"A cluster of small puncture wounds upon the left thigh." He tilted his head, considering them. "Cause: unknown." Abandoning his digression as to the pattern, he turned away and leaned onto the slab beside the woman's head. "Clearly, the cause of death is this sharp-force tramau to the back of her head." He could hear his assistant fiddling with something in the background; and he straightened up. "Wait – Lucas, what is listed as the proposed murder weapon?"

"An ax, baby – check this out."

Deciding to leave the question as to why the guitar was called an 'ax' – as an ax certainly was not responsible for the killing blow, and as Lucas had picked up a guitar covered in blood... - he folded his hands and watched his assistant pretend to play the instrument. If either the noun or infinitive could be applied, given that the...noise generally produced rarely sounded as music 'played' on an instrument.

Lucas' movements petered off, and he straightened up a bit. "It's a little out of tune..."

He had doubts as to whether it had ever truly been 'in tune', but he ignored his objections with modern 'music' for the moment. "They named the guitar as the murder weapon?"

"Yeah – cops couldn't find any prints, but -" he gestured at the blood long since dried and then handed the instrument to Henry, "Obviously tons of blood."

"Hmm." He looked over the strings, musing at the changes that had happened to stringed isntruments since his youth. Then, catgut and horsehair made sounds pleasing to the ear; now, wire and metal visited acute, chronic headaches upon myriad victims. He glanced across at his assistant, who had picked up a boot, and smiled slightly. "Turn around."

Lucas glanced up. While he was prone to digression and ramblings on subjects Henry feared he would never grasp, it could not be said that he was not smart. Setting down the boot with a sigh, he turned around. "Fine."

Lifting the guitar again, Henry smiled as he heard Lucas' whispered 'I hate this'. Seeing a movement in the corner of his eye, he glanced towards the door to see Jo. She frowned in confusion at him, and he motioned for her to be quiet. "Now, even if you wanted to kill someone with a guitar, you would naturally grab it by the neck – not by the body." He demonstrated, making every effort to amplify the sounds he was making by re-situating his hands on the neck of the guitar. "But let's just assume that it was used that way," He flipped the guitar around, ignoring both Jo's very muffled laughter and Lucas' tense shoulders. "It would have left multiple puncture wounds – not just one..."

Lucas ducked as the pegs passed within inches of his head, and Henry frowned slightly at the reaction.

"Easy there, Van Halen." Jo stepped forward, making herself known.

"Oh, good, you're here." He smiled, handing the guitar to Lucas as his assistant reached over his shoulder.

"Oh good, anyone's here." He replaced the instrument on the table.

Jo smiled, shaking her head slightly. "I think you make a very good murder victim, Lucas."

He came back to stand beside Henry. "Yeah – that's not really a compliment."

"Surely being told you are good at acting the part when you make films yourself..."

Lucas frowned for a moment as he thought about that, and then straightened up in understanding. "Ah – of course. But it's not so much acting as it is a sincere desire to not be a living example of an 'a-ha' moment."

She tried to stifle her grin. "You don't have faith in Henry not to kill you?"

"That thing was this close to me!" He measured the (exaggerated in its narrowness) distance between his fingers. "I could feel it through my hair!"

"Lucas, I could see it – it wasn't that close." She glanced towards the Doctor. "Besides, I'm sure he could think of a few other, less traceable ways to do away with you. As could you, come to think of it."

"Yes, we're just a bunch of bunch of budding murderers." Lucas paused for a moment.

Henry, seeing an idea dawn in his assistant's eyes, realised that he had a new idea for a film of his. Hastily, he turned to Jo and gestured her toward the woman – toward Lucy. "But regardless, the guitar could not have been the murder weapon."

She followed him over to the slab. "Personal experience?"

He glanced up sharply, quickly following that up with a frightened look towards Lucas.

"Nah – I don't think we've ever had a case where the victim's head was, um..." Lucas trailed off as he tried to find a way to say it that wasn't as disrespectful toward the victim.

Henry forced himself to relax. "No, simply a matter of comparing the alleged weapon and the wound and seeing no match."

"Well, it doesn't mean Eddie Warsaw didn't kill her – he could have used something else."

"True. But it does mean that the current theory of what killed her is wrong – certainly enough to reopen the case."

She hesitated. "I don't think that's going to happen."

AN: This is the last chapter written before I left. So this actually follows the old format. After this, I'll probably just do one chapter per episode as the scenes are much shorter. Thank you for taking the time to read this.