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I turn and hold my head against my pillow and yell into it.


EH? Ewwww no way...he seems...creepy


*knock* *knock*

Noooo they heard my yelling!

"uh...are you alright sweetie?"My mom opens my door probably wondering why I am in the middle of a crisis. Well I can easily answer that but first, make an excuse. Don't really want to explain how I am technically bullying a frien-...er...classmate.

"Oh uh...sorry mom. I was just stuck on this one...math problem. What does it even mean when the plus sign is in the equati-(TOO DUMB! THE EXCUSE WON'T HOLD)...eh... what does it mean when the parenthesis and...uh...please leave" I say while hiding my head in my pillow. Ugh, I can't even come up with good excuses...Hilarious...

She sighs and walks towards me quietly. Oh no a private heart to heart! "Just tell me the truth. Whats going on?"

Oh...yeah...the crisis.

Where too begin...well...let's say a boy that you thought was friendly and nice came up to you and confessed. What do you do in that situation. Stay friends of course! It's too early too date! Plus dating is something I don't know how to handle! Hikigaya-kun is...I don't know how to describe him. But I think I can safely say from talking with him he is a sweet person! So...after said confession-

"What happened next!" My mom shouted

"Ahhh!" I yell. How does she-

"You are talking out loud again sweetie. Something you seem to do a lot. Plus you always have that concentrated face before speaking your mind"

I put my head down blushing. Ugh...whyyyyy meee!

"So...what happened next."

"Do I have to," I whine.

"I'll embarrass you even more and ask your father to come!"

"Alright so on with the story" Explaining to Pa is something I don't what to do. He isn't the person to say "No boys" and then locks me in the room defending me and all that... its just...his puns...There was even one yesterday after he got a hair cut!

Hi dad!





"Did you get a haircu-"

"I didn't get a haircut. But I did get them all cut!"



"I did get them all cu-"

"I'm going to my room"


"Just continue" My mom says growing impatient. I'm sorry! I think a lot and lose track of time okay!

"I told my friends about what happened expecting for it to be...well just swept under the rug. But then...they laughed. They kept laughing about how embarrassing it must of been for him. I panicked and didn't know how to react so I just laughed along! Days when by and they...well they bullied him. Even now I act along and say nothing! I could stop the bullying! But I panic because...what if they stop being my friend..."

"Well if the-"

"I know I know if they were true friends they would still be my friend but I don't wanna find out. I don't wanna go to school and be lonely like...that kid..." I start to feel worse by the second. I don't wanna be bullied like that Hikigaya. But at the same time I am bullying him...well causing the bullying that I can stop!

"Maybe if...well...hmmm" Mom looked like she was thinking right now. An answer?

"Well...maybe try to...well"

Please anything!

"How about telling the teacher!"

"I already tried that!" I yell while whining into my pillow. They really don't do anything. My teacher told me that she will handle it and file a complaint but that doesn't do anything to help him! I not even sure she even wrote one!

Thanks for the advice mom...

"You're welcome"

She giggles as I ask for another idea.

"Well there is one person we can talk to!"






"I see, You know, before this Kaori the rotation of the earth was really making my dad but now it seems I have hit a problem"

I hear my mom giggle at that. They are perfect for each other at-least. Ha ha I guess that was a bit hilarious...I'm sure it was just a pity laugh...hopefully.

"How about this. Just...talk to him and try to sort something out. Have you tried that"

I slowly shook my head no. "It's just...I don't know how to approach him and apologize!"

"Just get out there and apologize! Simple!"

I...can't argue. Maybe I should do it secretly...No! Public and loud...well not loud...AAAHHH! This is already stressful!

"Can I go back to my room?" I need to scream in my pillow again.

"Alright I gotta make like a tree and leaf" So dorky. I feel like he went to a website to search these puns...(A/N: I actually did have to do that. I don't know many puns). He kisses me on my head and walks to the kitchen.

I walk up to my room and try to figure out when to talk to him...Later...but not now...maybe I can secretly help him!

As I contemplate how to help him in a way people won't notice I hear a ring to my right. I look over to my desk and see a flashing light. Hey, someone texted me.

The field trip was so fun. Too bad creepy Hikitoni had to ruin it.

...that's...not his name either...



I mean he didn't really ruin it. He was just awkwar-

I stop there and quickly delete what I put...


Well maybe he did make it seem weird but thats just because-

eh...Would she think I'm defending him...but that's what I'm trying to do...but...

I type a new message.

Yeah! Why did he even go to this field-


...Idiot Idiot idiot.

-trip anyway! He should of stayed home!

I press the send button and whine for what seems to be the 100th time in my pillow.


"Onii-chan look at that! And...Onii-chan people keep staring at us!'

Komachi keep your voice down! I quickly walk her towards a less crowded area.

