This fanfic has been written with use of characters, and technology brought together for use in a Nationstates Nation called the Zipangese Star Empire, a nation created after the Pacific War of 2017 roleplay on the Nationstates Forums as part of a ongoing roleplay series of which extends through multiple tech levels from MT(Modern Tech), PMT (Post Modern Tech), and lastly FT(Future Tech). The Zipangese Star Empire is the future successor in the series to another nation on Nationstates known as the Empire of Japanese Pacific States.

Tech used for roleplay purposes of the Zipangese Star Empire includes a mix of Muv-luv Unlimited/Alternative Tech(Most notably of the Muv-luv Manga Exogularity), & Star Wars tech, as well to a latter degree with the idea of dimensional travel belonging to the Half-life series. The Commonwealth of Nations Space Development Initiative and Europan Empire are successors to the Union of British North America/Commonwealth of Nations, and German Empire. Both on Nationstates are referred to as the Union of British North America and New Decius. Characters used for the Zipangese Star Empire are mainly derived from Muv-luv with some others being Original Characters and some from Star Wars.

Every Alternative Preferred is a sidestory of which will not effect the ultimate outcome of the main storyline of the Empire of Japanese Pacific States/Zipangese Star Empire, New Decius/The German Empire/Europan Empire/Vers Empire, Union of British North America/CON-SDI. In the previously mentioned Roleplay Story series on the Nationstates Forums. Please enjoy.

This is one of many stories of an Empire forced from it's home, seeking vengeance and retribution for crimes committed against it, in a world where German Imperialism, and Democracy proved to be a stronger power for a time, however upon the ending of this time, the Empire of which sought retribution would rise in power unimagined in the past of Human history, for in the future. Only the strong survive, and the weak fall at the wayside, forever forgotten. For there are powers not of the same universe lurking in the shadows, seeking to destroy what it cannot claim by right, and what it cannot possibly control.

This is the story of an Empire of which though met with greater powers and hostility persevered through the darkest days of it's existence to forge a future with peace, justice, security, and order for all those who inhabit it. For wayward souls of far off star systems, and peoples cast out from their terrestrial homes, this Star Empire would be the best, possibly one of the only chances of surviving a war of which would bring death to trillions. A war with no single battlefield, but multiple stretching into other dimensions where events of history had taken different turns. This is the story, of the Zipangese Star Empire, an Empire forged from the remnants of the Greater Japanese Empire, the story of former enemies coming together against a greater foe.

A foe bent on the deaths of those they deem as inferior races. The foe of which would become known to the Zipangese Star Empire, The Vers Empire, and the Federal Commonwealth of Planets as The Final Reich. In this war, everyone is a soldier, The young, the old, the weak, the strong. Men, women, even children. For in a war of extinction, every alternative is preferred. Morality of great warriors and others drawn into the conflict will be tested, bonds of Empires with those they rule will be tested. For in the 24th Century, the Zipangese Star Empire was forged in warfare over 430 years beforehand. This war will prove to be the ultimate test for it's people's, government, and Shogun.

It is said in the face of extinction, every alternative is preferred. In 2017 a war began between three global superpowers on Earth. The Greater Japanese Empire under the Shogun Mitsurugi Meiya and the regency council of five, The German Empire and it's European Community under Kaiser Erwin Ludwig I, the Union of British North America and the Commonwealth of Nations under Queen Elizabeth II. This war began after the Greater Japanese Empire, finally pushed to war by the aggression of it's "neighbour", The German Empire had forced the hand of the Shogun to orbitally bombard Germany and it's allies. However only three out of the four targets chosen by the Japanese had been destroyed, Germany's capital. Berlin still stood with it's Kaiser.

