Two days later

Tonks, Sarah and I have made much more progress than if it was just me working and now it's Monday and I'm sitting at my table reading the book I'm researching when Dumbledore walks up to the announcement pedestal. "Excuse me everyone. I have a couple surprise announcements. Earlier this weekend I was approached by two Asgardians with a request." I immediately look up and grin. "Prince Loki Odinson of Asgard has requested that he be appointed as the new History of Magic professor and as neither I nor the school board saw a reason to deny that request I allowed it. He will officially start next year but came this year to build his curriculum and grow accustom to Midguardian culture."

Instantly Loki fall down from the rafters, which are above the illusion of the sky, doing a back flip on the way down to avoid the candles floating around the hall, and lands on the head table before striking a pose and doing jazz hands. I face palm and say sarcastically, "Of course, Loki has to be the center of attention."

"And Lady Sif of the warriors three has requested the chance to attend Hogwarts as a first year, she has taken a de-aging potion and requested that you treat her as you would treat any other student of Hogwarts. Lady Sif, if you would come in now." The doors to the great hall open, revealing an eleven-year-old with long brown hair, blue eyes, and well-toned muscles wearing black robes. I begin bouncing excitedly. She walks up and sits on the stool, the sorting hat gets placed on her head and they have a conversation.

After a minute the hat laughs and calls out "Slytherin."

She looks around and I stand and rush up to her as she stands. I tackle-hug her. "Siffy!" she grins at me and wraps her arms around me. I pull back and grab her wrist. "Come on! You can sit with me and my friends!" She lets me drag her over to my group and we sit. "This is Wanda Maximoff, her twin Pedro, Amanda Greengrass, her little sister Daphne, Andromeda Malfoy, and Tessa Zabini." I say excitedly. "I'll introduce you to the members of my family and rest of my friends later."

"I can't wait." she says, putting her arm over my shoulders as I serve her foods that I think she'll enjoy. "Will you show me to my classes?"

"Yep. I have the same schedule as you." after breakfast I take Sif's hand and drag her from the great hall. I show her through the day and after dinner we both get called to the headmaster's office. I quickly go and grab my inheritance test before leading Sif to the office. We walk in, still holding hands and look at Dumbledore. "You needed to see us, headmaster?"

"Yes. It seems that a complaint has been launched against your behavior today."

"May I ask what behavior you're referring to sir?"

"To put it simply, you have been acting very excited today and it got to the point where you disturbed some of your classmates."

"Which ones?"

"Young Mr. Weasley and a few of his friends found your behavior very disturbing."

"Then I assure you tomorrow at breakfast I shall clear up any issues that they have and fully explain why I am excited about Sif being here. Please make sure that Professor Flitwick is near when I do as he knows goblin laws, culture, and about inheritance tests." I say calmly. "Will that be all?"

"No." the sorting hat says and I look over at him.

"You have something to add Hat?" Dumbledore asks.

"Yes. I wanted to inform these two that one of the dormitories made for soul mates will be ready for them on September first next year and would like to apologize for it taking so long. It has been centuries since they were used."

"I'm sure that's not necessary." Dumbledore says. "They are only eleven; it is too soon to tell if they are soul mates."

"A goblin inheritance test taken at Gringotts cannot be falsified or changed in any way, correct?" I casually pull out my test.

"Yes, Miss. Shadowsong, that is correct."

"And they tend to reveal to the person taking the test that person's soul mate, correct?"

"Yes. That is correct."

"And for anyone to view anything on said test the owner must give specific permission otherwise the page appears blank, correct?"

"Yes. May I ask why this is relevant to this current conversation?"

I unroll the scroll and set it in front of him, keeping one hand on it so I can pull it away when I want to. "Then I give you, Albus Dumbledore, to see the name of my soul mate, only once." he looks and his eyes go wide. Then I pull the scroll away from him, roll it up, and put it back in my bag. "So as you can see, I do know who my soul mate is. Thank you for telling me, Gregory. May I ask which room is my soul mate has been assigned to?"


