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'Two hours in only two hours Yonji got himself beaten, captured and got the ship half frozen showing that either he attacked one of Blackbeard's crew Kuzan or Ice Beast Luffy who was Big Moms grandson and son of the Sweet Commander Smoothie truly I don't know which was worse.' Reiju thought to herself while her men were getting the ice off the ship looking at the newspaper and turned to her left looking at the solider that gave her the news.

"Go to the vault and get 100,000,000 berries out of it and also get the golden chest." Reiju commanded the solider who ran to complete his orders. While Reiju was rubbing her forehead and thinking of the consequences of her younger brother actions. If it was Kuzan he might let this go unless he told otherwise by Blackbeard but Ice Beast was known for being crazy and anything that threatens his crew he will do anything like what he did to Enies Lobby for Nico Robin and Impel Down for his adopted brother. Of course these thought made her smile thinking that her younger brother Sanji had a great captain. A Germa solider came in and the next word that made Reiju blood freeze.

"Lady Reiju Sweet Commander Smoothie's ship is heading in our direction." The solider said awaiting orders while Reiju stood still for a few seconds and heading to the door with a calm smile on her face.

"Well there are times like these that I'm happy that I put a tracker on Yonji." Reiju commented to herself while planning throw her stupid brother under the ship as it were, as she was heading to the door wondering how this play out.

(Straw Hat jail cell or brig)

Luffy was looking at Yonji he had the Raid Suit taken off he didn't know how Monet and Robin got him to take it off but when he asked all they said was he needed a little persuading with dark smirks on their faces and he decided to let it go knowing he didn't want to know. But in all honestly it was either them or Perona and god have mercy on Yonji's, which was apparently the green jack ass's name, soul if he ran his mouth insulting her when was Zoro nearby or he makes her cry.

Luffy looked to his left looking at Zoro and remembering the talk he gave him what was a surprise but he needed the talk to clear his head.

(4 hours before flash back)

Luffy was in his cabin waiting when Zoro walked in, shut the door, and pulled out a bunch of bottles of sake with a frown on his face

"Zoro?" Luffy called his name, his face showing clear worry combined with confusion.

"I brought some good sake with me, a lot. Let's go drink it and have our talk." Zoro told Luffy not taking no for an answer while sitting down on the floor waiting for Luffy to sit which he did.

Luffy felt drained yet he felt clearer headed and relaxed, he was not sure if it was because he shared out loud what was in his mind with someone else or because he was pleasantly buzzed he told Zoro his childhood and his fears, doubts, the way was Nami acting and his fear about his mother while all Zoro did was drink and nod.

"Do you feel insulted that the world calling you a monster Luffy?" Zoro asked while finishing another bottle.

"Not at all in some way it's the truth." Luffy answered drinking, now more relaxed than he was before.

Luffy was, in a way, a monster to most people; he took everything to the extreme. He had a monstrous stubbornness, a monstrous tenacity, a monstrous passionate, a monstrous resolve, a monstrous loyalty, two infamous parents …

"You know when me and Ace were kids I always told him he was being stupid about Roger being his dad yet now I'm freaking out because any answer I get is bad in some way it's pretty funny isn't it?" Luffy asked Zoro who nodded while drinking sake before deciding to speak.

"It's only natural to want an answer, to want answers about this kind of thing but to let it consume you means it makes you weak." Zoro told his captain who shook his head and sat down on a chair and grabbed the other sake bottle and took a sip out it then mad a D shaped smile while looking at Zoro with a knowing look.

"Thanks for that but what else did you want to talk about partner." Luffy asked Zoro with a knowing look on his face eyes full of mischief while Zoro scratched the back of his head not knowing he was being so obvious.

"Me and Ero Cook want to fight Katakuri of the Big Mom pirates." Zoro said with a look of determination even though he had a red streak across on his face while Luffy was debating a few second in his head then nodded and took a sip of sake before answering.

"Sure but hears an order as your captain. Don't lose." Luffy told Zoro while smiling while Zoro smiled back grinning like a demon and both began to laugh hysterically for a couple of seconds.

"You don't plan have us join the Big Mom crew do you?" Zoro asked but only got a crimson heated glare.

"No an alliance maybe. I like my freedom Zoro." Luffy answered while drinking the last sake bottle to get back at Zoro who didn't notice till he finished it.

"Shishishishi. Thanks Zoro I needed that I can't believe I let myself go into self-pity like that." Luffy thanked Zoro before falling to a drunken sleep falling sideways.

"Don't mention it Luffy." Zoro told Luffy before following his captain to sleep.

(End flash back)

"So what should we do with jack ass" Luffy asked Zoro who scratched his head trying to think but couldn't. Shrugging slightly they both decided to leave the brig heading to the main deck.

"Hey Luffy have you seen Sanji? He said he would get new spices on this island but he's not back yet and for some reason I have this weird feeling." Nami asked while feeling ashamed of herself for her actions recently.

