The Lost Girls

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Author's Note: I know this is unusual and may get some hate for writing it but well I did put in the description that this was a kind of genderbent version of The Lost Boys. For those of you actually interested please enjoy! Star isn't in this and neither is Laddie so currently there are no half-vampires within the Lost Girls family. Also, not positive on what age Sam is though I think Mike is like 17-18 at the start of the movie.

I've only ever genderbent Naruto and well I like to keep names the same but that's not possible with this so here's the boys (now girls new names) The names I picked out are actual names by the way.

David is Davina (Pronounced daa-VEE-nuh), Dwayne is Dwayna, Marko is Marcella, and Paul is the easiest with Paula.

Chapter 1: Family Dinner

Max insisted on having a family dinner tonight via the pack's mind link and well as much as the leader of The Lost Girls wanted to tell him to fuck off it was better to just go along with it and save herself and her girls the punishment that came with defying a direct order from their sire.

"Ah come on I don't wanna go," The curly haired baby-faced vampire whined, "can't you just tell him I've got the flu or something!?" Marcella complains only to have another blonde join in, "Good idea," her blue eyes light up, "I've caught smallpox!"

The blonde leader sighs and brings the fingers not holding her cigarette to the bridge of her nose, "He won't buy that… seeing as neither of you can get sick." Dwayna who was listening quietly until now adds, "You could tell him that it was mental illness as I'm sure they've always had that."

"Hey!" The two protest causing Davina to smirk, "If only that were an excuse then we'd never have to attend a family dinner as long as we had them." Her head nods toward the other blondes.

Flicking her cigarette away she sighs, "Well let's get this over with the sooner it's done the quicker we can make it to the boardwalk." Standing up she uses the heel of her boot to grind the cigarette butt into the dirt.

With that, the group of girls head outside of their home which just so happened to be a condemned cave that hosts a fallen hotel near the cliffs and mount their bikes before taking off to Max's little suburban home for some quality family bonding time that none of them wanted.

Once outside of the picket fence they park their bikes and Paula makes a face at Marcella who agrees with her sister that the place is totally repulsive in all its ordinary and pristine glory.

Both girls have had plenty of ideas of the years that they'd love to use to help out the older vampire's plain decor but they've had to restrain themselves but only just, as even something tame like a nice new coat of 'blood' on that white gate would get them into a world of trouble. Sadly the two minutes of fun wouldn't be worth incurring their sire's wrath.

"Come on girls," Davina motions for them to follow her and reluctantly they do so.

"Welcome home my daughters I have the most marvelous news but first we shall dine together," Max says as a way of greeting as soon as they arrive at the door, none of them think of this house as home or him as their father.

They all had fathers once upon a time and while Max wasn't an improvement in most cases they certainly had more than their fair share of father figures.

Once inside Paula speaks first, "What's so great, get a new pair of glasses?" Marcella snickers, "Nah it'd have to be something bigger, maybe a new dog?" That causes a growl and her to raise her hands up in surrender when Thorn entered the room snarling at the smallest girl.

Honestly, animals usually loved Marcella which for a vampire was strange enough but Thorn well he didn't like anyone that wasn't Max well not true he liked the people that Max feed to him as well though that's not a type of like that Marcella was too keen on being a part of.

"Neither," his smile was more forced now, "It's something I think we'll all enjoy but first our meal." He gestures toward the table full of food. 'Healthy food great' Paula thoughts were echoed similarly by Marcella.

They all sit down at the table and eat well Dwayna and Davina eat the nicely prepared dinner while Paula pokes at it and Marcella drops pieces from her plate every now and then when Max isn't paying attention to Thorn.

Even though he's a hellhound he's still a dog and well he eats just about anything besides even if he doesn't like the small blonde she's still an animal person thus why not feed the evil dog? Max probably sticks to dog food only well aside from the occasional dead body he needs to vanish so the girl feels sorry for the poor mutt.

It doesn't take long for the small talk about their sire's movie rental store and the weather to make the youngest looking vampire in the room the most bored looking too, so she flings a piece of her broccoli at Paula who in turn responds in the same fashion the other two girls notice but don't say anything.

Davina has to hide a laugh though when one misses its mark and hits Max right in the face, "Paula!" He shouts but she's quick to point at the other girl, "She started it." He glares at them both before facing Davina as if to blame her for their behavior.

He always places the blame on her whether it's for something she and the girls do or not, his default mode seems to be everything's Davina's fault.

"Honestly this unruly behavior cannot continue," The girls' leader had enough with the playing nice for the night, "well what did you expect when you added vegetables to their plates?"

