IZN Kyoto, Imperial Zipangese Navy Star Dreadnaught, Earth

Dimension 001 date: 3rd of May, 2429, 95th Year of the Reign of Shogun Kyoko Takatsukasa of the Zipangese Star Empire

Dimension 005 date: 20th of October, 2552

"All batteries, open fire. Destroy the Covenant warships!" Lord Admiral Rei Nishimura yelled over open comms to the rest of the fleet, immediately green bolts shot through space towards the Covenant warships. Most of the fleet had broken off from one of the larger CAS-class Assault carriers allowing it with a few other ships to break through the UNSC's defensive lines. She saw it made it's way straight for Africa. "Captain Zhiln. Inform Lord General Ayaka, she and her IZA forces shall be deploying to Terra." Rei said and the Chōrō-tachi Captain bowed his head. "Yes Lord Admiral." Zhiln said before he turned and left the bridge of the massive warship. Rei continued to watch through the observation ports as Zipangese fighters, bombers, and mechs fought it out along side the UNSC's own warships.

The Zipangese star cruisers took to the front of the battle, taking damage that would've been normally dished out to the UNSC's own ships while Zipangese naval marines prepared for boarding action on the Covenant's own warships and to defend their own. Fighting like this, brought back memories for Rei. The last war, playing over in her mind, when Zipang finally arrived and fought off remnants of Europa as it had overplayed it's hand and fought a war with the CON-SDI. Prince Dietrich of the Europans had taken a majority of the force of Europa's fleet that was intended to defend Sol and left the Europan Kaiser, Erwin I to his mess he made as the puppet of the Final Reich on Earth in Dimension 001.

Zipang with it's newly reunified peoples from Earth was ready to fight off whatever was thrown at it, this war would be the first test for the Empire. Would it stand to commit forces to a inter-dimensional invasion? Or would this war break Zipang. From Rei's own perspective, Zipang stood strong over the Covenant. Just about evenly matched. Of course, this meant they had to be more so careful, encase if the Final Reich did commit it's own forces to destroy the Zipangese and take this dimension for their selves. After all, while the Empire of Japanese Pacific States, Zipang's predecessor had only begun producing the first generation of Tactical Surface Fighters, the symbol of Japanese Military dominance over the Commonwealth of Nations, then the German Empire, and continued to be the same symbol for Zipang with 6th, 7th, and 8th generation Tactical Surface Fighters, which even now were deploying to earth, to help secure areas around the planet, to be ready to fight off the Covenant along with the main Imperial Army which started deployment into Africa helping with the evacuation of the area around which the Covenant had landed.

Europa on the other hand was already experimenting with Dimensional travel. That's how Regional Governor Wolfgang Storch was brought to the JPS' dimension, all just to chase after one member of the SS who escaped during a resistance raid on one of the Final Reich's facilities. Since his defection from the German Empire to Japan, he'd helped the Japanese, turned Zipangese with their military projects focused on disrupting the Final Reich, and preparing the dimension for their likely invasion. Zipang had become with the Vers the two best chances for survival for the whole of existence. In their dimension and others. However this war with the Covenant was but only to test Zipang itself. So far, it was passing...

Deployment to Earth...

Lord General Kitagou Ayaka smiled at this chance. Finally, she was to play her role once again as the Shogunate's attack dog. She received the word from Captain Zhiln, which in turn was spread out to the other IZA units aboard the Kyoto and the other ships in the Zipangese fleet. Already the Covenant must be tired of this new thorn in it's side. It no longer fought just the UNSC, but in it's eyes a new galactic power, which was ran by humans. Heretical to it's own religion. That was the only similarity this Covenant shared with Zipang, Zipang. The Zipangese carried over State Shinto from the old JPS, retaining it as the state religion by which the people obeyed the state and in turn the military. While such nonsense was more or less relaxed with the rise of Shogun Takatsukasa, the wanted effect was there. Most generations born before her reign still obeyed the state without question. Of course these were also people of whom mainly inhabited the Army, Navy, and the Imperial Royal Guard.

