The Lost Girls

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Chapter 5: Keep Up

That night Davina was interested to see if Michael would show up with his bike and not only that but if he wouldn't feel too uncomfortable riding with them, after all, he may find her attractive, but it was another thing entirely to bring himself to ride with a group of girls, the male ego was a mysterious thing.

While waiting the girls weren't idle, "Do I have skin stuck in my teeth?" Marcella flashed her fangs at Paula in question as Dwayna deposed of the couple's bodies, they annoyed their leader so, in turn, they became tonight's main course.

Davina wasn't as bad as Marcella when it came to annoyance equals death but that still didn't mean anyone that did was guaranteed to live either.

"Hmm oh yeah a bit right there," Paula points out as the baby-faced blonde tried to clean her teeth, "Man I should start carrying some floss for the meatier ones." She complains while Dwayna shakes her head, "Maybe if you didn't chew down so hard, you practically ripped his head from his neck with just your teeth so it's no surprise you've got some of him stuck in them."

Marcella glares, "…Stop lecturing me!"

"Alright, girls enough fussing just make yourselves presentable we might run into our future 'brothers' again tonight," Davina tells them after making sure that she herself has no more blood on her chin.

"If we do don't make me watch the little one again, pretty please!?" The youngest looking girl asks still vamped out thus making her pleas all the more ridiculous.

"No promises. Now put on your human face." Without waiting for the other to do so their leader ascends to the sky, "But I still haven't got all of him outta my teeth yet!"

Paula snickers but follows after the bleach blonde with Dwayna.

Huffing Marcella changes her face unhappily and joins them in the night sky.

It's not long after that, that the group arrive at where they parked their bikes to drive them onto the boardwalk, once there they entertain themselves per usual until a familiar face catches Davina's eyes making the vampire frown.

Any progress? The girl wishes she could ignore the voice inside of her head or even push the invading words out of her mind, it was never a comfortable feeling not like it was with her pack. No, her sire made it almost painful like a headache, not that she could get those any longer, but this was surely the closest thing to one.

We made contact last night. She tells him while the other girls pretend to go about their night with ease despite them sensing Max's presence. He for some reason mostly spoke to her, it wasn't because she was his favorite or his oldest though no… she was sure it was because out of all of them she hated him the most and he knew it because there was no hiding it.

Contact really? I don't sense him yet, why not?

We only just met him it's going to take more than one night. It sounded reasonable to her, but he was anything but. Do it tonight, understand? He doesn't wait for an answer because as soon as those words hammer their way into her mind his presence is gone from it, her eyes trail his retreating form and she sneers.

"Davina?" Dwayna asks worriedly but their leader just shakes her head, getting the meaning she switches to their telepathic link. What did he want?

What doesn't he want? Possessive bastard is way too impatient and wants his unwitting bride sooner than even I thought.

What's that mean? Marcella joins the conversation uneasily.

That he wants us to get Michael to drink the blood tonight.

Tonight? The youngest looking vampire looks stunned before continuing, how are you going to do that?

Davina lights up a cigarette and inhales it before looking at her girls, for once Paula's the quiet one having nothing to useful to add or maybe trying to think of something to break the sudden tension as she was normally quite adept at that.

I'll just have to tweak my plan a bit is all.

You have a plan? Wait, is it the one you mentioned last night? The curly-haired vampire asked but before the other could decide on if she would divulge her idea she noticed another face she recognized only this one she didn't detest.

Tossing her cigarette down at her feet she uses her boot's heel to grind it to the ground before nodding his way and getting the girls to notice him and this time he's alone. She can almost hear Marcella cheer at the notion of not being left with the babysitting duty tonight.

So, the plan? Paula asks but Davina shrugs carelessly, "Later."

That said she makes her way to the unsuspecting teenager wandering the boardwalk, he doesn't notice her at first, so she speaks when she gets close enough to be heard by human ears.

"Nice jacket, it suits you." Davina wasn't just saying that either as he looked good in leather though she didn't doubt his new wardrobe was inspired by her though that might have made the idea of him wearing it even more appealing now that she thought about it.

He turns around upon hearing her and sees the girl he had spent the day thinking of but not just her the other girls from the previous night aren't very far away.

