AN: This has been requested for quite some time, so here they are: both the originally intended 12 Steps to Omnipotence, and the actual steps taken once things went massively off the rails.

Original Twelve Steps

Step 1: Get the designs to the Iron Man armor during the climax of the first Iron Man movie

Step 2: Make a suit from those designs to then steal Hammer's drones during the climax of the second Iron Man movie

Step 3: In new suit, steal Hulk's blood and inject it

Step 4: During the Chitauri Invasion, steal the staff and the Tesseract

Step 5: Using the Mind Stone, take over AIM, get Extremis

Step 6: During the events of The Dark World, find the hiding place of the Aether first, become its new host (Extremis and Hulk blood should keep me alive)

Step 7: Using the Mind Stone, take over Toomes' operation

Step 8: Repurpose the Chitauri tech and the Tesseract to travel to Morag, take the Power Stone

Step 9: Travel back to Earth, use Mind Stone on Hank Pym, steal his suit and knowledge on Pym Particles

Step 10: Go to New York Sanctum, infiltrate by using Pym Particles and the Reality Stone. Kill Kaecillius and fight the Ancient One, take the Time Stone

Step 11: Destroy Vormir (at the time it was unknown that the Soul Stone could be used by another who hadn't made the sacrifice).

Step 12: Kill Thanos, Ego and anyone that's still a threat at that point so you can relax and do whatever you want

Actual Steps Taken

Step 1: Get the designs to the Iron Man armor during the climax of the first Iron Man movie

Step 2: Make a suit from those designs to then steal Hammer's drones during the climax of the second Iron Man movie

Step 3: In new suit, steal Hulk's blood and inject it

Step 4: Upon realizing the Chitauri Invasion is almost a year away, go for Extremis right away.

Step 5: Because you set part of New York's harbor on fire, escape to Africa

Step 6: You need a way into Wakanda, so track down Klaue (bargaining chip) and then use his base to lure in Erik (distraction).

Step 7: Have Klaue lead you to Wakanda, use Erik's family drama to infiltrate the palace and get to their labs/research/Panther Suit/the Heart-Shaped Herb

Step 8: Ingest the Heart-Shaped Herb

Step 9: Survive the challenges the Panther Goddess Bast gives you in order to not get your soul blown to smithereens

Step 10: Travel back to the US, track down Burstein to give you durability on top of your regeneration to become practically unkillable.

Step 11: Move back to New York in order to establish a base there. In order to pay for it start finding ways to market marvel science, use Hogarth. In order to staff your new base, contact Toomes.

Step 12: Pick up Jessica Jones to start tracking down other individuals for you, sic her on Melvin Potter first

Step 13: After getting your hands on Potter, send Jones after Radcliffe

Step 14: Convince the Hand that you're secretly Hydra, pitting the two against each other.

Step 15: Convince Cross to work with you, thus giving you access to Pym Particles.

Step 16: Cure Peggy so you can sic her on Hydra for the wombo combo, thus keeping every shadowy organization too busy with fighting amongst each other to focus on you

Step 17: Murderize EVERYONE who thought it was a good idea to attack your people (realize you now have people)

Step 18: Get the power of flight by copying Jones' powers

Step 19: Hunt down those responsible for the attack, using the Meachum's to get to Gao and Colleen to get to Bakudo

Step 20: use the intel Bakudo gave you to travel to Miami where Alexandra turned herself into a pseudo-dragon, find Hansen there

Step 21: Save Hansen by killing the Pseudo-dragon, get an Iron Fist knock off out of the whole process

Step 22: Finish building new base Othrys

Step 23: Once new base is finished, continue sending out Jones, get Pangborn

Step 24: Start learning magic, send a kill-or-capture team after David Tennant

Step 25: Convince Peggy and Steve to track down Zola and return his knowledge to me

Step 26: Use super-nazi science and newly learned magic to resurrect Phineas as an AI (do not think on the implications of this at all, whatsoever)

Step 27: Ride flaming T-Rex into battle against alien invaders, look cool as fuck doing so. In the background, have your team of supersoldiers steal both the Scepter and the Tesseract

Step 28: Give yourself psychokinesis by studying the Mind Stone. Give everyone else a massive traumatic migraine by studying the Mind Stone without any fail-safes you dumbfuck.