Ayaka was one of them, loyal to the Shogunate without question, without dissent. She was a born and bred warrior, the best kind of soldier anyone could ask for. Now she was to be let off her leash while she boarded a shuttle craft with her own personal squad of IZA troopers, she had donned the standard IZA officer's battle armour, a helmet somewhat reminiscent of a Stahlhelm, however larger covering more of the sides and rear of the head, painted black along with a matching chest plate and belt with a laser pistol and ammunition packs for her pistol when they ran on empty... As well as her own sword. A new army issue energy sword, shaped into a Katana, standard for officers of the Imperial Army and Navy, hearkening back to the ancient traditions of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy with a more "modern" adjustment. She wasn't one to lead from a desk. She lead from the front, up there with her men, since the Third World War. However the foes she faced then caught her unaware and she suffered the price for it, with her left arm up to the elbow and the right leg up to the knee, with her prosthetics now however, she was far more capable than before.

The shuttle ramp closed up and darkness took over, inside the craft Ayaka stood in the centre with her men on either side in two rows behind her. Now it was all a matter of waiting. Shuttle craft had been the Zipangese' mainstay deployment craft for since Ayaka could remember. She hated the waiting. Always she was ready to fight and give her life for the Shogunate. The battle was just beginning in a city the Zipangese discovered to be... "New Mombasa". Where as the fight in space between the UNSC and the Covenant was not by a mile close of being even, the UNSC and Covenant fighting on the ground was essentially dead even for both sides. Atleast as far as the regular ground pounders were concerned. When the Covenant brought down their Scarabs, it was a completely different issue. Now with the Zipangese and their Tactical Surface Fighters, they finally had the edge.

The newest design in the 8th generation TSFs the Zipangese had, the Type 45 Susanoo TSF, it was the most rugged, durable, and overall the fastest TSF in regards to it's jump units. However it incorporated a new design, insides of both of it's wrists, each were daggers that extended out and acted as sort of "chainsaws", stabbing deep into their enemy before activating and being used to cut their enemy to shreds. ...That was in close range. In medium to long range, the Zipangese had their laser assault cannons, firing bolts of bright light blue light at the enemy vehicles in support of the UNSC's ground forces.

The Covenant's proudest weapons, their most lethal killing machines on the ground now too were victims of the Zipangese war machine. The UNSC's own ground forces were amazed during the fighting. Yet the worst was to come. On the ground now, the Zipangese Imperial Army deployed in full force to support the UNSC, almost as if in the eyes of the Covenant, and all the races fighting in it. Their gods had forsaken them on this planet, at this moment. They met a force that best their own. Zipangese Imperial Army troops, Chōrō-tachi, Humans from Zipang, the Senshi Usagi and their large ears, for having fought aliens for... Decades, the UNSC Army and Marine Corps found themselves actually checking their fire to ensure they weren't shooting the wrong aliens.

By the time they hit the ground, Sgt-Major Johnson, The Master Chief, and Cortana collectively couldn't believe the sight before them. They had been through hell on Installation 04, all of them. Yet this sight was something else. The UNSC forces were winning this fight, with the help of Zipang and it's military might.

Aboard the Solemn Penance...

The Prophet of Regret was at a loss for words. Humanity the weakest species in the galaxy, now had the Covenant on the run? From a planet with a holy artefact nonetheless! This was unacceptable, who were these meddlers? These Zipangese? From a examination of a few dead captured Zipangese soldiers, a examination done on a battlefield and reported back personally by the Elite that had managed to kill one of them, these Zipangese were like the Covenant. They had aliens in their ranks, except they had more humanoid features. Some had blue skin, others had some strange, "rabbit-like" features. Rabbits being an animal that the humans had introduced to multiple planets that were glassed by the Covenant.

These Zipangese in essence, were human, this he could be sure of. However, what troubled him was how they could possible be more advanced than the humans they were already fighting? Maybe a breakway from long ago? No. Not likely. At least in his eyes. "Your holiness." A voice called out, taking a knee before the Prophet, Regret would turn in his chair to see an Elite, behind him, two others carried another Zipangese soldier, easily identifiable by their white armour. "What have you now? Another one of these meddlers?" Regret said as his chair floated over to allow him to get a closer look at the captured soldier. "We brought this one. A female. She was the last of her group and fought to the end. She appeared to be the leader of her unit, as she had some strange markings on her helmet the others lacked." The elite said before he held the helmet out for the Prophet's inspection, it was a quite peculiar helmet.

