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A soft voice, as soft as smooth waves on a moonlit night sang to her, lulling her to sleep. Oh that voice. It was so full of love. It made her happy. Naturally she moved her hand a little. She could feel his hand still holding hers tightly. She could feel all this while still asleep. She smiled in her sleep for the first time, because today was all dreams and no nightmare.

She woke up later that day, stretched and felt relieved in a long time. She awoke to a room of luxury. Her bed was cushiony and felt like clouds. On the mantle above the fireplace were exquisite pieces of art. She was wearing a silk nightgown and had faux fur slippers placed near her bed. On the bedside table lay an assortment of fruit and vegetable juices, starting from orange to tomato to kiwi and everything. It was all so luxurious making her believe it had to be an illusion. Walking over to the bathroom she was taken aback. It was nearly as large as her room at the tower. It had everything anyone could want. A bathtub of royal standards which also doubled as a jacuzzi. It really felt like a dream.

She quickly freshened up, hoping that a long and cold shower would somehow throw her out of this fantasy world.

She was proven wrong because even after that shower, she was left in the mysterious place of beauty. Coming out of her bathroom she saw her costume laid on the bed neatly. Quickly putting it on, she combed out her hair with her hands. The mirrors on her dressing table were beautiful, such that she could see all angles of herself. There were ornaments and hair accessories on the table for her use, even though it was obvious she would never use them. Varieties of perfumes were stacked on a nearby shelf all with labels of their respective notes.

All this grandeur had left her very confused. Where was she?

Just then, as if bringing all her answers to her, a voice behind her said, "Oh good, you're awake."

She quickly spinned on her heels and assumed a fighting stance to battle whoever was behind her. She assumed it might be her captor and was ready to give him hell. There was little light in her room as she hadn't pulled her curtains yet. It was enough to give an early morning daze but not enough to see her apparent capturer.

She summoned her powers and tried feeling the rush of energy coarse through her body as she focused it on her hands and concentrated. But something was wrong. As soon as she concentrated, she found her mind in a terrible headache, so much that she clutched her head in pain and felt herself weaken. Her centre had been moved and her body was in a state of disarray. Feeling herself move in and out of consciousness, she fell back and found someone holding her.

"Oh my god, wait, wait. You're still not in complete recovery, why did you even try that? I guess I shouldn't have come in so abruptly. Just stay awake for a minute, i'll get someone here."

She felt herself being laid on the bed as the voice went away. The pain in her head was immense, so much that she wanted to kill herself and like venom she could feel it spread to her body. What was happening to her? She felt the tears forming in her eyes and she forced herself to control her emotions. It was difficult and she couldn't do it for much longer. She eventually reached a state where she could feel herself go numb with pain. And because she could feel almost nothing she was unable to understand her control over herself. Terrified of what might happen, she closed her eyes tightly bracing for the impact her emotions might have on her surroundings.

A second passed, and nothing happened. She expected the windows to shatter but nothing happened. She could feel screams slowly erupting from her and she no longer wanted to keep it in.

Thankfully, before she could try hitting her head on the headboard, her captor came back. He quickly gave her a glass of water mixed with some pain killer, which she drank greedily. Two more people rushed in the room and they were setting something up.

"Quickly please. She's in a lot of pain. We need to stabilise her right now.", said her captor, as he smoothed out her hair. He held her hand tightly and kept massaging it with his thumb. There was a sharp prick of a needle as she felt them giving her anaesthesia. They injected something else as well and slowly she could feel the drugs kicking in. She was getting drowsy and felt calm and better now. Before she could doze off again, she saw his face for the last time as he smiled and said, "You're gonna be okay."

Present day

She woke to the late afternoon sun cruising in through the shabby windows of the tree house. The stitches on her body were slowly healing and didn't hurt so much as before. She thought of trying to heal herself again but remembered the morning incidents. She thought of the man who had saved her from the wolves. The rain, the howls, the scratches, the blood and the silhouette of the man who made them bow before him. It was so strange. It felt like he commanded them and they followed his orders. Like he could speak to them from just a gesture.

She thought of his green eyes, the way looking at them made her relax. There was so much she needed to know about him.

She took the coconut shell from her bedside and found it filled with water. So he did come back, she thought to herself as she quietly drank the liquid and felt it cool her insides. She didn't want to try anything sudden as the morning had been a good lesson for her, so she decided to look out the window from her bed. Creeping towards it, she looked out and felt the breeze hit her face and play around with her hair. It was refreshing and made her happy.