Subsequently as the kinetic attacks had gone on, the Imperial Japanese Navy began it's own operations to throw the Germans and their Italian allies out of the Pacific during what they had called "war games" of which, with the death of German Ambassador to North America, Henri Ziegler, and the bombing of a European Committee building, both of which were blamed on the Japanese had proven to be the final straw for the Shogunate. Rallying to it's cause despite ideological differences, the Nationalist Chinese under Generalissimo Xian Wu, The Communist Chinese under Chairman Zhan, and Vietnamese Partisans under Pham Thi Lan had formed a secret peace and alliance for the forthcoming war.

After the Kinetic weapons had struck their targets, Moscow, Saigon, and Rome had almost ceased to be, and Japan started it's offensive against the Germans, both on land and at sea, the Germans were pushed out of their colonial territories in China and Vietnam by the Japanese and their technological superior Tactical Surface Fighters. However old habits on the Japanese side hadn't simply ceased in the 70+ years since the Asia-Pacific war of which saw Japan ascend to a greater power with control over the whole of Asia, the Pacific, and the Western territories of North America. Admiral Nagumo of the Imperial Japanese Navy had after the battle between the IJN, Imperial German Navy, and Royal Italian Navy had ordered prisoners from Italy and Germany separated, then the Germans executed... This did not go unnoticed as prying eyes had been watching Japanese forces, the Union of British North America's own navy had been watching covertly.

With a recording made of the massacre, the British had brought it before their parliament and almost unanimously as a "international police act" declared war on the Greater Japanese Empire. Signalling the UBNA's entry into the war. This with fresh replacements from the German's puppets in the European Community had turned the war to the favour of the Germans, and the British. While both were not officially allied, both had seen each other on the same side of the war, while the Japanese had seen the entry of the UBNA on what was viewed by the populace of Asia an official alliance between nations of the west to destroy the Greater Japanese Empire and end the Co-Prosperity Sphere of Asia, so that both could carve Asia up for their own needs as seen previously in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Shogun had vowed she would never see such an Asia and so a plan was put forth by the Imperial Japanese Military to gather the best and brightest from across the Empire and Co-Prosperity Sphere then flee to a distant star system, Alpha Centauri.

After the war had in the eyes of the Shogun and the Regency Council of the Japanese Empire been lost, the plan of which put forth by the Imperial Military, Alternative V. The fifth in a set of twenty plans created to ensure the continued survival of the Japanese Empire had been approved and initiated, a fleet of five colony ships carrying 50,000 people had taken flight from secret bases hidden in the Japanese controlled Russian Far East for Alpha Centauri, during the time in between Earth and the Japanese' destination all 50,000 people, including the Shogun, her Daughter, the Emperor of Japan, and the Regency Council had been placed in Cryo sleep to be awakened upon reaching the Star System. After their destination had been reached, the refugees of the Japanese Empire began to toil, building up towns, then cities, then, mega cities. The Colony ships of which brought the refugees were re purposed as defensive weapons and as a means of exploration.

In the days after the Japanese Empire had reestablished itself on it's new world, starvation was rampant, as was disease and famine. For a number of years the Japanese and those who had come with them worked away on empty stomachs, until finally the fortunes of the dying empire had turned, with a harvest, the largest, unequal in the past to any in the history of humanity, for once the Japanese and those who followed them no longer starved, instead they could finally eat. Though through the suffering of the Japanese, it had been theorised by one member of the Imperial Japanese Military, the brains of Alternative V, Director Kouzuki Yuuko, that the Japanese and those who they lived with from Earth had evolved in a way, the populace had indeed changed. People formerly with a semi creamy white skin had turned pale white and grey. No longer was starvation a concern, one could get by with one meal a day if need be, days of rest had been all but eliminated, there was no need for them. In addition to this, there had been a sort of golden era for the Japanese, after finally acknowledging the supposed "evolutionary step" the Japanese and those of which joined them in the stars had taken, the Shogun announced the Japanese had advanced and become the Zipangese, afterwards the homeworld of the Japanese, now Zipangese had been renamed to Zipang Prime.