The bus took us to our a school a while ago and I went to get Komachi and bring her back to my school as our mom would be waiting there. Our mom decided to pick us up considering I had a field trip today but Komachi wanted to stay and look around her future school so we stayed...too long. And I can tell she is annoyed as well from Komachi wanting to stay. We talked for a little bit until the topic of today's school trip comes up.

"Had a good day today Hachi?" My mom asks.

"Yeah it was fun?"

"Why did you question yourself"

"I-I didn't!" Did I? She giggles at me as I had a confused face. Wait giggle? Mom's still do that?


"H-Hey!" I said as I rub my head.

"You were making fun of my age in some way..." She said while angry/depressed.

She has no right to be this childish this age!



We have our little bit and laughed afterwards. We walk a little bit until she asks "Well did anybody make fun of you?"


I stay silent as my mom's smile goes down.

"Just point them out and I can hur-"

"N-No it's fine! In fact people just ignored me!" I assure her.

"That's not a good thing Hachiman..."

Yeah no kidding. But honestly I prefer being ignored than that.

"Well I made dinner at home but we may need to reheat it since Komachi is holding us up, so let's go quickly so we can eat."


I wonder why people bully. It's just hurting them! There is no point! Another point is that why do teachers do nothing. Just because it's more trouble! That's just dumb!

"Onii-chan!" Komachi quickly gets my attention and smiles at me.

"Today was a fun day for me! We learned about-"

I listen to her drone on. It's nice to have someone to talk to. While yes it is your sister, it is still nice.

"What about you, did you have fun on your field trip!" Alright here we go!

"Yeah! My friends and I walked around and just talked about how we all wanted to go to the same school. Well hopefully!"

"Well I'm sure they will. You are smart!"

"Ha ha...yeah..." I look at my mom and she seems a bit sad. That in turn makes me put my head down. Don't wanna make your sister think your brother is...well lame right?

"Well let's all get back in the car! Don't wanna keep dad waiting right?"

"Yeah let's go back!"

We all hurry back in the car and some kids that stay after school stare at us.

"I always thought his whole family was creepy...guess it's just him" A girl said in thought.

Komachi was already in the car but mom was just getting in. So I guess she heard this because she turned and glared at that girl.

"Come on let's go" We heard Komachi yell from the car.

She seems to not have heard us because she starts walking towards the girl that said that and quickly whispers something in her ear. Her expression ranged from confused to embarrassment to angry. She quickly walks back and gets in the driver seat.

"Well let's go home shall we!"

What did she say...eh I'll ask later on...actually I might Not want to hear. She can be scary at Times. I decide to sit in the front seat next to mom while talking to Komachi in the back. Home sweet home!




"We are home!" Komachi announces while entering. Dad quickly puts something away from the kitchen and greets us.

"Ah h-hi!" He says nervously. Oh boy. His eyes spell guilt. His are like mine so I can tell father!

"Come on let's go eat. I'll set it up"

Dad interrupts again.

"I'll go to sleep! I already ate and couldn't wait ha ha..." That's not the whole reason of guilt. I can still tell.

"Okay goodnight honey!" Mom bids him farewell and he quickly walks to their bedroom.

Mom goes to set up dinner and we wait a while.



"He...he took a bit of portions from each and one of us" I say as I look at our plates. We are having BBQ that mom seemed to cook and it seems a bit less than there is suppose to.

"He put the vegetables from his plate onto ours..."

He literally just had meat! Why didn't I stay home today! I could of split the deal 50-50 with him! Come on Hachiman!

I go to open the bedroom door and it's locked. The cowards way! Of course ! I go sit back at the table and look at the food in front of me...atleast no tomato's...yay?

"I remember when you did something like that to me. You drank the whole case of Max coffee and then quickly went to the store and bought water for me." Mom said while laughing.

I put my head down in a blush.

"You know you two were kind of alike in a way when you were younger. Your dad said he was the person to keep to himself more than usual" She says to me

"But he seems a bit...well more lively and doesn't keep to himself as much as I do?"

"Well that's because he met me and a bit of friends later on!"

"oh..." So just make friends...thanks.

"Why do you keep to yourself? You have a lot of friends to hang out with onii-chan!" Komachi says while rubbing salt into the wound without knowing.


Silence takes over as we continue eating. Eventually it comes to mom and I cleaning the dishes while Komachi goes to bed.


"You don't have to worry you know. There is always someone out there that will be your friend!"

"Yeah okay." I continue washing the dishes while thinking over her words. Is there really people considering wanting to be my friend. Well not now considering the whole...situation. Well...how about that girl...Kawasaki or something. She seemed nice...nice...never mind.

"Well if no one is good enough for my Hachiman you will still have me!" Mom childly says while hugging me. Ahhh too cute for her age!



Alright alright alright I think we can make it.

