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Italics - unlined = Oliver's Flashbacks

bold italics = Oliver Hallucinating

OC CHARACTERS - The Next Generation

Thomas John Queen "Tommy or TJ" - Jaelyn's older brother/older identical twin brother of Robbie. He is fifteen years old, with spiky light brown hair like his father and brother Robbie with blue eyes, the only difference that separates the twins is that Tommy wears glasses like his mother. He also helps out his brother and sister by keeping an eye on them from the arrowcave despite the fact that their parents don't want them getting involved in fighting crime.

Robert Jonas Queen "Robbie or RJ" - Jaelyn's older brother/younger fraternal twin brother of Tommy. He is fifteen years old, with spiky light brown hair like his father with blue eyes. He and his twin brother are both the spitting image of Oliver, and the younger twin to TJ, He also continues fighting crime like his father as the Silver Arrow, while his little sister Jaelyn takes up the mantle of the Emerald Canary.

Jaelyn Aliyah Queen "Jae" or "Jae-Bird" - Youngest and only daughter of Felicity and Oliver. She has long light brown hair with blonde streaks but unlike both her brothers she has emerald green eyes. She is twelve years old and is headstrong just like both her parents. She continues her father's legacy with Laurel's signature black canary costume only instead of black it's green. She goes by the Emerald Canary, while her brother Robbie fights as the Silver Arrow. She can also use her father's ability of light, just like both her brothers.

Moira Lian Harper - The only child of Thea Queen and Roy Harper who fights crime with her cousin as the Ruby Archer wearing colors of red to contrast her parents, and is very protective over her family especially her cousin Jaelyn. She has short brown hair like her mother with blue eyes from her father.

Henry Joseph West-Allen - Barry and Iris's son and older twin to Nora. He and his sister both possess their father's speedster powers and often travel to Star City to help out Jaelyn.

Nora Francine West-Allen - Barry and Iris's daugher and younger twin to Henry. She and her brother both possess their father's speedster powers and often travel to Star City to help out Jaelyn.

My name is Jaelyn Queen and since I was young, all I've ever wanted was the chance to follow in my father's footsteps to defend Star City from unwanted intruders and criminals. Although my parents don't want me fighting crime, that doesn't stop me, my cousin, or my brothers from going against our family's judgement. However when my mother is mysteriously taken by an unknown assailant, I know that I can't back down. I have to do whatever it takes, not only save my mother, but to protect my father's legacy. I am The Emerald Canary.

Previously on The Emerald Canary - "Can you get a lead on where mom is located?" Robbie asked as Tommy nodded and began typing almost immediatly.

"She's in the Warehouse district." He said finally as I looked over and saw Robbie walk over to a nearby dark green crate and open it. "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" Lance asked looking at Robbie as we all watched him pull out a suit that was nearly identical to dad's but was pure silver with accents of grey etched into it. I could tell he was serious, but of course Lance didn't look pleased.

"You can't possibly be serious?!" He cried out startled and shocked. "You can't go out there, you're not trained like your father."

I gnored Lance and walked over to the trunk beside my brother and pulled out my own suit which was a dark green leather suit, a perfect modified version of the one worn by my mom and dad's friend Laurel, displaying a rougher and more street-look, with accents of lighter shades of green running through it.

The suit included; a jacket that is zipped up to my neck with long sleeves, covering my entire arms, a turtleneck bodysuit that is made of lace and fishnet material underneath the jacket, leather pants, a garter-like belt and leg holsters, thigh high boots, as well as, fingerless gloves, also made of fishnet material. with a green hood attached to it to finish it all up.

Robbie and I both then put on our masks and set out, completly ignoring Lance who just started us dumbfounded. "I can't believe you're letting them do this," I herad him say to Tommy as we headed out. "Do your parents know about this?"

I heard Tommy shrug his shoulders as he replied, "No, well not yet anyway."

"Who are you?" I asked, my voice immediatly disquised by the voice modulator to hide my identity.

