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{Lingering Will Talk}

[Lingering will vision]

Creak… eeeek….



The armor creaked, as it tilted it's head up, the joints in the armor creaking in protest. For the first time since the day before, it had moved. It had stayed in a position, at it's knees, helmet tilted toward the spot where darkness had taken his friend… Just the day before, Ventus had collapsed in front of it, seemingly in pain. The Lingering Sentiment had tried to move toward him… but… Just as it went to its knees by it's old friend… Darkness had swarmed around Ven, dragging him into its depths.


The creaking, grating noise that was the armors voice, called out. Though it should be hard to point out, emotion shown in it's calls.

Anger. Sadness. Despair. Rage. Hate.

The darkness that had claimed its Comrade, it had felt the darkness before. So familiar. Agonizingly familiar… The darkness that had tricked it, taunted it, tainted it. But not again. Never again. Xehanort would never trick it again. Never.

And that was a vow, it wouldn't break.


He had taken Ven. But The Knight would save him… He wouldn't let Xehanort take his Best Friends away from him.

{Never… Again… Now… I'll set this… Right…}

Xemnas sat in silence on his bed, looking out at what some would think of as a heart-shaped moon. But it was more than that… so much more. It was their salvation. No, not theirs. His. And in the end, he wouldn't be sharing. He never said that out loud, though. Everyone in the Organization. His. Organization. Thought that it would be their salvation. To finally be whole. To get their hearts back.

Though, maybe not everyone believed him. Number 11 and 12 were acting suspiciously. That is why he planned to send them to Castle Oblivion. Make them feel safe. Make them feel like they're away from prying eyes… But really, there would be a spy in their ranks. After all, he was sending Axel to be sure. He wouldn't just send to possible traitors to somewhere where they could plot without him knowing.

He wouldn't fail, not so far into his plan… not when he had 2 Keyblade Wielders using their power to strengthen kingdom hearts.

The keyblade wielders… Xion… and Ve-.

He paused in his ranting thoughts. Ve? It was just like the night before… The name he had murmured out. So Unfamiliar. So Unnecessary. So Purposeless.

Yet so familiar… It… brought a warm sensation to his chest. But as soon as it had come, it was gone. He almost forgot the name entirely, but he had forced himself to write it down. And the second he had… He instantly thought of Castle Oblivion. He had no idea why… for a moment… but then images had come to his head.

Of a boy, who looked exactly like Roxas… Blonde windswept hair, bright blue eyes, so childlike… Armor on his shoulder. But that was really all the superior could make out. But it was all he needed.

And… there was a room. A white room. The boy, eyes closed, on a white throne in the middle. Sleeping… The images had ended there, but he had ordered Axel to search for anything hinting of a room. Anything.

He had, once before, had moments like this. But caused by something else… the blue armor. The armor he had felt he'd seen before. And a keyblade. Keyblade. By its side. Broken. Shattered. Incomplete. Yet it brought back a fleeting sensation. A pulling. Something that made him want to see whoever had worn it…

He sighed, rubbing his temples. So many swirling thoughts, hard to make sense of. It didn't sit well with him. He stared back out at the sky, towards kingdom hearts. But for once, he didn't want to see it. He wanted to look away. Be rid of it. He pushed that sudden feeling down. Feeling.

Something he could not- should not- be able to do. He labeled it as merely him being tired and laid back down on his bed. It was early. He would have to get prepared soon… He looked over to his desk, picking up the piece of paper sitting there. It was Roxas's report on the world he had been sent to…

Mission Report



Location: Unknown. New world…

Objective: Recon. Kill Heartless if seen.

Observations: But there were lots of plateaus, orangish… dust… Canyons, cracks in the earth. And… Lot's of Keyblades. Thousands… maybe millions of keyblades. And a suit of armor… with a keyblade. The armor was red, gold, orange, and black... It could transform its keyblade, shoot bursts of light, very strong. I attacked but I didn't leave a dent… There were no Heartless in sight, anywhere. It also called me something… Ventus I think… Not sure why.

Armor… It sounded familiar to the superior. Red, gold, orange, and black… all familiar. And that name again. Ventus. The boy who looked exactly like Roxas. There, Perhaps a connection? Roxas was Sora's nobody, but, did Sora and this Ventus perhaps have a connection? He paused in his thoughts. Why did it matter anyway? This Ventus was of no concern of his.

All he wanted was kingdom hearts. Plain and simple… Then why was he having second thoughts? He set the report back down and glanced at the desk.

