After watching all of Season One and Two of Log Horizon I went to sleep. Thinking about what Class and Subclass I'd choose. Where I'd like to be at and what not. What I should look for in my companions, if I should have companions. Would it be a good idea to have a harem? How do I create one? Should I date a Person of the Land or a Adventurer?


Inside The Dream

'Hmm? Wah? Where am I? There's nothing but white here.' I look down at my hands and see nothing. 'That's fucked up...why am I so calm though? Shouldn't I be freaking out?"

Looking around some more I spot something in the distance. Getting closer to it, somehow, I noticed it's a Menu Screen for a game of some kind.

Getting right up to it I realize that it's the same Menu Screen that I saw in the anime Log Horizon. Only this one says 'Fill on the required fields New Player!" Well there's nothing else to do so why not?

"Choose your name, easy it'll be Orion von Oceanis. Choose my race, Ritian. Choose my Class/Subclass." I look and see a little button that had a globe on it. Pressing it I saw that it allowed me to choose Classes from any server.

"Choose Class/Subclass, I'll be a Guardian with the Chef subclass." I say to myself as I finish the process.

Name: Zandaino

Gender: Male

Race: Ritian

Level: 1

Class: Guardian

Subclass: Chef

HP: 200

MP: 100

Weapons: Short sword

Armor: Beginners Leather Armor, Beginners Leather Greaves

Accessories: None

"I'd say it looks about right." I say after finishing the avatar creation. Basically look like myself only slightly taller, blue hair and beard, and more muscular.

As I finish saying that a burning sensation bursts through my body.


Releasing an incoherent and incomprehensible scream or bellow I feel like my body is being deconstructed. Then I don't feel anything, I then fall asleep.