With the discovery of an element of which was found on earth by the Japanese and kept secret, the G-elements, on the Zipangese' homeworld, no longer was the empire held back technologically, advances in the field of medicine, robotics, sciences with civilian applications and military applications had come with rushing speed. After the Zipangese had expanded control of their new world they had begun searching out new worlds to colonise. Inadvertently they had found other alien lifeforms as well. Six to be exact, among these lifeforms were the Chōrō-tachi, an alien race, highly advanced but yet few in number. With the discovery of this race, the Shogunate was eager to form an alliance with them, however this alliance grew into something greater, the Chōrō-tachi had joined with the Zipangese, and thus marked the beginning of the Zipangese Star Empire.

After the Chōrō-tachi had joined and shared their knowledge of advanced ships, weapons, robotics and planets uninhabited but containing vast resources, the Zipangese took advantage of this new information and begun expanding to these planets, however in some cases, the observation of the Chōrō-tachi in that the planets they had seen were uninhabited were false. On a planet of which would become known as Zipang 03, a race of beings with mostly human featured would become known to the Zipangese, these creatures of which the Zipangese would in the future call, Senshi Usagi were humans with some rabbit like features, such as large rabbit ears protruding from their heads, speed unmatched by the fastest runners of the ZSE, and agility unmatched by the best of the Imperial Zipangese Royal Guard.

At a later time, a species unlike any other seen before was found, they would be called, night walkers, to some they would also be called body snatchers. However unlike the North American movies of old these Night Walkers were creatures of which developed a natural ability of shape shifting into the forms of other creatures, from animals to creatures of conscious thought. Taking on the forms of whichever creature they choose as well as complete understanding of the creature's language. Both species were incorporated into the ZSE after a few years, the Senshi Usagi more quickly than the Night Walkers. The fourth of the species to join the ZSE were the Ascended. A small group of creatures of which abandoned their corporeal forms to mechanical bodies, to preserve their species after they had become sterile, unable to procreate. The second of the last species were Sehlikians, Sehlikians were original a tribal people from the tropical world of Sehli(Renamed to Zipang-14), the Sehlikians are a race of people of whom take pride in their abilities of waging war and economic achievements on their home planet, their joining with the ZSE has only been of recently with their discovery by a Zipangese expeditionary team to the planet while looking for resources to excavate for on the planet, the first meeting itself was entirely accidental and required only minimal effort on the part of the Zipangese government with the Sehlikians being highly enthusiastic of joining with the Zipangese Star Empire.

The last and most recent of the species of the ZSE were the Zetans, creatures of which looked much like aliens from the old North American films from the 1950s with the stereotyped green skin, large bulbous eyes, two holes for a nose and slit like mouths, however much like the Chōrō-tachi and the Ascended, the Zetans are a highly advanced species with billions inhabiting their home world of Zeta. After the incorporation of the Zetans into the Zipangese Star Empire, an unexpected event had forced the Shogun, Mitsurugi Meiya of whom like with most other Zipangese retained their lives and youthful appearance with a gene therapy treatment created by Director Yuuko, 35 years after the Japanese reestablished themselves on their new homeworld. The event itself had occurred 150 years before the projections of which predicted it to take place had taken place.

A fleet of four ships entered the Zipangese Star System's territories. All four had belonged to the enemies of the ZSE's precursor, the Greater Japanese Empire, two vessels devoted to science and research belonging to the CON, now reformed as the CON-SDI, and two purpose built warships belonging to the German Empire, now reformed into the Europan Empire were expanding on behalf of their governments, beyond the Solar System. The planet Zipang 04 was where first contact between both the CON-SDI, Europans, and Zipangese had taken place. In response to the fleet, the Shogun had ordered a fleet of 110 ships to converge on Zipang 04, however in the time it took for the ships to get there, the first elements of the Zipangese fleet of which arrived had witnessed the Europans destroy their own ships with all hands lost, the CON-SDI's ships however were attempting to make a break for the Solar System to return back to their leaders, out of the two of these ships, only one had managed to get away.

