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Italics - unlined = Oliver's Flashbacks

bold italics = Oliver Hallucinating

OC CHARACTERS - The Next Generation

Thomas John Queen "Tommy or TJ" - Jaelyn's older brother/older identical twin brother of Robbie. He is fifteen years old, with spiky light brown hair like his father and brother Robbie with blue eyes, the only difference that separates the twins is that Tommy wears glasses like his mother. He also helps out his brother and sister by keeping an eye on them from the Bunker despite the fact that their parents don't want them getting involved in fighting crime.

Robert Jonas Queen "Robbie or RJ" - Jaelyn's older brother/younger fraternal twin brother of Tommy. He is fifteen years old, with spiky light brown hair like his father with blue eyes. He and his twin brother are both the spitting image of Oliver, and the younger twin to TJ, He also continues fighting crime like his father as the Silver Arrow, while his little sister Jaelyn takes up the mantle of the Emerald Canary.

Jaelyn Aliyah Queen "Jae" or "Jae-Bird" - Youngest and only daughter of Felicity and Oliver. She has long light brown hair with blonde streaks but unlike both her brothers she has emerald green eyes. She is twelve years old and is headstrong just like both her parents. She continues her father's legacy with Laurel's signature black canary costume only instead of black it's green. She goes by the Emerald Canary, while her brother Robbie fights as the Silver Arrow. She can also use her father's ability of light, just like both her brothers.

Moira Lian Harper - The only child of Thea Queen and Roy Harper who fights crime with her cousin as the Ruby Archer wearing colors of red to contrast her parents, and is very protective over her family especially her cousin Jaelyn. She has short brown hair like her mother with blue eyes from her father.

Henry Joseph West-Allen - Barry and Iris's son and older twin to Nora. He and his sister both possess their father's speedster powers and often travel to Star City to help out Jaelyn.

Nora Francine West-Allen - Barry and Iris's daughter and younger twin to Henry. She and her brother both possess their father's speedster powers and often travel to Star City to help out Jaelyn.

My name is Jaelyn Queen and since I was young, all I've ever wanted was the chance to follow in my father's footsteps to defend Star City from unwanted intruders and criminals. Although my parents don't want me fighting crime, that doesn't stop me, my cousin, or my brothers from going against our family's judgment. However when my mother is mysteriously taken by an unknown assailant, I know that I can't back down. I have to do whatever it takes, not only save my mother, but to protect my father's legacy. I am The Emerald Canary.

Chapter 1


It was late at night when the sound of sirens wailing caused me to wake up in alert. I sat up in bed my heart pounding in my chest as I pulled back the sheets of my bed and my feet touched the cold marble tiled floor of the mansion. I made my way toward the door of the room and quietly opened it peering out into the hallway.

All was quiet or so I assumed it was as I had heard no noise coming from both my brother's rooms or my parent's room either. The sounds seemed to grow increasingly louder and my heart started to pound faster inside my chest. Had something happened to my father? my mother?

My feet became as cold as ice as I walked along the marble tiled floor of the hallway trying to figure out what was going on. Flashes of red and blue light suddenly blinded me for a split second coming of the glare of a nearby window from the outside and my heart started to sink low into my chest.

Moving my pace quicker now, I made a brisk walk into the room to my left which was my grandfather's old study room which soon became my father's after he was re-elected as the mayor. The moment I peered inside, the moment I realized something wasn't right. The entire room compared the rest of the rooms in the house was in complete disarray. The table had been thrown over, piles of paperwork had been strewn all over as though a tornado had swooped in, and computer monitors had been tossed to the floor cracked and sparking. What the heck had happened here?

Glancing down at the floor around me among the chaos and confusion of the room, my eyes fell onto a nearby picture. One of our entire family including my oldest brother William, but the moment I picked up the picture to examine it for some sort of a clue, the moment I noticed a large crack over my mother who was standing next to me with her hand on my shoulder.

She was wearing a bright navy blue dress that day when this picture was taken, which had been around Thanksgiving. Her hair was pulled back as always into a sleek ponytail and her blue eyes from behind her black rectangular glasses were full of happiness. It was one of the many times our entire family had all been together like that especially since William now currently lived in Hub City which made seeing him on a regular basis slightly difficult.

My eyes then took notice of my two brothers Tommy and Robbie, who were so alike it was almost nearly impossible to tell them apart if it wasn't for Tommy's glasses which were the same as our mother's. the sound of someone knocking nearby made me jump as the sudden sound alerted me followed by the sound of Quinten Lance from downstairs calling out, "Hello? anybody home? Oliver? Felicity?"

