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It was a rainy night.

The soft noise of the rain, pattering against the windows of the tower could be heard. The lightning and thunder could be heard echoing through the corridors. All the souls in the Titans tower were sound asleep.


The blaring of the sirens could be heard throughout the tower, waking everyone from there sound sleep. Mumbling could be heard as the residents of the tower came to the living room to see what had taken their sweet sleep. A face had suddenly appeared on their screen showing a man who looked very strained.

"Titans, I'm sorry this had to be at such a time, but there is an emergency that we are facing." said a grave voice coming from the man. "Yes officer, even though it's a bad time we understand that sleep can wait. State the emergency." said Robin, the leader of this team, the team known as the Teen Titans.

"Sir, our emergency is not from the city. Or other neighbouring cities. In fact, it's not from this country as well. We received a signal from a village in a forest of Africa a couple of days ago. The organisation sent some of the force to locate and find out what was wrong over there. It's been a two weeks since they were sent but today we received a call saying that all of our men were killed save two, who managed to escape."

"How did the signal reach us, from Africa? And what is it that they managed to escape from?" asked Cyborg.

"Well, apparently the signal was trying to reach any possible city it could reach and our radar managed to catch it. As for the thing it were trying to escape from, well we're not quite certain what it was."

"What do you mean by you don't know what it is?" asked Starfire.

"We have very little information on what this creature is from our sources, but most of them say that it is very agile, swift and difficult to track."

"Okay, we will start our journey tomorrow. Just place a call for me tomorrow at 6 am with the locals of the place. I just need to make a few adjustments before we leave. We will figure out our plan on our journey to Africa. Is there anything else, officer?" enquired Robin.


"So then we'll meet tomorrow, officer. Good night."

As the screen turned blank, the rest of the team wandered off to their beds to gather enough strength to face whatever this creature was. As we speak of the team, this team consists of four members. Robin, the leader, who was skilled in acrobats and martial arts. Starfire, an alien princess, who could shoot firebolts from her eyes and hands. Cyborg, a bionic metahuman, who had cybernetic powers. And Raven, a half-demon sorceress, who had the powers of empathy and dark magic.

It had only been 2 years since the Titans were formed. They had had some of their major battles as well as minor ones too. Apart from their superhero lives, they had the least to do with their personal lives. Everyone knew about some sparks lighting up between Robin and Starfire. That left Raven and Cyborg, and Cyborg already had his baby, the T-car to worry about. And everyone knew that there was no way Raven would even care about all this. And it was true, she didn't really care about boys or anything. All she wants is some books, some quietness and peace. She didn't really bother anyone, it was like most of the time she was invisible. That was just how she was and there was nothing anyone could do.

The next morning

To be continued...

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