The Zipangese fleet commanded by Grand Admiral Thetch of the IZN awaited the rest of the fleet while apparently the Europans had sent a task force planetside before the Zipangese arrived, this task force was captured by Planetary Governor Lea Gegranne, and handed over to Lord General of the IZA, Kitagou Ayaka. After the prisoners were secured and placed in containment cells on the Zipangese Navy flagship, the Fuso, the Europans had apparently learned of whom the Zipangese were, sending their largest fleet to deal with what they had seen as the last sole remnants of the Japanese Empire, however of course unexpectedly to the Europans, the ZSE was a state larger than either the CON-SDI or Europa could imagine.

With 230 years the Zipangese did not spend it idly. Instead the whole time they were preparing for war, however not the one of which they had found themselves in. Instead a war with what the Zipangese had come to understand as the Final Reich of which resided in another dimension where religion hadn't held technological advancement back. The Zipangese would've remained ignorant of the Reich had it not been for one man of whom defected from the Imperial German Army during the 2017 war, Wolfgang Storch himself wasn't a resident of this dimension, instead he himself had come through a portal of which was developed by the Final Reich's SS Special Projects Division, however he wasn't alone.

One other had come through, pulling strings where they were necessary on the German side. However he ceased to be after the Japanese Empire's first detonation of their G-weapons as they fled earth. Regardless of this fact, Meiya wouldn't take such a risk, such a man was useful in ascertaining and getting into contact with resistance movements. After the preceding "First Solar War" Ended and Shogun Mitsurugi Meiya stepped down, Storch along with Director Yuuko began focusing on their project of which was being worked on long before the First Solar War but only picked up after the end of the war when the project of which was to develop a large scale portal to travel to the dimension in which the Final Reich existed.

However through this endeavour the ZSE had inadvertantly found multiple other dimensions of which were drastically and minutely different from the dimension in which the ZSE exists. One of these universes the ZSE had found where the Axis had lost the second world war, more specifically, Japan lost the second world war and hadn't had a Shogun. However this wasn't the main object of concern to the ZSE, the main object of concern was the fact that Humanity was at war with an alliance of alien races calling themselves The Covenant Empire.

The Covenant had pushed Humanity back to it's home world, Earth, however the Covenant were tied up with a planet of which the UNSC had control of, considered "home" to a type of super soldier developed by the UNSC before their war with The Covenant, Spartans. The planet itself was referred to as Reach. Of course, the Shogunate under Shogun Kyoko Takatsukasa, the successor to Shogun Mitsurugi Meiya couldn't simply standby and allow such a war to continue. And so Shogun Takatsukasa would sign an order, of which would bring the Zipangese Star Empire into this war.

This would be the first time in recorded history of the ZSE, their own forces would go beyond to where none had considered previously possible, to another dimension and prevent the systematic genocide of humanity by the Covenant to continue.

95th Year of the Reign of Shogun Kyoko Takatsukasa of the Zipangese Star Empire, Dimension 001, May 3rd, 2429.

The Imperial Palace, Zipang Prime, Zipangese Star System.

Shogun Kyoko Takatsukasa, a Shogun of which brought about an era of reform in the Zipangese Star Empire, long gone were the days in which the ZSE held a tight fisted grip on it's populace, this era was deemed necessary in the eyes of the former Shogun, Mitsurugi Meiya. Should the enemies of the empire finally reveal themselves, the enemies of the ZSE being the ancient foes of the ZSE's predecessor, the Greater Japanese Empire. However the threats were long dealt with, their foes driven off of earth and forced into exile as the ZSE had done unto them just 400 or so years ago. The ZSE could afford to send a force into this new dimension.

