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Roxas coughed, looking around "S-Superior?" He couldn't see anything through the orange swarm of dust… And it only seemed to be getting worse… He pulled his hood over his head, lowering it so it was over his blue eyes, trying to keep as much dust out of them as he could. Maybe this hadn't been the best idea… coming back here… maybe?! No- it HADN'T been the best idea coming back here.

"Superior?!" He called out again, looking around for the white-haired nobody, who was nowhere to be found. They had been only a little way apart just a little bit ago… now he had no idea where the other had gone. The amber dust was only just now beginning to settle and drift to the ground, and he could just barely see the black of his boots on the desert ground, and the slightest hint of silver underfoot.

There was no response to his yells… No hint of a deep voice answering his questioning calls... Just the sound of the wind and dust greeted him. Before he finally tripped on something. He let out a slight yelp as he fell, wincing, before twisting himself around so his belly faced the air, and looked toward what he tripped on. . .


"As if! The rusted hunk of whatever-it-was, beat both of you? And that. . . thing of it has been stuck there ever since?"

Xigbar pushed off the wall, walking over to the bed where the grey-haired nobody now slept peacefully. . . the normally completely cold and calculating gaze vacant. Now, he looked almost helpless. . . almost. His eyebrows were knit slightly, and a slight frown had formed from his lips. His eyes were closed, and nose was scrunched slightly. Actually, he looked more annoyed. Not that they 'could feel'. Hah...

Roxas blinked from his seat, looking up at the Freeshooter. He gave a short nod as he looked over at the armor now attached to the superior's right arm, all the way down to his hand. Rusted and cracked, just like the large suit of armor had been earlier, and the color scheme the exact same… Attached by straps to the superior's arm, and seems to fit like a glove… then again part of it DID look like a fingerless glove.

Despite acting like he had no idea what it was, the sharpshooting nobody did. A familiar pauldron. . . Terra's. He knew it was a bad idea for the superior to go. . . But not like bossman had listened. Tch. Knew he should have gone instead.

"Wait wait wait. . . You're going there with him? You sure 'bout that bossman? The armor kicked tiger's tail between his legs and when he was found he was injured. It's a much stronger keyblade wielder then Poppet and Tiger alike! Probably even together… plus we could also just send one of the other members."

Xigbar walked up from behind the Superior who was looking up towards Kingdom Hearts, arms outstretched and fingers outspread. At first, it seemed like the nobody hadn't heard, and that moment let a silence stretch over the area. . . before his arms lowered, and his voice carried over to the free shooter.

"I am sure, number II. The others wouldn't know what to look for. I would rather keep this from most… and, he knows more of its moves from what he's seen..."

Xigbar crossed his arms, shaking his head slightly, amber eye on the grey-haired nobody. This wasn't smart. The one-eyed man knew that. How was it even moving around. . .? A suit of armor shouldn't be moving, much less… at least from what he guessed. This could be a chance to see for himself.

"Really? I could just go with T-"

Xemnas's head tilted in Xigbar's direction, his gaze emotionless and calm. The amber orbs seemed to burn into the sharpshooter. . . and his plan was shot down. Darn it...

"I wish to see it myself. That is my decision, number II. That's final."

This… was officially, not. good.

"It. . . was there after the bright light. I tried to get it off, but…" And Xigbar was dragged out of his thoughts or reminiscing as the blond finished his sentence.

"But it's stuck, right?"

Xigbar paused right by the Superior, before lifting a fist, and tapping it against the armor. A light clang! Clang! Resonated throughout the room, and the one-eyed man lifted his fist to below his chin. As he rested his head, he spoke up again, "And it came from the armor, prob, righto?".

And the blonde gave another nod, not responding out loud this time.

Xigbar glanced at the armor, his cocky look fading to a scowl. Terra just had to get in the way of the plan again. . . always finding a small chink in the chain and trying to break it down from there. Just how to get rid of it is the question. It wouldn't come off his arm, at least not right now. . . Keyword: now. He'd find a way to get it off, but with the blondie around it'd not be the best course of action.

Though, at least if it was Terra. But that left a lingering question. How? Terra was gone, 'dead' some could say. Sure his body had been left behind…. Maybe even his heart somewhere, but other than that… zilch! And Armor didn't just randomly become sentient and attack a keyblade wielder… then a superior's butt.

He'd have to find out later. . . what mattered now was getting the boss man up, and everything back on track. Where was Lunar boy when he needed them… Who knows when the Superior would be up, most likely be a bit. . . but for now. . . they were second in command after all. But. . . tsk. Oh well.

"You're excused or whatever, tiger. Shoo."

With an aloof push of his fingers towards the door and an uncaring yet teasing tone of voice, the blonde was out. And Xigbar let his one-eyed gaze fall back to the sleeping Superior. It narrowed for a moment before he let out an ever so small chuckle.

"..Guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh bossman? Just wait and see.."

...What a sense of Deja vu...

It was some time before the silver-haired nobody woke up. It was hardly noticeable too. A small twitch. A tiny opening of his eyes, before they were shut again. But, the free shooter was observant. But again, despite noticing, he made no move to go over to the Superior and merely sipped his coffee.

It was never a good idea to try and wake the Superior. Better to let him do it on his own. Xigbar learned that the HARD way…

So slowly, the superior gained his bearings.. Gazing around the room till his gaze caught Xigbar. He didn't open his mouth yet, looking down at the bed under him… then up again.

"...Morning, bossman! Or is it night… not that it matters-"

"What happened."

Xigbar grimaced ever so slightly. Sheesh, couldn't even take a greeting, huh Xemnas? Eh. He was used to this by now.

"Well, from what I heard from the kiddo, you both got your butts handed to yah."

Hm. Xemnas glanced away again… now thinking. His mind was a bit… fuzzy, on the details currently. It was… hard to remember it well. He remembered getting there, but as soon as the armor came… well, his mind started to fuzz out the details of that. And the battle….

"And there's also this hunk of junk, bossman."

Xemnas's thoughts paused as he heard the sound of something tapping against metal… and his head turned. Now his volcanic gaze was on the metal pauldron… which was stuck to his arm. ...Oh. His brows lowered, eyes narrowed into a squint. His eyes then flicked to meet with the yellow eye of the Sharpshooter.

The other was normally.. Hm. Teasing. Looking amused.


But not this time. No. There was a flicker of something else. The other was focused. Lips in a thin line. Not a common expression.

While this may bring up… problems, yes. So far.. Nothing had happened. But he'd see. But that did not explain II's reaction to this… so the question was.. What? Hm. He would find out.. For now though…

"I presume it would not come off."

It wasn't said as a question. Though, the one-eyed shooter's expression changed to a smirk.. One hand resting on his side.

"You know it! But despite it's busted up look, it wouldn't budge.."

Xemnas let out a quiet 'hm' in response. As expected then. So there was something more to this...a puzzle, one could say. No matter. Just 2 things to work towards figuring out it seemed… He pushed himself up.. And-

Walked right past Xigbar.

"Wait- bossman- where are you going?"

"To.. figure out why it connected to me, and more about the armor."

The superior stated simply without looking back. It was, simple after all. Though he did not add.. The other possible thing he may be doing. The door slid shut behind him.. One yellow eye staring a hole through it.. Before shaking his head with a sigh.

"..This sure isn't going as planned."