"Thank you. Will that be all headmaster?"

"Yes. That is all."

"Very well, my soul mate and I shall retire to our room for the night then. Have a pleasant night Gregory, headmaster." I take Sif's hand and drag her from the room, scowling. "That stupid red-headed weasel is starting to get on my nerves. Who does he think he is? Complaining about how I've been acting today when just two days ago he was leading a group of students to beat me up. When I decide to reveal my big title I'm going to enjoy his screams of pain for several days."

Sif pulls me into a hug. "It will be ok, Leah."

I breathe in, letting her scent wash over me. "I'm really happy that you two are here. I can't wait until next year." I pull back and we continue walking. "I've experienced being taught history by him before, he enjoys making his student reenact what their learning about. It entertains him."

I lead her to the dorm and teach her the password. When we get in the head boy and head girl walk up to us. "We heard that a complaint was launched against you." the boy says. "You realize that that will draw unnecessary attention to Slytherin house."

"Don't worry; I've already agreed to explain the entire situation tomorrow at breakfast. The complaint was launched because apparently Weasel finds it distracting when I am happy. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get Sif settled in our room." I lead her to our room and see Wanda and Daphne waiting for us. "Hey guys. Sif is our new roommate."

"There's only three beds." Daphne points out as a fourth bed appears beside my bed, close enough for us to crawl into each others beds without disturbing the others. She looks over at it. "Oh, ok then."

"The new bed is for you. I've got to go get something from my trunk." She nods and sits on her bed before I climb into my potions lab. I bottle the potion I brewed earlier, taking one up to the room with me, and climbing into beds. I sit cross-legged on my bed and take a breath. "Oh, Sif, before I forget." She looks at me. "I should tell you that my dream walker friend was really just me. I gained that ability in this life. I've been alternating between drifting in the dream realm and looking through the paths of the future. I've also cursed my murderer with reoccurring nightmares that even dreamless sleep potion can't keep at bay."

"Hey, Shade?" I look over at Wanda. "What's that potion you've got there?"

"This is the least addicting Vision Strengthening Potion. The decision between brotherhood and x-men vision has been irritating me so I'm going to take this and see about finding out what age I am when I reach a decision. I'm going to go into a seers trance now. Sif, you still know what to do if things start getting out of hand right?"

"Get Loki?"

"I mean, or you could kiss me, but yeah, getting Loki works too." I shrug before quickly drinking the potion. I make a disgusted face at the vial. "No wonder this stuff isn't addictive. It tastes like burning tires covered in mold."

I toss the vial on the bed next to me and close my eyes. Instantly a vision forms around me. It's choppy like a badly edited movie, but I can still see what's going on, sort of at least. I see me, still eleven, along with Bobby, Rayne, and Tabitha, fighting a bunch of people I recognize as solders from the lab. I watch as I get shot in the wing and let out a scream of pain. The brotherhood arrive and help fight. I see Bobby about to go over the ledge and I catch his arm. I see me pull him up before turning and getting hit so that I'm dangling from the edge of the bridge. I see the brotherhood arrive and hear Bobby call out something and…I jolt out of my trance.

I'm lying on my bed, covered in sweat. I look around and see Loki talking to the other three. I nod, then sit up and get out of bed. I see that it's about four in the morning so I walk over to the group and wrap my arm around Sif's shoulder. She hugs me and I smile. "You're awake!"

"It's only been six hours. I've had longer trances than that."

"Not the point." Wanda says and I look at her. "What did you find out?"

"I can't tell you yet." I say. "Wait, can I? No, it's too close to coming true. Or maybe it's because it's so close that I need to tell you? I can't tell." A strange feeling, like pounding in the back of my mind, comes over me and I look at Loki. "I'm about to see something important. Catch me please."

