Dragon arm-
both arms changed, whole arms and finger resembles claws made out of ice while ice crystals forming in the shape of dragon scales covers both arms and the back of his handsand has icy mist began rolling off of them.

Glacier Shigan
using the claws in a the normal Shigan technique manner then around the area starts to freeze over.

Glacier Wall."
an ice wall burst up from the ground any direction that the user wants its a couple of meter thick and 25 meters tall

Glacial Fist-
punches the persona and it leaves a large area of frostbite in the shape of a fist.

"Blizzard Hell
forms a small blizzard tornado then throws it forming a massive blizzard tornado of snow, ice, hail and icy winds consumed the target eather frezzing them or cutting them.

ice dragon Gatling gun
ice forms onto in the shape of a dragon's head around his left hand while the rest of the arm is has ice crystals forming in the shape of dragon scales ,t maw opens and six Gatling gin barrels form .

this can fire both ice and snow at high speeds but every bullet to take energy ice penetrates better than snow while any thin the snow touches forms small batches of freezer burns. can be imbued with haki

Snow Twister
the user can then manipulate all the nearby snow and shape it into the form of a spiraling twister, this technique can be used in many different ways. The snow twister can surround itself around the user and protect the user from incoming attacks; the user can also manipulate the twister and hurl it towards the opponent. By pouring more energy into the technique can cause the snow twister to turn into hard ice and can thus increasing its offensive power.

Frost Breath
The user gathers icey mist in their mouth and then expells it towards any selected target covering them in a thin sheet of ice. This technique dosen't travel to far before dispersing into the air.

frost lances

creates long lances made out of ice with icey mist surrounding them. The lances have the combined effect of simultaneously freezing an opponent while piercing them.

Hail Bullet-,
numerous jagged icicles form around the user. The icicles are hailed upon the target to pierce and wound them.

Hundred hail shower
launching hundreds and hundreds of jagged icicles at seemingly break neck speed, assaulting the opponent and driving them back.

Absolute Zero Hail Bullet-
numerous jagged icicles form around the user. The icicles are hailed upon the target piercing them and freezing them to death as ice from the wounds spreads through the victim's body. takes a lot of stragth

absolute Zero ice

is an , both offensive and defensive consists of creating a huge and long lasting ice for the purpose of immobilize numerous enemy within or fend off a chunk of attacks. The temperature of the ice is accurately -273ÂșC, which is the lowest temperature of any objects can achieve, also known as Absolute Zero. Anything which has physical contact with it, even a gentle tap on the surface, will be frozen until the user stops it or the victim is dead . any move that has Absolute zero in the name has this kind of ice

it drains a lot of energy from the user and depending on how its used it can take as much as gear 4 energy to near nothing

author notes

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