The person standing before me was about my hieght but was dresed in a black assassin like outfit. "I am the Onyx Dragon." The intruder said his voice deep which meant that whoever he was was using a voice modulator as well, but was he a n enemy or perhaps a fellow ally? My gut instinct was telling me completely the later, which was enemy.

"Get the hell away from her you asshole!" The sound fo Robbie's voice sent a shiver of relief running down my spine as he ran over and helped me to my feet. "You okay?" He asked immediatly checking me over for any signs of injuries. I shook my head. "My chest hurts a little but other then that I'm okay." I said coughing as I continued to gasp for breath.

I looked around for a sign of the intruder but he was suddenly nowhere to be found. "Hey are you guys okay?" Came Tommy's voice from within our suits. "I lost communication with you guys. Everything okay? Did you find mom?"

"It was a trap." Robbie said aloud. "Jaelyn almost got killed by some guy in a black assassins outfit. Mom was never here Tommy, it was nothing but a damn set up."

"Just becasue mom wasn't there doesn't mean we still can't find her right?"

"It's not about that Jae." Tommy said softly in a voice that told me he was hiding something.

"What do you mean?" I asked raising an eybrow of suspicion.

"We can't tell her this." I heard Robbie whispering to Tommy, who replied, "She needs to know about it Rob."

Robbie shook his head. "Dude, "I'm not even sure I believe this is true. There's just no way it can be."

I started growing impatient and finally burted out, "Hey can you guys cut out the twin chatter between you and just freaking tell me what is so important?"

Again there was silence before I saw Tommy draw in a deep breath and said, "I figured out who the guy was that attacked you." His voice was soft and grim with a hint of nervousness laced in it at the same time which made me again raise my eyebrow in suspicion.

"On the night you were born, apparently mom had another baby who was born before you were." Tommy said softly and my heart sank low in my chest. I instantly became numb from the shock as I shook my head.

"No." I said softly.

"The baby was born desceased, but according to what I found out is that his name was Jayden Allen Queen you're twin brother."


Chapter 3

{STAR CITY - YEAR 2033} - {Location -Bunker}

I found myself instantly frozen by the news and could hardly find it within me to believe it. There was no way any of this could possibly be true. I would know if I was born a twin mom and dad would've told me. They would've told all of us wouldn't they? Why would they hide this kind of information from us? I began to grow numb as I now thought back to the strange silver bow necklace that had been around the assassion who had attacked me, and reached up to touch my arrowhead necklace.

"Jae? are you okay?" The soft voice of my brother Robert drew me out my daze as I shook my head to clear away everything I had been thinking about. I had to focus on the task at hand which was about finding mom and dad.

"I told you we shouldn't have told her." I overheard Robert saying softly to Tommy.

"She was going to find out anyway bro." Tommy said back

"Besides she's our sister, it would be wrong of us to keep this from her."

"Technically mom and dad kept it from her," Robert pointed out. "They kept this news from all of us."

"Maybe they had a good reason to," Tommy said logically. "I mean they thought our brother was dead when he was born, so maybe they have no idea he's alive."

"Enough!" I finally yelled out my voice rising in frustration. I didn't want to hear anymore. The whole thing was driving me crazy, and now wasn't the time to be thinking about that. We had to find mom and dad first, the issue with the assassin could be dealt with later.

"Calm down everyone." Lance said softly which surprised me that he was still there as he gave Robert and I a look that reminded us of our father.

"How long have you been doing this anyway?" He asked us changing the subject which slowly started to melt away the growing tension in the room.

"Doing what?" Robert asked. "Fighing crime? technically since last year."

Quinten glanced at all three of us suspiciously and for a long while all there was was nothing but dead silence, until Robert spoke up and said, "What does it mater with how long we've been doing this for? Both your daughters were crime fighters weren't they?"

I nuged Robert hard in the ribs causing him to gasp in pain, which was followed a second later by Tommy due to their telepathic connection they shared. "You know that bringing up Laurel is a touchy subject for Quinten." I said in a harsh but yet firm whisper. "Be more sensitive Robbie!"

There was nothing but silence now and no one spoke a single word as I looked at Quinten and could see the look of pain in his eyes as he tried to hide it by turning away from us. "It's okay." I said softly grabbing onto his arm as he moved away from us.

