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{Lingering Will speaking}

Roxas groaned as he exited the CoD (Corridor of Darkness, or Cod). Dust blew through the air, causing him to lift his arm over his eyes, grunting. Everywhere around him was… stone… rock… cracks in the earth beneath him. The stone and rocks had an orangish tint to them, same with the dust blowing around him.

After a little, the torrenting winds calmed, causing less dust to blow around him, and he deemed it safe to lower his arm. He then took this time to glance around. Large plateaus and mountains rose around him, and holes filtered out around him, all in different sizes. Some of the plateaus and mountains had large holes in them as well, as if a meteor had struck them.

Roxas had been sent here on a scouting mission. Just look around, gather info, see if there's any heartless, and learn about the world. Simple. But then again… There wasn't much to see in this… barren land.

Roxas glanced around one last time, before going on his way, across the raised earth. As he looked at his surroundings, his foot slipped, and he almost fell, but he quickly grabbed onto the rock with both hands.

He glanced down. Big mistake.

His eyes widened at the large drop… He could barely see the bottom… and he sure didn't hear it if the pebbles he had knocked down hit the bottom. He heaved himself back up, huffing, and staying there for a moment, before getting up, and continuing on, making sure he was looking where he was going.

He made his way into a ravine, with a plateau in the middle, and long fissures in the ground, as if something had intentionally just cut the ground there… with boulders and rocks littered around the edges, like they were thrown away without a care in the world. Worlds? Either way.

He stopped to observe the area, but found nothing else of interest, and sighed "Why couldn't they send someone else… I could be fighting heartless in some other world… but nope… I get the world that's devoid of anything… just… rocks. More rocks. Even more rocks, and dust.

He was starting to doubt that anything was even here… So he just continued on a little more. Just as he was about to give up and call it quits he noticed a… moogle…? What was a moogle doing here?

He shrugged, and walked up to it "Uh… Hi?".

"Good afternoon Kupo! Haven't seen you in a while, Kupo! Where are your friends, Kupo?" It responded.

Roxas blinked "Friends…?".

"Other people with giant key's, Kupo! Don't you remember them, Kupo?".

Roxas's eyes widened. Other keyblade wielders? That were here? When?! "Wait, do you know where they are? Where I can find them?!". It was a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless. Maybe he could finally find out where he got the keyblade from. Why he had it. And maybe why Xion had one too! They could both learn why!

But his hope diminished when the Moogle shook its head "No, Kupo. Haven't seen your friends, Kupo!".

Roxas didn't know why it called them 'his friends', but… Maybe it thought all keyblade wielders were friends. Oh well… A small sigh escaped him "Oh… Ok…".

"Sorry, Kupo! Hope you find your friends, Kupo!".

Roxas let out a small 'Thank you', before walking back the way he came, and as he was crossing over the thing of raised earth again, he noticed something. Something in the distance… a… blur… a blur of red, black, and gold…? Something like that. "What… is that…?". He mumbled before he noticed something. It was coming closer. Becoming clearer.

Quickly he pulled his hood over his head, in case… just in case it was a person.

And soon it was close enough that he could see what it looked like had a helmet with a red ear like things that went straight up, with a black visor, while the red of the helmet was gold. The neck, sides of its chest, middle of its arms, and most of the armor's legs, were covered in black, while the middle part of its chest was covered in red plating, and the top plate was gold. It had gold gloves, and above it on the wrist was red plating. On the armor's thighs was gold plating, and on its knees was more gold plating, with red plating beneath it. its boots were also gold, but part dark brown too.

And it was riding… a… thing? Roxas had no idea what it was, but it was hovering above the ground. It was a light blue on the bottom, while the top parts were a tannish gold, and brown(1). And the armor was riding it. Riding! Riding the whatever it was!... And…

Coming straight towards him! But it was a few thousand or fewer feet below him. It couldn't fly, could it?

But Roxas was proved wrong as it did suddenly, start flying straight towards him! Roxas was now gaping before reality came crashing down on him. IT WAS FLYING RIGHT AT HIM! At the last second, The Key of Destiny jumped out of the way, using his momentum to turn his jump into a roll, and sprung right back up, spinning around to face his attacker.

Then, the armor stopped mid-air, whatever it was riding freezing, as the armor turned its helmet toward Roxas. Then there was this… grinding… noise… But… Roxas could… make something out… was… was the armor speaking to him?

{Who… are… you…? Why… have you… come… here…?}

Roxas blinked in surprise, staring at the armor, mouth agape once more. The armor. Spoke. Armor. Talking. It wasn't like a human talking… it was like… Fingernails scraping against a chalkboard… or… the grinding of metal against metal. The screech of warm metal against dry ice…

Roxas then tried collecting himself "I-I...Uh...got...lost…" He mumbled. Great going… that was a great lie… great… just great…

The armor stared at him for a moment, as if analyzing him. And the moment turned into a minute, which turned to minutes. Roxas bit his lip at the awkwardness.