Carrying the picture to my chest, I made a break for it and raced down the stairs to find my father's old friend standing in our doorway accompanied by two other SCPD Officers.

"Hey Jaelyn," Quinten said turning toward me as he walked over toward me. "Do you know where your dad or your mom is?" I shook my head at the question just as the sight of my brothers alerted me. They both looked tired and drained upon setting their sights on Captain Lance.

"What's going on?" Robert asked with a yawn.

"What can we do for you Quinten?" Tommy asked as he walked over behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder protectively.

"We got a call that something happened to your parents." Quinten said nodding over to the two other officers and giving them a silent nod to check through the house. "Have any of you seen either your mother or your father at all tonight?"

"We saw them at dinner." Tommy said. "Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Everything was fine."

"They didn't argue with each other?" Quinten asked.

"No everything was fine." Robert said as he folded his arms across his chest. "Why are you asking? Are you implying something?"

I glared toward Robert's direction and gave him a soft nudge in the side. "Be nice Robbie." I said softly. "Quinten is just doing his job."

That was the other thing that made it easy to tell my brother's apart. Robert's personality was exactly like dad's - calm, grounded, and level-headed. Although, like dad there were times Robbie could have his moments of being impulsive which made him slightly difficult to be around sometimes since he always finds out the hard way when he's wrong.

Tommy on the other hand was exactly like mom - intelligent, ambitious, hard-working, and tech-savvy. He is highly confident in his computer skills. Though he doesn't go looking for trouble, he is also not one to back away from danger, particularly when there is a mystery waiting to be solved, and right now this was one mystery that we all needed to figure out before things grew anymore complicated.

"Are you sure everything was alright tonight?" Quinten asked pressing on for more, which all three of us shook our heads, but that's when I remembered I was still cutching onto the cracked picture and held it out for Quinten to see.

"Where did you get that from Jae?" Robert asked looking over my shoulder at the cracked family photo.

"I found it in dad's study." I said softly. "It was a mess in there and it looked like a tornado had been through there."

A shiver of fear ran through my spine and I didn't want to assume the worse, but the thoughts had already entered my brain before I could stop them. Quinten took the photo from me and examined it closer. "This would make things much more clearer." He said softly.

The sight of the two officers approaching him made Quinten look at them from the photo. "Find anything?" He asked as one officer with disheveled blonde hair shook his head. "There was one room an office I believe that appears to be where the cause of the incident might have occurred." He replied as Quinten nodded. "Any sign of Oliver or Felicity Queen?" He asked as the two officers both shook their heads in response.

"Dad didn't do anything to mom." Robert blurted out his voice shifting slightly to anger.

"There's got to be some kind of rational explanation for what's going on." Tommy said in agreement.

"I understand." Quinten said softly. "I know your father a lot more then you think."

"Then why are you treating him like he's some kind of criminal?" Robert asked accusingly. I gave my brother another soft nudge in the side and my emerald green eyes flashed brightly. "Calm down Robbie." I said keeping my voice low.

"We'll figure this out."

Robert looked at me and I could tell that by the sight of my eyes that he knew I was serious, and instantly grew quiet.

This was unnerving and the more I tried not to think about it, the more the thoughts found their way through my head. Had someone from dad's past suddenly resurfaced and was out for revenge? If that was the case who would it have been? I closed my eyes and tried to picture all the faces of dad's enemies he had fought against. There were so many it was hard to keep all of them from getting jumbled around inside my brain.

All the people on the list grandpa had left dad which were all dead, then there was Malcolm Merlyn, Count Vertigo, Sebastian Blood, Ra's Al Ghul, along with the League of Assassins, Damien Darhk, along with the mysterious terrorist organization H.I.V.E. Adrian Chance Also known as Prometheus, and then there was Ricardo Diaz. So many enemies with so many opportunities, so many chances to strike. Which one was it?

Quinten motioned for me and my brother's to follow them as he waved off the other two officers telling them to go home and that he had everything covered from here on out. Once we were alone with him, Quinten explained that he knew about dad's identity as the Green Arrow. "Like I said I know a lot more about your dad then you think." He said. "Now let's figure this situation out together."

TOO BE CONTINUED...Hope you enjoyed the first part of my new story. I've been wanting to write this story forever, but wasn't sure if anyone would enjoy it or not. If you are interested in finding out more, then please let me know and I will try to update as frequently as I can.