I went to comfort him but was then stopped by a frantic beeping sound that made me jump.

"What is that?" I asked looking over at my brothers who both exchanged nervious glances with each other before Tommy noticed something on the nearby computer moniter flickering and beeping.

"Looks like our little brother has struck again." Robbie noted as I gave him an icy stare of anger. "Don't call him that." I said firmly. "Our brother is dead, that guy is the enemy and he's propably the one behind what happened to mom."

As soon as the words turmbled out of my mouth I immediatly thought of dad. Something was off about the way this guy was moving. His moves and the way the arrows were flying through the air hitting their mark was as fluid and swift as dad. It was as if this guy we were looking at was a completly different person, but I knew it wasnt. I knew it was the same black clothed figure that had attacked me. He was hiding in the shadows stalking innocent people and attacking them with arrows, and all I could do was shake my head in disgust.

Just then there was the sound of movement coming from above us. all of us grew quiet with the antcipation of fear. Something was telling me that this was somehow going from bad to worse. "I'll go check it out." Robbie said his voice coming out in a harsh whisper. "What if it's the jerk that attacked me again?" I asked grabbing ahold of my brother's arm. "If it is I'm going with you."

"Not without an escourt your not. Both of you follow me." Lance said his blue eyes flashing as he reached over to his belt and drew his gun from his holster and with that the three of us headed up the stairs where the sounds of footsteps only grew more louder.

I heard the sound of Lance cocking his gun ready to fire off in nessiscary and my heart began to drop inside my chest with worry.

The sound grew more intense as I could hear the sounds of what sounded like rumaging coming from inside my father's study room, which meant more then likely it was the same jerk who had attacked me or it could be just a thug trying to get in his ffiteen minutes of fame time in. Whoever it was they were gonna wish they hadn't met the Queen family.

The sounds of breathing came from the door leading into dad's study room as we could catch a glimpse of a hooded figure inside the blackness. My heart dropped again inside my chest as I watched Lance pull out his flashlight with his other hand to aim it on the intruder. "SCPD put your hands on your head right now!" He demanded in his usual authoritive voice, which to my surprise the intruder turned around and pulled down his hood. "Jae-bird?"

Instantly I reconised the voice that had called me by my childhood nickname. It was the only thing that my parents, my brothers, and of course other close family members knew me by, so it very much surprised me when I caught the sight of my oldest brother brother William standing before us. "Easy there Quinten." I said softly. "It's okay, he's not an enemy, he's our brother."

Lance lowered his gun and William reached over to turn on a nerby lamp which flickered to life then started flickering again as the light started to go out again. "What are you doing here?" Robbie said as both he and I ran over to hug our brother. "I heard you guys were in trouble so I came to help." William said softly. "Where's mom and dad?"

"Mom's gotten captured by some of unknown thug that we assume is or has a connection to dad, and we haven't been able to locate dad at all either." Robbie said giving our eldest brother the quick run-down of what had already happened.

"Have you heard from Aunt Thea and Uncle Roy?" I asked eargerly hoping that the rest of our small family had somehow made it to help us search for the truth.

William opened his mouth to answer but insted the sound of quick footsteps alearted us as we all turned to see a breathless sight of Tommy rushing in the doorway.

"Tommy? What's wrong?" I asked sesing the look of fear in my brother's blue eyes from behind his glasses.

"I found dad." Tommy's voice was nearly out of breath and I feared that he was going to collapse at any given moment from exaustion.

"Dad's been put in jail for murder."

TOO BE CONTINUED...Please be patient with me as this story is still a work in progress and I am doing the best I can to keep up with both OC characters as well as existing characters while trying to maintain an adiquite storyline. I will try to have more as the current season progresses but I'm not sure how to plan things out fully yet since this is supposed to be set in the future so I'm not entirely sure if I want to have Oliver be put in jail for the crimes he committed as the Green Arrow or not. I'm thinking about it but still not sure. What do you guys think? let me know what your thoughts are on this and how I could try and make this story stand out from the rest.