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Big Mom was enjoying her snack and waiting on the report she had ordered of Monkey D. Luffy's family. That ballsy brat had claimed to have eaten all of her candy from Fishman Island…and then said he would defeat her.

Now despite what most of the world thought, including some of her own subjects she knew, Big Mom was not easy to anger most of the time. A child like Luffy boasting big, she was used to hearing it. Honestly he wouldn't be the first to try and fight her, and he won't be the last she was certain…besides she has 85 children that she raised from birth until now. She was more than used to hearing them boast that they were going to be stronger than her back when they were younger, especially her boys. She never really took offense to someone claiming that they were going to kick her ass, honestly she has heard it hundreds of times before so why would she?

What pissed her off the most about the brat was the obvious lie to her about how he had eaten all of her Fishman candy and that he had the missing member of the Vinsmokes that she was going to arrange for her beloved Pudding to marry on his crew.

While she never truly favored one child over the other, although she found it impossible to look at and interact with her daughter Chiffon without flying into a rage thanks to her twin sister Lola's desertion, she did admit that she spoiled Pudding more than the others and gave her more attention. Thanks to her third eye giving her the ability to read poneglyphs, the very few who somehow found out about this ability and knew about the Red Poneglyph in her possession, the fools often tried to kidnap or kill Pudding. Especially back when she had been a baby.

She shook her head cackling a bit at remembering that any fool that was caught alive where given to Katakuri or Smoothie, the fools didn't survive the 1st day with Katakuri and 3 hours with Smoothie.

"Mama mama." The voice of one of her mid children, Cinnamon, called snapping Big Mom out of her thoughts and drawing her gaze from the small by comparison pastry in her hand to her longleg daughter who had a frown on her face and a look worry in her eyes. That look made a frown appear on her face.

"Yes Cinnamon?" Big Mom asked her gaze hard with a hint of worry because Cinnamon was sitting in Smoothie's seat which she knows not to do because all the sweet commanders had their own special seats, meaning if she is sitting there something was wrong with Smoothie.

"Smoothie won't eat anything we give her, come out her quarters and is crying heavily again." Cinnamon explained, this caught the attention of the older siblings and a frown from Big Mom. Katakuri got up from his chair heading to the door looking and stopped, turning and looking Daifuku with a warning look while Daifuku had his mouth open as if to say something.

"Keep your comments to yourself brother. It's May 5th." Katakuri said while heading back to his chair still having a glaring match with Daifuku.

Big mom looked around noticing the calendar saying that it was indeed May 5th then sighed as she looked at her family, noticing her younger children were uncomfortable with the glaring match her elder kids were having, she decided to interfere with a burst of Conqueror's Haki that would affect her two kids. The blast made both Katakuri and Daifuku to look at her, although she noticed that only Daifuku was truly really effected. She only used 35% of power true, but she realized that Katakuri had been training again. The door opened and both Smoothie and Tamago entered causing Cinnamon to quickly vacate where she had been seating.

Smoothie sat down in her chair as Katakuri handed her a plate of food while giving her a look and Tamago stood in front of the table looking nervous with the dark look Big Mom was sending him.

Big Mom didn't often spend a lot of time with her family all together unless it was a Tea Party…and even then most of the time a few of her children couldn't make it due to attacking pirates and other such things. So when she did spend time with all of her children, these treasured moment she guarded fiercely and jealously as if they were priceless which to her…they were although she'd never tell anyone else that.

Tamago had been in service to the Charlotte family for a long time and it was only because of his years of dedicated service kept Big Mom from crippling him. Well, more than he was already crippled.

"The information you asked for! On Straw Hat Luffy's family!" Tamago panted out making everyone pause for a moment and look at him while Big Mom's eyes narrowed

"Hurry up and spit it out." She ordered.

"His father is Monkey D. Dragon the Leader of the Revolutionaries bon!" Tamago said causing most of the elder children to jerk slightly as they stared in shock, a few turning towards Smoothie who was dropped her fork at that that eyes wide and tears starting to fall from her eyes looking shocked but also hopeful.

'Damn Straw Hat….Had…Straw Hat…Dragon wait father that would mean.'

Everyone could tell when the information processed in Big Mom's mind as her eyes slowly widened and her mouth dropped open a little bit as her gaze swung towards Smoothie in an instant.

"Dragon…but wasn't that?" Cinnamon trailed off staring wide eyed at her siblings that had been old enough to remember when the man had visited their home.

"The one who stole our nephew." Katakuri said darkly while getting up heading to the door while releasing Conqueror's Haki. That was one of his two and worst failures. Being unable to protect his newborn nephew and not being able finding Dragon and kill him.

"Stole our nephew?" Raven, the youngest son, asked confused as he looked at his elder siblings. As far as the younger ones knew there weren't any nephews other than Chiffon's newborn son with her husband Bege.

"Monkey D. Dragon. Almost twenty one years ago he battled with a marine admiral on our island. Smoothie was the one to find him on the battle field a step away from death and bring him here for medical assistance. The doctors said that Smoothie saved his life by doing that." Oven said scowling darkly as well although most of the older siblings and Big Mom herself were looking at Smoothie in worry who was shaking.

"Tamago! Find out all information you can on Monkey D. Luffy immediately and Katakuri!" Big Mom ordered making the man run from the room immediately and look to find one of her eldest sons who was already gone.

"Mama please don't harm him." Smoothie said knowing about her mother was planning to make an example out of him as a warning to the other small fry pirates.

Big Mom was silent for a few minutes before speaking surprisingly in a soft voice as she stared at her arguably strongest daughter.

"You should be proud of your son Smoothie. The Charlotte blood seems to run strong in him." Big Mom said softly to her Sweet Commander daughter who looked up at her confused and with tears in her eyes, causing her siblings and mother to be upset especially the other two of the triplets that Smoothie was part of. They never liked seeing one of their own cry, especially not a strong woman like Smoothie.

"He's only nineteen at the moment and he already has a 300 million Berry Bounty. I think that's a record for our family isn't it?" Amande asked looking at the others who tried thinking about it for a moment. They weren't sure what all of their siblings bounties were at the age of nineteen but their nephews' bounty did beat most of theirs at that age except maybe Katakuri.

"Although since he's a member of the Charlotte family then maybe he really did eat all of that candy from Fishman Island." Big Mom said thoughtfully and making Pudding snicker a bit as she was trying to get to Smoothie, but her access was blocked off by the other two of the LongLeg Triplets.

Perospero's spoke with mirth hearing that as well and making Smoothie give a watery smile and small choked sob.

"Kukukuku. Looks like our nephew has a sweet tooth then. He'll fit in just fine."

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