However of course there were some minute concerns as to the loss of life on the ZSE's side. Though these concerns were dismissed with the introduction of cloning and droids in the ZSE's military. The main advocate of this action was unsurprisingly, the previous Shogun's third child. Regent Yoshiko Mitsurugi. Like her mother, Yoshiko was an advocate for the ZSE's military on the council of Regents, Moffs, Governors, Admiral, and Generals. This government body however was expanded to form a senate, as part of Kyoko's reforms to the Empire, in addition to minute subjects such as the removal of the ban on knowledge of Germanic and English languages of which was put into law 75 years after the former Greater Japanese Empire had fled earth, forced to by the Commonwealth of Nations under the British, and the European Community, a puppet government of the German Empire.

With both ceasing to exist on Earth and not been heard of for 95 years, Kyoko had only to assume that the Europan Empire, and CON-SDI of which were created sometime after the Japanese fled Earth, had ceased to be in some form and would likely not be heard of for some time. However, bound by oath to defend the interests of the Star Empire, she continued the rapid military advancement of the Empire, new star ships larger and stronger in firepower never seen before were being turned out by droids on designated shipbuilding worlds belonging to the ZSE, all in preparation for the day the Empire would go to war with the Final Reich. In addition to these ships, a larger more terrifying weapon of immense power was being constructed, one with the capability of destroying a planet. The weapon of course was proposed by Director Yuuko to Meiya before she stepped down and passed away after ceasing her genetic therapy treatments.

Though approved, the Shogunate-class planetary destruction station hadn't had resources devoted to it fully. Most resources of the ZSE were devoted by suggestion of Grand Admiral Thetch into the fleet and it's expansion. Ships such as the Amaterasu-class Star Fighter Carrier, Shogun-Class Star Dreadnoughts, Fuso-Class Star Cruisers, and the large, circular Susanoo-Class Starfighter/Ground Forces carriers, all four numbering in the thousands. It was clear even with the ancient foes of the Shogunate long gone, the Empire expected a war, and soon.

"We must send our fleets forward to subjugate this "Covenant"! Yes, the UNSC are but terrans, they fight against an enemy much like the one we have been preparing for, for 400 years. Now is the time to act before this Covenant carries out it's plans successfully!" The thundering voice of Lord General Kitagou Ayaka, was heard throughout the senate hall, standing for-mostly at the centre of the hall, after she had spoke of course there was some arguing on the point of going to war and forcing the will of the on another universe, would they not be just as bad as the Final Reich had they done so? This was a question that many of the Imperial Senate asked themselves, indeed already had the Zipangese Star Empire had not become much like the Final Reich in forcing the Europans and CON-SDI off Earth?

"The General makes a point. However there is one thought of which is forgotten, or not yet considered. The UNSC can be offered a place in our new order as an ally to the Star Empire, indeed their dimension is one of which has yet to be explored much like our own, while yes we humans of the ZSE have evolved in a way separate of the Japanese of this other dimension, it is our duty nonetheless to prepare this dimension and others for the war to come. If the Final Reich is as powerful as was told to us by Regional Governor Storch, then we require as many allies as we can possibly assemble to the cause." Governor Seiji Horinouchi, a former admiral of the Imperial Zipangese Navy rose from his seat and took to the floor with Lord General Ayaka.

Kyoko was now intrigued, the Navy and Army actually shared support on an issue? It was indeed a surprise to her. After Governor Horinouchi spoke, there was more arguing between the members of the Imperial Senate before Kyoko extended her arm to the room, then... Silence. "Valid points have been made. With our technological capabilities, and knowledge of a dangerous power such as the Final Reich and their own capabilities, we have no choice but to act as we are responsible for the future of all, those who live under our banner, and those who live outside of it, threatened by this danger. We mustn't idle while this threat remains. Therefore we shall go to war. For the preservation of a potential ally, and the hopes of creating a new one from the ashes of a foe." Kyoko spoke and lowered her hand, a deafening silence overcame the room before...