Living by the ocean she could always feel these cool breezes but something about this one was different. It felt like this breeze had travelled through the land, touching every flower and soul, making friends with the trees and animals. There was something so beautiful in it. Maybe it was just the woozy feeling in her head or the bliss of sleeping so soundly in such a long time, but she truly felt happy today and wanted to live. She felt herself smile as she kept looking out the window and admired the place.


Robin paced back and forth across the tent. Even though the storm had ended around him he was still in a state of turmoil. His forehead had wrinkles on them and indicated he was stressful beyond reason. It was late afternoon and despite the search party going out there was still no sign of Raven. He hated that he was asked to stay at the campsite. Why him? He was the leader! They were supposed to listen to him. And he would probably find Raven before them. A horde of questions plagued his mind. It was all so wrong. This trip was leading nowhere for them.

"Robin?", a voice called out to him and broke him out of his trance. Looking up he found Starfire staring at him with rounded eyes full of fear.

"Did you find Raven? How is she? I should've gone with you guys. It would've been quicker that way. Tell me where she is now"

"We looked everywhere. Friend Raven is not to be found. I fear we may have lost her.", she said tentatively, as she broke into sobs.

"What? What do you mean you can't find her? There must be someplace we're not checking.", he said looking at her as if she was delirious. "That's it. I'm going out to look for her."

Robin moved out of the tent pushing Starfire aside as he went out. He couldn't believe what Star was telling him. This was impossible. This is Raven. She doesn't just get lost or taken away. Her powers are too strong for petty things as such. It irritated him that no one understood this. Her strength was admirable and Robin didn't need to see it to understand that she was dangerous. He knew the only reason she wasn't showing her full capabilities is because she feared losing control and so she kept her demonic heritage suppressed. It would be unfathomable to try and understand the extent of the casualties that could be caused should she ever let loose and give up control. It seemed to him that he was the only person who understood this.

"Hey, where're you doing?". He felt cold metal on his skin stop him as he started advancing towards the forest. He was tired of being stopped like he was reckless. He cared for his teammates and he couldn't bear losing them. Was it wrong to want to look for her on his own?

"It's none of your business but i'm going to look for Raven myself", he replied without looking back.

"Hey man, i know this is hard for you and it's the same for Star and I too but we really did look everywhere. We had Bushiri with us and I'm telling you, she's nowhere to be found. I'm sorry man but all we can do now is wait for her to return on her own. I'm worried too you know but maybe this is what Raven wants. She obviously isn't abducted. Just don't worry, we'll find her. If you want, we'll go on another search in an hour. She's safe, jus-"

"Oh really, Cyborg? You'll find her? Is it? Why is it that you have not found her till now? And you haven't even seen her and you're willing to guarantee her safety, huh? To you it's just ordinary that she's gone? This is Raven we're talking about. You know her well enough to know there's always an explanation. She doesn't do things impulsively. Why doesn't everyone see that something's inevitably wrong? She got attacked the day before and she couldn't even save herself! I cannot just stand here and do nothing. I'm going after her and I'll return with her. You guys can sit and relax all you like."

With that said he turned towards his mission again with spite in his mind against his teammates.

"I would advise against it. This forest is not as it seems. There are dangers lurking all the way and we cannot compromise another Titan. Your team has been very gracious in accepting our offer and coming here to investigate and help us out but we cannot return your favor by putting your lives in danger. We must return to the village by evening. The chief is expecting us.", said Bushiri, advancing towards the trio.

"But what about friend Raven? We cannot leave her here.", said Starfire worriedly.

"I realise that, but be as it may, i still cannot allow you to stay here. If i do so i will have dishonored our agreement. I'm sorry Titans but we must return to the village.", said Bushiri. He then began walking over to the tents, to pack things up.

"This is simply not acceptable, we cannot leave friend Raven here. We must stay. She might even come back and she will not be happy to find us gone. We must stay, friend Robin and Cyborg. Please." Even though the Titans wanted to return to safety, they could not do so. Not until they found Raven. Their sunken faces revealed their unhappiness and worry. Where could she have gone?

Around them, the wind began to pick up speed and the colors of the sky were transitioning into beautiful shades. As the Titans stayed there discussing what they could do, they failed to notice someone looking at them from afar. It was difficult to judge this person from their appearance but one could not mistake the malicious intent that was clear in his eyes. It was only time before the Titans realised who they were actually facing.

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