"Oh, um thanks." He says a bit uncertainly before an easy smile makes its way to his face, "So are you going to tell me your name tonight?"

Davina looks thoughtful before glancing behind her to the girls waiting to see how she was going to play things, "I could do that, or you could go riding with us, tell me Michael did you bring your bike tonight?"

His smile dips a bit, but upon recalling not only her bike from the night before but also the other girls' rides as well he responds, "I did… but I can't beat your bike."

"You don't have to beat me, Michael. Tell you what if you can keep up I'll tell you my name, deal?" She couldn't resist a challenge, but she made sure that it could also be taken as flirting and by the way, his face lit up she was sure that's how her words were interpreted.

"Deal." The other girls cheered but he kept his eyes on her, "So do we shake on it?" He joked getting a smile in return before the girl's gloved hand was held out to him, "Why not?"

He took her hand and shook it as his eyes held her own pair, it was the first physical contact between them and even though his skin was only touching her gloves he felt more drawn to her than ever before, it was strange…

Michael had done things to impress girls before so going out of his way to get money for a leather jacket wasn't all that strange but there was something about her that made him think he would do far stupider things for her attention and that was probably a bad thing especially given that everything about her screamed trouble. She was nothing like any other girl he'd dated but that didn't have to be a bad thing he told himself as he got his bike and followed her to her own.

Once seated upon his bike he heard the others revving theirs and caught her eyes again and in return, the bleach-blonde girl grins over at him, "Ready Michael?"

He nods and then the girls are off with him close behind, the ride is unlike any he's taken before as they not only rode their bikes downstairs which is admittedly something he's never even thought to attempt before this night but driving on the sand proved to be a new challenge too.

Keeping up with them got harder once they left the beach behind for while the ground got more solid his visibility took a dive due to all the fog but all he had to do was follow the sounds of laughter and cheering ahead of him so for a while he did.

Then somehow, he was neck and neck with the girl and the others had fallen behind them and they were racing. It happened so fast and Davina was really getting a kick out of seeing how far she could push Michael during this ride, he was obviously way out of his comfort zone during most of it.

He stopped first or more like skidded to a stop just short of taking a dive off of the cliff as she calmly stopped her bike at the very edge, not a hard feat for her giving the amount of time she'd spent pulling stunts like this and the fast reflexes probably helped too.

Michael got up off the ground from where his bike laid and he looked at her like she was insane, "Are you crazy?" Davina nearly laughed at her spot-on interpretation of his thoughts even though she'd not actually read them.

The human was furious at both himself for going along with this and her for egging him on, he was right she was trouble and if he knew what was good for him he'd get back on his bike and leave her and her crazy friends who were laughing.

He glared at them and at her, "What the hell?" He felt like he needed to punch someone but unfortunately for him, he was surrounded by girls and as much as the one in front of him ticked him off he wouldn't go hitting her for it.

"Lighten up Mikey it was just a bit of fun." A girl says from behind him not helping his mood but it further plummets when the girl at the edge of the cliff laughs as well, the dark-haired boy hated that he liked her laugh even though he knew she was laughing at him.

Getting off of her bike she slowly approaches the pissed off human, "Well a promise is a promise."

"What?" He asked through clenched teeth, "Davina." Michael blinks and his anger fades somewhat into confusion, "My name." She was now standing before him with a grin, "I said I'd tell you it if you could keep up and you did."

Michael nods in remembrance and her grin turns more into a smile, "So Michael the question now is, do you think you can keep keeping up with me?"

Whatever she was talking about he should say no to the teenager knew that he should but instead he asked, "We're not nearly racing off any more cliffs, are we?"

Davina laughs, "Not unless you want to." He didn't see the humor in that response but before he could get his mind back on track and leave she added, "Nothing like that," She gestures to the other girls to return to their bikes and they do so before she does the same, "follow me."

Not waiting for his reply, the girl and the others turn their bikes around and start to leave, without thinking he gets his bike back up and does as instructed and follows her though this time at a slower pace but they aren't going as fast as before either so he keeps up.

Michael wonders if it'd be better if he didn't keep up though, what was he getting himself into he wondered worriedly.

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