"Uh Yukinoshito-san, it appears we hit another red light"

"Floor it then!"

"You are acting rather childish Yukino-"

"FLOOR IT!" I yell with energy while pointing ahead.

He didn't. Well I tried. I slump back in my chair and sigh.

"Do you think they will be angry driver-san"

"My name is not...well we are 30 minutes late" Wait WHAT

"Thirty minutes! How!"

"Well traffic is quite heavy now-" I interrupt him


Ohhhh...this is going to suck




"WE ARE HERE!" I yell as I open the dinner room. The place where we usually have most of our meetings. I notice I act more childish as the school days end, mostly because well...the school days end. I just don't like school in general. There are some cases such as a certain teacher I won't name...Hiratsuka-sensei and...bleh. That's it.

"Uh...please stop acting childish miss." Old man says. I switch between driver-san or old man at times. I never really bothered to know his name...sadly.

"Sorry I'm just...prepping myself in a way, you know?" I respond.

I take a seat at one of the many chairs a the table and wait for my mother to appear...eh...too...boring.

"So old man, how was your day!" I yell. He looks at me in an odd way.

"Very good Yukinoshita-san" Huh, guess drivers don't have that much of a day...

I continue throwing questions at him and receive the similar answer of "good" and "It's personal". I stop when I hear the sounds of a the door opening revealing my mom. She had her patent smile that shows no emotion. I have tried ways to find out what is behind that smile but...no luck.

"Hello Haruno. Why were you...40 minutes late? That was ver-" I interrupt her before she starts a rant.

"Ah yea, I had to handle some stuff for the Student Council. Apparently an event was going on that ha-" She interrupts me before I start my talk about my dad.

"No, it's alright. You just need to tell us beforehand." Of course stop me before I say how my day was. At-least I have Yukino to tell her my day, bwahahahaha!

"Haruno wipe that look off your face. You always seem to put your mind somewhere else when a important discussion is happening. Which brings us to today's topic" She rambles on. UHHHHHHH noooo talks! Important stuff!

"Haruno...you have been acting very childish. You seem to put important things aside and that isn't responsible. You...have to show a more responsible attitude" She says while carefully choosing her words. Just say...I'm a child.

"So, this whole meeting is just saying I need to be...responsible?" I question.

I...am responsible! If the task is important to me than I always put it first. But if the task is something like "go practice cursive with your tutor" or "be on time in stud-"...er...bad example. But if the task is something I believe that will...well make me...happy. I'll put it first on my mind! And not just me, the people I care about as well...that sounded cheesy. Let's try... the people I try to protect...No...how abo-

"Haruno...this is what I am talking about. You are in your own little mind. Doing these acts such as...yelling things...and playing on your...game?" These are not childish! Plus a game? It's called a 3DS! You bought it for me...well...I found it under the tree...did...she not even...

"Yesssss...and?" I ask while ignoring what I was thinking. She sighs and then turns her head towards me with a focused look.

"Well let's try this...how about you meet some of our guests. They hobbies and ideas could intrigue you in a way and that way you could develop some friends. Then you could share some interests and in that way you could talk to them! Have fun with them so you won't have to do all of these childish acts!" She said to me with a smile.

"You want them to...change my personality?" I question. Is she really...trying to change me?

"No of course not. It's just that if you meet one of these guests you cou-"

"Bu-" I stop myself. That's not what this discussion is about, I thought this was about me being childish. I thought this was originally about me being irresponsible! Why she twisting her words so much. She is confusing me!

"Mom...who are these guests?" I question. Her smile rose as if she thinks I'm considering this option...no...just curious what she is planning.

"Some young men and some young wo-" I stop her.

"Mom...I'm not going to be a suitor to help you build a relationship between families..." I say while connecting the pieces.

"That is not my intenti-"

"I'm Not going to! So...why do you even try! You...you create this whole...scenario about me being childish and irresponsible and try to make me meet..."guests" in the end!" I yell at her.

"Haruno that is not-" I interrupt her again today.

"Are you that impatient! What you can't wait to do this...crap on Yukino that you attempt it on me! Why do you think what's best for the family if...it's just business!" I continue to yell earning some whispers outside the door.

"Haruno...I was just merely suggesting a way to help you overcome these childish acts." She says while having a concerned face. That...is fake! I have seen you concerned face when handling business affairs!

"Well Haruno I should still call these guests so they can still meet with yo-" Wait NO! She is not going to win!

"NO. That is my decision!" I yell at her. I have a staring contest with her as I hold an angry face. She...is really trying to do this. Why doesn't she act as a mother! I want to see her as a mother! But...I can't. Dad...I see him as a dad. While he does focus on business affairs but he has a caring side toward his family. Us! Yukino...she...just...I don't really know her. She seems happy which is all I care about...well for now at-least.