The armor jumped off it's… flying thing, which then disappeared in a flash of light, as it walked toward Roxas, stopping a few feet away. Roxas glanced up, noticing just how much taller the armor was than him, and Roxas bit down harder on his lip, which made him let out a tiny hiss of pain.

"I...Uh...I'm… not… uh… supposed to… tell," He internally screamed at himself because of how terrible he was at this… "Stranger… Danger…?" He said weakly.

The armor stared at him once more, and Roxas found himself randomly wondering if the armor was another species that had never seen a human… but then he realized the armor might not know he's human… and then he also realized that there… might not be a human in that armor. Which made him shiver slightly.


If the armor had a voice… Roxas had a feeling it would sound like the armor was challenging him.

{No...Did...He...Send you...To...Fight me…?}

"He…?" Roxas asked, confused.


Roxas blinked "Xe...ha...Nort….?" He repeated, confused.


Roxas took a step back, as the armor took a step toward him "W-Whoa!".


Suddenly, a keyblade appeared in the armor's hand. 'Ends of the Earth'. Roxas gasped "Y-You-" but he was interrupted as the armor lunged at him. Roxas dodge rolled to the side, scrambled up, and summoned his own keyblade 'Kingdom Key'.

{A keyblade?... So… he did… send you…?}

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Roxas yelled, but the armor didn't seem to hear him, as it charged at him once more. Roxas raised his keyblade to block. Big mistake.

The armor's keyblade slammed into his own with such a force, Roxas felt as if he had just been hit by a freight train. He clenched his teeth, keeping in a silent yell, and jumped back. The armor stepped back, and it's keyblade… started to change shape…? The end of the keyblade now seemed to be attached to a brown rope, while that very rope connected to handle of the keyblade, which was in the armor's hand. A whip.

And using that whip, the armor lashed out, and Roxas didn't have time to react, and it hit him in the side, sending him rolling to the floor, groaning. And he rolled to the side, barely avoiding another hit from the dangerous whip. He scrambled to his feet, and lifted his keyblade, yelling "FIRE!". A fireball burst from Roxas's keyblade, but the armor just transformed his keyblade back to normal and blocked.

Roxas grit his teeth in frustration. How did it do that? Could all keyblades do that? Could his keyblade do that?

He didn't have much time to ponder before- WHAT IN THE NAME OF KINGDOM HEARTS THE KEYBLADE JUST GOT LARGER! This time the blue part was facing him, as the hilt split in half… almost looking like a… CANNON!

The end started to glow white, and out of it burst a sphere of white and orange light, flying right at Roxas!

The poor kid had no time to dodge, for he was too startled, and got hit, sending him flying into the canyon wall. He groaned, and slowly fell forward, landing with a loud thump! On the stone floor. He weakly lifted his keyblade and muttered "h-heal…" before he felt the healing effects take place. He was still tired, but less sore, as he got to his feet.


Roxas looked up, seeing the armor standing there, and growled: "Shut up!". Before he charged at the armor. He jumped up and slashed downward with his keyblade, but the armor lifted it's keyblade to block.

But while it did that, Roxas set a foot down on the armors keyblade, and pushed off, giving himself some air, before he spun around and slashed down at the armor, holding the keyblade reverse hand "Take that!". The Armor stumbled forward a little, before turning back to Roxas, not even looking that damaged.

And once again, Roxas's hope was diminished.

The armor raised it's keyblade toward him, before it suddenly stopped, and turned its head toward his… Keyblade…?

{You… Why are you...holding it...that...way…? no...It…}

Roxas looked at his keyblade, eyes widening, as he realized he was holding it backhand. He quickly changed his grip so he was holding it normally… but… for some reason, it felt wrong holding it that way. At least… at least here.

He heard the clanking footsteps of the armor, and looked up, instantly taking a step back when he realized the armor was right in front of him.

{Is it...you…?}

The armor stared at him for a moment.

{...No...It can't be...You...This is...A...Trick...Xehanort!}

Roxas let out a yelp, as The Armor slammed it's keyblade down at him, and he quickly dodged to the side, before sliding around to behind the armor, and slashing at it, and then jumping back, yelling "BLIZZARD!" as some ice flew at the armor.

But… once again, as if undamaged, it merely turned around to face him "Oh, C'mon!".

The armor's keyblade then seemed to transform again! This time into… a...bow…? Suddenly, out of nowhere, arrows seemly made of light flew from the bow at Roxas. He yelped, and ducked down, only to look up and see that the armor had disappeared "Huh?".

Then suddenly, another arrow of light hit him in the back "AGH!". He cried out and fell forward. He tried to push himself up before he felt a heavy weight on his back. Something cool, and cold. Metal. A boot.

{Why… did… he...send...you? To...Taunt… me…?}

Roxas groaned, hearing the grating noise so close by "I-I...I don't know a… Xehanort…".

All that met his words was silence. Cold. Empty. Silence.

It seemed the armor was thinking his words over.


Roxas grit his teeth. He could fight! He just didn't know how to use it like the armor did.