The vision starts and I see six things; a ring, a locket, a diadem, a cup, a diary, and my brother, Aeolus. I snap out of it and walk over to my bed, pulling out my sketchbook and drawing pencils. I sketch the items, and random sibling. Then I look at them and tilt my head. Then I go back into a trance and see Dumbledore casting spells and binds on a young boy, telling him that he's going to be the next dark lord so that Dumbledore can defeat him and claim the glory for himself. I snap out of it and the pounding in the back of my head stops. I jump to my feet and begin ranting in every language I can think of about the stupid goat and his manipulations.

After a while Sif walks over and stops me from pacing by hugging me again. "Tell us what's wrong, Leah."

"Not yet I'm plotting." I mutter before looking at the time. "Let's go to breakfast and clear up the complaints launched against us." We go to breakfast and eat. After we're done we go up to the announcement podium, which shrinks for us when we get close. I see that by now Weasel and all his friends are here. "Attention." Everyone quiets down and looks at us. "Yesterday a complaint was launched against me because I was acting excited. I don't know why you people think an eleven-year-old being excited is a bad thing, but I'll be explaining why I was so excited anyways. Professor Flitwick, will you come up here please?" he does and I look around the great hall. "For those of you who do not know Professor Flitwick's father was a goblin. He was raised in the goblin nation. Therefore he knows things about goblin inheritance tests. So, professor, am I correct when I say that a Gringotts inheritance test cannot be faked or falsified in any way?"

"Yes, that's right."

"And the Goblin inheritance tests are known to be indisputable, correct?"


"And these tests reveal things to the person such as the name of the person's soul mate?"

"Yes. That's how several of the greatest know witches and wizards have found their soul mates."

"Thank you." I hand him the test. "Could you confirm that this was taken at Gringotts?"

He looks it over and nods. "That is a Gringotts test."

"Ok, thank you." he hands it back to me and I smile. "Now the point that was leading up to is that Sif is my soul mate, as stated on my test, so the reason I was so excited was because my soul mate is now attending Hogwarts." I look at Weasel and smirk. "Is there anything else you'd like to complain about? Might as well get it off your chest now because I guarantee that I can shoot down almost anything you cal out."

"You attacked me last Saturday." Ron calls out.

"Only after you and all your mutant hating buddies attacked me. Because it was you people who attacked first I was acting out of self defense and not a single one of you can sue me or anything else. However I could potentially sue you people."

"You don't have the guts to sue any of us." he sneers. "Your just a spineless Slitherin."

I blink a few times before chuckling. "You really are stupid aren't you?" I turn to Dianna and smile. "Could you contact your mother and ask her to get in touch with the Black Family lawyer? I'd like to discuss taking my attackers to court."

"I'm sure that's not necessary." Dumbledore interrupts. "There is no need to get in contact with a lawyer. I'm sure that you are exaggerating about the extent of the attack."

I slowly turn to look at him. "Ask any of the teachers that came to help me. They broke both of my wings and three of my ribs! If I didn't know how to fight and if the teachers didn't show up I could have been much more severely injured. Luckily, I do know how to fight and the teachers did show up. Now, if you will excuse me, I don't want to be late for class." I grab Sif's hand and drag her away. We go to our classes and after we finish the day I decide it's time to finally look up my father in the ministry public records. I have Trixie take me and Sif to the records building and we head in. "We're looking for the files on Sirius Black." I say to the worker behind the counter. "We're doing a research report on him for extra credit."

He nods and goes to get the file. When he comes back I thank him and open it. I frown at what I see. "Is there something wrong miss?"

I look at the worker. "Yes sir, I'm rather confused about something."


"Well." I pull a page out of the file. "This is the arrest records of Sirius Black." I show him before tilting my head. "But there aren't any trial hours recorded on it and no records from a trial. Just the sign off for his transfer to Azkaban. Are they in a different file? Because if not the ministry put the heir to a noble and most ancient house in prison without a trial and this needs to be corrected."

