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Her eyes fluttered open and she saw that the glass of the pod she was in was nearly frosted over, but she couldn't make out any light at all outside of the blinking lights of her pod controls.

"Damn, that Trickster," she thought annoyedly, squirming in her seat. "I knew he couldn't be trusted. He-"

Her thoughts halted abruptly as pieces of her hazed memory began to fit into place. She remembered the spaceship looming infront of theirs, nearly fifty times the size. She remembered the people screaming and Thor turning to her urgently as recognition crossed Loki's face.

"You have to take them and leave!"

"You're not the boss of me! Don't tell me what to do! I will stay here and fight!"

"You don't understand, if something were to happen to me or Loki, the people will need-"

"Brother, it's futile. She's not going to change her mind."

"Yes, Your Majesty. Maybe you should listen to your brother."

"But I-"

"Brother, may I handle this?"

"Excuse me? Did you just say "handle"? Who do you-"

"I'm sorry," and the last thing she remembered was Loki looking at her apologetically as he reached out to touch her forehead.

Fully awake now, she felt her stomach sink at the million different possibilities running through her mind. She swallowed thickly and tried wiping the frost off from the inside and some of the miss gave way, but there was still no telling where she was. And where the others were.

She eyed the controls in front of her, studying each of them carefully. She apprehensively pressed a button, hoping it wouldn't eject her out of her pod and breathed a sigh of relief when she felt the pod jerk forward a little bit.

Okay so that makes this thing move.

There's got to be a communication device in here somewhere.

And seconds later, figuring out how the controls worked, she'd radioed in on a few Asgardians and set about to round them up. After she was sure all survivors were found, she'd worry about how to get them to Midgard, which was the only possible place he'd go.

If he'd survived, at all.

Besides, the Asgardians were to find a new home on that planet; it's what the Odinsons had wanted. So that's where she would go.

Enroute, all she could think about was where the rest of her people were and if they were okay.

May Parker

May had prepared Peter's favourite lunch and was waiting for him to return from his field trip. She had turned the TV on to pass time and that was when she saw it; a circular form descending from the sky and hovering over the New York skyline. She jumped to her feet and ran to the window, staring at it for some time. She thought she could see some forms hovering around, but she could be mistaken; she wasn't sure.

Her attention was brought back to the TV with the voice of a reporter and some panicked screams. She caught sight of the familiar red and gold suit, and felt a mixture of both relief and concern. She knew where Tony was, Peter would be, but at least that meant that Peter wasn't alone. Soon enough, she caught sight of him swinging away and out of the frame. When after a few seconds a strangely dressed man, who was drawing golden patterns in the air flicked his hand, there was a small scream and the TV scream went static.

She watched the flickering black and white speckles with gnawing worry before turning back to the window just in time to see what she was now sure to be a spaceship, leave the skyline. Despite it being gone, she could still hear the disturbances down in the streets. She looked at the door hopefully before sitting at the lunch table alone, knowing in her heart that Peter wouldn't be back home for lunch.

She was proud of what Peter did in his "downtime", but she didn't like it. The day she had found out, she had been really angry and had cried for at least an hour before telling him off. But she could tell how much it meant to him, so she had reluctantly agreed to allow it; she knew there would be no point in "disallowing" him because he would've gone ahead with his plans anyway. It was better if she was in on his whereabouts and what he was upto, rather than being kept in the dark. It didn't help, knowing what he was dealing with, but it did help knowing where he was. Everyday was a question of whether or not he'd return, and she would find herself lying awake in bed till she heard him come back in.

That particular afternoon, deciding that Peter would be... late... she sat down to have her lunch, eyes fixed at the little bit of the cityscape she could see out of her watched the circular form ascending back into the sky.

Hours later, Tony Stark would knock on her door, cutting a sorry figure. But she didn't know that just yet.

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