"Excuse me!?," He asked outraged, "Vegetables are healthy and-" The girl snorts, "We don't need to eat them, in fact, we don't need to eat period, so this farce is just that." Leaning back in her chair and giving a couldn't care less expression eggs on the smallest vamp in the group.

"Only reason we still eat human food is cause it tastes good and news flash, but vegetables are nasty." Marcella points out while sticking out her tongue to further emphasize her words.

He looks close to blowing a gasket and frankly, the blonde leader wants him to be furious enough to demand that they leave but then he takes a deep breath and calms down which causes Davina to frown, it was never a good sign when he did that.

"It's not your fault, not completely… all girls need a mother after all." This causes all the girls to freeze.

Suddenly the mind link shared between the girls floods with all their voices talking at once it was a bit chaotic but Davina had years of practice and could pick out each of them without much confusion.

Certain things stand out but it's mostly all about the same words just different voices and sentence structures.

What does he mean by that, Davina? The baby-faced vampire worries loudly.

He didn't, he couldn't!? The other blonde panics just as loud.

The only voice that is talking at a normal tone would be Dwayna which the leader is thankful for, good thing she can't get a headache or else she'd have a killer one right about now.

Calm down and think, no one else has been turned we'd be able to feel them if that was the case. Davina responds and the others grow quieter but still not silent.

This still makes me uneasy. Dwayna adds and Davina has to agree with that assessment.

"What do you mean by that?" Davina asks more calmly than she feels, her hand twitches with a need for a smoke but such a thing is forbidden inside of Max's domain.

"I found the four of you a mother." His voice sounded so proud and delighted by the news.

"Why?" Marcella blurts out, "Because you girls need motherly influence that I can't provide you with."

Is he serious? He can't be serious!? Paula shouts hysterically at them mentally while doing her best not to blurt out her thoughts.

I believe he is… unfortunately. Dwayna states with dislike.

"So where is she, this mother that you think we need?" Davina asks, "I don't think that you need her I know that you do." His voice tells her pompously.

"As for your question… I have a job for you." She raises her brow, "A job?" The other girls look torn between confusion and worry. A job or task wasn't unusual, but this sounded like it was connected to their new mother and clearly giving them a job involving her would be an all-around bad idea seeing as they'd likely mess it up because they didn't want a mother and he had to know that.

"Yes, I think my future wife and your mother may be more willing to join us if we make her children apart of our family first." He smiles, "I will leave the two of them to you girls."

The oldest of them wanted to scream and protest this decision as she's always had a say in who was changed, she picked out all her family aside from Max… all the girls were handpicked by her, but it would do no good to argue.

Dwayna is the first to break the silence by asking, "Children… just how old are they?" Paula's eyes widen, "Yeah we're not turning snot-nosed brats that'd be a nightmare!" Her face looks horrified at the thought of babysitting.

Ignoring the blonde's words, he answers the only brunette of the group, "Michael is seventeen and Sam is fourteen." Marcella looks at Paula and mouths 'a brat' to which the other girl looks just as upset.

"They will be your new brothers," Davina clutches her fists, "brothers…" she'd never once considered turning a boy to be a part of her pack as she could only see a male causing problems in the long run but looking into Max's face she could tell this wasn't up for discussion.

"Well let's not waste any more time then," standing up from her mostly untouched meal the others follow her lead, "You've not finished your dinner." He tells her with false fatherly concern to which she just laughs humorlessly before responding, "I'll be sure to grab a bite before getting started on this job…"

Paula chimes in, "So is the older brother at least hot?" This causes Max to frown at her, "That does not matter." Marcella leans over and whispers though they can all hear her, "That means he hasn't met him yet."

Their leader scoffs, "Like he'd be able to tell even if he had."

Max stands then and looks at all of them seriously, "I am asking you to befriend Michael not to seduce him!"

"Really?" Paula asks wide-eyed, "Well that's just silly, why would a teenage boy want to just befriend a group of hot girls." Max glared, "You are to be his sisters." He states as if that ends the discussion, "Sisters that he'll probably wanna fuck." The shortest vampire points out.

Seeing that he was about to lose his temper the girl's leader steps in, "Alright no flirting just friendly I'm sure we can manage, the night's not getting any younger though girls." Moving around the table she heads towards the exit, "Let's go."

Not needing to be told twice or even once really the rest of the Lost Girls leave as well, Max sighs behind them and cleans his glasses but doesn't stop them.

Once outside Dwayna asks, "So what's the plan?"

Davina gets on her bike, "First we feed," Marcella copies her, "And then?"

"Then we go looking for our new brother." Paula laughs, "I'm suddenly wondering if trying out some incest might be in my future." The other girls laugh before revving their bikes and taking off.

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