"Um, one moment. I need to contact the minister and a few others." he goes into an office and a few minutes comes in with a short man in a green bowler hat, a tall woman with a monocle, and a lady that looks like a toad in pink.

"Hello, I'm Minister Cornelius Fudge, the minister of magic. Accompanying me are Amelia Bones, head of the DMLE, and Deloris Umbridge, my senior undersecretary. We understand that you found some distressing information?"

"Yes sir." I say politely. "It's an honor to meet you. My name is Shadowsong. This is Lady Sif of Asgard, she's attending Hogwarts with me."

"What's your real name?" Deloris Umbridge asks rudely.

"As far as I am concerned my real name is Shadowsong ma'am." I say easily. "It is my chosen name. If you want to know the name I was given at birth it is Leah Black, ma'am."

"Black?" the minister asks, surprised. "Any relation to Sirius Black?"

"Yes sir, but before we address that I'd like to bring your attention back to what I've found."

"Yes, what is it that you've found?" Amelia Bones asks.

"This is the arrest records of Sirius Black." I say, handing them to her. "The only two pages I found in there are his transfer to Azkaban." I point to the page. "and the records on his arrest, however I couldn't find any trial hours on either page. There aren't any recorded on them and I found no records from a trial. So either a mistake was made when the files were created or the ministry sent the heir to the noble and most ancient house of Black to Azkaban prison without a trial."

They look it over and look at each other. "This isn't good."

"There is a solution sir, and it's one that will make you look good for the upcoming elections, don't they start soon?" he looks at me.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Well, you could give him a trial. Maybe I can make you look good by playing the sympathy card." I say smirking. "To everyone you'll look like the minister that helped right one of the biggest wrongs the ministry has ever done."

"What do you mean you could play the sympathy card?" Umbridge asks.

I put on my most innocent expression. "I was just wondering about why my father wasn't in my life so I went to the ministry records and found out he's in prison. If the minister hadn't helped me my father would still be sitting there without a trial." I drop the act and look at her. "Trust me. The press will eat it up like candy."

"Did you say father?" Amelia asks.

"Yes ma'am. I am the daughter of Sirius Black."

"Does that mean you know Ororo Munroe?"

"Yes ma'am, she's my mother."

"She was my best friend at Hogwarts." she says. "I haven't spoken to her in years though."

"Well, I'm sure she'll be coming for a visit if my father gets a trial. She and I will most likely be there, after all. We don't want to miss my father's questioning."

"Right! A trial. We can arrange one to be held on Saturday. Would that be acceptable?"

"I will contact my mother right away. I'm sure she will be pleased. If you will excuse me a moment?" they nod and I walk a few paces away and pull out my x-men communicator. "Storm."

Ma' answers with a smile. "Hello Leah."

"Hi Ma' I got news about dad."

"What is it? Did you find him?"

"I found his location, yes." I nod. "Unfortunately it's not good news."

"Is he alive?"

"Yes, it's where he's living that worries me. He's in Azkaban."

"Don't you own Azkaban?" she asks.

"Not what I'm angry about. I know I can pull him out of there. What I'm angry about is my father being sent there without a trial." I see her eyes go white and lightning flash outside. "But the minister and I are going to fix that. He's getting a trial. Can you be in England on Saturday to attend it?"

"Of course. I'll fly in on Friday and we'll go together."

"Cool, see you then." I turn to the minister and put the communicator away. "She'll be in on Friday. So Saturday works. Thank you sir."

"I'll alert the Daily Prophet immediately." he says, shaking my hand. "It was an honor meeting you. Will you be available to do an interview some time during the week?"

"I'm free any time after school ends tomorrow so long as it's before curfew. Now, we must return to school. Thank you for your time."

I call Trixie and go back to Hogwarts with Sif, then we head to the dormitories and go to sleep.