I looked over at Barry and smiled at him . "Ya know I really like you Barry like a lot ." I smiled as I told him that . "And you know what I like you too ." He smiled as he winked . "Awww." I smiled as he told me that .

He smiled as he kissed me on my cheek softly . "So you having fun on your birthday ?" Brian asked while Barry was kissing my cheek . "Yes indeed I am ." I nodded as I smiled . "That's good to hear ." He said as he smiled back . "Yep ." I nodded in agreement .

"Hey Brian , so how have you been lately ?" I asked him curiously. "I've been doing good what about you ?" The twin with the scar above his eyebrow had asked. "I've been doing good actually ." I had told him . "Ah that's good to hear ." He smiled back . "Yes indeed ." I nodded as I smiled back at him .