That one night on February 14th 1974 it was of course Valentine's Day and Barry had asked me to go on a date with him so it would be just the two of us so we went to a diner where we usually went for lunch as we walked inside there was candy hearts with little messages on them and some heart decorations on the wall we looked around and took a look at our menus while we waited for the waiter to walk over. Then the waiter finally walked over to our table which was table 26 and said "Hello may I take your order my names Valerie and I will be your waiter this evening ." He then had said " Hmmmm... I think I'll have the steak and some potatoes and for a drink perhaps some tea please and thank ya." Valerie then asked after she nodded " Alright and you?" I smiled and said " Think I would like the same thing please and thank you." She nodded and went to go get the orders and brought it to the table and brought our teas as she did she had said " Enjoy ." We smiled and I took a sip of my tea then started eating and he did the same.