{And yet...you held it… like… no… it…}

Silence. Once more. Silence filled the air.

But then… He felt something cold against his hood, Roxas's eyes widened, and he squirmed "Hey!" but it just brought pain from the boot placed on his back. The armor grabbed his hood, and pulled it back, revealing his blond hair.

Dang, it… Saix won't be happy… if I do make it back…

He didn't know which part of that thought scared him more… Saix… or not coming back at all…


He felt the weight disappear from his back and instantly got up, facing the armor, crouching slightly, eyes narrowed. Yet, the armor made no move to attack. It just… stared at him. Wait… what did it say? V…?


"What…?" Roxas asked, untensing a little, confused. The armor had gone from hostile, to barely moving at all… actually, it wasn't moving… but what was it saying…?


Roxas blinked "I'm sorry but-"


Roxas blinked again, confused "That's… not-"


Roxas was about to try and tell the armor, once again, that his name was not Ventus or Ven, but Roxas, before a searing headache overcame him. He yelled out in pain, clutching his head, falling to his knees, not aware that the armor had moved closer.


"An unbreakable connection!"

"My friends are my power, and I'm theirs!"

"When I really need you Ven, I know you'll be there."

"Keep trying to drive us apart with your mind games, it'll never work!"

"I'm asking you as a friend. Just... put an end to me."

"It's alright…"

A brown haired man. Blue eyes. Smiling. Slightly reminded him of Xemnas... at least in some looks...

A bluenette. Blue eyes. Also smiling.

Someone who looked just like him… grinning.

All three of them, looking up at the sky. The stars. There was a meteor shower.

"Somewhere out there, there's this tree with star-shaped fruit; and the fruit represents an unbreakable connection. So as long as you and your friends carry good luck charms shaped like it, nothing can ever drive you apart. You will always find your way back to each other. "

And then, the 3 disappeared. The scene changed. Like static…

"Today, you will be examined for the Mark of Mastery. Not one but two of the Keyblade's chosen stand here as candidates but this is neither a competition nor a battle for supremacy not a test of wills, but a test of heart".

"But you must exist no more!"

A… a man… black hair… in a ponytail. Grey eyes. Scars…

"Behold. These lifeless keys used to be full of power. United with the hearts of their masters... on this barren soil, Keyblades of light and darkness were locked in combat, as a great Keyblade War raged!".

An old, tan-skinned man… grey beard… orangish yellow eyes… that also reminded him of Xemnas… but... this one reminded him much more of Xemnas then the brown-haired man...

"You used to be too broken to talk back."

"Hmpf, it's always about your friends, isn't it?".

A person with a mask… he couldn't see their face…

"Yeah. After all, we're friends now. Get it memorized."

A-Axel…? No… he seemed… younger…

"So this kiddo thinks he's a full-fledged Keyblade wielder?".


"I have a feeling we are destined to cross paths again."


Static filled his mind, and darkness consumed him.

Roxas blinked, and groaned, before pushing himself up, but then got pushed back down "H-Huh!?". He then started struggling, before he heard a familiar voice "Hey, Calm down! It's just me, Axel! You seemed pretty beat up, now you need rest, get it memorized,". Axel... No armor... no unfamiliar, yet familiar images... just... Axel.

Roxas looked up to see the familiar spiky-haired redhead, with emerald eyes, and the purple upside-down teardrop tattoos under his eyes… but for a second… it looked like a kid was standing there. The one with shorter spiky red hair, and no tattoos under his eyes. Roxas blinked, but the image didn't disappear.

"Lea…?" He blurted out before he could stop himself.

Axel's smirk turned to a look of pure confusion, surprise, and… was that... Roxas had no idea.

"What was that?" Axel demanded.

Roxas blinked "Huh?".

"What did you say?".

"I didn't say anything… did I?".

Axel blinked, before groaning "Nevermind… just… get some rest, K?".

Roxas blinked again, before nodding "All… right…".

Axel almost left the room before turning around "And Saix expects a report by tomorrow,".

Roxas nodded in acknowledgment.

As Axel left and watched as the door closed, he couldn't help but wonder Did I hear him right… did he say… Lea…? Axel snorted "Wonder where he heard that from…" Before he frowned "...Where did he hear that from…" He mumbled, and pondered over this, as he walked away.

Elsewhere, amber eyes opened.


A/N: And that's the end! Yep, that's right. Welp, I need sleep. Hope you enjoyed!

(1): Roxas has no idea what a keyblade glider is

{I know that was him… I felt him… I didn't at first… but… I did at the end… why was he wearing that cloak…? Did he not remember me…? What happened to him… I can't leave… But… I'll find you… Ven…}

[...Number 13, what connection do you have with my hidden memories…?]

[What made me say that… Why did I say that? His name's Axel… not Lea… Right…?You shouldn't have to question that you know it's true… C'mon Roxas… Maybe… Maybe I just need some rest…]

(Roxas… How'd you know my somebody's name…? You shouldn't know that… so. How did you…?)