Step 29: Get Radcliffe started on Inhuman research by studying the Kree city and luring in Skye

Step 30: Get the Asgardian Beserker's Staff and the Asgardian Beserker

Step 31: Finish making cool looking armor (with detachable cape!) powerful enough to contain the power of the Infinity Stones by using all stolen technology and the knowledge of Potter and Asgardian Beserker

Step 32: With armor finished, implant Tesseract in best friend's truck and blast off into Space

Step 33: Inevitably land on Sakaar, start sifting through trash only to stumble across gold in the form of Beta-Ray Bill.

Step 34: Enlist Bill's help in order to steal the Grandmaster's Navigational Charts so you can travel the universe

Step 35: Go to Xandar, steal as much knowledge as you can

Step 36: While there, convince Ogord to set up a meet with Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Peter Quill, hire them on the spot (promise to help Quill kill his dad, follow through off-screen after the fic has already ended, thus robbing readers of a cool chapter/arc/scene)

Step 37: Go to Morag, get the Power Stone

Step 38: Hurry back to Earth, because while you were busy gathering power and allies, the bad guys were doing the same and mistakenly created an agent of Dormammu who then used the Darkholme to cut a deal with Mephisto

Step 39: Halt the Hell Invasion by killing a Dark God (which you will then barely mention because said god was a really obscure one from the comics) and having your best friend collapse part of their dimension

Step 40: Fight and kill the Ghost Rider, who turned out to be Shuri. Realize absolutely everyone but you saw it coming.

Step 41: Ignore the complications of your pregnant girlfriend having taken in the Ghost Rider into herself during said fight with Shuri, instead demand the Time Stone in order to end the Dark Dimension invasion

Step 42: Go (slightly) insane inside the Dark Dimension to the point Dormammu comes to you to bargain

Step 43: Return to Earth, use new skill with Time Stone to restore New York

Step 44: Try to deal with a massive crowd that now wonders why you brought the city back but did not resurrect the dead. Your shitty explanation (since you can't/won't tell them about the Soul Stone for some reason) means a cult still is created (though they have absolutely zero impact on the rest of the fic until you remember them for the epilogue)

Step 45: Deal with the superpowered, homicidal mother of your girlfriend suddenly showing up and wanting to be a part of your life

Step 46: Deal with both superpowered, homicidal parents of your Inhuman employee suddenly showing up and wanting to be a part of her life (get an alliance with Afterlife out of it, advance your Inhuman research further)

Step 47: Pay respects to deceased Black Widow

Step 48: Utterly disrespect Captain Marvel by beating the shit out of her and then taking her powers

Step 49: Realize you need a new body because said powers are now going to make you go 'boom', for that you need the Dwarves, in order to convince them you need large amounts of Vibranium

Step 50: Behead Erik and put T'Challa back on the throne in return for access to large stores of Vibranium

Step 51: Using the Mind and Time stone, convince Eitri to build you a new body

Step 52: Travel to Asgard to meet with Odin who summoned you, bring Loki and Thor as tokens as goodwill

Steps 53: Fight an Astral Projection of Thanos, almost break your soul

Steps 54: Fight Hela, almost break Asgard and your body

Steps 55: Try to raise an army by contacting every faction you interacted with as Thanos has gathered new allies as well, while your new body is being built

Steps 56: Transfer your essence to your new body with the help of failed past and parallel versions of yourself as well as a future version of yourself

Step 57: Absolutely dominate the battlefield

Step 58: Fight Thanos, break another planet, reveal that Time is in your favor and you've already won

Step 59: Become Omnipotent

Step 60: Retire not only as the Emperor of Mankind (and Allies), but more importantly as a father and a husband.