It had two strange elongated antenna at the top, somewhat wide. One of the elite's holding the prisoner held her head up by two what appeared to be ears protruding from the top of her head in addition to the normal human ones on either side of her head. "We believe these antenna are actually ears, your holiness." The elite holding the helmet spoke before the Prophet turned his attention to the prisoner. "Hmm... And why have you brought her before me?" Regret asked as he clasped his hands together. "She said she has a message, from their command to you and the other Prophets." The elite said before he took a hold of the ears of the woman and tossed her to her hands and knees before Regret. "Tell the Prophet your message, worm." The elite said while the woman coughed up blood and got on her knees, then rose to her feet, defiant as ever. Typical for humans. "Surrender to the superior might of the Zipangese Star Empire. And your civilisation will be spared the wrath of the Shogun's attack dog!" The woman yelled before an elite put his energy sword through her chest then pulled it out. Letting the woman drop to her knees, two holes through her chest.

The message itself was quite strange... Never had any human made such a demand before. "Surrender to the superior might of the Zipangese Star Empire. And your civilisation will be spared the wrath of the Shogun's attack dog"? Just who were these people, and this woman for that matter to be making such a demand against the Covenant? Granted already these "Zipangese" had proven to be capable in warfare in space and planetary warfare, however still. ...This... Threat... "The Shogun's Attack Dog?" What could that ever mean? Who was this attack dog?

In New Mombasa, On Earth...

The Zipangese pressed their attacks on the Covenant, In typical fashion since the Solar War, the Zipangese didn't bother with prisoners. Especially since it appeared the Covenant didn't bother with Zipangese prisoners. With the Zipangese Armed Forces, the UNSC could already tell radically different methods of command. While the UNSC Army and Marines fought it out from behind cover, the Zipangese advanced in the open with their laser rifles, firing at anything that wasn't from Earth or Zipangese, gunning down charging "Grunts" as they had become known to the Zipangese. In addition to this the officer corps of the Zipangese Imperial Army had taken a more aggressive approach with their leadership, often times while fighting through the city, the Master Chief, the one clad in power armour as the Zipangese had seen often crossed paths with the Zipangese commander, Lord General Kitagou Ayaka. She was... A quite peculiar woman. Clearly insane as Cortana would say, but still. A brave, dedicated soldier.

Chief came to a now familiar after exiting a hole leading out of a tunnel, a group of Imperial Zipangese Army troops clad in their white armour sat behind cover with UNSC marines while a medic from the IZA went around checking everyone with her data pad. Near the road, the two figures who appeared to be in command, another IZA officer in a green gabardine wool uniform with black shined jackboots, a chestplate and helmet was talking with a marine while the officer was looking through a set of macrobinoculars. "Damnable Covenant." The officer said before Chief spoke up. "What's the problem?" Chief asked only for the officer to turn around and Chief was met with an entirely unfamiliar face, he was humanoid enough to be sure but with pure blood red eyes, blue skin, and a black moustache, he wasn't human. Just another one of the Zipangese' aliens. "That machine of theirs blew right through us. Projectile small arms, your 12.7mms, our laser weapons barely even scratched it." The officer said before turning back to watch a Covenant scarab going over the bridge directly front of the line.

Just then a pelican dropped in front just steps away from cover with a particular big of armament with it. A scorpion tank. "Though that may just do something." The Imperial Army officer motioned to his men to move out, he let go of his macrobinoculars dangle from his neck while the two UNSC marines followed with the Chief. "Where's the rest of your platoon?" Sergeant Johnson asked as he jumped down from the back of the Pelican. "Wasted, Sarge." The female marine that was talking with the Zipangese officer responded. "And we will be too if we don't get the hell outta here." The other marine said going to approach the pelican before he was stopped by Sergeant Johnson. "You hit, Marine?" Sergeant Johnson asked. "Uh... No..? Sir...?" The marine replied. "Then listen up!" Sergeant Johnson yelled. "Usually the good lord works in mysterious ways! But not today! This here is 66-tons of straight-up, HE spewing Dee-vine intervention! If god is love then you can call me cupid!" Sergeant Johnson yelled before the female marine interrupted.

"What about that Scarab?" The female marine asked. "We've all run the simulations, they ain't invincible. Just stay with the Master Chief, he'll know-" Before Sergeant Johnson finished speaking a loud explosion was heard and the whole group turned their attention to the bridge to see the scarab being tossed off the bridge by two Zipangese Tactical Surface Fighters then blown up before they continued on their way. "That was rather anti-climatic." The Zipangese Imperial Army officer shrugged before he and his men started towards the bridge.