"Are you, perhaps the reason, I am having second thoughts? I still have yet to discover why I keep you here… Perhaps it is because of the connection I feel… You have something do with them, don't you? Maybe I'll let Ve- Ro- Number XIII, to look at you. Perhaps he'll see, what I can not…"

And where the superior was looking, lay a star-shaped charm, with orange glass, and a weird symbol in the middle.

The superior got up, getting ready to start the day, and didn't notice…

How the Star Shaped charm started to shine a little.

"...There is a connection... So just in case... Perhaps it'll lead to something..."

Careful what you wish for...

Roxas bit his lip, and he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. The superior had called him, telling him to come to his office… But why? Roxas hadn't been told. He hoped he wasn't in trouble… Was it about his earlier mission? Did he not give enough info on the report? Did he not do well enough? He breathed in and knocked.

"Come in," A smooth, deep voice called through the doorway. Roxas waited for a second, then slowly pushed the door open "You… wanted to see me, Superior?". He stumbled forward when the door suddenly closed behind him, and he turned, seeing the superior. He gulped slightly.

Those two, piercing amber eyes stared right at him. And if he hadn't known his superior was, like him, a nobody, he would have been tricked into thinking there was amusement there. It was fake, after all. Right…? Yes, it had to be.

The superior walked past him, and sat down behind the desk, putting his hands together, looking at Roxas with his piercing stare… almost like he could see right through the Blonde Nobody. His gaze was calculating as if trying to catch sight of any movement Roxas would make before he could. "Have a seat, Number XIII,".

Roxas looked down, no longer able to meet the superiors gaze, and sat down. Silence watched over the room like a dark fog, snuffing out any hopes of seeing. Or in this case, any sound.

Neither the superior nor the Key of Destiny spoke. The Superior of the Inbetween keeping his gaze on the young nobody, while the nobody kept his gaze soundly on the floor. After what felt like hours, the superior spoke "So, I saw your report. You wrote that you saw many keyblades and a suit of armor that could wield one?".

Roxas nodded, letting out a small "Yes, Superior,". Xemnas let a small smirk past him, knowing Roxas was not looking. Even if Nobodies could not possibly feel fear, It was easy to tell Roxas was not just simply acting. Roxas didn't remember anything from Sora's life, But something must have passed on… Perhaps not remembering made it so the emotions Sora had felt left imprints… So Roxas felt this was the right way to act.

It was the only explanation the superior could currently think of.


Roxas bit his lip "I… Didn't get a name from it… other then… what it called me,".


Roxas nodded and started twiddling his thumbs.

"Does that name mean anything to you?" The superior inquired.

Roxas looked up for the first time "I… felt like I've heard it before… but I know I haven't… not… that I remember anyway…". The Blonde responded quietly, looking up from his hands. He regretted it instantly when he met the superiors gaze. Well, not Regret, but more of… wish he hadn't.

Not many could meet the superiors gaze head-on, looking into those cold amber eyes. They were like black holes, sucking you in. It was like he knew more than you did… Like he knew everything about you… But yet you were still a mystery, and he was prepared to do anything to find out more… even if there was nothing more to find out.

Roxas forced his gaze back to his twiddling thumbs, not wanting to look into those mysterious depths.

"Perhaps you could gain more info if you went back, find out more about the armor. Go, get ready. We'll be departing soon," Xemnas stood up and walked toward the door. Roxas blinked and looked at his superior "W-Wait. You want me to go back? What do you mean by We'll?".

The Superior turned to face Roxas, his gaze thoughtful "Yes. You will be going back. And by we'll, I mean I'll be going with you."

"Superior, you can't really be cons-"

"Number VII, I am going. Perhaps it will help us in our goal, and I will not let that chance slip,"

"Anywho, calm down Luner boy! Bossman'll be fine. He is the 'Superior' after all. Though 'Transforming' Keyblades? I bet Tiger could learn a thing or two from the armor. Well, if it weren't attacking him and all,".

"Just be careful, Rox. You fell unconscious last time,"

"Axel, I'll be fine,".

"Alright Rox…"

Roxas bit his lip, glancing around the barren wasteland, thinking over the conversation a little. He didn't want to come back here… but you always listen to the superior. Always.

He noticed this wasn't the first place he had exited out to, and it was more open, but the same color scheme. Orange rocks, cracks in the earth, dust blowing in the wind…

Xemnas turned to face The Key of Destiny, about to speak, before they both heard a grinding noise.