"No but I'll check it out. Have the ship ready to go when I get back." heading to the town that the island had still wondering about this feeling he had.

"What's the worst that can happen?" Luffy asked himself while heading down the dirt path not knowing his words would bite him in the ass.

(On the island)

"Oh? You are quick enough for my attack to miss your head. Impressive Black Leg…" Admiral Kizaru was going to finish the pirate off only to be stopped by ice, the ice freezing him from head to toe that is.

"Now now let's not get hasty." Luffy told the Admiral walking past the frozen Admiral and extending his hands for Sanji, who took it.

"I'll slow this guy down, just go back to the ship that's an order." Luffy ordered Sanji while looking directly at Admiral Kizaru. His eyes blinked from behind the frozen wall, but he was gone in a blink of an eye, reappearing in front of the frozen prison.

"Ohhhh! Monkey D. Luffy!" Kizaru smiled and brushed off his shoulder, removing some of the ice.

"Did you really think I will let one of your crew go that easy?" Kizaru asked as he took aim at Sanji who was running away only for an ice wall to rise up in the way, stopping the attack.

Luffy quickly appeared in front of him before he could fire, while his arms were in Dragon Arm state and aiming a Glacial Fist at his face and forcing him to block with his right arm.

Kizaru merely pointing a finger at Luffy, preparing to blast him at point blank range, but was forced to dodge ice shards from Luffy and he looked at his right arm noticing that it was covered in frost bite.

Luffy appeared in front of Kizaru again, a small Blizzard Tornado in hand but Kizaru effortlessly warped behind him, aiming a laser at his head but not noticing that Luffy threw the small blizzard tornado behind himself .

"Blizzard Hell." Luffy said while a massive blizzard tornado of snow, ice, hail and icy winds consumed Kizaru keeping him there for 30 seconds again before light traveling away to get out, but as he reformed, this time a small pool of blood could be seen dripping down his whole body having small cuts and hail in him.

"First blood." Luffy said while giving the admiral a grin, proud of himself because the last time he fought him he did no damage but now he did give him quite a bit.

"You know what I decided to do? I will capture you whole crew and see if Akainu will kill them like he did Fire Fist all in the name of justice and making you watch." Kizaru commented to Luffy trying to make him angry and get an opening.

"You're a fucking dead man." Whispered Luffy, running after his enemy while his arms were producing more icy mist than they normally would.

"KIZARU!" screamed Luffy as he activated his armament Haki attacking him with his claws.

"Ama no Murakumo." The admiral said before a sword of pure light appeared and he started charging for Luffy as well. They both clashed, but Luffy took more damage, due to the swords longer range and add in the fact that he wasn't healing himself. They both jumped apart and faced off. Luffy calmed down a bit then his body started healing realizing he needed to stay calm to win this fight.

"Soru." The black-haired captain calmly muttered. He disappeared out of Kizaru view for a very short time and appeared again, punching him in the nose. A certain bone was broken and blood gushed out of his nose.

"You know I don't know who is worse you or Teach." Luffy mocked Kizaru.

Kizaru was silent, he then summoned his sword again, and dashed at Luffy. Luffy just stood there with his crimson his scale like arms seem to glow white but no ice mist emitting from them. Then, he flashed a grin, and caught Kizaru's sword one-handed and freezing his feet as the sword started to freeze.

"Huh?! W-What did you do?!" Kizaru's asked for once in his life feeling fear while staring in to the crimson eyes and seeing a huge dragon made out of ice and mist rolling of it with a little glow to it's red eyes. While the glow in Luffy's left arm, the arm holding the blade, stopped and the right arm glowed brighter and his hand was in a ryuusoken form. His hand sped forward striking and pierces his opponent's body releasing all the mist stored in the arm, filling Kizaru's body with icy mist and causing a lot damage. Luffy then dropped the admiral on the ground tired because of the move taking a lot out of him.

"Absolute Zero white dragon." Luffy whispered standing up and walking a few yards away then black filled his vison. It was a little while before he realized neither him nor the admiral had won and that thought made him angry.

15 Marine grunts and one captain and one medic arrived when Luffy's last attack hit the admiral.

"Give the admiral the heat poison." the captain yelled at the medic who nodded and got to work while the grunts were confused as to why poison would heal him.

"Sir how would poison help the admiral?" Grunt 12 asked while the rest nodded and the captain scowled at them but decided to answer his crew.

"Magellan created a poison that heats up the blood and depending on how much is used it can counter the effect of ice in a body. It was primarily used for Impel Down's 5th floor and when Kuzan brought in a prisoner." The captain answered while the medic was injecting the admiral with different vials and the grunts all pointed there weapons at Luffy.

"Fire!" shouted a Marine captain who was thinking that killing Luffy would get him a promotion but he just signed his death warrant without even knowing it.

The Marines fired their rifles and bazookas at the barely standing Luffy only for the bullets to be stopped by a blade.

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At the level Luffy's know healing isn't automatic he needs to will it to happen now.

Absolute Zero makes everything its used in go white.

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