The opening of a door interrupts as dad walks in. He has a nervous look on his face. Probably hearing what has been going on. He quickly takes a set next to her and tries to calm the situation.

"Eh...how about instead of meeting with guests. Haruno can do something else...Maybe volunteering or...tutoring students?" He says trying to calm the tension.

Silence overtakes as a frown appears on my mother...

"I'm fine with that. Let's just go to bed. This whole meeting has given me a headache." She says while rubbing her head. Must suck when a plan doesn't go your way...She gets up while a frown still present on her Face and leaves the room as I release a sigh and get up from my chair.


THAT WAS TOO STRESSFUL OH GEEZ I WAS ABOUT TO BREAK. I give my dad a quick hug as he gives me a small nervous but sincere smile. I go to quickly go to talk to Yukino before I hear his voice call me out.

"Haruno...your mother does expect you to be a tutor or to volunteer" he says quietly. WHAT

"WHAT...B-B-But...my time!" OBJECTION! TAKE THAT! SOMETHING PLEASE! Ahhhh stop referencing Pheonix wright Haruno!

"Sorry but...just go along with it so you won't have to be in a..." I get what he says and silently nod.

He walks away while giving me a wave and goes to meet mom...oh...my pride. I ended up losing...kind of...Tutoring fellow classmates...oh no. The awkwardness. I raise my fist and slam it dramatically against the wall. DAMNNN IT

"Eh...are you okay miss?" I jump loudly at the sound of driver-san. WAS HE HERE THE WHOLE TIME. I'M SO SORRY!

I quickly nod and walk away embarrasessed and go to Yukino to talk about my day...Actually I'm tired so I'm gonna go to bed...actually I might stay up and play...who knows it depends...I'll stay up.

The next day: Kaori

The end of the school day...I didn't even talk to Hikigaya-kun. But I didn't plan for that to happen. Before our last class I went to his desk and saw several...remarks about him and I plan to clean it up! Try to brighten his day a little bit! I noticed it was just marker so it should come of with soap, water, and some napkins or towels. Which is easy to get in the bathroom.

I continue walking to the classroom carrying the small wet Towel I borrowed from my home and entered through the door.

"Uh sorry I was in here I was just-" I enter and see a boy our age cleaning off the remarks on Hikigaya-kun's desk.

"Who...what are you doing here?" I question. Who is he?

"Uhh just cleaning some stuff off from my desk. See?" He says trying to claim the desk is his.

"That's...not you desk though. It's Hikigaya-kun's." I say catching him.



"I felt bad for him. But if your going to write remarks please leave" He says while continuing to wipe.

"No! I was just coming here to clean those marks as well! See!" I say gesturing towards my towel.


Huh he isn't very talkative.

"What's your name. Mine is Kaori!" I say while putting out my hand.

"...Henry." He said while taking my hand. Huh an american name. It's like the author is too lazy to come up with any original names.

...More silence.

"How do you know Hikigaya-kun?" I question him. I still don't know why he is doing this.

"I...well I just felt bad for him as I said. We...are in the same class. You more than likely don't notice me. But I have noticed people call him names and just...I don't know I wanted to try and help a bit" He said...

"Oh...that's nice...I was trying to Help as well but also then I saw you and well...yeah..." I say awkwardly. I glance at him and notice he has a confused look on his face

"But aren't you one of the people bullying him?" He questions. N-No?

"I don't bully him! In fact I-"

"But you laugh at him..." Yeah...but...uh.

"N-No it's just that I...kind of caused the bullying but...wait that doesn't sound right. I'm trying to stop it!" Kaori you are making this worse!

"So why don't you?" He asks with confusion.

"I...uh..it's just that I don't wan-"

"You don't want to be associated with him? Are you...I'm done anyway. I'm just going to leave now." He says while still having a confused face. Now I'm making him uncomfortable!?

"Well why don't you speak up for him" I ask out of embarrassment.

"Well...I don't think speaking up for him will help. I'm literally...just a random person. I'm guessing I'll just get bullied along with him." He answers...

"Maybe if you speak for him and try to stop it will work. I swore he confessed to you?" He continues to mock me without knowing.

"...I just don't wanna lose my friends..." I say.

"...I don't really know what to say in this...spot. So...bye?" He says while giving me a weird look.

He leaves with the desk being clean and with me doing nothing...IDIOT! CAN'T EVEN HELP HIKIGAYA-KUN LIKE THIS...

I look at the floor for a few moments before making a choice. I... Need to stand up for him. Next time People are just...mocking him. I can't laugh along! Yeah... But...No! Be committed! I quickly nod my head and leave the classroom. Just need to hope the author won't be lazy...crap.

Hello! You made it to the end! Congrats! How did you make it through this rushed chapter I will never know. Anyway I hoped you enjoy this chapter regardless of the mistakes I usually make.

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