{Ven...tus…? You're… back… wait… a second…}

The dust swirled around The superior and Roxas, making a storming cloud of orange, before it dispersed… and there sat the armor… on its knees, keyblade stabbed into the hard earth. Xemnas felt pressure against his mind, almost like something was pushing against it, as he stared at the armor. He narrowed his eyes slightly, pushing against the nagging sensation.

{Who…? No… Wait… I know you…}

The grinding noise continued, and as it did, the pressure against Xemnas's mind seemed to grow.


Now that was a name Xemnas hadn't heard in a long time… but it seemed to anger whatever was causing the pain in his head, as it worsened… it was like someone had set his mind on fire. He grit his teeth slightly. Was this the armors doing?

"That's not my name... It's Roxas!" The blonde spoke up, looking at the armor, eyes narrowing slightly. 'Why does it keep calling me that…' Though the armor seemed to pay him no heed, and it's rusted helmet had turned toward Xemnas. It was like the armor didn't hear him… and maybe it didn't. Roxas wasn't even sure there was a person under there.


There was a cracking noise, as the armor started to move. Pushing itself up slowly, but surely, getting to its feet. First, it's knee started to push up, then it lifted its other leg. Then it started to move its arms, slowly grabbing its keyblades hilt.


The armor seemed to yell, as the grinding noise turned to the sound of screeching metal. Roxas winced, covering his ears, while Xemnas kept his gaze on the armor. The pounding in his head only seemed to worsen, but now was not the time to pay it heed. He would deal with it later. Right now, there was an angry piece of armor with a keyblade coming right at them.

{You were… tricking me… weren't you?! That's… not… Ven….}

The Armor was clearing the distance very quickly, surprisingly fast for rusted old armor. Roxas felt as if someone had punched him in the gut for a second… but why…?


The armor's keyblade suddenly took on its cannonlike form, as the armor pointed it at the two nobody's.


The armor wouldn't be tricked again… earlier… it had been Vanitas… not Ven. Ven wouldn't work with Xehanort… Never. it was sure of it… Or maybe… had Xehanort done something to him? Or… Had Vanitas taken control of him? It had sat here for years… and the last thing it had seen… was the red light in the sky…

"There, you see! The X-Blade has been forged".

Did that mean… Vanitas had control of Ven? It clearly saw Ven, but… Its vision flickered, and Ven's normally blue eyes changed to gold. He seemed to be… smirking… and there beside him stood Xehanort, sneering at the armor.

"You're of no use to me now, Terra, now are you? Lingering in this place, just a broken will. You're of no use to anyone. Both of you're young comrades are gone. Give in,"

The armor made a grinding noise. Terra. That was its original name, was it not? But it didn't seem right. Terra would've saved his friends. Terra would still be alive, in the flesh. Terra would have a heart and a body. Terra would have Aqua and Ven by his side, ready to end Xehanort once and for all.

But it? It was a mere shell… the will of the one who had once been a strong keyblade wielder…

The one who had been possessed by Xehanort…

The one who had given into the darkness…

It wasn't Terra…

It was that man's will. His Lingering Will.

Roxas watched as the armor seemed to stop, staring at them as if rethinking its attack. This time, it had called Xemnas, Xehanort, and called Roxas, Vanitas. Did it think they were someone else? Was that why it was attacking? But why did it think he was this 'Vanitas' person now? It said they were tricking him…

And why did he… dislike that name… both of those names…?

Er… Dislike wasn't the word… after all… he couldn't feel...

But it didn't settle right with him...

To Xemnas, that name struck a chord. His mind, already seemingly on fire, if it was on fire, would have burst into complete flames. The pain was excruciating. He grit his teeth. Something… Something inside him… Yearned for whoever Vanitas was… Yearned for Ventus. But not in a friendly way… not in a loving kind of way…

It yearned… to do something.

He wanted to do something. And whatever it was… Ventus and Vanitas were needed. He needed them for something… some sort of plan? Yes… He needed them to succeed… He shook that thought away. He didn't need whoever they were. His plan would be complete.

All he needed for it was the keyblade wielders. That was all. Though something inside him disagreed with that statement.


Something else inside him… wanted to see Ventus… but not Vanitas… It wanted to see… his friend. Xemnas glanced at his companion, Roxas, seeing the blonde's gaze unwavering at the armor. The want seemed to go away slightly… But was replaced with…


The Superior shook his head again. Impossible. It was not an emotion. A feeling. It was merely a memory of something. Something in his past life… the one who looked like Roxas? Perhaps he was a friend of his somebody.