To Kyoko's surprise, shouts of those agreeing overtook those previous voices of which called for the ZSE to act as a peaceful mediator in a interdimensional sponsored peace talk between Humanity and the Covenant. The Zipangese Star Empire, with all it's power, might, technological capabilities was now to join in the first ever interdimensional war against The Covenant. Lord General Kitagou Ayaka bowed her head to Kyoko and a smile donned on her face before speaking. "With your permission, your highness. I shall take my leave and begin planning." Kyoko waved Ayaka off to which she bowed her head again and turned leaving the room while other ZSE Imperial Military Officers joined her on her exit of the room.

Four hours later, after the Ruling Council Meeting...

Imperial Zipangese Supreme Military Command Headquarters, Zipang Prime, The Zipangese Star Empire, Dimension 001, May 3rd 2429.

"Sector fleet units through 745 and 782 are to assemble at the Kozuki Device with elements of the 917th through 925th.." A Zipangese fleet communications officer said as she gave out orders over IZM's secure communications channel. The Headquarters of the Zipangese Military had seen an increase in activity not seen since the beginning of the Solar War between the Zipangese, and the Terrans of Earth, after the Solar War activity had died down for just 100+ years since it's end. Though Zipang hadn't slowed it's advancements military wise, large starships continued to be produced, more troops cloned, and droids built for the purpose of defending the Empire and going to war with the Final Reich when the time came.

It was at this time when the Zipangese considered themselves to be the only force capable of defending the Galaxy and other universes if necessary. After the war, expansion of the ZSE hadn't come to a stop, instead the war only accelerated the plans of the last Shogun. More colony ships and military vessels were produced with the goal of expanding to the furthest edges of the known galaxy, however these expansions were of course not met without hostility in places, after 50 years it became apparent that the old Terran governments of the Europan Empire and the Commonwealth of Nations Space Development Initiative had reformed to larger governments incorporating other species of the galaxy under their rule.

Lord General Ayaka strode through the halls carrying a data pad under her right arm while she walked to her office, putting her hand on a scanning pad implanted in the wall next to her door it scanned her bio signature and showed a green light before the door slid open for her allowing her to pass through into her office. Ayaka took off her cap and put it on the hat rack next to the door before she turned and continued on to her desk proceeding to plan the upcoming invasion of Dimension 004, referred to as such with it being the fourth Dimension the Zipangese had found, Dimension 002 being the most watched one by the ZSE Imperial Intelligence Bureau with it being the dimension in which the Final Reich resided in.

Resource supply to the ZSE was not an issue with the creation of replication technology as being stolen from the Final Reich during the ZSE's war with the Terrans, Regional Governor Storch had informed the Shogun, Director Yuuko, and multiple others of whom were present at a secret meeting on the very subject of the other dimensions on the Final Reich's construction of a planet destroying weapon above mars, the weapon was to be powered by what was called Bavarium, an element similar to the ZSE's own G-Elements or the German Empire/Europan Empire's Helium-3. Such a weapon in the possession of the Final Reich could very well cause major problems for the Zipangese should the Final Reich crossover into the ZSE's own Dimension, with this in mind. The Shogun at the time, Shogun Mitsurugi ordered a large scale IZRG team to cross the portal and destroy the Final Reich's super weapon and secure 100,000 martians for transport back through the portal to Dimension 001.

In addition to the IZRG going through the portal to secure civilians and destroy the Final Reich's super weapon, the IZRG had managed to recover a large quantity of tech in the process, with one of these being replication technology of which allowed the ZSE to replicate food and other vital materials. Resource supply was covered, as was manpower with the ZSE utilising cloning of civilians and military personnel, namely combat troops. The ZSE was in a prime fighting condition for this coming war. Ayaka would ensure it would end quickly, that the enemy would be completely and utterly annihilated if need be. Hopefully just in time should the Reich finally decide to make it's move.