back so let's all meetup now!"

He sits up and waves awkwardly back at me and walks back to his Group.

Huh Hikigaya Hachiman. He seems interesting. I look at my phone and notice the time. 6:40 PM...

CRUD I FORGOT THE MEETING. I call my driver and hope maybe he will run some red lights to get here quick...