Part of him agreed, part of him disagreed, but before he could think it over some more, the armor was on the move again.


The armor charged at Roxas, raising its keyblade. It wanted to free Ventus first. Save Ventus. That was its first priority. It would get Xehanort, for everything the old coot had done. But its friends came first…

Roxas gasped, and jumped out of the way seconds before the armor's keyblade slammed into the ground, cracking the earth around the impact. Xemnas reacted swiftly, summoning his 'Ethereal blades' and slashing at the armor.

The armor heaved, pulling it's keyblade out of the ground, only to be hit by the Ethereal Blades. It turned it's head to face Xemnas. In its vision though…

[Xehanort slammed his keyblade against the armor, in a very un-xehanortly way. His attacks were swifter than normal... And he continued to slash away at the armor.]

It merely seemed to chip away some of the rust on the armor, though it did seem to flinch a little. Or maybe it was just reacting to the force of the hit… It lashed out with its large keyblade, trying to hit Xemnas. Though the superior was hit, he used his momentum, and landed on his hand, then pushed up hard, causing him to flip and land on his feet.

Roxas then charged and yelled "FIRE!" sending off the spell toward the armor.

[Vanitas sneered, and charged at the armor, sending off a dark firaga spell]

The armor raised it's keyblade, blocking the fire attack when suddenly it was attacked by a swarm or red glowing blades. It turned and lashed out with it's keyblade, but suddenly a square-shaped forcefield appeared in front of Xemnas.

[Xehanort slashed swiftly at the armor with his keyblade, and when the armor tried to attack, a wall of earth raised to great its strike instead]

Then it got hit in the back by an Ice attack. It couldn't fight like this… not when the two were pressing in on it. It's keyblade transformed into a whip, and it swung the whip around. Xemnas jumped out of the way, while Roxas got hit, flying back into a rock.

[Xehanort jumped back, sneering, while Vanitas got hit, flying into a rock. Vanitas looked at the armor, eyes narrowing]

Roxas groaned, and fell to the ground, about to push himself up, when suddenly he heard a ping! Noise. He barely managed to dodge as an arrow of light embedded itself where he had been laying before. He tried to reach for a Hi-Potion, but when he tried to drink it, an arrow hit it, breaking it.

He growled, and started dodge rolling, as the armor appeared and disappeared, laying light arrows in his wake.

[Vanitas tried to drink a Hi-Potion, but the armor made sure an arrow hit it, stopping Vanitas. The being of darkness growled and glared at the armor. The Lingering Will continued firing, as Vanitas dodge rolled-]

wait… didn't Vanitas normally cart-wheel? And when did he start using Hi-Potions? The armor hesitated, but that was all Xemnas needed to land more swiftly timed hits with his Ethereal Blades.

The Lingering Will stumbled back, but then stood up, and it's keyblade transformed into the cannon. It fired at Roxas, who had stopped dodge rolling to catch his breath. His eyes widened, and he tried to jump out of the way but was hit. He was instantly sent to the ground, badly damaged.

Xemnas turned his gaze to Roxas for a second, then back to the armor.

It was approaching Roxas…

I will not lose one of my only ways to get Kingdom Hearts… if he dies here, Xion will not be able to fully absorb his power… And he still has his uses…

Xemnas disappeared in a flash of darkness and appeared out of the dark corridor in front of Roxas. He suddenly felt an urge… As the headache, he had tried to ignore returned tenfold… And urge to protect Roxas… He shook his head.

Roxas was merely a pawn. That was all he was.

The armor hadn't stopped, as it walked toward its two foes.

[Vanitas lay on the ground, while Xehanort stood in front of him.]

Why did Vanitas seem so much weaker? Almost like he hadn't fought much… And why was Xehanort protecting him? The Xehanort It knew wouldn't do that… Its vision flickered for a second, Vanitas's eyes a blue color before it went back to before.

{A new… tactic…?}

It queried out loud, knowing it wouldn't get an answer. And as it had guessed, it's question was not answered.

The armor rushed forward, raising its keyblade.

Xemnas raised his Ethereal blades to block.

The two weapons clashed, both seeming to try and push back the other.

While yes, Xemnas focused on more swift and powerful attacks… it didn't mean he was weak on the physical side. The Armor and Xemnas both pushed back at each other, neither seeming to get an edge.

Before the armor noticed something…

A glint of orange in Xemnas's[Xehanort's] pocket…


There was a bright flash.

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